Friday, 7 February 2014

Violence and the Sacred - "Failure Parade" (Audiofile Tapes aT47) 1988

The best Violence and the Sacred live C-60 by far. Here we have a more restrained and measured performance, bordering on the ambient noise variety. Less scraping, more rumbling, less screeching, more resonance. The over use of taped dialogue has been reduced to a more subtle level. I was worried these chaps had no other ideas in the locker,but here they prove that they are no one trick pony. Subtlety and space can be more effective than screaming constantly to be noticed,that just makes people turn away; this way the listener is seduced in the formless soup of improvised noise, and noise doesn't have to be LOUD!
[I also like the image on the insert, showing the massacre of the Cathars.This interests me because that happened where I live (S.W France), and was implimented by The Earl of Leicester (UK), Simon de Montfort, which was my birthplace. Totally irrelevent but, surely of some interest?]

DOWNLOAD some successful failure HERE!

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