Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Dorothy - "I Confess" (Industrial Records IR00014) 1980

In my world, 'normal' music is stuff like Throbbing Gristle, and 'weird' music is stuff like Steps and the Crazy Frog. This also applied, one thinks, to the musical tastes of one Genesis P. Orridge, who made no secret about his obsession with easy listening legend ,the great Martin Denny; who's music was far stranger than most out there; only challenged for 'strangeness by Esquivel, The Three Suns, and Les Baxter (you have gotta check out Les Baxters' 'The Passions', it'll fuck your life up! Jello Biafra once claimed to have had sex whilest playing this magnum opus? Not recommended).

Some of the most bizarre music ever produced was made in the name of 'Pop', so for all real adventurers into the nether regions of musick, you ain't earnt your stripes 'til you understand the true meaning of 'Pop'!
One such student of the genuinely strange was one Alex Ferguson, late of Alternative TV, who penned this charming little number, and assisted on the B-side by another pupil of the perverse, Genesis P. himself. Together they wrote what can only be described as two catchy Pop classics,the toe-tapping 'I Confess' and the danceable disco ditty, 'Softness'.
Alex F was obviously getting into subverting the industry from the inside; a concept that was to come into full effect on the 1981 Alternative TV album 'Strange Kicks', which is brilliant beyond words. (Click here to download this great album). Gen and Alex were to do this again on the first Psychic TV album, with 'Just Drifting'.
The tongue ,firmly, in cheek liner notes, describe Dorothy as a 19 year old girl with no prior releases, but apparently she was an established 25 year old (I mean,just look at her picture) musician named Max who played in the criminally forgotten, Rema Rema.
Probably the 'weirdest' record Industrial Records ever released.
Like it says on the cover: "Love and Kisses, Dorothy."

Track Listing:

A- I Confess
B- Softness



Anonymous said...

Yup. Had that. She was a nice girl as I recall. Shared a flat opposite the natural history museum with Marco Pirroni (the Models and later Adam and the Ants)

Jonny Zchivago said...

Do you mean to say that you 'had' Dorothy (aka max from rema rema,along with Marco),or that you merely owned the single?
Top marks for either achievement anyway.

The Filth x The Fury said...

mesmerizing. thanks so much for this.

zushiomaru said...

mega link, all yr drive links are dead,btway.


Jonny Zchivago said...

no they ain't.

Anonymous said...

Rhyming "musique concrete" and "Subway Sect" deserves a Nobel Prize at the very least.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Dylan got one for less.