Friday 30 September 2022

женская дисгармония (Female Disharmony) - "«62 п​а​р​а​л​л​е​л​ь​» tape ' 14" (Bandcamp) 2015

Zhenskayadisgarmoniya, or Female Disharmony, from the punk rock hinterland of Yakutsk in sunny Siberia show us spoilt brats in the western world, Moscow and beyond how to Rock like cro-magnon womens libbers from a violent stone age from around the early days after the creation of the Earth 3000 years ago. This music's brutality is personally responsible for the enormous melting sinkholes in the Siberian permafrost. The only nearest western equivalents of this sound i can think of is maybe Noh Mercy,only straight.
Gay cavewomen didn't exist until well into the 1600's,and were often seen dying their breast hair blue before the annual Morris dance.They sadly had a difficult time convincing the Witchfynder General of their lack of satanic cred,and many succumbed to the ducking stool before the survivors escaped on the Mayflower to form, what we call today, The Republican Party.


1. что мы ненавидим 00:37
2. дом 01:20
3. киска кот 01:34
4. ласточка 01:11

Thursday 29 September 2022

"П​р​и​т​о​н (Den)" + "Live 2018" by Притон (Den) - (Youth Of The North ) 2016/8

Yakutsk Siberia, December 2016, with an outside temperature of around -43°C (-45°F), Притон,or in the king's English,"Den", (so named after a Russian word to describe the dens where drug users and criminals gather...oooer! Mummy!) locked themselves inside their studio to record a self-titled album with a Tascam CC-222 tape recorder. Not sure this would exempt themselves from Putin's medieval mobilisation of anyone with at least one leg,but it should. That murdering cunty mcCuntface,Putin, likely has no idea where Yakutsk is.....but then again nor do we.Ask an American where England is and he'll say that you can drive to it by going north from New York;ask him where Yakutsk is and he'll probably punch you.
Watch out Ukraine Притон are coming!

Digital technology has never sounded so bad.Making the most sophisticated of sound systems sound like its been played back through a 70's telephone receiver. An altogether sludgier, fuzzier, experience than fellow Yakutsk inmates Katiny Slezki, whom we all adore of course....don't we boys and girls?
Proves that not all Russians are genocidal barbarians, child rapists and thieves...just most of far as I know anyway.Indeed, one never knows but its quite possible that as I write this the male members of Den have probably already been forced to kill old men and rape children with their commanding officer making sure they follow orders at gunpoint.All this eight time zones of distance between them and home.In fact i live closer here in France to Ukraine than the residents of Yakutsk do.At least they should be safe from the first tranche of nuclear fall-out,unless they've all been conscripted.
Let's look on the bright side shall we(?), at least there'll be plenty of hardcore stuff to write about for the next album?.....that's if they haven't had their skulls crushed under the tracks of a stolen Russian T-90 driven with alacrity by battle hardened laughing Ukrainians.In which case these are probably the last П​р​и​т​о​н albums for the foreseeable future.....puts a new angle on breaking up I suppose.....those crazy rock'n'rollers.



1. Портвейн 01:05
2. В лесу ебутся кошки 01:05
3. Притон 00:51
4. Сойти с ума от холода 00:57
5. Хэй Рокеры 01:42
6. Танцуй шлюха 00:41
7. Антихрист 01:27

Live 2018 but will they be a-live in 2023?

LIVE 2018:

1. ПРИТОН 00:53
2. АНТИХРИСТ 02:00
3. ПОРТВЕЙН 01:04
6. РОКЕРЫ 02:14

Wednesday 28 September 2022

"Everything" by Katiny Slezki (self-Released on Bandcamp) 2017

I was gonna carry on with my lowdown on rubbish original wave punk follow-up albums,and post every available mix of The Heartbreakers "L.A.M.F.", which is neither rubbish or a follow-up album,but has that same damning 'muddy' sound that bedeviled Punk groups in 1978 onwards.(by the way the best mix turned out to be on "The Found Masters 1977",just edging out the cassette mix)
Of course The Heartbreakers were more accurately labelled Street Rock,who luckily got invited onto the infamous Anarchy tour,and soon picked up the fashion sense of the epoch,leading to a rushed recording session to get an album out before the Pistols.....which everybody managed to do, easily.
Therefore I won't bore you, and myself, with such shameless self-indulgences.
The mean streets of lower Manhattan in 1976 were a holiday camp compared to the isolated and depressing desert of,Thee official coldest,not coolest, city on earth Yatutsk in deepest Siberia,where my bestest favourite Siberian Punk band come from; the rather very good indeed Katiny Slezki.Who are like a cross between a PTSDed Teenage Jesus and the Jerks,with The White Stripes on really baaaaad drugs.
Watching the news today I'm getting very worried for the male members of the band who are prime candidates for getting drafted into the Russian army as canon fodder for the insane objectives of their malfunctioning nation. 
Firstly they are just the people Putin would like to get rid of,and second, they live in the kind of arse-end of the bag place that contains a  population of racially ambiguous  'Russians' who will not be missed by the middle classes in St Petersburg and Moscow.
They've got a lot of crazed stuff on Bandcamp, but I have more that isn't on there,including my fav "Unreleased Tracks 2016 EP".Got some mad numbers on there.
I sincerely hope they avoided the mobilisation,escaped to Mongolia or something,and we shall hear of them again after some brave patriot Offs Putin.
Come back Katiny Slezki we evil westerners love you.


Thursday 22 September 2022

The Damned – "Music For Pleasure" (Stiff Records – SEEZ 5) 1977

 Now for number 2 in the terrible 2nd album by original wave UK Punk groups, the much maligned "Music For Pleasure".
The story has it that the zanier half of of the group wanted Syd Barrett to produce the follow up to their near perfect debut on Stiff, "Damned Damned Damned";but the nearest the management could get was the Floyd's drummer, Nick Mason, who seemed to not be interested in music at all,even as part of one of the biggest bands on the planet. This could also have been a reposte towards the Pistols' "I Hate Pink Floyd" DIY t-shirts, as an expression of Punk envy. The Damned were always thought of as the Other Punk group,in a poor third place to the Pistols and The Clash. Captain Sensible,did however beat Lydon to outing his own Prog Rock credentials , as a life long Soft Machine obsessive.He and his proggy mates used to stalk Mike Ratledge dressed as...... Mike Ratledge,including the hair. However , as Ray Burns, he was in the most proto-punk of all proto-punk bands The great Johnny Moped band,along with, of all people Chrissy Hynde......I notice that this wasn't mentioned in that rather daft TV series "Pistol",where apparently Chrissy was the very talented lover of the illiterate pistol,Steve Jones.When in fact she could hardly hold a chord down as a member of The Moors Murderers and the Johnny Moped band.
What the Damned expected Syd Barrett to do behind the controls when everyone knew he could hardly talk never mind leave his Flat I really don't know? I doubt he was even aware of what was happening to the UK music scene either.
Only slightly better,Nick Mason was at least 'normal',and had some clue about what Punk Rock was,which is obvious when listening to his production job on this album. He's opted for the raw rawk'n'roll angle,as if captured 'live', and to a certain extent he succeeded,as these songs sound like a very lifeless,medium slow set of Demo's.
The songs seem to be rejected leftovers from  Brian James's time in the London SS,with ambitions towards some kind of Yob Metal,supposedly why unnecessary 'fifth' member Lu Edmonds was added to the line-up,to add more meat to the riffs.He does seem to just play exactly the same chords sequences as Brian does.Good live but pointless in the studio,but at least it allowed James to do his short solo's without stopping the riffage.
The mix does sound as if Nick Mason was actually deaf,which was highly possible,with it's horrible mid-range dominant  EQ mud....a common problem shared by second album Adverts it seems.
I suspect that Mason had done his punk research by playing The Clash's debut,took notes then tried to impose his version,noting the basic production values....trouble was the group wanted to make a hard rock record like The Clash's crisply over-produced follow up was to be.So, probably some brownie points there for the Floyd drummer;even though he was likely dreaming of cars rather than concentrating on the job.
I played this uncomfortable record a lot back in the day,and never thought it was as awful as the revered British music press,and Stiff records thought it was. It was only £2.50 after all, which cushioned the disappointment, and my schoolboy income........the bank of mum.
In comparison to the debut album, this record pales in insignificance,but when compared to the albums they released in the eighties,its a punk rock masterpiece. (I suppose Machine Gun Etiquette could join it in joint second place I suppose?)
The ears do get some relief with the bonus tracks, notably "Sick Of Being Sick",the B-side to "Stretcher Case",which must have been recorded at Pathway studio's, with Nick Lowe (it says Shel Tamy on the label)It has that first album sound,which would have been better served as the A-side..It was certainly not Nick Mason anyhow.He'd long gone,speeding off in his classic British sports car back to his mansion in the countryside,to indulge his car obsession.


1.Problem Child 2:12
2.Don't Cry Wolf 3:13
3.One Way Love 4:23
4.Politics 2:25
5.Stretcher Case 2:32
6.Idiot Box 5:39
7.You Take My Money 1:59
8.Alone 4:15
9.Your Eyes 3:30
10.Creep (You Can't Fool Me) 2:14
11.You Know 5:02

Bonus Tracks:
12.Help 1:46
13.Sick of being Sick 2:32
14.Singalongaacabies 0:59

Tuesday 20 September 2022

The Adverts – "Cast Of Thousands" - The Ultimate Edition (The Devils Own Jukebox – SDEVIL905CD) 2005 / 1979

Another endlessly interesting and debatable aspect of the Punk Rock Explosion,is the seeming inability of any first or second wave group to actually expand upon the theme."What do we do now?"
A clutch of what, at the time, seemed like bloody terrible albums, were squeezed from between the butt cheeks of the new wave of Rock'n'Roll. A question as contentious as the "Who invented the Punk Rock" dilemma,is "What was Punk after Punk"? If you were The Buzzcocks or The Ramones it meant carrying on doing the same thing over and over again, maybe write the odd longer song,but they painted themselves into a corner. If you were The Adverts it meant getting a classically trained keyboard player to clunk away, Elton John and his fat stumpy fingers style, along with the newly penned two chord blunders from the gifted pen of T.V.Smith.Thankfully the record company didn't supply a string section,but the key-bored player had a polyphonic synth to supply a subtle wash of horrible string sounds. This difficult second album has,like a lot of prog albums, that lingering foul taste of the failed musical about it. However,as fan-bloody-tastic "Crossing The Red Sea" was,things were moving fast in the direction of experimentation for Punk's derocked  children in what is now referred to as 'Post-Punk'.Back then it was all thoughr of as punk proper...was it not?
The Pop Group, Gang Of Four, PiL,etc had kicked the chair from under the phenomenon that made all this possible,and the first wave survivors were dangling from a rope  after being caught in a post-punk pincer movement.
Despite wishing I was going out with Gaye Advert from beyond the first singles time, before she started getting constantly drunk and putting on the weight, one had hardly noticed that the Adverts had released a 'second' album,which upon leafing through the 'A' section in our local secondhand record emporium,
I had stumbled upon. I had heard "Televisions Over", and thought it was certainly rather splendid lyrically, but sounded a bit dodgy,like it had been recorded in a damp cardboard box.The drums sounded like cardboard too,and the guitar had all the bottom end and top end taken off,leaving this mid-range mud as the backing to Teev's impressively impassioned vocals....and it was so slow that it had got stuck in it's own mud.
Maybe the album was different?......turns out it was worse!/
As we now know, Timothy Smith is a rather fine wordsmith, and the words and tunes on "Cast Of Thousands, crackle with spiteful cynicism , the trouble is those dreadful keyboards.Be it a failed attempt at musicality,or to be taken seriously,or a desperate attempt to appear to be moving forward.....I dunno!? The trick was not to go forwards but to turn left or right,and whip out the oblique strategies cards.
Its another album that needs to be drastically re-mixed by someone who knows about EQ. The guitar needs re-recording, even though Howard Pickup is probably the worst guitarist in the Punk Years, which is indeed some kind of honor.Maybe they had it in mind to record Howard's parts again, but gave up the idea after he left rehearsals one day,said see you tomorrow,and was never seen again!
Of course Super-Fan of virtually everything that ever existed, Henry Rollins, is constantly ejaculating superlatives for The Adverts, saying stuff as if channeling the scriptwriter of Fast and Furious 79 million.Such as (I'm making this up by the way)This album kicks serious butt like a nuclear blast in a sea of napalm, or equally silly words to that effect. 
The fact is this album sounds like having a couple of pints of mud poured in yer ears, but I've grown to love it like a disabled child.....I now adore the sludgy guitar sound,and have zoned out the piano.I even like the flaccid wet cardboard sound of the drums?,,,,you can get to like most things if you dump your conceptions and preconceptions down the shitter. I need to like this album more than anything,the songs are badly recorded classics,but they remain classic....I surrender (my fav hymn to apathy ever),its flawed, killed off one of the best groups of my Epiphanal years ,ended Gaye's musical career,but ,like an ugly girlfriend you've  grown to love , I' to love it.
The radio sessions included here,are a short but imperfect glimpse into what might have been. For the "Cast of Thousands" tracks a better production job clears away the dirt slightly,just as you'd expect from the BBC,plus a couple of tunes that TV would use for the much hyped Explorers album,which also bombed.However the classic session tracks on the bonus disc,tend to overshadow the later material somewhat they would for most Punk tunes.
The Adverts were a great example of how you could do Punk without going Metal.Mainly because they couldn't play their instruments...for real this time instead of a stunt by a svengali shop manager. 
Tim Smith would persevere over the ensuing thirty plus years,to now be a big draw as a solo artists with his intense one man shows....its never too late.


Cast Of Thousands:

1.1 Cast Of Thousands
1.2 The Adverts
1.3 My Place
1.4 Male Assault
1.5 Television's Over
1.6 Fate Of Criminals
1.7 Love Songs
1.8 I Surrender
1.9 I Looked At The Sun
1.10 I Will Walk You Home

Bonus Tracks:
1.11 Television's Over (Single Version)
1.12 Back From The Dead

The Complete Adverts Radio Sessions:

2.1 One Chord Wonders
2.2 Bored Teenagers
2.3 Gary Gilmore's Eyes
2.4 Newboys
2.5 Quickstep
2.6 We Who Wait
2.7 New Church
2.8 Safety In Numbers
2.9 Great British Mistake
2.10 Fate Of Criminals
2.11 Television's Over
2.12 Love Songs
2.13 Back From The Dead
2.14 I Surrender
2.15 The Adverts
2.16 I Looked At The Sun
2.17 Cast Of Thousands
2.18 I Will Walk You Home

Sunday 18 September 2022

Van Der Graaf – "The Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome" (Charisma – CAS 1131) 1977

It seemed in 1977, that older groups,such as The Broughtons(previous post)being tarnished with the skidmark left behind by Emerson Lake and Palmer,seemed to think that if they truncated their band moniker,they would be both recognised by their former audience,yet accepted as a new band by punters of the new wave.
What usually happened was they found themselves rejected by both,leaving a bargain bucket filler and having to pay back a massive record company investment.Charisma's confidence was fueled by John Lydon singing Van der Graaf Generators praises on Capital Radio.Which i hear he has recently back-tracked from after reading that certain Van Der Graaf personnel have lain claim for 'inventing Punk Rock'?? Er....No. Making supremely Dark Progressive Rock, yes,but Punk Rock,! 
Despite Peter Hammill's noble attempts to look a bit new wavey,the rest of the band gave it away by looking unapologetically 'PROG'! Alongside the guy from String Driven Thing on violin,looking like Captain Ahab as re-imagined by the London Philharmonic,after backing Deep poop-ple and Prick Wankman (nah, hes a good bloke really),was not a help either.
Of course ,this album bombed,even in Italy where they are Gods.
Having not heard any VDGG before, I found this in a pop-up scond-hand record shop in the brutalist concete underpass near my dreadful school in 1982-ish. Quid-fifty(?),can't be that bad. Played it while doing an analytical synopsis on Gustavus Adolphous and the Swedish empire (yes they had an empire???) for my History A-level,which is the kind of stuff that most Prog Rock bohemoths sing about in their songs,that usually come in sections so that they can get more royaties by having more tracks on an LP....technically. This behaviour was ruthlessly frowned upon by the Punks,so no sections on this LP,just nine shortish,for VDGG, tracks.
But all things Gustavus could not obscure the fact that I hated this terrible album.Sounding like some horrible proggy musical,with lyrics written by a morose Tim Rice,who may or may not have been an old boy from one of Van Der Graafs public (or private if american)  schools.
The Public school problem in Prog would not have helped my opinion none,as we Grammar School types despise Posh kids,as well as working class That's Genesis fucked then? We poor streamed scummers grew up ostricised by our working class scum peers, and ignored by our upper class bastard superiors.
Talking'bout Royalties,I'm not really a republican, but watching the 10 mile long queue in London to view the Queen's coffin today,as saw on the BBC news live feed, I wondered where was the queue in the liberated parts of Ukraine for the newly exhumed mass graves?...which was on the brief 'other' news section after the overwhelming weight of the Royal Family in Mourning propaganda/advertisement that is dominating the airwaves of the world......the Russian Delegation have not been invited apparently,even after Putin sent his heartfelt condolences.A joke that definitely isn't funny anymore.
It took me a few years to force myself to get into VDGG,and when I did,that obsession gene that we on the autistic spectrum,took over.Couldn't listen to anything else for six months or so,loved it all,and Hammill's Solo work up to the Post-Punk Enter K,Black Box and PH7 etc era's.So deliciously dark and doom laden,and one of the few lyric writers to encapsulate my Depression in the medium of popular music...I wanted to say 'Dance (Dahnce)' because it's funnier......OMFG I have to embed that video of Jimmy Pursey expressing himself through the medium of Dahnce again....its worth it:

I may be depressed but i'm Happy,especially after that ,James?

However,still didn't garner much fondness for this punk-prog straddling abortion......bit harsh there but i liked the sound of it....yeah it's alright,just not very good 'tis all.
Haven't put you off have I?


The Quiet Zone:
A1 Lizard Play 4:28
A2 The Habit Of The Broken Heart 4:34
A3 The Siren Song 6:01
A4 Last Frame 6:12

The Pleasure Dome:
B1 The Wave 3:12
B2 Cat's Eye / Yellow Fever (Running) 5:20
B3 The Sphinx In The Face 5:58
B4 Chemical World 6:10
B5 The Sphinx Returns 1:12

Saturday 17 September 2022

The Broughtons (Edgar Broughton Band) – "Parlez-Vous English?" (EMI International – INS 302) 1979

Eh Dad, me mates say you were well cool in the Sixties?


Me punky mates at School used to reckon that The Edgar Broughton Band invented Punk Rock,and they used to show off their Edgar records on the  day of the week that the form tutor used to allow us access to the School sound system in the Crypt, a spooky vaulted cellar thing,complete with a crucifix placed strategically on the wall at one end. i got to play my sisters misappropriated,by me, copy of "Damned Damned Damned" and got some XTC in, the teacher(Mr Crowley) played The Doors,to our great chidish amusement.There was some AC/DC, some 'orrible Northern Soul,which my mate told everyone that I said was 'good'!?...Oh the Humiliation,the laughter!? Then the Kid who liked The Stranglers...openly!?...whipped out an Edgar Broughton Record which was taken off forcibly after half of track one. Boring Blues shit said my aggressive Northern Soul liking mate(No wonder he topped himself)!? do young minds process information?
Intrigued,my weekly Saturday sojourn to the city center now involved a search for an Edgar Broughton Band record, of which there were,of course, none! Back in the day it was nigh impossible to find any record older than a couple of years post release date.This forced me into the potentially painful tactic of asking one of the hippies behind the counter if they had any Edgar Broughton Band records.
"Never 'eard of 'em mate,i'll ask the boss",which involved him shouting the request down the busy retail premises ,to which the 'Boss'....a hippie with his hair cut fashionably short-ish, this was 1979 after all...who inevitably replied with a loud "What?" it went on,until a 'tutting', eye rolling boss hippie returned to the counter.
"'ooo? Broughton?....yeah, They 'ad a new album aht, 'ang on mate i'll find it."
Five long minutes later ,he shoved an album in my sweaty mits, and said "Free ninety-nine mate"
I only wanted to look at it,then decide afterwards whether to invest my pocket money on something I had no clue about, but,intimidated I offered forth four crumpled pound notes,and
grabbed the bag and made for the exit,and the bus stop. Got on the bus, and when i was sure i knew nobody undesirable aboard,removed the record from the plaggy bag:
a 39 Market Place, Leicester, Revolver Plaggy Bag,now probably adding to the microplastics in your fish'n'chips and consequently in your blood stream.

It said "The Broughtons", it didn't even refer to the mysterious Edgar? I've been ripped off I thought!?
Nonetheless, I thought the cover was rather good and when home placed it on the turntable and skipped through it at low was interminably Shit!....even on the second play.Maybe it was one of those "Growers"?.....nah....shit!
There were a few albums like this, made by proto-punk legends such as The Downliners Sect, Twink and The Pirates for example, who decided to try and cash in on their new found fame by making new albums for the New Wave market. The Pirates excepted, all of these terrible records had little punky attributes,and sounded a prog rock band rediscovering their rock'n'roll roots, which had long ago shriveled and died.
That aside, listening again to this Adult orientated watered down New Wave,as made by a bunch of Dad-rockers; I find myself enjoying the cluelessness of it...its still terrible,but taking the parallax view it rather quaint...if you know what i mean?....'cus I don't!
'April in England'is a rather charming nostalgic modern folk song,and its nice to hear a tune sung with those slovenly rounded consonants of the Birmingham accent,as emphasized in the opening comedy number,'Little One'..and we all know,not edgar apparently,that comedy and rock are rarely comfortable bedfellows. Sadly these are the highlights on the album, with emphasis on the 'light'.
Now then, the old Edgar stuff from ten years previously,having now heard it in full,is certainly NOT my cuppa tea either,with some admittedly good awful guitar sounds, I can't get past the depressingly generic blues rock attributes, and even worse, the truly toe-curling Captain Beefheart impression on some of the vocals.Which,as the Captain himself was doing an impression of Howlin' Wolf,is probably a first in rock's golden era?....(they weren't the only band to do that, amazingly; as another Brit proto band Stackwaddy and had a nasty habit of doing the same thing!?).
There were many of these so-called Proto-Punk bands from the 60's early 70's who, under examination, were just grumpy blues rockers like Groundhogs who,good as they were,weren't in the slightest what one could call a precursor for Punk Rock and the noo wave.
So in conclusion,my findings are:
Maybe Pink Faires managed,at times to sound post 1976,and they did give birth to the UK Ramones Motorhead,so kudos to them.
Crushed Butler,Deviants,Fairies,blended with the bootboy end of Glam,Pub Rock,Bowie, Bolan plus Troggs, Who, and Kinks, were the ingrediants for the primeval soup of British Punk Rock; with a respectful nod in the direction of James Williamson era Stooges for seasoning;plus a pinch of Lou Reed's asshole max interview style as the croutons atop.


Little One 3:10
Waiting For You 3:57
Drivin' To Nowhere 3:32
Meglamaster 1:58
Didecoi 2:31
April In England 3:16
Revelations One 2:45
Anthem 2:46
Down In The Jungle 2:43
Rent A Song 2:58
Young Boys 3:31
All I Want To Be 4:10

Thursday 15 September 2022

Pink Fairies ‎– "Never Neverland" (Polydor ‎– 2383 045) 1971 (Re-Post+)

Pop Groups what played yer proper Rock'n'Roll were a rarity in the early seventies, but here's one of 'em, Der Pink Fairies.

I belatedly realised that i posted this album before,and you can read wot I wrote below in Italics. Since I wrote this crap, my attitude has since developed even more of a stink,so i will add extra cynical blurbage to the brief Mojo magazine style yawn-dom my nom de plume tapped out back in October 2016!?....and I quote:

"They contributed the proto-punk anthem "Do It" to world culture, a virtual punk manifesto expressed as a three minute symphony.
The rest of their canon never really matches the heights of "Do it",except maybe "City Kids" from the "Kings Of Oblivion" album gets closer than the rest; but they contributed a nascent punk attitude (fucking hate that word -JZ), and the roots of some of the more rock orientated Pub Rock."

Indeed "Do It" could be misconstrued as a clarion call to arms for the Punk Rock generation several years hence forth,and indeed it was.Many future punky types were regular Fairies fans,including self-proclaimed inventor of said silly genre and Prat, Johnny Be Rotten.
It could also be the anthem for this blog,as it was initially set up to focus on the classic DIY-pop era of 1979-83 cassette culture,but has since evolved into a trainspotters guide to rock'n'pop'n'all thing roll ephemera,mainly to avoid the bordeom of advancing age.A friend of mine was found Dead in his house the other week,computers still whirring,where he had lain for five days before being discovered,dead and whiffy. I fear this may be my fate one day.
I'm getting round to my obituary blog post, that,hopefully, before the heart attack kicks fully in, I can post with the flick of a finger before i drop to the floor awaiting discovery.The neighbours may notice something's wrong after approx a week or so.Poor old Joe was noticed missing online,believe it or not.Working from home! So the Fire Brigade got a call from Germany!?And kicked their way in.....if only they'd asked, we have a spare key,and the alarm code! I don't have the luxuries of worried employers (an oxymoron if ever there was one). Its normal for me to disappear for 7 days,so the girlfriend won't worry.This is the price one pays for being an anti-social arsehole....left as rat food until someone can be bothered.
Of course,the human tradition is for any good idea....DIY not death.... to have humble beginnings, then be overran with throngs of bandwagon jumping drones,like a dog with a new toy who rips the thing that gives them joy to pieces.DIY is now a genre, with all kinds of pointless groups filling up the empty slots at summer festivals with their not very Do it yourself...DIY? dictated by the unfortunate youths who have the misfortune of missing everything thats ever happened in 20th century music and art.Stick to your video games and trainer kids,and leave the old stuff purely for nostalgic this blog.
Back in the day nobody had a clue that they could do all this shit  themselves. Now that the bunny is longtime out of the hat, every fucker does it.Diluting the idea so far that one begins to crave the days when Record labels ruled the earth and Massive Rock Group behemoths made us all feel like insects to be crushed under their chartered super-jumbo's complete with faux-Victorian interiors....I believe Led Zeppelin had something similar,including a real 19th century functioning fireplace on their jumbo jet:
Led Zep reliving their working class roots at 30,000 feet
This was,thankfully, unattainable for that cassette poet from Barrow-in-Furness,who will send you back his spoken word if you sent him a blank C-90 and a self-addressed envelope.It was just a dream for that shite bedroom band with upturned bins for drums to record in a 120 track digital studio, and get their awful wares displayed on a commercial space covering the entire planet and beyond.Everyone can be some form of Led Zeppelin nowadays.You can even fly to your internet arranged gigs on affordable low budget airlines......however, you are only allowed to carry one victorian fireplace as hand luggage.
Now, the clarion call is no-longer "DO IT!" for the clued up dozens, it's "DON'T DO IT!"....pleeeeze! I don't ever wanna hear your perfectly produced Nu-Folk Hip Hop collaboration with that guy in Mongolia, or you and your grannies Harsh Noise box set tribute to Jeffrey Dahmer.It's shit,you missed the bus,and the Bus has crashed because of the human plague.The same reason we will never live in peace.
Keep it to yourself if you wanna do it yourself, we killed it.

Anyway, i've done this myself....sorry, and re-written/updated the lyrics to the Pink Fairies classic "Do It" goes as follows as follows:

"Do it 2022" Lyrics:

Don't think about it
All you've got to do is, don't
Well don't talk about it
Don't, do it

Don't lie about it
Just Don't do it
Don't Write about it honey
Then we'll just,not do it

Yeah,don't do do do do do do do do do do it
Don't Do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it
Don't sing about it...Pleese,Don't Do it!
If you gonna do it, Don't
Don't write about it man
Don'T do it

Rock and roll
And the message is,its already been DONE a million times over
But You knew it? Didn't you?
You blew it,DON'T do it,don't do it, don't do it,

Don't do it (x12) NO!
(Words by J.Zchivago....go on sue me.)
PS: I may record this if i can be arsed to learn the tabs.


Original Album:

1 Do It 4:15
2 Heavenly Man 3:41
3 Say You Love Me 3:48
4 War Girl 4:34
5 Never Never Land 6:55
6 Track One, Side Two 4:41
7 Thor 0:58
8 Teenage Rebel 5:20
9 Uncle Harry's Last Freakout 10:51
10 The Dream Is Just Beginning 1:18

Bonus Tracks:

11 The Snake 3:58
12 Do It (Single Edit) 3:04
13 War Girl (Alternate Extended Mix - Previously Unreleased) 4:34
14 Uncle Harry's Last Freakout (First Version - Previously Unreleased) 12:24

DOWNLOAD don't think about it just do it HERE!

Tuesday 13 September 2022

Gorillas – "Message To The World" (Raw Records – RWLP 103) 1978

Jess Hector's 'Message to the World, as printed on the back cover to their/his only official album release in their lifetimes, has been ignored,as has this rather over-produced dee-rocked debut and final album by the Gorillas, formally the Hammersmith Gorillas who took their name from London's pro-Castro activist group the Hammersmith Guerillas.....although i suggest that Jess and the boys probably couldn't give a fuck about all this anti-human political bullshite......hence the piss-take replacing Guerrillas with Gorillas?
Jesse has his Marc Bolan warble center stage on this one,even managing to remove all the Funk from Hendrix's "Foxy Lady" as made by late period T-Rex....sounds good on paper.
All his hero's were dead, even by 1978, so whats a boy to do but try to resurrect their souls using the new age Voodoo that is Rock and Roll? didn't work, Hendrix is still very dead,as is the wonderful Marc Bolan,whose kids TV show , "Marc" was a primary influence on the young Zchivago.It had my second experience of Punk Rock on it, Generation X, Eddie and the Hot Rods...who everyone thought was 'Punk', and why the fuck not? They were faster than the Ramones,and no Glam influence either.The Jam,the LP of which (In The City),my sister had,so I nicked it.....their best album by far.
Marc's old mates The Radio Stars were on it, i thought The Boomtown Rats were good????......can't win 'em all?....but best of all was Hawkwind,in their punk phase with "Quark Strangeness and Charm"...a classic.
The series and Marc's life ended with a ramshackle duet with David Bowie....his last performance before his wife,The Tainted love legend Gloria jones, drove their mini into an old sycamore tree near Queen’s Ride in London. What delights has this tragedy deprived us of,one could only guess.He did ,however, write and record the same song over and over again....but what's wrong with that if it's a Good'un.
An interviewer once asked Angus Young of Aussie Pub Rock legends AC/DC why they had made the same album ten times over?
He replied thus, " I find that quite insulting, its the same album Eleven times over actually,get yer facts right mate!.
I'm certain that Jesse Hector wouldn't mind at all that my blurb is all about Marc Bolan rather than him.We can't all sit among the elite in Rock'n'Roll Valhalla can we?


A1 Foxy Lady
A2 I'm A Liar
A3 I Need Her
A4 Going Fishing
A5 New York Groover
B1 Outa My Brain
B2 Waiting For You
B3 No Way In
B4 Last Train
B5 Message To The World

DOWNLOAD and get the message HERE!

Monday 12 September 2022

The Hammersmith Gorillas – "Gorilla Got Me" (Big Beat Records - CDWIKD 185) 1999


This is what CD's were invented for....surely?....,Primarily so we could get all of The 'Ammersmiff Gorilla's non album work in one place.
If you look closely at the sartorially elegant gentlemen on the cover,you may have noted that two of them were last seen in proto-Punk flag bearers Crushed Butler. Sporting a fine set of muttonchops would be rockin' warhorse Jesse Hector, with the late Alan Butler himself (he fell off a horse),sporting a rather fetching Steve Marriot on heat haircut.
Alongside, Eddie and the Hot Rods,Doctor Feelgood,Ducks Deluxe and the Bishops, The Hammersmith Gorillas helped keep alive the Rock and the Roll for the poor kids who, sadly, came of age post Sgt Pepper, as part of the Pub Rock circuit around 1974,which basically served the same purpose as the Ramones/Heartbreakers end of the arty New York CBGB's/Max's scene; but with a lot more Rock'n'Roll and a lot less pretentious bohemian prancing involved.Out of which sprang forth most of the 'Punk' groups. Basically,the formula reads something like this Pub Rock plus Ramones,plus Glam plus the Sex Pistols management created what was now called Punk Rock in 1976....unsquared. A formula, if left unchecked,or applied incorrectly, will lead to a New Wave of British Heavy Metal....which it did.
The Gorillas,as they were known,in their contracted Punk Rock form,were certainly a mixture of Glam, which had its own more nostalgic revival of Rock'n'Roll going on and the hooligan friendly Slade inspired Bovver Rock of the pre-punk period.
These chaps certainly know their Rock history,selecting to cover the two main precursors on how to be a punk Rock group,namely "You Really Got Me" and "Wild Thing"....that's where the seeds were sown,maybe cross-pollinated with a bit of "Johnny BeGoode" and "Louis Louis",from here sprung hither the mutant.
Whatever, the Gorillas had great Haircuts and recorded for legendary Punk Label Raw Records, straight outta Cambridge.


The Hammersmith Gorillas
1 You Really Got Me
2 Leavin' Home
3 Eleanor Soapdodge
4 I Live In Style In Maida Vale
5 Luxury

The Gorillas
6 She's My Gal
7 Why Wait 'Til Tomorrow
8 Gatecrasher
9 Gorilla Got Me
10 Move It
11 Song For Rita

The Hammersmith Gorillas
12 Moonshine
13 Shame Shame Shame
The Gorillas
14 Feel It Easy
15 Miss Dynamite

The Hammersmith Gorillas
16 You Can't Judge A Book (By Looking At The Cover)
17 Leavin' 'Ome
18 Come On Down
19 Jailhouse Rock
20 Wild Thing
21 Keep On Chooglin'
22 Foxy Lady

23 It's My Life (Raw Single)
24 My Son's Alive (Raw Single)
25 I'm Seventeen

Saturday 10 September 2022

Crushed Butler – "Uncrushed (1969-1971)" (Radio Heartbeat – RHB-110) 2015

Even before the members of the Ramones or Dead Boys were born,'We invented Punk' candidates ,Crushed Butler, were having their photo taken amongst scenes of devastating Urban decay ,and bombsites left over from the Blitz. 
Including Brit rock's most rockinest under 25 equivalent of Iggy poop, Jesse Hector, Crushed Butler were making balls to the wall basic proto-punk when three quarters of the UK Subs were still in nappies.Recorded in glorious Mono,these demo's obviously never saw the light of day until the search for the Holy Grail of embryonic Punk began in the 21st century.
Of course, anyone old enough to have gone to see Bovva Rock leg-ends Slade, Mott The Hoople,or even the punk metal myth made flesh  Atomic Rooster, will remember that brutal trio who opened the evening on many such occasions in 1971. Equally, anyone who remember those sweaty weeknight pub rock extravaganza's at the Hope and Anchor in 1974, or the Punk Rock nights at the same venues in 1976, will have noticed that the two blokes in Crushed Butler with the funny haircuts and lambchop sideburns were those geezers in historic Pub /Punk crossover trio The Hammersmith Gorillas; whose top tune "It's My Life" was first unleashed by the Crushed Butlers in 1969....included here.
Crushed Butler pictured as children during the Blitz, 1941.

They were around slightly before Third World War,and The Pink Fairies , and other worthy 'we invented (UK) Punk' candidates; but after the Deviants and Edgar Broughton, although musically,and visually, they tick more boxes probably,than a few of their bluesy rivals.....retrospectively of course;back then they would have been called Hard Rock,or what we sad 21st century bastards have labelled 'Bovva Rock' ,exclusive to the Uk,conjuring up images of the boots and braces football following Bovva Boys of the early 70's. Something that carried over into Punk Rock exemplified by those Mick Ronson devotees of Pistols in Manchester support act fame...Slaughter and the Dogs, who even wore football scarves at gigs!?
Football fans still sing Gary Glitter's anthemic bovva boy stomps at matches to this day....who cares of he's a paedo,he was one of the boys back in '72! The golden era of the boot boy and footy fandom;before they made us sit down and put us in cages....sometimes electrified (Chelsea did that!)
If ever anyone wanted to sing a Gary Glitter song in a dense electrified atmosphere of pure malevolence and Hatred, other than standing naked in a queue for the showers in a Nazi extermination camp.Then going to a football match in the 70,s and 80's was the place for you.There was lots of space for pure hatred to fester on the terraces,as no-one 'normal' ever went.
This is what the UK media thought going to a Punk gig was like in 1977......not far off actually.
It's complicated innit?

PS....was it a pub myth that at a certain football match in the blue side of Manchester,around 1980,some clever chap started a chant, directed at travelling supporters,which went something along the lines of..."You're going 'ome in a Crispy Ambulance"?
Or was that a Half-man Half Biscuit song?
Probably post-fact Mandela syndrome stuff, but fun all the same.


 It's My Life
2. Factory Grime
3. My Son´s Alive
4. High School Dropout
5. Love Is All Around Me
6. Love Fighter
7. High School Dropout Ver. 2

Thursday 8 September 2022

Third World War – "Third World War" (Fly Records – FLY 4) 1971

The inventors of Punk Rock,"The Joey Ramones" and their Dad,pictured circa 1875

Note from your author:
If you're bored shitless with the endless and on-going debate about who invented punk and who was or wasn't punk before punk before Punk, i recommend that you scroll down to the next notation point below to avoid more nit-picking on this very daft subject.

Wot is Proto-Punk...Discuss?

Hmmm, I must be bored?
So, we've established that the blame for The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal lays heavily on the doorstep of the Sex Pistols for making it fashionable again under a different name. So this gives me the chance to revisit that awfully tiresome subject of where did Punk start and who invented it.,which,if you're a proud American, all happened in a couple of clubs of rocking bohemians,self-proclaimed poets,junkies,and street punks in New York City around 1975 (waiting for someone to comment,1974 actually!). This is where The Ramones (the ones with the Paul McCartney inspired name!?)  ,basically played sped up metal with bubblegum lyrics atop, and,like their Glam Pop heroes,the Bay City Rollers, dressed strictly on a unalterable theme.
They had long Hair,and didn't play solo's because they weren't good enough to play them,as much as they would have loved  to. However their amped up Bubblegum Metal excited the small crowd at CBGB's and word crossed the ocean via professional trend spotter Malcolm Maclaren,then manager of New York's version of The Sweet, The New York Dolls, and said very little about this eccentric band of  long hairs...after all the UK already had Motorhead,and a plethora of long haired rockers. The Curly haired Svengali decided that he could also make a group of Losers into an art project and help promote his new shop of rubber gear.So a bunch of Kids ,some sporting hair like David Bowie,and DIY fashion,who liked Hawkwind,Roxy Music, The Who and the Small faces allegedly stole some instruments and tried to play some Mod Metal,which also seemed to excite a small audience in a small club for some obscure reason.....usually referred to as 'Boredom'.They moaned about having No Future,which I always assumed meant a steady job and a TV. If they had these things then this new wave of rockers would therefore had never happened?
Personally, my own unhappiness and anger came from far more desperate internal sources than having a few quid in the back bin. It always rankled me hearing the Clash moan about Career Opportunities,and Sham 69 whining about having 'Fuck All' was the prospect of having that unattainable future as a debt slave that made this new rock music,in inverted comma's, seem so attractive. It was after-all just another re-birth of Rock'n'Roll with better least from the British perspective. The american kids probably had career opportunities ,and were slightly more sophisticated in their existential plight,and left the Politics out of it. Therefore politics became prominent at the London end of all things Punk Rock.....a name lifted from the american garageland of the sixties(They had Cars?) by British journalists and clumsily applied to this new wave in the British Isles. Ironically, the American Sixties Punks were stylistically trapped in a fuzzier British Invasion rat-trap. Now the Brits were enviously accused of stealing american music ...again.....when no-one ever said that Rock'n'Roll was anything other than deeply American, with less acknowledged roots in Africa,.....Did you know that Elvis was ginger?He dyed  that black greasy mop Black kids.So there's some Scottish roots in this two piece jigsaw puzzle. This Pelvis person also had a backing band of middle-aged blokes....very uncool. Jerry Lee Lewis was ginger and never tried to  hide it, and Chuck Berry was still an influence in 1977,with his riffs resurrected by a bunch of pasty faced London teenagers.They cheered in the Vortex when it was announced that Elvis had died)
In the meantime,little Richard Hell was preening his naturally coloured Space-oddity spikey top, and Patti Smith was forcing Hippie Poetry down the necks of her New York captive audience saying look at us, not them; London had been taking it all back to basics since 1971 with the sweat and dirt of the thriving Pub Rock phenomena. This along with Glam were the main influences that informed the bored youth of Angleterre before the owner of 'Sex' had even alighted the plane at JFK airport. Of course that Legs O'Neil bloke will always turn up whenever the name 'Punk' is mentioned, because he thinks he invented Punk,and those limey plagiarists owe him some Dollah!.....mainly because he published a contemporary culture magazine and called it 'Punk',even then not an exclusive word,featuring the local pop culture,which inevitably included the Ramones and Dickie Hell. Glam legend Lou Reed was on issue number one, he points out...meaning precisely what exactly?
Once the Sex Pistols had been on the Telly in the UK and used sweary words,that was IT.'IT' was massive, defined and called Punk Rock.From that moment on, I put it to you, that anything from before that year zero moment onwards doesn't fall into the Punk bracket, and is therefore NOT PUNK as we know it.
It's proto-Punk at best, but more likely, something else.
You're always gonna get some smart arse who has found the new inventors of Punk,like the latest trendy candidate, Death,who were in the wrong time and the wrong place,and the wrong look (Black). What about Mozart, some fucker will always say,who struggles with the concept that something cannot be something from another established epoch. World War One didn't happen during World War Two,and the New York Bohemian Rock scene didn't happen during Punk...simples.What's not to understand? Whereas,the Californian 'Punk scene' did happen within the bracket,and therefore qualifies,as does Washington DC.
The Kinks playing "You Really Got me", isn't Punk, its sixties rock'n'roll, The Troggs, same thing, The Who etc,all Brtish eqivalents for the sruff these US Punk chumps come up with to find something which predates accepted rock'n'roll fact. The New York Dolls, a Glammed up Mick and Keef tribute band; The Stooges, sixties punk version of Glam, Dead Boys...bandwagon jumpers from US Proto-Punk capital Cleveland......and of course, The M......C.......5..groan...the British equivalent being....that's right, Third World War ,who didn't happen during WW2 either.Which brings us to the first part of an impending thread on British Proto-Punk, that doesn't need to mention the MC5,because all this Helter-Skelter mirroring stuff was happening in the UK at the same time,and never gets a knowing nod in it's direction.

Note 2:
It's ok you can open your eyes now, its gone.

This sounds like one of those man who walked into a Bar jokes, may be true?

"Joe Strummer(yeah i know!) walked up to me(jim Avery) of Third World War at the bar and said,
“Weren't you in Third World War?”
I (Jim) said “Yes”, and he shook my hand.
“You guys were doing it when everything else was dead...”

So Says Jim Avery,bass player for Third World War (2004)

Doing what exactly Woody Mellor (future Clash member)? Playing bad arsed bovver Rock while you were a Woody Guthrie clone folk musician with curly hair?

The stuff Third World war was playing in 1970 was what the music press would have labelled 'Blues Rock',and certainly would not have been called Punk Rock,like the MC5 and Stooges weren't called either of those epithets.Biker Rock was used for the MC5, and the Stooges were garage rock in 1969 and Glam in 1973.
Retrospectively,we lessening breed of 21st century rock librarian bores,tend to utilise our Dewey decimal system looking backwards,and apply categories that never existed at the time to all sorts of bizarre sub-species of the same thing.This never existed at the time.A case in point would be Post-Punk,which has been applied to all manner of stuff that,at the time, I would have just called 'Punk'. Its no longer 'Fuck You' its 'I'm Fucked',is the mantra attributed to things like Joy Division,where even the band members referred to themselves as a Punk group.
Basically, in the beginning, there was Rock'n'Roll, and on the 8th day someone invented Viking Funeral Doom Metal!

Third World War,without the Blues inflected vocals,by Terrance Stamp (Nooooo,not Michael Caines wing-man!), sounds like a sludge version of Crass,but from a time when even Penny Rimbaud was a young Beatles Fan.However,they had a guitar sound that would have happily graced any DIY Punk band from 1981,or even The Fall in 1980.
They had the Politics too.Fashionably 1969-style Communism in a Das Kapital by numbers kind of thing. Wouldn't have gone down well in the USA, but in post-hippy Britain this was ignored as normal.Expected even?
Apparently they have celebrity fans.....see if you can guess who they are.....yep,rather unpredictably,that charming married couple of professional punks Henry Rollins and Ian Mackaye. They come as a pair and count one point only; plus serial 'punk' namedropper,one Steven Albini for a miserly 2 points.
These commie bovver rockers tick many boxes,but I think they got it right in the Melody Maker in 1971....Blues Rock.....tick!
I will,however) allow 'Punk before Punk' used as an adjective for future reference.Punk after Punk can be,logically, contracted to just 'Punk',as that's what Punk is,although it is also debatable as to whether Punk still exists,at least within the medium of music? Tah Tah!


A1 Ascension Day 4:50
A2 M.I.5's Alive 8:07
A3 Teddy Teeth Goes Sailing 1:50
A4 Working Class Man 4:29
B1 Shepherds Bush Cowboy 4:35
B2 Stardom Road Part I 5:36
B3 Stardom Road Part II 3:43
B4 Get Out Of Bed You Dirty Red 1:24
B5 Preaching Violence 5:03

Thursday 1 September 2022

Venom – "Welcome To Hell" (Neat Records – NEAT 1002 LP) 1981

The only thing vaguely 'Punk' that came out of Newcastle-upon-Tyne,(north-eastern England for the geographically challenged,and Americans) was Sting,who must have come from the Posh end of town due to his undetectable local accent, and Penetration,who I had the questionable pleasure of reviewing their debut LP in the school magazine. "Moving Targets",pressed in a luminous vinyl that sounded like my stylus was dragging through cotton wool. Beneath this novelty pressing plant piss-take I could detect the unwelcome advances of something that sounded like....gulp!... Heavy Metal!?
The person responsible for this affront to my Punk Rock credibility was the geezer pictured on the rear of the sleeve with long curly locks and sporting an unusual waxy complexion. It was one Fred Purser, later to join Newcastle NWOBHM legends Tygers Of Pan Tang ! Of course my review slagged Penetration off as irrelevant metal throwbacks,dismissing their obvious talents to turn out a decent backing track to Pauline's attractive folky and not unpleasent timbre. If i had bought it on black vinyl it probably would have revealed a rather fine punky metal hybrid, but such is the impenetrable mind of a teenager that it would have made no fact why I bothered,buying,or listening to it at all after reading the review in Sounds was a minor miracle.
The other major act to have crawled out of the Hell that is Newcastle,and hugely influential they turned out to be, was the world-changing force that was 'Venom'. 
What these Satan worshiping Geordies unleashed on the planet would ultimately dwarf Punk Rock......merely by naming their second album "Black Metal" where have I heard that before?
The interesting thing is that they don't actually sound or look like any Black Metal band that we would encounter today. Technically, they have approximately the same musical talent as a headbanging Sid Vicious. They obviously wished they were Motorhead,but lacked the sense of humour to pull it off..
Check out this review from Kerrang no.8 1982 :
"What a pity the second album release on Neat had to be Venom's effort. "Welcome to Hell" is this music I ask? Rather a series of loud noises and hoarse croaks backed by no production at all. I don't like giving new bands a hard time, but what can you do when the product is so bad. As for your Satanic imagery lads - I'm frightened out of my wits (yawn)"- H. Johnson, Kerrang No 8, February 1982.......
Dunno who this H.Johnson was,....Holly Johnson meybe?.....but it was a popular point of view back in the day,and i kinda understand....NWOBHM it is not.....another label Venom don't deserve.
Apparently the band replied in Kerrang no 11,accusing the reviewer of being too old to understand.
This album was undoubtedly a pivotal release in Heavy Metal history.Dumping technical expertise,crisp production values and the screechy vocals,then inventing Speed and Thrash Metal all in one go;but noticeably not Black or Death Metal,for which they are most often credited for. Reviled and loved in equal measures upon its release, it would come to be seen as the first extreme metal album of all time, paving way for the deluge of metal sub genres that followed. Not that I can tell the difference between most of them,especially Death and Black Metal.
As Billy Joel said, "Hot Funk, Cool Punk,It's all Rock'n'Roll to me!"......Could have been said by the Lemster himself, as we all know that Motorhead invented all modern Rock'n'Roll idioms, be it Metal or Punk (maybe not Britpop?)and all sub-species, then gave it to our children. It's just that Venom wishes it was them wot dunnit ! Rather silly as they are,they have a strong case for moulding the Metal we know and love today.


1 Sons Of Satan 3:37
2 Welcome To Hell 3:13
3 Schizoid 3:30
4 Mayhem With Mercy 0:58
5 Poison 4:31
6 Live Like An Angel 3:56
7 Witching Hour 3:41
8 One Thousand Days In Sodom 4:34
9 Angel Dust 2:39
10 In League With Satan 3:32
11 Red Light Fever 5:12

Bonus Tracks:
12 Angel Dust (Lead Weight Version) 3:03
13 In League With Satan (7" Version) 3:32
14 Live Like An Angel (7" Version) 3:53
15 Bloodlust (7" Single) 3:00
16 In Nomine Satanas (7" Single) 3:26
17 Angel Dust (Demo) 3:12
18 Raise The Dead (Demo) 3:31
19 Red Light Fever (Demo) 4:45
20 Welcome To Hell (Demo) 4:58
21 Bitch Witch (Outtake) 3:07
22 Snots Shit (Outtake) 2:10