Sunday, 19 July 2015

Todd - "With Love...From Me To You" (Self Released) 1979

If you thought Gary Wilson's self-released effort was disturbingly creepy,then this collection by 'Todd', invisible to girls school outsider from the class of '79, is sickening. Like a charming sub-Dean Friedman (of Well,well,said the rocking Chair infamy), sixteen year old loner Todd whines about how much he could love the right girlie,loneliness and other acne fueled nonsense,while he tinkles on the ivories,backed by some actual chums;even though the drummer and the guitarist look like the same person. Apparently he sold/gave away copies of this at one of those end of year prom things that Americans have to humiliate the dumb and ugly kids.
How Terrible but good these shut in a cupboard since 1972 odes to love are,is besides the point anyway. Its probably got the best album cover artwork ever produced. If Yes had something like this on the cover of "Tales Of Topographic Oceans" instead of that Roger Dean crap, Punk Rock may never have happened. Just imagine a sixth form art portrait of Rick Wakeman in a sensible sweater, huge glasses and a perm,and tell me you wouldn't have bought it? The shear shitness of the contents would have become secondary?


A2Love Lost
A3Can't Get Her Out Of My Mind
A4Before It's Too Late
A5Miracle Whip
B1Christ's Love Song
B2With Love... From Me To You
B3The First Time
B4The End Of The Rainbow
B5How Will I Make It On My Own?

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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Gary Wilson ‎– "You Think You Really Know Me" (Self Released) 1977

I was going down an Outsider Music route,but got distracted. Although some 'Outsider Music' hacks think of Sun Ra ,Captain Beefheart, and Syd Barrett as 'Outsider Music', which is utter bollocks.
Gary Wilson, now there's an Outsider(I mean just look at him?),probably a 25 year old virgin(by the sound of the lyrical content);he recorded this creepy funk/soul workout in his mother's cellar,self-released(or is that Self-reliefed?) and financed it it himself. This is the sound of sexual repression, more famously thrust down our throats by the almost as creepy Barry White;but even he never made such a weird perv-out as the unfathomable "6.4=make Out". I don't even wanna think what that could possibly mean?
The music is so slick,in that funky porno soundtrack kinda way,that you wouldn't be surprised to hear this in the top ten in 1977 sandwiched between 'God save the Queen' and Rod Stewart; and lyrically it sits very comfortably with the shit creepy teenage poetry that many a modern R&B dick'ead churns out today!
He's an unlikable lecherous nerd, the tunes are toe-curlingly bad,and worst of all, he means it! Thats why you should embrace this milestone of wrongness to your missus.


Another Time I Could Have Loved You
You Keep On Looking
6.4 = Make Out
When You Walk Into My Dreams
You Were Too Good To Be True
Groovy Girls Make Love At The Beach
I Wanna Lose Control
You Think You Really Know Me
Chromium Bitch
And Then I Kissed Your Lips

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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Sun Ra ‎– "The Singles" (Evidence ‎– ECD 22164-2) 1996

Space definitely is the place if you wanna escape this fucked up planet,and there's no greater vehicle to leave Earth with than Sun Ra and his chums.
If you wanna be 'Hip' these days you gotta drop Sun Ra into your 'ain't i weird' public speaking convo's, sitting cosily alongside Captain Beefheart and Coltrane. Its coffee table royalty for the pretentious who slip a recently purchased copy of "Atlantis" on the stereo when expecting visitors.But that's better than taking drugs to be 'hip' I suppose.
A lesser discussed fact about Sun Ra, is his place at the head of the pantheon of DIY artists. No, DIY didn't start with the Desperate Bicycles, as Sun (can I call him Sun?),was doing it in the mid-fifties. Releasing bizarre Doo Wop, Lounge Jazz,and Fifties Pop singles on his own Saturn label,sometimes in incredibly shorts runs of 10 to 50. Therefore these singles are impossible to find except on this fabulous double CD.
Among the foggy Doo Wop and Christmas Singles,which have their own charm,there is inevitably some crazy stuff indeed. Who was Yochanon, The Sun man.....a total nutter? Then there's Lacy Gibson's "I'm Gonna Unmask the Batman",which is pretty out-there.Some Sun Ra classic's,notably "Love In Outer Space" with its wavering time signature,and the sing-a-long "Rocket # 9",which talks about leaving for Venus years before Europe did in "The Final Countdown"(admittedly a classic in its own right,but for different reasons).Although as Venus has a surface temperature of 400 degrees plus,has a runaway Greenhouse effect,and rains concentrated sulphuric acid;I don't recommend that anyone gets on Rocket # 9 for real.
There are even a few edited versions of Ra's later free synth finger moving avant jazz,and a seven inch version of Disco 3000.So the coffee table avant-gardists won't be disappointed; even though this would be the only Sun Ra record they ever play in private.

Disc: 1
1. A Foggy Day - The Nu Sounds
2. Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie - The Cosmic Rays
3. Dreaming - The Cosmic Rays
4. Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie - The Cosmic Rays
5. Bye Bye - The Cosmic Rays
6. Somebody's In Love - The Cosmic Rays
7. Medicine For A Nightmare - Arkestra
8. Saturn - Arkestra
9. Supersonic Jazz - Arkestra
10. Happy New Year To You - The Qualities
11. It's Christmas Time - The Qualities
12. Muck Muck - Yochanan
13. Hot Skillet Mama - Yochanan
14. Great Balls Of Fire - Arkestra
15. Hours After - Arkestra
16. Teenager's Letter Of Promises - Juanita Rodgers
17. I'm So Glad You Love Me - Juanita Rodgers
18. The Sun One - Yochanan
19. The Sun Man Speaks - Yochanan(mp3 sample track)
20. The Sun Man Speaks - Yochanan
21. October - Sun Ra
22. Adventure In Space - Sun Ra
23. Message To Earthman - Yochanan
24. Message To Earthman - Yochanan & Sun Ra And Arkestra
25. State Street - Sun Ra
Disc: 2
1. The Blue Set - Sun Ra
2. Big City Blues - Sun Ra
3. Tell Her To Come On Home - Little Mack
4. I'm Making Believe - Little Mack
5. The Bridge - Sun Ra
6. Rocket # 9 - Sun Ra(mp3 sample)
7. Blues On Planet Mars - Sun Ra
8. Saturn Moon - Sun Ra
9. The Sky Is Crying - Lacy Gibson
10. She's My Baby - Lacy Gibson
11. I Am Gonna Unmask The Batman - Lacy Gibson
12. I Want An Easy Woman - Lacy Gibson
13. I'm Gonna Unmask The Batman - Sun Ra
14. The Perfect Man - Sun Ra
15. Journey To Saturn - Sun Ra
16. Enlightenment - Sun Ra
17. Love In Outer Space - Sun Ra (mp3 sample)
18. Mayan Temple - Sun Ra
19. Disco 2100 - Sun Ra
20. Sky Blues - Sun Ra
21. Rough House Blues - Sun Ra
22. Cosmo-Extensions - Sun Ra
23. Quest - Sun Ra
24. Outer Space Plateau - Sun Ra


+The missing two tracks from disc one HERE!


Monday, 6 July 2015

The Space Lady ‎– "Recorded Live In San Francisco" (Self-Released Cd-r) 1990

Well, How do you follow the uncategorisable 'Blind Man Who Walked Past The Supermarket'?
Hows about 'The Space Lady' who played space-age lounge music outside the supermarket?
If you want the genuinely 'Wierd' the only place to go is the domain of the 'Outsider' musician. Jandek, Moondog, Daniel Johnston, Wesley Willis, and now we have 'The Space lady'. A street Musician from san Francisco in the Moondog tradition, who wears a winged helmet not unlike Asterix the Gaul.
On this self-produced Cd-r,sold from her street pitch, we are treated to one woman/lady, cheapo electronic lounge covers of glam favourites like Radar Love and Ballroom Blitz; the best ever version of dull biker anthem "Born To Be Wild"; a David Lynchian version of "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night",and a previously impossible to imagine, dee-rocking of Brit'n'roll classic "Shakin' All Over". There are no taboo's as to who gets the Space-lady treatment,as Elvis gets a severe case of being put in his place too!
There are a handful of unfathomable original compositions too that further compound the relevance of Space Lady's application for Nutdale Funny Farm. This is why the lunatics should run the asylum.


2From The Womb To The Tomb
3Slapback Boomerang
4Synthesize Me
5Major Tom
6Radar Love
7Born To Be Wild
8Ballroom Blitz
9All Shook Up
10Shakin' All Over
11Too Much To Dream
12Ghost Riders In The Sky
13Domine Libera Nos
14Fly Like An Eagle
15Puttin' On The Ritz
1620th Century Fox

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Blind Man Who Walked Past The Supermarket - "(More) Jolly Green Giant Corn (2nd Can)" (Year Zero Records YEAR032) 2015

Yes, a second volume of  stream of consciousness, deranged,  DIY improv, from Leicester, in and around the golden era of 1978-80.Heavily abused Trombones,clash with scraping contrabass, tortured saxophone,and Eraserhead organ. Ten untitled decompositions,that fans of the The Good Missionaries, The Door and the Window, and other willfully amateurish free improv should enjoy heartily. Could even be better than the first helping. ?


1-One Blind man (3:02)
2-Two Blind man (3:14)
3-Three Blind man (1:55)
4-Four Blind man (Keith!) (3:28)
5-Five Blind man (1:31)
6-Six Blind man (3:40)
7-Seven Blind man (4:30)
8- Eight Blind man (3:09)
9-Nine Blind man (5:52)
10-Ten Blind man (15:30)

DOWNLOAD another can of juicy sweet corn not even approaching its sell-by date HERE!