Saturday, 8 February 2014

Minóy - "Landscape With Serpent" (Minoy Cassetteworks 1987)

Ahhh, Tarkovsky;they don't make films like Solaris anymore, unless its got George Clooney in it! Thats like making a remake of "The Wicker Man" with Nicholas Cage in it.......Shit! They did this didn't they!?.....and some bastards made a remake of "Get Carter" with, oh their (not my) fucking god, Sly Stallone as Carter!
I reckon some non American should fuck up a version of some American cinema classic as retaliation!?
Maybe "Mean Streets" starring Hugh Grant and Sir Kenny Branagh, or "The Searchers" set in Stockport (a hideous town near Manchester UK, for our American friends).
I digress,the point I was making was that 'they', don't make films like "Solaris" or "Stalker" anymore, and they definitely don't make cassettes like this anymore!.......well, 'they' do, but on CD's or various downloadable media formats; but definitely NOT on cassettes, and definitely not by Minoy 'cus he's dead!
One has to say Side A, "Stalker" sounds not unlike a sonic equivalent of a Tarkovsky movie, long and thought provoking,unsettling, with well placed quiet moments, all done on a minuscule budget.
Side B,'Landscape with Serpents', is similar stuff, evoking images of.......well......a Landscape/soundscape
'Nuff said!

DOWNLOAD this serpent ridden soundscape HERE!

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