Saturday, 15 February 2014

Masters Of The Ungentlemanly Art ‎– "MA»" (ZH27 - 071) 1986

The masters of the ungentlemanly art of tape collage are represented here with a full spectrum of distorted lo-fi muddy noise, buried beneath the surface of an ocean of cheap radio shack effects, momentarily rising to breath revealing its ugly head. Minoy makes a large contribution to the submerged racket, along with several other contributors , mixed together by the notorious Zan Hoffman; which makes an irresistible cocktail of third hand sound. Six tracks seamlessly edited together , that vary from ethereal relaxation, to fuzzy uncomfortable noise-scapes. Definitely something to relax to in the bath , with a couple of scented candles, to help exorcise the demons of the shit that happened today. A process I ,personally, have difficulty doing as I don’t have a bath, and I fucking detest scented candles. So why I’m recommending this action is anyone’s guess?


Cantonese Polka

I Bet You Have

Has A Severe Lack

That's What I Say


Any Air

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