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Seething Wells - "The Rising Son Of Ranting Verse(Expanded)" (a DIE Or DIY Compilation) 1982

One would turn up at the pub to witness some shite punk metal hybrid version of the Alarm in 1982,and there would always be some scruffy herbert with notebook in hand,army surplus trousers, washed out Subhumans t-shirt,john lennon glasses and dirty basball boots, standing on the stage adressing the mike stand.
This Herbert, would invariably be a local 'Ranter', ready to pump out his politically charged monologues at 107 miles per hour to a mildy disinterested audience of approximately 18 fans of that shite punk metal hybrid version of the Alarm that we all really came to see. The sound of one hand clapping would perforate the silence as the obviously shy politics student he really is indulges in his poetry delivery as a kind of aversion therapy.He'll grow out of it,one thought,and by in large, they all did by 1985.
But.....Seething Wells,aka Steven,aka Susan, wasn't like that.This monobrowed skinhead was not just eloquent he was rather amusing too.So we can forgive any leftie leanings.Not that he waved his political stance like a baseball bat in the hands of a serbian in albania, unlike every other 'ranter' who were as subtle as the Blitz.
Political correctness was not a part of his set either, as satirised in "He/She's Perfect".He's from Yorkshire, but I don't think he likes anyone else from 'god's own country',as they like to refer to this shithole with rolling green hills and dales.
But sometimes this attitude can come back and bite you on the bum,as in "I Hate You, Edwina Curry/Gary Bushell",in which he wishes they die of cancer.Sadly Steven died of Lymphoma,and Edwina Bushell still live on!


1 Tough Tonka Toys For Boys
2 Tetley Bittermen (Radical Dub)
3 Stripper
4 He/She's Perfect
5 Sandbags

6 No Cadillacs In Bradford (Peel Session)
7 Britain's National Sport (Peel Session)
8 Sandbags (Peel Session)
9 Tetley Bitter (Peel Session)
10 Sniffer Dogs (Peel Session)
11 Godzilla vs The Tetley Bitter Men (Peel Session)
12 My Idea Of Fun (Drop The Politics) (Peel Session)
13 Sheep & Goats
14 Casual Sex With a Mutant Killer Sloth
15 I Hate You, Edwina Curry
16 I Hate You, Garry Bushell
17 Moles
18 Insectman
19 I Was a Middle Aged Zombie Disc-Jockey
20 Laura Ashley
21 Whooping Cough Blues
22 There Was a Little Lamb
23 To The Shops
24 Mrs. Wallace Simpson's Dead
25 The Letter
26 Twat!
27 Dipstick
28 Love
29 Students
30 Diamond Geezer Medley

Monday 30 March 2020

Seething Wells and Attila The Stockbroker ‎– "Rough, Raw And Ranting" (Radical Wallpaper Records ‎– Rad Wall 003) 1982

A very English thing it seems was this 'Ranting' phenomenon from the cusp of the eighties.A mixture of comedy and left wing politics,its always left wing.I would have enjoyed seeing a Thatcherite Ranter, berating the utopian socialist disneyland these silly chaps pushed at every opportunity.Full of criticism and no real answers. They still managed to buy stuff and be part of keeping capitalism going I wager.They wanted a whole quid for this product I see,which are probably being sieved out of the atlanlic in the gills of the last living Cod as microplastic.But I'm righting that wrong now, by offering this for free, and no plastic waste will ever touch the waters of the planet as a result of this noble transaction.
Punk rockers with moustaches?...a rare commodity.I notice that Seething Wells wore his moustache above his eyes;a very interesting fashion statement?
Seething Wells was by far the most listenable Ranter.He was actually quite funny,and was mainly concerned with social commentary rather than boring us with religious communism.
Seething, or Steven, Wells ,is sadly no longer with us.Non-Hodgkinsons Lymphoma did for him i understand? Which was a bit awkward as he did have a poem that could be adapted for various targets,in which he Ranted that he 'hoped they die of Cancer'. So, that poem became a tad ironic post-mortem,especially as most of his targets are still alive,and those that aren't didn't die of cancer, but he did!
Attila The Stockbroker's side of the EP,is probably the best thing he ever did...and thankfully,he appeared to leave his Mandolin at home that night!


A1 –Seething Wells Godzilla Vs The Tetley Bittermen
A2 –Seething Wells Police Dog
A3 –Seething Wells Cadillacs In Bradford
A4 –Seething Wells Agro-Britain
A5 –Seething Wells Ha Ha Ha
AA1 –Attila The Stockbroker A Bang And A Wimpey
AA2 –Attila The Stockbroker Pap Music For Wreck People
AA3 –Attila The Stockbroker Andy Is A Corporatist
AA4 –Attila The Stockbroker I Don’t Talk To Popstars
AA5 –Attila The Stockbroker Foyer Bar
AA6 –Attila The Stockbroker They Must Be Russians
AA7 –Attila The Stockbroker Russians In The D.H.S.S.

Attila The Stockbroker ‎– "Ranting At The Nation" (Cherry Red ‎– A RED 46) 1983

A common double act in the backwater venues of the 21st century was Patrik Fitzgerald and Attila The Stockbroker. They even had a shared single together!?...I suppose the connection was that they were both in the 'Punk Poet' category.The difference being Patrik Fitzgerald rarely spouted anything overtly party political,and went a lot deeper lyrically.Also Fitzgerald had some tunes,whereas Atilla ponced around with a mandolin like some comedy folk act. I would have loved to slowly crush that bleeding mandolin.
Attila's less irritating side was his Ranting Poetry,which although tiresomely pinko,and reeking of someone trying too hard, was actually amusing in places
This is his debut album,which i bought expecting two sides of poetry, but got one lives side of ranting, and a side of terrible faux medieval albanian folk tunes that were....not to put too finer point on it...crap.
So, i've took artistic licence again and uploaded the 'Live Side' only.You'll thank me for it if you're ever unfortunate enough to have this clever clever 'ain't I post-Ironic' rubbish forced on you.


Live Side
A1 Awayday
A2 The Night I Slept With Seething Wells
A3 Contributory Negligence
A4 Nigel Wants To Go To C&A's
A5 Albanian Football
A6 The Perils Of Stealing Half A Bottle Of Wine
A7 They Must Be Russians
A8 Russians In The DHSS
A9 Russians In McDonalds
A10 The Oracle
A11 Death In Bromley
A12 A Bang & A Wimpy
A13 Nigel Wants To Go And See Depeche Mode
A14 Russians At The Henley Regatta
A15 Russians On The Centre Court

Patrik Fitzgerald - "Live in Bern, 18/01/2013" (Bootleg) 2013

Patrik treating a sparse Suiss,audience to a run through of some of the songs he isn't sick of yet.Plus a couple of unrecorded tune,"Captain Of The Championship Team"....at least I think its unrecorded,and "What Can I Do?"
Obviously he had been playing a lot of gigs on this tour to promote "Subliminal Alienation",as his voices sounds a bit hoarse,as it reverbarates in the room. The audience clearly came to listen,and submit some shy applause.
Who would want to be a solo musician,or stand up comedian? A thankless task.
I suppose that back in 1977 Fitzgerald was punks Ed Sheeran.....compare and contrast the two and you get an accurate analysis of the difference between the two epochs.The vacuous emptiness of the Ed Sheeran generation's work,and the honesty of the ,for want of a better word, the 'Punk' era.
At least the only ginger hair in punk rock was via the use of a bottle of dye. 


01 Exist
02 Grey Echoes
03 One Little Soldier
04 The Serving Classes
05 Company Bus
06 All My Friends Are Dead Now
07 Smile
08 Gifts And Telegrams
09 Dance Music Late Night
10 Live Out My Stars
11 Inside Me There Is Nothing
12 Little Fishes
13 Down
14 Captain Of The Championship Team
15 What Can I Do
16 The Next Revolution

DOWNLOAD and feel the bern HERE!

Sunday 29 March 2020

Patrik Fitzgerald ‎– "Grubby Stories" Small Wonder Records/Polydor ‎– 2383 533,) 1979

Bought this on my 15th birthday with the record token my Auntie Joan sent me from Skegness.A town where I bought a lot of my albums in the late 70's,during my summer holidays which were always spent in Skeggie. The Clash,Stranglers,Damned etc.....and by default Patrik Fitzgerald,as this shop was where my Auntie always bought those 'Record Tokens' from. 'Herrick-Watson' was almost equal in stature to 'Revolver' in Leicester for my youthful purchases.
A family business that provided Records and Televisions to this bleak seaside town for 87 years.Sadly I have just discovered that it has now closed its doors since november 2019, as the owners are retiring,and no-one wants to buy a record shop anymore. Boo-Hooo!
This was Patrik's 'sell-out' album,and included the song that summed up his entire musical career, the post-Ironic "All The Years Of Trying".
As Woody Allen said, "80% of Success is just turning up", which I am a great subscriber to.
Just bang away and eventually, you will get some reward.Regretably U2 understood this principle only too well. Just stick at it, until superior rivals fall by the wayside, and you will be the only ones left. Thats why U2 are still making records,and Echo and The Bunnymen do nostalgia tours.
In Patrik's case,he's still trying and appears to be the exception to this rule.He's still virtually ignored,but not on Die Or DIY? he ain't.
As Pat points out in "All The Years Of Trying", the first word in Success is 'Suck'.He was all too aware that as a consequence of his attempt to 'make it',risked alienating his fan base.....and it did.
Swiftly given the boot by Polydor when the LP failed to shift enough units to be number one,he formed a group that didn't include the punk stars that helped out on the album,and didn't sound like the album on the tour.This probably lost the few fickle fans that he had left. He then faded into the background for a couple of years until indie label Red Flame signed him up for three albums.
The first of which "Gifts and Telegrams" was another unpopulat shift in style,far from the acoustic urban troubador to a purveyor of down beat minimal synth cold wave. This was about as popular as a dose of gonorrhea,and fell between several stools.So much so that redFlame didn't release his next,and best, album "Drifting Towards Violence" and licensed it out to avoid another loss.

You can download and read what shit i had to say about "Gifts and Telegrams" HERE!


A1 As Ugly As You
A2 Nothing To Do
A3 All My Friends Are Dead Now
A4 Adopted Girl
A5 Don't Tell Me Because I'm Young
A6 When I Get Famous
A7 Little Fishes
A8 Lover's Pact
A9 All The Years Of Trying
B1 But Not Anymore
B2 Suicidal Wreck
Written-By – Fionna Norris
B3 My Secret Life
B4 Conventions Of Life
B5 Parentgames
B6 No Fun Football
B7 Make It Safe
B8 Your Hero

Patrik Fitzgerald - "Singles and EP's" - (Mostly Small Wonder) 1978-82

Pictures of Patrik in scenes of urban decay were a regular sight in the music press of 1977/8. Many of the other groups had similar photoshoots,but only Patrik seems to belong there? He certainly had a face that suited being framed by corrugated iron and crumbling plasterwork. Unlike the other punk groups, the clothes he wore weren't selected by a fashion designer, thats how he really looked. Bone Fide Oxfam chic. I think we actually believed that Patrik actually lived in a bombsite,and made a living begging on the pavement......which he probably did!? He certainly lived in a squat,which was a very middle class thing to do for many of his fellow 'squatters', but Patrik was the real thing....at least I hope he was, I have no information to the contrary.
He popped his demo cassette in the letterbox of Small Wonder records and they decided he was 'Punk' enough to be signed up for a string of singles,then sold on to Polydor for the market price. This led to accusations of  'selling out', which in a purists world I suppose was correct? Everybody else was doing it so why not Patrik Fitzgerald?Although as an Unplugged Punk,it was hardly selling out.Punk without the Rock bit.
Here's all the singles and EP's.......except the pseudonymous 'Josef Garret' single which you can get HERE!

"Saftey Pin Stuck In My Heart EP" (1978)
A1 Banging & Shouting
A2 Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart
A3 Work. Rest. Play. Reggae
B1 Set We Free
B2 Optimism/Reject

"Backstreet Boys EP" (1978)
A1 Buy Me, Sell Me
A2 Little Dippers
B1 Trendy
B2 The Backstreet Boys

"Improve Myself EP" (1979)

A Improve Myself
B1 The Bingo Crowd
B2 My New Family

"All Sewn Up" (1979)

A All Sewn Up
B Hammersmith Odeons

"The Paranoid Ward EP" (1978)

1 Babysitter (Tippy Toe Music)
2 Irrelevant Battles
3 Cruellest Crime
4 The Paranoid Ward
5 The Bingo Crowd (Instrumental)

"Tonight EP":

A1 Mrs & Mrs 2:10
A2 Animal Mentality 3:38
A3 Tonight 4:40
B1 A Superbeing 4:11
B2 Waiting For The Final Cue 2:20

Personal Loss 7" (1982,Red Flame)

Personal Loss (2:53)
Straight Boy (2:30)

Saturday 28 March 2020

Patrik Fitzgerald ‎– "Subliminal Alienation" (Crispin Glover Records ‎– BEAG3CGRCD010) 2013

There comes a time in life when you wish you had an young actor to represent you at social gatherings,or, if you are a musician, at gigs.
All those re-formed bands, all squeezing their fatter bodies into black suits,all with male pattern baldness hidden under a black trilby, sweating profusely, busting a bloodvessel to recreate their glorious youth for a few thousand quid in front of a crowd of similarly shaven heads......who wants to watch that? The sad demise of a childhood hero, like a performing monkey who's lost his teeth. No thanks.
I've seen pictures of Patrik Fitzgerald performing in recent years, and he was wearing shorts for fucks sake!!!!..... and sandals,with long curly hair!!!?...at least he hasn't reformed,mainly because he really hasn't stopped,and hasn't resorted to the popular reformed punk band uniform of suit and trilby.
You may have noticed that that isn't our Pat on the front cover,but an actor playing the role of Fitzgerald as a street musician in what seems to be Norway?
This album may turn out to be his last.(although facebook friend Stephen Surreal,a chum of patriks,was supposed to be recording his farewell album a few years ago.....i dunno if that actually happened or not...but i hope it did,and it will appear someday soon?)
With a title like "Subliminal Alienation", this could have been a greatest misses compilation, but no, its, nearly, all new or unheard stuff. It could have been recorded in 1980 as far as i can hear.His voice is just as youthful as back in the day,and the guitar work uses the same barely tuned chords that he uses in all of his songs,usually with a droning E-string.....a technique that Lemmy from Motorhead made a career out of.
This album could be even bleaker than "Drifting Towards Violence" i'm not sure? There are a couple of tracks that appeared on his demo tape and a peel session back in 1977/78, but there are many new, unheard tracks that are classic Fitzgerald. 
"The Company Bus" tackled the uncomfortable theme of Racism with his traditional honesty.
"Routine Never Stops" revisits the mundane regime of dream crushing normality, a much explored theme in the works of our favourite 'Punk Poet'.
It gets bleaker...."Inside Me There Is Nothing"......i think the title tells it all?
"Pilgrimage" seems to sum up the Punk Nostalgia industry very nicely indeed.
"Teacher Teacher" is another exercise in the pointlessness of trying to better yourself....the message is 'Give Up'?
I won't go through all the songs one by one, like most modern music journalist do.....you know i hate that shit?I'm just treading water here!
Play them for yourself without me dribbling out my silly analyses'.


Company Bus
Routine Never Stops
Junior Gangstas
Inside Me There Is Nothing
All The Splattered Children
No Cause For Concern
Teacher Teacher
Laughter Far Away
The Serving Classes
Acid Wisdom
The Next Revolution

Patrik Fitzgerald + 3 ‎– "Tunisian Twist" (Red Flame ‎– RF 48) 1986

I guess this is Patrik's "Bluejeans and Moonbeams",when the artist, tired of making faultless work, understandably tries...and fails....to make commercially acceptable pop to maybe get paid for once.
Like the good Captain Beefheart's noble efforts to appeal to the consumer, it ended up appealing to precisely nobody. "Bluejeans" and "Unconditionally Guaranteed" were slaughtered by fans and critics alike, but i've grown to love those albums better than some of Don's  pretentious 'comeback' era albums.
When "Tunisian Twist" came out it wasn't panned by the critics and fans, it was just ignored. Punk rock wasn't even considered as something that ever existed by 1986,like it never happened, unless you were one of the uniformed herds of mohawked wilderbeast,flocking to see one of those D-Beat bands.
I think the record label thought they had a new Mat Bianco,Swing Out Sister or something, and Patrik thought so too!?
Thankfully, he couldn't restrain his instincts, so the words and their delivery are as bleak as ever.This isn't pop for a top forty radio station, its a distress call from the heart of a wasteland....a bit like a Patrik Fitzgerald concert in England 1987.
Of course, i didn't buy this at the time,and wasn't even aware that PF had made any more records since about 1980. This was the time of Ron Johnson Records for me, Bogshed, bIG fLame, Jackdaw With Crowbar etc,which was quite exciting stuff, so i wasn't gonna look for new Patrik Fitzgerald releases.He was long forgotten....and maybe now he's little bit less forgotten? I dunno?!


A1 Factory Of Wines
A2 The Finger Of Lesotho
A3 Putting Wings On Aeroplanes
A4 10.000 Years Of Weeping
B1 Pilot Of A Private Yacht
B2 Down Mexico Way
B3 Poor John
B4 Tunisian Twist

DOWNLOAD and stick don't twist HERE!

Patrik Fitzgerald Group ‎– "Pillow Tension" (Lazy Dog Records ‎– LZD 012)

Greece never forgot all the heroes of the post-punk era, unlike in the United Kingdom,where all that brilliance was dumped in the trash for the sake of dancing themselves silly and taking enough erroneous drugs to create a soon arriving Tsunami of dementia for the so-called 'Trainspotting Generation'.
So naturally this was the only country (apart from Norway) that would touch Patrik Fitzgerald with that proverbial barge pole. The result was this mid-nineties Greece only CD recording of Patrik and Group, giving a slick portrayal of songs old and new,all making their only appearance on any recorded media format.
Again Patrik sounds like he's still only twenty,and the songwriting is as good as always,and as bleak as always. "Frozen Dreams" is one of my favourite PF tracks of all-time.....maybe its because i can identify with the turmoil of becoming a parent.Most songs describe this life changing/ending experience as something truly wonderful,but the reality is that this opinion rarely surfaces post-natal,among its victims. Also deemed 'Beautiful' is the actual birth process,which was like a scene from Hellraiser.As soon as i saw the blood soaked stainless steel chain of the ventouse pulling my trapped daughter into the world, I was immediatley struck with the reality that there really was no God!All hope died in that moment.
Its like giving birth to a prison,and all the depressing prospects that come with a long tranch of penal servitude.....all because of a long period of penile servitude. My advice to all you fertile types who probably aren't reading this blog about vintage musics, is.....keep the fucking thing in your pants...its for pissing.
Twenty years later, i have emerged from the darkness to feel grateful that I have a Daughter,and nothing really matters. Except, that to bring an innocent lifeform into the bleak doom of existance is a selfish crime of enormous proportions......again keep it in yer pants ladz.
Now i'm too fucking old to do everything we talked about in our youth,(I say 'we',but of course we split up), and don't expect your kids to hang around to ease your lonliness either......those ungrateful fuckers will be off on the adventures you never had, except for the annual visits they will grant you for the final twenty years of your wasted life.So in fact one will see your loved progeny only another twenty times before you die.....unless the virus gets you first,and then they get your house that you broke your back to aquire,for nothing?!
If i'd have heard this album before my biological clock,or cock, told me to procreate..... a special kind of madness!?.....i might have heeded the warning;but i had no idea that patrik had made any albums at all after 1979.......now i do,and so do you, so no excuses. Either abstain or put a 'Rubber Johnny'* on your knob#.

* a British colloquialism for a condom or sheath.
# a British colloquialism for a Penis


1 Background Paints The Picture 3:44
2 Frozen Dreams 4:34
3 Restless 5:21
4 Carnival 0:25
5 Tears 3:23
6 He Wants To Hold The Baby 4:24
7 Charlie Leads A Life Of Crime 3:41
8 Dying For Someone Else's Money 3:09
9 Moon In The Gutter 3:36
10 Author 5:25
11 Boy On A Motorcycle 2:52
12 Give It Up 5:07
13 No Reason 7:25
14 Breathing's Painful 3:06

Friday 27 March 2020

Patrik Fitzgerald ‎– "Drifting Towards Violence" (Himalaya ‎– HIM 009) 1983

"Grubby Stories" may be the Patrik Fitzgerald album I have the greater emotional attachment to, but this one is easily his best. Boy are the lyrics depressing. Banality never sounded more painful than this.Songs about subliminal alienation, living just above the poverty line, fading love affairs, unattainable dreams,the creeping apathetic acceptance that makes up normality,......all the fun stuff that are given facts of life. I'm sure somewhere Patrik is saying that it doesn't have to be like this,but the realist that he most certainly is knows that it IS like that and nothing's gonna change.
Parenthood and dysfunctional families are one of his most frequently used themes, and this album is no exception,as touched upon in the title track....How's this for a poem?.....

"Dear mother. Dear father
Can you answer some questions
They're stealing my friends
Like they broke all my toys
Taking my freedom. Crushing my hope
I asked for some string
And they gave me some rope
And now I'm drifting towards violence
Drifting towards violence again
Dear mother. Dear father
Can you answer some questions
I've tried to find freedom
And I've tried to find truth
But I cannot see reason
I cannot see logic
And I cannot break away
From the turmoil of my youth
And now I'm drifting towards violence
Drifting towards violence again
Dear mother. Dear father
Many thanks for your present
Though I couldn't but resent
When I removed the wrapping
It wasn't what I wanted
Though he worked
For a short time
To take my mind away
From the production line
Dear mother. Dear father
Can you answer some questions
I've tried to find reason
And I've tried to find truth
But I cannot see reason
I cannot see logic
And I cannot break away
From the turmoil of my youth
And now I'm
Drifting towards violence
Drifting towards violence again"

Fun Stuff?


A1 Smile
A2 In This World
A3 Family Outing
A4 Domestication
A5 Working Hu-Mans Casino
A6 We Seemed So Suited
B1 My Perfect World
B2 Scattered Villages
B3 A Life Sentence
B4 Down
B5 Drifting Towards Violence
B6 Mystery
B7 My Perfect World (Part 2)

Thursday 26 March 2020

Patrik Fitzgerald - "1977 Demo's" - (Bootleg) 1977

These are the songs that got Patrik his deal with Small Wonder records. The boss was so impressed that four of them were included on his 'Paranoid Ward' mini-album.(you may have noticed that I used the opening track of side 2 with the radio four snippet here?).
This is the birth of DIY punk,recorded on a cassette in the squat that Patrik lived in while he tried to get his pop career going. Trouble is that he was so poor he couldn' afford an electric guitar and amp to get in one of those new fangled 'Punk' bands, unlike The Pistols with their top notch equipment that was, alledgedly stolen from David Bowie by Steve Jones. The evidence is quite tenuous for that story,but it explained away how they had thousands of pounds worth of frontline musical equipment. Its alright shouting about having no future and stuff, but there aren't many teenagers with a white Gibson Les Paul like the one Mick Ronson had,and still had on the night that Jones and Cook were supposed to have stolen everything backstage at the Hammersmith Odeon...there's video evidence provided by D.A. Pennebaker.
Patrik never had a manager who could buy him a Gibson,fender amp,and lots of designer clothes.He did audition for the Mick Jones' London SS proto-punk band,but he wasn't 'cool' enough. Hair too short probably,and didn't have a cool axe.
Poverty did provide Fitzgerald with a unique angle in the Punk Explosion,as the only act with an acoustic guitar. This led frequently to Patrik having to dodge the odd missile as he plied his trade across the gob-soaked stages in the Punk wars of the UK in 1977. Including an unpleasant reception at the Rock Against Racism concert at Victoria Park London in 1978, while the 100,000 strong crowd waited for The Clash to play.


1. Life At The Top
2. Ragged Generation(for Real)
3. Live Out My Stars
4. Amateur
5. Who'll Be My Jah?
6. Every Girl Loves a Boy in Uniform
7. Falling Apart
8. Restless
9. Saftey Pin
10.You Ain't Nothing But A Funny Face
11.George Is Innocent

DOWNLOAD what do you call two gay protest singers?...patrik fitzgerald and gerald fitzpatrik , hahahaha HERE!

Patrik Fitzgerald - " Dark Side Of The Room + Peel Sessions + Oddities" (Die or DIY compilation) 1977 - 2006

Patrik released a shared album in 2006, with someone called 'Pog', but Pog weren't very good, so i've took the Fitzgerald tracks and beefed them up with three Peel sessions, and a few oddities from Pat's long and fruitless career.So,please excuse me my rights to invoke my artistic licence,it makes for a better experience for you...my beloved public.
The cd-r insert notes are a good read,which includes the revelation that he didn't write 'Suicidal Wreck'.....it was by some unknown band called 'The Murderers'? 
So read the notes as I won't write much,cus i'm probably gonna end up posting all of the lisping bard of bedsitland's back catalog.There are frequent humourous references in the notes to killing his own career,which is always a welcome approach around these 'ere parts.
"My beautiful Career" they often say...What career? As Patrik would agree,we,and everything we ever do are all going to the same place reserved for us in Oblivion.Whether you're Picasso or the homeless pisshead on the corner of the street begging outside the Off-Licence for small change.And at the end of civilisation as we know it......which,at the moment, is seeming to be sooner than we think.....we all will have created precisely...Nothing!
We are,each and every one of us part of an enormous Portsmouth Sinfonia playing on the deck of the Titanic.Time to realise that its too late to rearrange the deckchairs and just Play On until the icey black waters rise above our nostrils.End.


"Dark Side Of The Room":
1 – How The Fuck ?
2 – Chains Instead Of Brains
3 – I Don't Believe
4 – A Bit Of Male Liberation
5 – No-One Different
6 – Sound Of My Street
7 – Backstreet Boys
8 – Without Sex
9 – Suicidal Wreck
10 – No Reason
11 – Palace Of Dreams
12 – The Old Dope Peddler

"Peel Session (08/02/78)"

1 - Don't Tell Me Because I'm Young
2 - Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart
3 - Little Dippers
4 - Bingo Crowd
5 - Backstreet Boys

"Peel Session (17/07/78)"

1 - A Mixed Kid
2 - The Sound Of My Street
3 - No Fun Football
4 - Little Fishes

"Peel Session (10/04/79)"

1 - All The Splattered Children
2 - Dance Music Late night
3 - Improve Myself
4 - Suicidal wreck
5 - Tonight


1 - Don't Tell Me Cus I'm Young
2 - Who'll Be My Jah?
3 - God's Song
4 - Live Out My Stars
5 - Running Away
6 - German Misery
7 - The Old Folks
8 - A Super Being
9 - Goodbye Voyager
10 - Patrik Fitzgerald-Famous Punk Musician

Patrik Fitzgerald ‎– "Floating Population" (Self-released cd-r) 2006

He may have suvived the New Zealand earthquake of 2011 (thats where he lives by the way),but he didn't survive the Punk Rock earthquake of 1977....or at least I thought he didn't.I had all his Small Wonder works and his 'sell-out' album for Polydor (get it HERE!),but he seemed to disappear down one of the cracks in the post-punk nuclear winter. It never occurred to me that he may have just...carried on regardless?In the late nineties someone in the pub said to me, "Hey remember Patrik Fizgerald?".....fuck yeah! I had completely forgot about "the Punk Poet".I staggered to the Record and Tape Exchange shop in Camden,and found a compilation of Pat's post punk releases called "Tresures from the Wax Museum", and christ, was it good,better than I remember.So,as usual,this sparked an autistic kind of obsession to find more.
Luckily,he was 'Big' in Norway,so it was possible to get some of his more recent releases,and he sounded exactly the same as back in the day,like he'd been defrosted from a cryogenic chamber dated 1977,voice and slight lisp still very much intact.
This CD was released in 2006 as a souvenir to Patrik's UK and Norway tour. The songs are a mixture of unreleased material and re-recordings of older songs.Its Great basically.
All the old themes are there, alienation, lonliness, the pointlessness of existance,the casual drift into alcoholism and violence.I can't think of many other artists who can articulate this cruel drabness quite as appealingly.Just hide those razor blades.

Track 1 was recorded at Gateway Studio (Clapham) in 1979.
Tracks 2, 9, 22 and 23 were recorded at Leyline Studio (Fulham) in 1997.
Tracks 3, 5, 8, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18 and 24 were recorded at Plains FM Studio (Christchurch, New Zealand) in 2006.
Tracks 4, 6, 10, 11 and 16 were recorded at Pathway Studio (Islington) in 1992.
Track 7 was recorded at Pet Sounds Studio (Kennington) in 1981.
Tracks 12 and 20 were recorded at Blackwing Studio (Southwalk) in 1980.
Tracks 19 and 21 were recorded at Southside Studio (Clapham) in 1994.'


1 Don't Feel Safe 4:20
2 Dance Music Late Night 5:03
3 Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart 1:55
4 No Fun Football 2:19
5 Island Of Lost Souls 3:27
6 Perfect Childhood 1:17
7 Dressing Up In Funny Clothes 3:10
8 Gifts And Telegrams 3:02
9 Bones In A Graveyard 3:42
10 Museum 4:27
11 Dying For Someone Else's Money 2:52
12 One Little Soldier 4:56
13 A Life Sentence 3:24
14 Mrs And Mrs 2:42
15 Punch 2:38
16 Poor John 1:46
17 What If... 2:39
18 10,000 Years Of Weeping 3:18
19 Love Limbo 1:41
20 Breathing's Painful 3:34
21 Poll Tax Payers' Street 2:30
22 Concrete Jungle 3:27
23 Shadow Of A Man 4:32
24 Birth Of Human Beings 3:45

Patrik Fitzgerald ‎– "Room Service" (Beat Bedsit ‎– BASE03) 1996

For some reason, the beyond great Patrik Fitzgerald was always referred to as a..."Punk Poet",by the media!? But,although his lyrics stand up on their own as some kind of depressing street poetry,he has more in common with Folky singer song writers and protest singers than any poet.A Punk Woody Guthrie.
No-one has the knack to reveal the bleak horrors of life through its mundanities like parenthood,paying bills, and the general banality of existence.......wow, I bet you can't wait to listen to this?
Indeed, his lyrics certainly have a rather pessimistic bent,but sometimes,in fact all the time, realism is often mistaken for pessimism.
Unlike his Punk cohorts, Patrik didn't think that getting a job,'a future' was the answer to all our woes,the very opposite in fact.He could make even the most exciting career sound like the highway to the most uninspiring hell AC/DC never squarked about.
Welcome to a world of routine relationships, unhappy childhoods, debt slavery, petty theft, mindless violence, unwanted children,the disappointment of love, tedious careers, and many many more mundane horrors of just, being here.
This rare mid-nineties cd-r, captures Patrik in his natural habitat,in a bedroom,alone,with his acoustic guitar,recording his bleak songs for a minuscule audience of dedicated fans.
As it used to say on those adverts for 100 Country Rock Classics......'Not available in shops'.

DOWNLOAD to feel down HERE!

Wednesday 25 March 2020

John Cooper Clarke ‎– "Où Est La Maison De Fromage?" (Rabid Records ‎– NOZE 1) 1978

Staying on the theme of Manchester word-smiths,one must dedicate at least one post to the original ranting poet Johnny Clarke. Yes, he who saw how Bob Dylan dressed in 1966,and it stuck. Rarely seen without shades,he claims that he's photophobic,hence an excuse as to why he wears sunglasses in a nightclub. Having seen a sneaky photo of John sans lunettes du soleil,one can see why he's manufactured this story. Afterall, thats what he's good at? 
Unlike American stand up poets, the British variety tends to lean more towards comedy as a weapon rather than shock and awe. I think Patti Smith tried a few of her pretentious poems at gigs in the more provincial parts of the UK and had the odd missile thrown penetrating the unenthusiastic reception outside the more arty venues in London. Nearly all these poets were from outside the capital,where there was far more incentive to do something that would help you escape the prison of poverty that places like Bradford and Barnsley had become by the winter of discontent.
"Où Est La Maison De Fromage?",or 'where is the Cheese Shop',was the only Cooper-Clarke album that actually captured him at his best,with his trademark 100 miles an hour word delivery in his unabashed Salford accent......likely indecipherable to most americans,so forget about 'Breaking America',as so many bands of that era seemed to want to do?
The poems themselves bursting with satire,endless humour and boundlessly clever couplets,backed up with John's endlessly witty repartee.
Future albums, with Martin 'I over produce' Hannett,and the Invisible Girls,Clarke had to slow down his delivery by at least 75%,so he became a different act on record than he was live.Although he did do a tour with The Invisible Girls,but this was something different and far less effective than his one man shows.As heard on the Peel Session included here.
Hopefully,before he dies, he will be given the opportunity to turn down the role of 'Poet Laureate'.

1 The Serial (Part 1)
2 Letter To Fiesta
3 Film Extra's Extra
4 Majorca
5 Action Man
6 Kung Fu International
7 Sperm Test
8 Missing Persons
9 Split Beans
10 Dumb Row Laughs
11 Bunch Of Twigs
12 Trains
13 The Cycle Accident
14 Gimmix
15 Readers Wives
16 Ten Years In An Open Neck Shirt (Part 1)
17 Nothing
18 (I Married A) Monster From Outer Space
19 Ten Years In An Open Neck Shirt (Part 2)
20 Daily Express (You Never See A Nipple In The)
21 Ten Years In An Open Neck Shirt (Part 3)
22 Salome Malone
23 Psycle Sluts (Part 1)
24 Bronze Adonis
25 (I Married A) Monster From Outer Space (John Peel Session)
26 Readers Wives (John Peel Session)
27 Health Fanatic (John Peel Session)
28 Split Beans (John Peel Session)
29 Suspended Sentence
30 Innocents
31 Psycle Sluts (Parts 1 & 2)
32 Daily Express (You Never See A Nipple In The) (Live)
33 (I Married A) Monster From Outer Space (Live)

Tuesday 24 March 2020

Von Südenfed ‎– "Tromatic Reflexxions" (Domino ‎– WIGCD190) 2007

Who's that on the right, adorning the cover of this electronic underground disco Band? None other than Mark E. Smith, he of The Fall.The other two are in Mouse On Mars apparently? 
Most of the young alt-clubbers who dance to this probably have no clue who the singer is,but thats all part of the fun innit?
Smith always had an interest in cheesy electronic disco,especially like Italian house stuff. I went to see the new, post-Brownies, Fall line up in 1998, and between the groups and before The Fall came on, Mark and his roadies all came out onstage to dance wildly to some cheesy Italo-disco,and seemed to have a wonderful time,as did we. 
He seemed to keep his sense of humour in most situations did our Mark,and i'm sure there's a small element of tongue firmly in cheek with this album too.It's rather good, and one thinks that it would have been better for Mark to have ditched the Guitars rather more often methinks.All those 21st century Fall albums blurred into an over-produced morass of sameness.Ooops,its october, time for another Fall album and tour......although how I wish there was another one coming out in 2020.Would love to hear Marks take on the Coronavirus crisis.
It reminds me of a more drunk and unsexy northern English working mens Gay club version of DAF.....which gives me an opportunity to segue into a Tribute to Gabi Delgado of DAF who died yesterday specifically to join Mark's new EBM band in music Valhalla.To be listened to with a pint of Newcastle Brown ale,or some of paradise brewed local Bitter.


1 Fledermaus Can't Get It 3:56
2 The Rhinohead 4:16
3 Flooded 4:46
4 Family Feud 4:28
5 Serious Brainskin 3:51
6 Speech Contamination / German Fear Of Österreich 3:59
7 The Young The Faceless And The Codes 4:32
8 Duckrog 2:47
9 Chicken Yiamas 2:36
10 That Sound Wiped 6:05
11 Jbak Lois Lane 2:56
12 Dearest Friends 4:44

Mark E. Smith ‎– "Pander! Panda! Panzer!" (Action Records ‎– TAKE19CD) 2002

A spoken word album of self-penned,like who else is gonna write stuff like this(?) short stories, lyrics, poetry, keyboard and sound effects, and some fragments of Fall songs,mixed as one continuous track......that's the bleeding obvious stuff out of the way.
Our Mark E. Mark only made two solo albums of using,primarily, the power of the spoken word. This forty minute collage is the last one he was to make.I kinds prefer this to virtually any Fall thing from 1991 onwards.
He does in fact mention the great Jimmy Bloomfield,manager of the 1970's version of Leicester City FC, which is a rare thing indeed.
He's a unique combination of comedian and poet,and its a joy to hear him relaxed and enunciating his words almost like it was 1982 again,rather than the slurring pisshead he sadly became.Here he sounds like the kind of popular dinner guest and raconteur that can make your cheese and charcuterie soirée swing.


1 Pander! Panda! Panzer! 42:55


includes the following sections: Mount Street Sermon / PPP-The End / Enigramatic Dream [sic] / Life Just Bounces / Copenhagen "Set-Up" / Dissolute Singer / Lucifer Over Lancashire / Lakeland Opus 1 / Sport Duet / Idiot Joy Showland / "plus 5 previously unreleased sentences".

Monday 23 March 2020

Mark E. Smith ‎– "The Post Nearly Man" (Artful Records ‎– ARTFULCD14) 1998

Staying in Manchester on the theme of mancunian Poetry....cut to pseudo intellectual skin'ed blogger from near future to explain......
If the kids of the future are still able to read,write and go to school, the works of Mark E. Smith should clearly be on the syllabus. A unique wordsmith was Mark Edward,criminally underepresented in the exclusive spheres of the spoken and written word.
Around the time that seemed to be the end of the Fall around 1998,with the infamous drunken brawl in New York,when the long serving/suffering members of the classic Fall line up walked out on a seriously alcoholic,and abusive Smith. Mark Edward 'S',recruited a new band and created his first solo album,"The Post Nearly Man"; which was a kind of an experimental spoken word collage,primarily featuring Mark's unique style of language and some unaccompanied readings of Fall lyrics.
"Get ahead with your purile slurred word rigmarole and 'purritout('put it out' in English)'", says Mark on "I'm Bobby(part 1)"......And 'Purritout' he did.
"The Post Nearly Man",ironically starts off not with the words of Mark E. himself, but those of fellow initials user, H.P.Lovecraft,and this unnervingly accurate insight into the oncoming New Dark age:

“The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.”
.....well,I couldn't have put it more bleakly,or accurately myself? Let there be No Light!

After the Lovecraft quote,this CD is a fine work that examines the joy of language,and delivery of therein, which almost becomes an avant-garde tape collage.....(oooooh He'd have hated that pigeon hole!).Frequently used,is that technique that fellow poet,and obvious influence,Don Van Vliet, used on Trout Mask Replica,stopping and starting a cassette recorder or dictophone,to live edit ones parole in real time.
But unlike most 'proper' artists and poets, our Mark, wouldn't waste his and our time explaining himself, its just something he did,and here's the product and the proof.
Question:....Poet, or just drunk bloke doing drunk bloke stuff that we all read too much into, viewed from our pretentious disneylands...ahhhhh!
Personally,in the last ten years or so of the Fall it did sound just like that.A middle of the road post-punk tribute band fronted by a Drunk pub philosopher.......but,indeed,a much missed, Drunk Pub Philosopher......irreplaceable.
From here in The safety of this 'New Intellectual Skin'ed Morass'....RIP MES. 
(read my honest obituary of the great man/drunk HERE!)


1 The Horror In Clay
2 Shad Segment
3 The Caterer
4 I'm Bobby Part 1
5 The CD In Your Hand
6 Enigrammatic Dream
7 Visit Of An American Poet V 1
8 Segment
9 Visitation Of An American Poet
10 Visit Of An American Poet V 2
11 I'm Bobby Part 2
12 Typewriter
13 Dissolute Singer
14 A Lot In A Name

Sunday 22 March 2020

Joy Division - "Rehearsals 1977-80" (Bootleg) 2018

I've had my Porridge this morning,fortified with red fruits and walnuts,soon to change to Gruel after all the supermarket shelves have been cleared by panicing idiots.Even the Vegan section is nearly empty,so that puts the scale of the hysteria in perspective somewhat.So,I suppose,this is still part of the Genesis P-Orridge memorial posts wot i've been doing with a notable lack of a brown nose. 
As was mooted in the comments section on either one of the Industrial Philips (Sanderson and Johnson) posts,it was suggested that the fantasy industrial pairing of Ian Curtis and Mr P-Orridge may have resulted in some actual tapes of said encounter. This doesn't appear to bare any weight,unless it was done over the telephone or through the classic DIY avenue of the  mail service,
Apart from the odd gig where Joy Division supported Throbbing Gristle, there was hardly a chance to be in the same town as each other never mind the same room before Ian asphyxiated himself with the assistance of the the laundry rack in his Macclesfield hovel.
Upon meeting, Curtis would obviously have indulged Genesis with some standard Fan sychophancy,which GPO would have lapped up,flattered that the singer of the hottest group in town thought he was good. This usually leads to a mutual masturbation session,including the tiresome drunken cliché of suggesting that  "We really must get a band together".Just like the friends you make on holiday who you never see again after agreeing to "Keep in touch!".
The only information we have on this relationship comes from Genesis P.,as the other principle witness died twenty years previously. Aparently, according to our TG frontman/person, Curtis used to phone him up while at a low ebb,.....cue some classic Marilyn Monroe Syndrome,where the receiver of the phone call indulges in the 'I could have saved him' scenario.This is pure narcissism of course,and very common in suicide cases for even total strangers to believe they hold the answer in their healing hands,which is Christlike behaviour often displayed in the brain function of Psychopaths. Also there is nobody there who can possibly contradict these statements,so ones cover is safe this side of the grave.
Gen also makes reference to his fantasy that Curtis wanted to leave Joy Division and set up with him?
Highly tenuous?......Throbbing Joy?
So,that is the reason.....do we really need a reason?....that I've resorted to Joy Division's Rehearsal tapes to entertain myself, and hopefully you lot,on this bleak sunday morning.The sun is shining but it feel like there's a blizzard blowing outside.....not that i'm allowed outside without my signed and dated form plus proof of ID.(ps if you're reading this in years to come,it was the Covid 19 pandemic thing that I refer to!).
Yes I love Joy Division,and contrarily to their reputation of being a bunch of miserable manc bastards, this is cheering me up somewhat.
It's also a very interesting insight into Joy Division at work.
The main items of interest are,of course, the several versions of "In A Lonely Place",which ,along with "Ceremony" was never captured in a studio with Martin Hannett at the controls. These two tracks would undoubtedly have been the next single, and number one with a bullet.
Again the rapid evolution of the Joy Division sound is very evident(the first 12 tracks are really 'Warsaw rather than JD),as is the perception of the incredibly short time the JD we know were around for......only about 6 or 7 months max, then he left us at the top of his game, never to have their reputation tarnished, forever,although New Order have tried ceaselessly to ruin it.(The Movement album was great however?)
And ,No, no-one could have stopped it happening.....not even Genesis P-Orridge!?


Tentatively August/September 1977 rehearsal (Most likely 14th of September 1977)
[Supposedly @ Rock Garden, Middlesborough]:
01. Reaction
02. Inside the Line
03. Leaders of Men
04. Novelty (take 1)
05. The Kill (I)
06. Novelty (take 2)

Tentatively October/November 1977 rehearsal
[Supposedly @ T.J. Davidson's Rehearsal Room, Manchester]:
07. At a Later Date
08. Ice Age
09. Inside the Line
10. Warsaw
11. Failures
12. No Love Lost (instrumental)

Tentatively January 1978 rehearsal
[Supposedly @ T.J. Davidson's Rehearsal Room, Manchester]:
13. Pictures in my Mind (take 1)
14. Pictures in my Mind (take 2)
15. Shadowplay (instrumental)

Tentatively March 1979 rehearsal
[Tape called "Eric's or Band on the Wall"]:
16. No Love Lost
17. The Kill (II) (cuts out)

Tentatively November/December 1979 rehearsal
[Supposedly @ T.J. Davidson's Rehearsal Room, Manchester]:
18. Instrumental Jam (untitled)
19. A Means to an End (take 1, aka 'From Night to Day')
20. A Means to an End (take 2)
21. A Means to an End (take 3)

Tentatively March/April 1980 rehearsal
[Supposedly @ Pinky's Rehearsal Room, Salford]:
22. Ceremony

Tentatively March 1980 rehearsal
[Supposedly @ Britannia Row Studio, London]:
23. In a Lonely Place (take 1) / aka 'Misplaced (take 1)'

Tentatively April 1980 rehearsal
[Supposedly @ Pinky's Rehearsal Room, Salford]:
24. In a Lonely Place (take 2) / aka 'Misplaced (take 2)'

Tentatively May 1980 rehearsal (Most likely 14th of May 1980)
[Supposedly @ Pinky's Rehearsal Room, Salford]:
25. In a Lonely Place (take 3)
26. In a Lonely Place (take 4)
27. In a Lonely Place (take 5)
28. In a Lonely Place (snippet 1)
29. In a Lonely Place (snippet 2)