Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Various Artists ‎– "Faith Will Never Die..." ( Black Dwarf ‎Wreckordings – bdc5) 1983

A Black Dwarf wreckordings compilation tape from the golden year for Industrial music,and its Zenith, 1983.Just before it got reeeeeeeeeeally boring and repetitive. Here we have a veritable rainbow of the Industrial Clichés; from nasty Noise, to some minimal synth and drum box work outs.(has anyone made an Industrial fitness work-out DVD yet? Maybe that lovely little old lady Genesis P.orridge cold knock one out for us?) There could be various Unkommuniti members lurking here under different pseudonyms I wager. An old DIY trick to make your label look more popular. I assume that Kallous Kinema is actually The Kallous Boys.....but I could be wrong.

DOWNLOAD a compilation of black dwarfism HERE! 
Black dwarf mediafirism HERE!

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Moonboy said...

You are correct in your assumption that Kallous Kinema are the Kallous Boys who are still active over at cheers Joe aka Calvin Mole a very Kallous Boy