Saturday, 8 February 2014

Joseph Nechvatal ‎– "Reckless" (Sound Of Pig ‎– SOP 217) 1984

Another amusing exercise in plunderphonia from Joseph Nechvatal.
The main target for his pop trash recycling technique is that 'Godfather of Funk' himself, Mr James Brown. His screeches are sampled in such a way as to resemble a screaming child,and his tunes are placed in such a splintered perspective; reduced to the basic absurdities that glue pop songs together.
The cover illustration is by Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956), a British self-taught artist who made automatic drawings and turned entire alphabets into diagrams called sigils, or “monograms of thought”, says Wikipedia

DOWNLOAD recklessly HERE!


beautifulnoise said...

This is a nice work, I really enjoy listening to it. Thanks! - But you uploaded one side only of this cassette, as it seems. What about the other side?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Unbeliveably, I only have side one!
Sorry.I suspect side two is side one repeated.

beautifulnoise said...

No, side two seems to be different. Read the text on continuo's website, where it was posted before. - Strange enough: side two was also missing there, when I downloaded it several years ago.
I think I will contact Al Margolis, who ran or still runs SOUND OF PIG MUSIC, maybe he can help. I know him quiet well, he's a friend of mine.
Best regards.