Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Consumer Electronics - "Public Attack 3" (No Label MJC0182) 1982

An Early live recording/aktion of Philip Best's, pre middle age spread, Consumer Electronics Whitehouse-alike project. He was just a slim teenager when this was made, but still undoubtedly clad in black leather, and just as obnoxious.
This was a kind of Urban Folk music for the cold war generation,reflecting the bleak prospects facing everyone in the eighties; sort of the direct opposite of Wham!. Apparently recorded live at Nailsea School, 21.10.82, its the usual minimal circuit frying electronic noise, with what seems to be a shortwave radio playing at 11 on a marshall stack, entering and exiting the mellée. All this, of course, fronted by the kind of unbridled shouting/screaming you'd expect if you lived next door to a drunken wifebeater.
"Fuck the IRA" is so accurate a simulation of the reaction you'd get at a British National Party meeting/piss-up in a council estate pub, if you mildly suggested that black people actually make a vital contribution to the rich diverse culture of the modern UK; and or maybe the Irish Republicans have a point? This reasonable attitude would inevitably lead to some fat shaven headed member of the underclass confronting you with violent intent, shouting "Fuck the IRA" at the top of his rather unattractive voice.
Basically a BNP member is the same kind of absolute cunt that would be in the IRA if he was irish. Real extermination camp guard fodder, low on intellect, probably psychopathic, and the epitome of the mythical sub-political UnterMensch that makes the shit that they spout a REAL danger.
I must make it clear that one doesn't support the IRA either, one mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist, and both of them are just another form of oppression forced upon 'us'(what or whoever Us is?), by the same kind of cunts that work in the bureaucratic, not democratic, corridors of power and influence.
You can't trust anyone to be reasonable for longer than it takes to take advantage of it. Its purely a natural Darwinian response, and mostly sub-conscious. We are basically Animals, arrogant ones at that, who invented the word 'civilised', to separate us from our more honest feral cousins.
Which is what I hope track 4, 'Animal' is about.
This hideous racket to me just very accurate modern Folk Music, and far more relevant to real life than those jingly jangly escapists of the industry manufactured Folk Revival.All those rosy cheeked earnest young men with acoustic guitars, part of the brainwashed and beaten generation. Whats wrong with these kids, that they accept all this stealthy shit that's going on? The only time they riot is because they ain't got a plasma HD TV, or 'cus their student fees are too high to get the career they want! What fucking career? Listen to some power electronics from the early 1980's, then they might just see the meat on the end of their fork in its true light!

Track Listing:

Fellatio 5:54
Pricktease 6:13
Fuck the IRA 3:35
Animal 1:20
Rubbersex 5:39
Vibro 1:49
Murman 6:55

DOWNLOAD this public attack HERE!
An Alternative public attack for free HERE!


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