Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Work - "Live im AJZ" (Edition Unbeirrt ‎– MC e.u.B) 1981

Officially sanctioned Unofficial bootleg of The classic Work line-up going through their paces in some club in the Netherlands(?) on the 24th August 1981. Standard bootleg foggily recorded from the audience sound quality,but very listenable ,and a fine performance preserved from a time when modern music was at its peak; all downhill from here.

No Track listing as yet,but if anyone wants to work it out, feel free to donate.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Work - "I Hate America" (Woof Records ‎– WOOF 002) 1981

“I Hate America”;the shameless courting of a pinko audience by any chance? Presumably,America meaning the United States of....,and not the whole continent, 'cus Canadians are particularly nice, and Mexicans make great bandits in westerns. Most Americans are jolly decent chaps as well,if you ignore the American Taliban of the trigger happy, homophobic,racist,and,quite frankly,stupid god nazi's of the middle bit. The Clash were 'Bored of the USA', which is a description of a nation that is simply incorrect! It's a place that evokes extremes of emotion. You either Love it, or, as in The Work's,and the majority of the developing world's case,Hate it.

With the unapologetic indiscriminate drone bombing of school kids in Pakistan,the inexplicable continuing support of the Zionist army of occupation in Palestine,and the shameless spying by the NSA on their 'allies' puppet leaders; there is a good case for the 'Hate' emotion. But, like the German people under the Nazi regime,Americans are victims too. Helplessly drugged by consumer fascism into a stupor of acquiescence, absorbing the Fear propaganda peddled by the unelected elements of that one party state, we must strive to help our American friends; if only to save them from themselves?

Fear not, for the unsustainable military spending to fight a non-existent enemy will cause this regime to collapse into the empty vaults of Fort Knox. The very same fate that happened to the Soviet Union.
I suppose its better to be hated than ignored isn't it? In fact you'd be hard pushed to think of a country that isn't hated by a certain section of the world's population.Even harder to think of a country that everyone loves......maybe Ireland,but I can't see it myself.Everyone seems to love Ireland and the Irish,even though they talk incessantly without breathing to anyone,anywhere,and are invariably drunk.
Being British, I am quite used to being from one of the most unpopular places on the Planet(especially where I live in France, where they still haven't forgotten the Hundred Years War!); so I have some sympathy with my american cousins.Personally, I Love America,and Americans; but their puppet government and its hidden masters stink.

Oh yeah,the music!

This single is classic disjointed and fractured, damaged avant rock of the highest order.


A I Hate America 5:50
B1 Fingers & Toes 2:50
B2 Duty 1:00

Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Work - "Slow Crimes" (Woof Records ‎– WOOF 003) 1982

Well, one may as well feature some choice works from Recommended Records related acts....what better place to start than Avant Rock's finest,The Work, and their 1982 classic "Slow Crimes". Featuring Ex Henry Cow-sters, The Work stayed overtime to de-construct the Rock Tune into its constituent parts and made a different sense out of the pieces.All the useless left over bits are thrown into the nearest most deserving skip. They sort of remind me of an English Jesus Lizard,with the rocking out bit removed.


Nearly Empty 2:55
Balance 2:10
Pop 4:42
Flies 2:22
Like This 2:53
Knives 3:27
Cain & Abel 4:11
State Room 3:24
Brickyard 4:37
Do It 2:18
Le Travail 3:34
Maggot Song 2:57

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Various Artists ‎– "Recommended Records Sampler" (Recommended Records ‎– RR eight & nine) 1982

One of thee most right angled compilations of the early eighties was 'the Recommended Records Sampler. Released when Post Punk was turning into that 'New Pop' shite, and the even shite-er Goth nonsense. This handmade double album was unashamedly 'Prog' in its outlook, a dirty word, even amongst the obviously 'Prog' section of the Post-Punk brigade. Post-Punk was basically Progressive music,but with different (better) clothes,artwork,and in short song format. It's amusing to note how many intellectually interesting and/or progressive new records were released in 1977 and1978( doesn't include proggers from before punk broke). Probably only Throbbing Gristle,The Residents and Pere Ubu in '77, and Wire,Cabaret Voltaire,and PiL in '78? A Brain was not a obligatory requirement in Punk Rock,and neither was musicianship.All the big Punk Groups of '76 had prog fans as integral members (including Rotten),and some of them became the key players behind the post-punk-prog groups. The avalanche started from 1979 onwards,and continued to mutate up to 1982,when it began to sound as if the preceding five years hadn't happened.

Unknown to the new generation, the old guard of progressive music had carried on regardless,like the Henry Cow lot, and had evolved into the Rock in Opposition bracket; which is another way of saying 'Prog',but with a 'Post-Punk' edge.Like the NWOBHM,they took Punks urgency,and improved the older model for a modern,thinking,audience.

This set was definitely an eye-opener for me, with its glue and glitter sleeve, DIY artwork, and obvious anti-capitalist politics,and I noticed it had The Residents(with their best song),This Heat, and The Homosexuals on it, so it couldn't be Yes or ELP record; worth a punt.

Played this to death,and it helped me rediscover the Progger within,and still am today.

There's hardly a dull track on the four sides of this classic compilation,even the French bands are good?

Can't Recommend (Geddit?) this enough, even 32 years later.
I'll let Chris Cutler the man behind the label explain the reason for releasing this recording:
 "In 1982 Recommended was 4 years old, the catalogue had expanded and the label was firmly established; a sampler seemed an obvious and necessary next step. Compiling extracts from existing releases would have been boring, so I asked the most interesting groups under our umbrella to record something new. Most of them did. All the Rio groups appear, except for ETRON FOU LELOUBLAN who had broken up, and the sharp edge of the new generation of British bands is also well represented(THIS HEAT, THE WORK, THE HOMOSEXUALS, AMOS AND SARAH). But Europeans and Americans still predominate; the Japanese had not arrived yet. This record would have sounded very different 3 years later". "Intended on it's release to be a practical compendium, 25 years on this collection reappears as an indispensable document of the range and musical brilliance of a handful of left-field groups struggling to give shape to new musical vocabularies. The breadth of their imaginations is exemplary. And Inspiring." Chris Cutler, May 2008. 

Track Listing:

Side A:

Vogel: "Flaschenzug"
Faust: "Extract 5 from Faust Party Three: 'The Voice of the Pumpkin' "
Art Bears: "All Hail!"
Stormy Six: "Reparto Novità"
The Homosexuals: "Walk Before Imitate"
Joseph Racaille & Patrick Portella: "On ne Peut Plus Compter sur ses Doigts"
Feliu Gasul: "*"

Side B:

The Black Sheep: "Strangelove"
Univers Zero: "Influences"
Aksak Maboul & The Honeymoon Killers: "Boss de Crosses dans le Doulos"
The Work: "Houdini"
Henry Cow: "Slice"
Henry Cow: "Viva Pa Ubu"
Decibel: "Radio Extract"

Side C:

Art Zoyd: "Simulacres"
The Muffins: "Two Extracts from 'Chronometers' "
Heiner Goebbels: "Berlin Ku-Damm 12 April 1981"
Amos: "Steer Clear of England"
Conventum: "Commerce Nostalgique"
Hector Zazou & ZNR: "Vera C"

Side D:

This Heat: "Pool"
The Residents: "Walter Westinghouse"
R. Stevie Moore: "Pedestrian Hop" & "Copy Me"
Ron Pate: "Fun in the Fundus"
Picchio Dal Pozzo: "Uccelin del Bosco"
Robert Wyatt: "The Internazionale"

a DOWNLOAD is highly recommended so click HERE!

Monday, 25 August 2014

Various Artists - "Frank Johnson's Favorites" (Ralph Records RR8110) 1981

As selected by the Ralph records computer, a certain mr Frank Johnson(Oh those Zany chaps!). Here are his/her/its favourite Ralph Records recordings. Mostly obscure B-sides, and unreleased compositions from Ralph's band of weirdo's from around 1977 to 81. No Chrome on this one, but this is compensated for by a hefty number of Englishmen. San Francisco must have ran out of weirdo's!?

Great tracks by UK pub Rocker, Phillip Lithman, aka Snakefinger; unreleased gibberish from the medical men of Renaldo and the Loaf; a couple of Henry Cow connected numbers from Fred Frith and Art Bears; Swiss art pop from Yello; more MX-80 Sound avant rock riffage; and two decent singles from Tuxedo Moon (when they were still good).

Of course we also get a couple of excellent Residents B-Sides,which, naturally are the best, and weirdest ,of the bunch.

A great compilation to alienate your conformist friends,and to prove that you are an intellectual who can appreciate things from outside of outside the box.

Sleeve Notes:

Compilation of single B-sides and non-LP tracks selected by Frank Johnson, the Ralph Records computer (at that time):

Track A1: released as a single in 1980, never before on any LP,
Track A2: released as the B side to "Dancing In The Street" single (1980),
Track A3: never before released. Thanks to Melvyn for sitting still,
Track A4: released as a single in 1980, never before on any LP,
Track A5: released as the B side of "Satisfaction" single (1976), never before on any LP,
Track A6: released as the B side of "The Spot" single in 1978, never before on any LP,
Track B1: released as the B side of "Bimbo" single (1980), never before on any LP,
Track B2: released as the B side of "Someday You'll Be King" (1980), never before on any LP,
Track B3: released as the B side of "Man In The Dark Sedan" single (1980), never before on any LP,
Track B4: released as the second side of "The Beatles Play The Residents - The Residents Play The Beatles" single (1977), never before on any LP,
Track B5: released as the B side of "Rats And Monkeys" single (1979), never before on any LP,
Track B6: released as the B side of "What Use?" single (1980), never before on any LP.

Tracklist :

A1 –Tuxedomoon Dark Companion 4:10
A2 –Fred Frith What A Dilemma 3:12
A3 –Renaldo And The Loaf Melvyn's Repose 2:05
A4 –MX-80 Sound O Type 3:36
A5 –Residents, The Loser = Weed 2:09
A6 –Snakefinger Smelly Tongues 2:24
B1 –Yello I.T. Splash 2:37
B2 –MX-80 Sound White Night 4:17
B3 –Snakefinger Womb To Worm 3:13
B4 –Residents, The Flying 3:22
B5 –Art Bears Collapse (Edited Version) 3:00
B6 –Tuxedomoon Crash 5:26

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Various Artists ‎– "Subterranean Modern" (Ralph Records ‎– SM7908) 1979

"Subterranean Modern was Ralph Records' first album involving music from anyone other than The Residents or Snakefinger. The idea was to widen Ralph's appeal by bringing a greater variety of styles into the label. To this end Ralph had four band submit contributions on the theme of "San Francisco". Each was required to include a version of <a href="/artist/Tony+Bennett">Tony Bennett</a>'s I Left My Heart In San Francisco. The four bands chosen were The Residents (of course), Chrome, Tuxedomoon, and MX-80 Sound..." (notes from The Residents website)

Another fantastic compilation with The Residents on it is the near perfect “Subterranean Modern”, which was the first release on Ralph to feature 'other' bands other than The Residents. What a magnificent quartet of examples from the crusty edge of the pop-pie we have here.
The proto-industrial punk of the beyond great Chrome, the proto alt-rock pre-post punk of MX80 Sound, the unclassifiable Residents (sigh!), and Tuxedomoon from when they were good,if not great!
This is the format that best showcases The Residents, like side one of 'Fingerprince; like 'Duck Stab',like 'The Commercial Album',like 'The Tunes of Two Cities'; amongst too few other examples from the eyeball headed ones vast back catalogue, that,quite frankly, after 1984 sucked bad! They were always better,touching on genius with the shorter avant-pop format than the stretched out concepts of, for example, Eskimo.Maybe 'The Big Bubble(part Four of the Mole Trilogy)' was their last good album.Also the over embracing of the 'latest' technology also fucked up the it does with everyone. Here we have The Residents at their absolute peak of strangeness.


A1 Chrome Anti-Fade 3:52
A2 Chrome I Left My Heart In San Francisco 0:27
A3 Chrome Meet You In The Subway 5:15
A4 MX-80 Sound Lady In Pain 2:49
A5 MX-80 Sound I Left My Heart In San Francisco 1:52
A6 MX-80 Sound Possessed 4:54
B1 The Residents I Left My Heart In San Francisco 2:02
B2 The Residents Dumbo, The Clown (Who Loved Christmas) 2:07
B3 The Residents Is He Really Bringing Roses? (The Replacement) 2:34
B4 The Residents Time's Up 2:54
B5 Tuxedomoon I Left My Heart In San Francisco 1:03
B6 Tuxedomoon Everything You Want 4:14
B7 Tuxedomoon Waterfront Seat 4:28

DOWNLOAD from a modern subterranean paradise from the past HERE!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Various Artists ‎– "Miniatures (A Sequence Of Fifty-One Tiny Masterpieces Edited By Morgan-Fisher)" (Pipe ‎– PIPE 2) 1980

"From the sleevenotes:
In 1979: Morgan-Fisher heard "The Goofing Off Suite"(by Pete Seeger), and got an idea...
In 1980: Invitations were sent out to a highly personal selection of creative artists, asking them to contribute
pieces of not more than one minute's duration, to what has turned out to be this extraordinarily eclectic album. "

This is sort of an 'Avant garde' kind of a compilation. Its full of strange bedfellows, like Kevin Coyne and Steve Miller;Half Japanese, and Michael Nyman;Pete Seeger and Ron Geesin? All squeezed together in several small boxes until they all become One. A conceptualised microcosm of the modern globalised world on one LP; except that 'Minatures' works and globalisation is killing the very thing that it is supposed to be 'helping'; eradicating culture, and creating an homogeneous cash grasping bland out, to benefit the Hyper-Rich uber class that will eventually wipe 'us' out and claim this rock for themselves.....if there's anything left of it?

The concept is that a diaspora of various muso's,from the full rainbow of musiciandom, and beyond. Through the visible spectrum,the infra red and Ultraviolet,into the microwave background. Provide a short tune, or composition, of around a minute in length. Then the compiler edits them together in chunks of approximately five minutes.Making a maxiture from the miniture.Then after the expansion from the minuscule, we get the contraction, after a short spell of silence, of the whole universe into a one minute summary of the whole record.

Any record that starts with a track called “Bum Love” simply has to be great? That ,and appearences from many luminaries of the DIY culture of 1980; David Cuningham,MarkPerry, Metabolist,Half Japanese. Rubbing Shoulders with serious muso's like Gavin Bryers, Nyman, Lol Coxhill,and Fred Frith.George Melly does a Dada sound poem(he was always a pretentious old cunt!),its got the great Andy Partridge on it, and isn't that Martin Chambers,the drummer from The Vacants? All this plus TheResidents,never ones to turn down a healthy concept, playing the best cover version of a Ramones tune ever!This was, after all, a less disciplined version of The Resident's “Commercial Album”,where every song finished at exactly 1.00 minutes on the dot.


A1 Ollie Halsall & John Halsey Bum Love
A2 the Residents We're A Happy Family / Bali Ha'i
A3 Roger McGough The Wreck Of The Hesperus
A4 Morgan-Fisher Green And Pleasant
A5 John Otway Mine Tonight

A6 Pete Challis & Phil Diplock My Way
A7 Robert Wyatt Rangers In The Night
A8 Stinky Winkles Opus
A9 Mary Longford Body Language
A10 Andy Newman Andy The Dentist
A11 David Bedford Wagner's Ring In One Minute

A12 Fred Frith The Entire Works Of Henry Cow
A13 Maggie Nicols Look Beneath The Surface
A14 Joseph Racaille Week-End
A15 The Work With Wings Pressed Back
A16 Neil Innes & Son Cum On Feel The Noize

A17 Herbert Distel Toscany In Blue (Last Minute)
A18 Lol Coxhill An End To The Matter
A19 Ken Ellis One Minute In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich
A20 Steve Miller Alice

A21 Norman Lovett John Peel Sings The Blues Badly
A22 Patrick Portella Serrons Nous Les Coudes
A23 George Melly Sounds That Saved My Life (Homage To K.S.)
A24 Robert Fripp Miniature
A25 Andy Partridge The History Of Rock 'N' Roll
A26 Phantom Captain Breather


B1 Ron Geesin Enterbrain Exit
B2 Alejandro Viñao An Imaginary Orchestrina
B3 Quentin Crisp Stop The Music For A Minute
B4 Simon Desorgher Tetrad
B5 Ralph Steadman Sweetest Love (Lament After A Broken Sashcord On A Theme Of John Donne)
B6 R.D. Laing & Son Tipperary

B7 Trevor Wishart Beach Double
B8 John White Scene De Ballet
B9 Ivor Cutler Brooch Boat
B10 Hector Zazou Do Tell Us
B11 Michael Bass & Ellen Tenenbaum A Miniaturisation Of Bartok's Sonata For 2 Pianos & Percussion (3rd Movement)

B12 Martin Chambers A Swift One
B13 Bob Cobbing & Henri Chopin Refreshment Break
B14 Dave Vanian Night Touch
B15 Metabolist Raging Poodles

B16 Gavin Bryars After Mendelssohn (137 Years)
B17 1/2 Japanese Paint It Black
B18 Simon Jeffes Arthur's Treat
B19 Mark Perry Talking World War III Blues
B20 Michael Nyman 89-90-91-92

B21 David Cunningham Index Of Ends
B22 Kevin Coyne James, Mark & Me (In The Manner Of Tom Waits)
B23 Etron Fou Leloublan Hep!
B24 Neil Oram & Ken Campbell  & Science Fiction Theatre Of Liverpool The Minute Warp
B25 Pete Seeger Chorale From Beethoven's 9th Symphony

DOWNLOAD a maximum number of miniatures HERE!