Tuesday 30 August 2022

Diamond Head – "The White Album" (Diamond Head Self-released) 1980

Did someone mention Diamond Head in the previous post?......dunno what's happening to this blog, but at least I'm enjoying myself for once.
Say what you like about the plus's and pitfalls of The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal,but it's early days were as DIY as what yer Punk rockers did. And this Diamond Head self-release was The 'Spunk' of NWOBHM,and came in (Phanar Phanar) many versions of the now yellowing carte blanche sleeve as there were discs pressed.
Fans of this punked up version of seventies Heavy Metal were many,made up of those kids(all male) who were crap at sport,too ugly to get a girlfriend,and not trendy enough to like Joy Division who they secretly thought weren't rockin' enough!?.....They never heard the live side of 'Still' in time to save them from the Debut Iron Maiden LP;who,incidentally,had rivaled Diamond Head'e DIY cred with their own 'Soundhouse Tapes' self-release.
These spotty denim and levver clad oiks got to purge their trauma flashbacks of bullying at school by listening to that exotic beast,previously banned for the previous few years,Thee Guitar Solo,which had now been inserted back into that Pistols 'wall of sound', which along with Thin Lizzy and Motorhead had informed these frustrated outcasts as to the direction they found most comfortable. Punk had either gone weird,funky, or just stopped rocking completely....so in it's place trod the living fossils of Iron Maiden, Saxon, Venom, and other such effrontery to good taste from the provinces of the UK and fill the vacuum left behind by the imploded Pistols.
Basically, take away the solo's,change the lyrics to something vaguely political,add a shouty singer and you've got Punk Rock as last heard on The Damned's "Music For Pleasure" LP. 
Basically its just entertainment for young men made by other young men, like Football used to be. We like to jump around,push each other and shout stuff......simple fun for simple folk.
As has happened to football, girls want to get involved nowadays,so I dunno what this type of male are gonna do in these wonderfully 'woke' times......video games? Suicide? Homosexuality?...the world's an oyster of endless possibilities.....as long as you don't upset anyone.
"Am I Evil?....Yes I fucking well am!" 

A1 Lightning To The Nations 4:15
A2 The Prince 6:27
A3 Sucking My Love 9:35
B1 Am I Evil 7:39
B2 Sweet And Innocent 3:13
B3 It's Electric 3:37
B4 Helpless 6:52

Monday 29 August 2022

Witchfinder General – "Friends Of Hell" (Heavy Metal Records – HMR LP 13) 1983

Here's another one of those 'guess what I was doing today' posts.
Can't wait, can you,to know what inane pointless activity someone you've never met was doing today? I've saved you the humiliation of looking at a selfie of me sucking in my cheeks while I indulge in this aforementioned vacuous attempt to live a fulfilling life experience.
I went to a Vide-Grenier (Boot Sale)in a small town (Lodeve) in southern France near where I live......amazing huh?
I rifled through endless platters of Claude Francois, a bloke called Renaud, and what seemed like hundreds of copies of French Nouvelle Vague band,the terminally awful 'Telephone';when I saw an album cover that makes Spinal Tap's 'Smell The Glove' seem woke.
That was clearly an English Church on the cover,with three or four long-haired chaps in 17th century outfits bullying a few scantily clad maidens wearing some very un-17th century stockings and suspenders,while a couple of dodgy monks look on stood in the graveyard.This must be good...and it got better.
On the reverse of the sleeve, the 20th century Police have turned up and proceed to arrest all and sundry,making sure we all get a good look at the ladies underwear as they are carted off in the paddy wagon.
"C'est Combien?" I asked the kind long haired gentleman casually chatting with another modern long-haired gentleman.
"Cinq" he said rather dismissively,to which I crossed his palm with gold and sloped off with my booty to a waiting car and sped homewards to discover the rare delights that may be hidden inside this hilariously good bad album cover.
Of course this was the second album by New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM)cult favourites, Witchfinder General,...who are also, inexplicably,considered an early example of Doom Metal(?).
There ain't much Doom Metal about this record, I discovered.Rather than sounding like 'Spinal Tap',they had the production values of UK comic strip equivalents 'Bad News'.And rather than a 16 rpm version of Black Sabbath's Volume 4, we get a Poundshop Diamond head.
NWOBHM kind of passed me by,so I was blissfully unaware of Witchfinder General,and many of their cohorts;but I understand that however silly most Metal records were around 1975 to 1988,the new wave of UK bands sub-consciously absorbed the 'Punk' influence to speed things up and add some much needed intensity and relevance to actual real life.Most Punk bands were virtually Heavy Metal anyway,just without the show-offy parts.
Ugh! Those bloody offensive guitar solo's remained for the much part,but slowly edited themselves out by the time Metal got darker and experimental at the end of the 80's.Now it's virtually the only form of the Rock idiom that survives,albeit in a veritable cornucopia of styles and sub-genres.
Is there any group out there called 'Bitchfinder General' by any chance,which seems a more appropriate combo for the cover art on this museum piece.It really is something from another time and maybe even another planet.Forget the past and we will be doomed to repeat it....now where's that cockamamie History Eraser Button?


Love On Smack 4:10
Last Chance 3:50
Music 3:05
Friends Of Hell 6:12
Requiem For Youth 4:35
Shadowed Images 4:15
I Lost You 2:55
Quietus 6:20
Reprise 0:35

Saturday 27 August 2022

Doom – "War Crimes (Inhuman Beings)" (Peaceville – VILE 4) 1988

With the haunting image of a dead young woman probably reaped and murdered, lying in a street in Ukraine,and driven over by several Russian tanks operated by laughing Russian murderers lingering in my thoughts.One wonders what possible music from within the barricades of the rock idiom could encapsulate the horror and anger generated by these inhuman war crimes,and still be able to dance to it?
Of course I reached for Doom's debut, and cranked up the amps.
Yeah,it sounds like a crustier Discharge with different vocals,and i'm not too much of a fan of that Growly " Your Grandmother sucks cocks in Hell" vocal style so beloved of Grindcore, but......there's something relevant within the dark walls of this relentless high speed bludgeon that is the perfect accompaniment to this ,among many such evils perpetrated in the current Doom laden situation we find ourselves falling into.
This blog started during the Credit crunch,and flourished through the insane Pandemic voluntary imprisonment years,and both of these are still with us to some extent...especially the debt,debt slaves which we are.Now,we have a very real nuclear threat like it was the 80's again.....not a bad thing in someways?.....World leaders with the IQ's of a slug pushing a malformed idiot's philosophy,in the words of one slug brained idiot....the rise and rise of Semi-Fascism.
On top of all that,galloping inflation, and an energy debt crisis spiraling exponentially out of control,where energy Bills are close to being more than a living wage.Its expensive, but strangely they don't seem to be running out of the stuff....if you've got the dosh there's an unlimited supply apparently!?
Environmental change is forgotten as priorities turn towards obtaining enough food to eat,and we're burning our houses to keep ourselves warm again.As our delightful Russian chum's are burning off 10 million dollars of unsold methane gas into the atmosphere every day!?.....we've never had it so bad,and are catching up World War 2 fast.
Here's the best part....and it's gonna get worse!.....We're DOOOOMED!
(see what I did there?)


Gloom Side:
A1 Confusion (Intro)
A2 Life Lock
A3 Slave To Convention
A4 A Dream To Come True
A5 Drowning In The Mainstream
A6 Same Mind
A7 Relief
A8 After The Bomb
A9 Stop-Gap
A10 Scared

Shroom Side:
B1 Sick Joke
B2 Natural Abuse
B3 Exploitation
B4 Beat The Boss
B5 Money Drug
B6 Fear Of The Future
B7 No Religion
B8 Phobia For Change
B9 Multinationals
B10 Obscenity
B11 War Crimes

Wednesday 24 August 2022

EyeHateGod – "In The Name Of Suffering"(Intellectual Convulsion – SPASM 3) 1990

With artwork like it was plucked out of a British Medical Journal from the fifties, 'Misanthropic' is a popular adjective used once confronted with the works of surly sludge metal protagonists 'Eyehategod'.
Of course, with a band name such as this they had little chance of releasing an LP with the American Taliban in town.So their debut album had to be unleashed in a free,more secular state.....i was tempted to say Iran,but....In this case it's that much maligned paragon of freedom....France? Where some dumbass teacher caught displaying a crucifix on a chain can risk being booted out of the building and sacked on the spot.Way to go France!
The land(USA) that generously gave the world Rock and Roll.....nooo it wasn't God,Argent(!).....had to wait three years before this wholesome bi-product of that great land was easily available for the intelligent 19% to annoy their indoctrinated fellow citizens,or, the 81% of Americans who still believe stone-age superstitions in the 21st century.
Naturally, some Charlie Manson soundbites inevitably crop up, who seems to be some kind of God to sludge metalers everywhere, or,in the words of the creepy hippie himself...the Son of Man.
The music is Sloooooow,brutal, and refreshingly lacking in Metal cliché with more emphasis on the Doom rather than Satan worship. Although the very word Eyehategod tends to suggest a belief in the hereafter.Presumably If you can 'Hate a God', that means there's probably a devil character too,or maybe they represent the same entity?
There's little mention of a Devil in the Bible (File under Fiction),but what there is of their God is beyond Horrific,maybe even Evil? This could be why Christian Metal is so frightening....or is that because it's just frighteningly CRAP!


1 Depress
2 Man Is Too Ignorant To Exist
3 Shinobi
4 Pigs
5 Run It Into The Ground
6 Godsong
7 Children Of God
8 Left To Starve
9 Hostility Dose
10 Hit A Girl

Tuesday 16 August 2022

Anal Cunt – "I Like It When You Die" (Earache Records – MOSH 169 CD) 1997

It had to happen.....an anal Cunt CD from the age when no-one released a vinyl Lp,and no-one was 'woke'. The dark dark days of the late nineties.
Artwork(?), forget about it, lyrics(?), who cared anyway(?),tolerable surface noise,not with compact disc's maaan...scratch the fucker and its dead.However CD's were very good for that Glitch fad from the early noughties,y'know (author stifles yawn) Oval,and other boring fucking clever dicks like that.Either that or using them to make a novelty clock to win favor with a friend or potential lover.
Anal Cunt sounded like completely fucked CD's long before Wire Magazine excitedly discovered Blectum from Blechdom; and Anal Cunt were also funny without stooping to the two twats and a laptop option.This shit was done with the same instruments the Beatles used!?
The song titles,apart from being vaguely amusing, usually doubled up as the entire lyrics for the tune in question.Iambic pentameter it is most certainly NOT.
Replace the words 'Gary' and 'Numan' from the following piece of constructive criticism last seen in a 1980 copy of Sounds with 'Anal' and 'Cunt',and you may get an idea of the far-reaching influence of this potty mouthed combo:
"Gary Numan (Anal Cunt) has managed to do for music what the Chimpanzee has done for William Shakespeare" (Sounds 1980-ish).
Scanning through the titles one can't help noticing the abundance of profound descriptions of the human condition in three words or less.
It's like Putnam is talking about me!?
You've Got No Friends,You're Old (Fuck You),Ha Ha, Your Wife Left You,You Got Date Raped,are devastatingly reflective...except maybe the date rape one.
Then we have the insightful: Pottery's Gay;Your Kid Is Deformed,Recycling Is Gay, and Windchimes are definitely Gay!?
And the whole French race is adequately summed up by "Your Favorite Band Is Supertramp"
Myself being an ex-european (I'm now British),there are spurious references to colloquial celebrities,of whom I know nothing except for Richard 'President Gas' Butler,who grew up a few junctions of the M1 south away from myself.
This album and concept,on the whole is a challenging work of Art that belongs in a pretentious gallery in East London......but to Seth Putnam that would be far too gay for him.
He died of a heart attack about a decade ago,which, in reference to the album title,gains a new sense of Irony which which one should find enjoyable.Maybe even funny?
I liked it when you died Seth Putnam.......but isn't dying a bit...er...Gay?


1 Jack Kevorkian Is Cool 0:40
2 Valujet 1:28
3 You've Got No Friends 1:12
4 You Keep A Diary 1:12
5 You Own A Store 0:37
6 You Got Date Raped 0:49
7 Recycling Is Gay 0:36
8 You're A Cop 1:50
9 You Can't Shut Up 0:18
10 You've Got Cancer 0:30
11 We Just Disagree 0:32
12 Hungry Hungry Hippos 0:18
13 You Are An Interior Decorator 0:51
14 Pottery's Gay 0:39
15 Rich Goyette Is Gay 0:53
16 Branscombe Richmond 1:35
17 You Live In Allston 0:53
18 You Are A Food Critic 0:54
19 Just The Two Of Us 0:27
20 Your Band's In The Cut-Out Bin 1:10
21 You're Gay 0:37
22 You Look Adopted 1:17
23 Your Cousin Is George Lynch 0:10
24 You Have Goals 0:22
25 You Drive An Iroc 0:55
26 You Play On A Softball Team 0:57
27 Because You're Old 0:45
28 You Sell Cologne 0:30
29 Being A Cobbler Is Dumb 0:27
30 You Live In A Houseboat 0:45
31 Richard Butler 1:32
32 311 Sucks 0:39
33 Your Kid Is Deformed 0:40
34 You Are An Orphan 1:05
35 You're Old (Fuck You) 0:12
36 You Go To Art School 0:55
37 Your Best Friend Is You 0:53
38 You're In A Coma 1:18
39 Windchimes Are Gay 0:10
40 No,We Don't Want To Do A Split Seven Inch With Your Stupid Fucking Band 0:28
41 René Auberjonois 0:40
42 The Internet Is Gay 0:25
43 Ha Ha, Your Wife Left You 1:11
44 Hootie And The Blowfish 0:38
45 You Went To See Dishwalla And Everclear (You're Gay) 0:22
46 Locking Drop Dead In McDonalds 0:20
47 Technology's Gay 0:25
48 Your Favorite Band Is Supertramp 0:37
49 I'm In A.C. 0:20
50 You (Fill In The Blank) 0:26
51 Kyle From Incantation Has A Mustache 4:10
52 Bonus Track #3 0:09

Monday 15 August 2022

Shit Scum – "Manson Is Jesus" (Ecocentric Records – E.R. #111) 1990

Seems like Napalm Death imports had even hit Newton, Massachusetts by 1989,and had entered the GG Allin obsessed, Seth Putnam's, delicate shell-likes, leaving a dreadful impression on this sensitive young man.
The formula was simple,replace UK Grindcore's lyrics about multinational corporations, nuclear destruction,and schoolboy politics,with about how Gays,Jews and Blacks suck,and you've got a nascent version of Anal Cunt called ,rather charmingly, "Shit Scum".
Upon hearing Napalm Death back in '87,I thought they could not be serious!?They were taking the piss surely?....turns out they weren't! 
Shit scum leave a similar taste in the mouth,and even manage to take it all down a peg or two,into the sewer.
Of course Seth's next Group would take it even lower,exposing the bedrock of awful taste below through which it is not possible,or advisable, to go........there's a challenge in there somewhere?
Young Master Putnam must have been ignored as a child,and now he's dead,ignored as a corpse.
However his vast canon of work lives beyond the grave,leaving an irremovable skidmark down the rear gusset of the human race's Y-fronts.
This 33rpm ep does, however contain the best ever cover of possibly thee worst ever pop group, Guns 'n' Roses' truly mind erasing "Sweet Child Of Mine";fittingly re-titled for our benefit,"You Fucking Cunt".
"Fag Bash" is a sludge metal classic;and i'm sure the bass-line to "Brady Bunch Massacre" is cleverly adapted from "Wrong Place Right Time" from The Fall's "I am Kurious Oranj" long player?
As for Manson being Jesus?He's got just as much  a case to make this claim as anyone. Trouble is that anyone who does is usually a blood craving nut job, a chief executive officer,or a high ranking banker.
One thing that Putnam definitely  has in common with both Chuck and Jesus (as in Jesus Allin),the other ,son of god Jesus,and Seth Putnam too;is that they were all ignored as a child. This explains a lot.
This goes out as advice to all those casual breeders out there......don't ignore your kids if you're gonna have them please;or just wear a condom! Going in bareback You could have just spawned the next Anal Cunt, or worse....a new religion!?.....or even worse than that.....a new Guns'n'Roses!!!!?
Not only can our latex friends protect us from HIV,syphilis and Monkey Pox,these magical prosthetic sheaths could have saved the world from Gun'n'Roses too.....and maybe even Charles Manson?! 
If these facts were made clear in the 1980's AIDS would have now been but a distant memory.....instead we got the only plastic ever released by Shit Scum.


A1 Manson Is Jesus
A2 Brady Bunch Massacre
A3 Dog Sacrifice
A4 Shit Scum
B1 Fag Bash
B2 Beating On A Pacifist
B3 You Fucking Cunt

Wednesday 10 August 2022

Vaginal Jesus – "Beat Rodney Down" (Reich O Rama Records) 1993

"Vaginal Jesus" wasn't that a hit for Depeche Mode?.....
Don't you just wish that DM sneakily released a tune like 'Bloodnigger',and all those pasty-faced lost generation types in the USA didn't realise its sophisticated angle on bigotry as a mirror approach? As in the Ironic Bigotry of this hatecore masterclass by the superbly named Vaginal Jesus.
It is understood that Seth Putnam of Anal Cunt was in Vaginal Jesus?.....I dunno what gave the rumour machine that impression? 
I like a good  tasteless racist joke so i do, but it is certainly how you tell 'em that counts.
Of course there were stacks of Come Org records that plumbed the depths of good taste in the eighties,but that was 'Art' wasn't it? It never came close to recreating the knuckle dragging horror of actual real Racial prejudice. Now,this record is the closest I've ever heard to recreating the racial hatred of a KKK  Grand Wizard,without actually being one;so us confused white boys could understand.
Naturally, i could be reading far too much into this brutal sledgehammer of neanderthal driven Hate,but I figure that yer actual Bigot wouldn't want music, as civilisation crushing as this, anywhere near their fucking Churches.
These fuckers...racist Sasquatches all ....were running scared from Nirvana in 1993,so only their god knows what they would have made of a group with a singer/growler called The Honorable Reverend Fuckface Chainsaw,that existed in the same time frame as the woefully insipid Nirvana?
The trick, with Bad taste is that to understand good bad taste you have to have Good taste in order to recognise yer actual bad bad taste, and yer actual Good Bad taste.
I'm going out on a limb now by saying that Vaginal Jesus may well be Good bad taste......but, even if it isn't, I still like it...a lot. Who wouldn't want a record released with a Side Aryan and a Side Bigot on it?
Maybe without using your real name mind you...that's just asking for trouble;just ask The Honorable Reverend Fuckface Chainsaw.
There will,sadly, be person's,previously described as knuckle dragging Sasquatch fucking Neanderthals, who will be taking this record 100% literally.As they do with thar best-selling fiction book "The bible", which isn't surprising as its crammed full of lovely Elizabethan poetry,with lashings of  genocidal ,misogynistic, homophobic violence of the highest order. Just like yer average Anal Cunt record.


Side Aryan:

A1 Slave Runaway 0:52
A2 Beat Rodney Down 2:17
A3 Die Homie Die 0:38
A4 Bloodnigger 2 0:12
A5 Planet Of The Apes 1:39

Side Bigot:
B1 X Marks The Spook 1:20
B2 Mocha Mistakes 1:29
B3 Fetch The Rope 2:21
B4 Niggers Are No Friends Of Mine 0:46

Monday 8 August 2022

Full Blown A.I.D.S. – "Full Blown A.I.D.S." (Wicked Sick Records – #7)

Oh yeah, we're in a what did I do today  general scenario bollocks ain't we just? Well I had a lovely meal on the Saturday last weekend, for me girlfriend's birthday...she ate as well if you were wondering,and Champagne for afters.
Then when we got back to where the car was parked ...it wasn't there,fucking gone !?...Turned out the cops towed it away and put it in their state of the art compound miles from town....and it won't be released until the local Pigs had checked my moth-eaten dodgy paperwork;....trouble was,all the paperwork is in the car innit? Miles away,with no way of getting there before the bastards close for the weekend. Had to call a friend to drive 50 miles round trip to shuttle us from one bunch of cunts to the other cunts.Got papers, showed cops,who fined me for having "bald" tyres...so they say!? and then back to the compound to show the man my cop endorsed paperwork,signed by yours truly,and pay the fucker 200 quid for the sheer joy of it all.....and no-one noticed I was pissed drunk?!
So as a result I wanna kill somebody and laugh at people with incurable diseases. So where to go for the soundtrack of this internalized destruction.....answer....anything by Anal Cunt I thought? Or even better something by Half of Anal Cunt called "Full Blown AIDS" !
The difference between GG Allin, and Seth Putnam is that one was a funny idiot,and the other one was just an idiot. The answer to this conundrum is up to you, but ,let's just say that GG never had a band called 'Full Blown AIDS'. One of the best band names I have yet encountered.
Anyone who is actually insulted by Anal Cunt and its derivatives should just get Full Blown AIDS themselves and die in my opinion.....especially jobs-worth traffic cops....nah...they weren't so bad,especially when confronted by my post-Brexit and totally illegal and out of date British Driving Licence from the early Nineties. I just lied,said I was a tourist,can't speak the lingo guvn'r (not far correct anyways),and they couldn't get us out of there quick enough.
This Sludgecore classic was committed to a cd-r just three years before Seth's untimely death by Heart Failure.....I suppose we should laugh,as that's what Seth would have done if any of us had died in such a gay way.....'Gay' being one of Mr Putnam's favourite unwoke words by the way,I inform,so as to deflect and Savage Wokery nastiness coming in my approximate direction. Basically, I just wanna be liked, and admire anyone who genuinely just Don't give a flying Fuck about anything or anyone.......unless you're in on the joke.
One would have thought that a person with such cathartic externalised hatred would escape the predictable heart attack finale wouldn't you? May well have had something to do with Seth being such a fat bastard.You can't externalise clogged up arteries....or can you?


1st EP:

1 No One Cares
2 Track Team
3 It's All Fake
4 Stupid Bitch
5 Trash Picker
6 Alcholic

Leech EP:
7 Leech
8 For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)
9 Fact Finder
10 Everything
11 Throwing Cars At People On Coke With Thor

Friday 5 August 2022

Reagan Youth – "Youth Anthems For The New Order" (R Radical Records – RYR 831) 1984

Yeah, it's guess what I did today part 2.....answers on a postcard to Reagan Youth Superfan, Vladimir Putin,The Kremlin, Moscow via China via Taiwan.The one delivered by hand to that Chinese Dictator bloke by Nancy Pelosi is the winner, who will gets free lessons in roofing techniques by yours truly.
Shoot!...i gave it away slightly,because i spent the afternoon,gluing down tiles on my roof ready for the ruthless winter wind swooping down from the Pyrenees.It was cooler today,only a refreshing 31 degrees. 
Yesterday my travails were accompanied by Adrenalin O.D.,so today's US Hardcore classic has to be Reagan Youth ;who contrary to popular opinion were absolutely NOT the official KKK hardcore band.......although there were plenty more that were......not that I've really got anything against that on a musical level,in fact its adds a bit of spice to the proceedings,shakes things up a tad.There ain't much music these days that is strictly Taboo,and i guess racist redneck punk is certainly taboo...so if i'm attracted to the wrongness of it, then so will more sinister folk.
This copy of "Youth Anthems For The New Order"is one of those expanded complete deluxe edition that are so popular among the sideways-ly mobile middle Classes over 60 these days.Although Hardcore was made for eleven minute long 13 track 7" ep's, now we have two hour long versions including every piece of shite that a band ever recorded.
The original E.P is represented here on tracks 53-59, beefed up with endless alternative versions, live tracks,and alternate mixes.....rather silly.
As for the music, I'll substitute my personal feelings with an hilariously pretentious critique of a Don Van Vliet painting from 1989.....i feel the words used are perfect for analyzing Reagan Youth in 1984?

 'Beefheart's remarkable art - a raw vibrant collision of colours, muscular brushstrokes and vivid physical tableaux - has a strong element of mischief about it. He challenges your sense of dimension and natural order while reaffirming, with a kind of aggro-primitivist delight, his love of nature itself, a trademark theme of his music and poetry as well. One 1985 painting, 'Pig Erases Statue In Passing', has a dark maroon, rather elongated hog striding purposefully past an interlocking array of distorted hybrid figures, some humanesque, one the head of a steely grey horse. The pig stands out from the chaos as a beast of pride and purpose.' 

I also think that, like The Pig, Reagan Youth stood out from the chaos as a beast of pride and purpose...at least until the second Ep,anyway.
Personally,always courting the unpopular opinion,Don Van Vliet's paintings are largely pretentious shite,but fun to look at,decorative at best.
I'm pushing my luck expressing an interest in Red Neck Punk and dissing Captain Beefheart's frankly rubbish painting.....but admittedly not as bad as Ronnie Wood's irredeemably terrible tableaux.
It's been a long time since i've been called a nazi asshole, so here's hopin'!?
At least i fixed the roof without falling off.....although i came close after listening to some of the terrible production values on this Reagan Youth box set......did someone say "Reagan Youth Box Set."???
An "aggro-primitivist delight" indeed but certainly remarkably "Jejune" in content.I may even detect a Crass influence here,with the fold out poster and monotonous politics.
But tracks 53 to 59 are nearly perfect.In a way.


A Collection Of Pop Classics By
Reagan Youth Vol 1

1-1 Reagan Youth 1:16
1-2 New Aryans 1:17
1-3 (Are You Really) Happy? 1:34
1-4 No Class 1:34
1-5 I Hate Hate! 1:58
1-6 Degenerated 2:22
1-7 (You're A) Gonowhere 1:22
1-8 U.S.A 1:23
1-9 Anytown 2:00
Reagan Youth Vol 2
1-10 In Dog We Trust 2:47
1-11 It's A Beautiful Day 3:53
1-12 Jesus Was A Communist 1:44
1-13 Urban Savages 1:24
1-14 What Will The Neighbors Think? 3:50
1-15 Get The Ruler Out 2:25
1-16 Brave New World 4:30
1-17 Miss Teen America 2:46
1-18 Heavy Metal Shuffle 4:38
1-19 Queen Babylon 5:12
1-20 Acid Rain 1:55
1-21 One Holy Bible 6:12
1-22 Back To The Garden (Parts I-IV) 4:07
1-23 Heaven & Hell (CBGB's 1988) 2:59
Live & Rare
2-1 It's A Beautiful Day - CBGB's 6/25/83 3:09
2-2 Degenerated - CBGB's 5/28/83 2:27
2-3 Go Nowhere - CBGB's 3/5/83 1:22
2-4 New Aryans - CBGB's 3/5/83 1:36
2-5 No Class - CBGB's 5/3/83 1:47
2-6 Urban Savages - CBGB's 5/3/83 1:18
2-7 Brave New World - CBGB's 3/5/83 3:02
2-8 Acid Rain - CBGB's 12/17/83 1:09
2-9 Anytown - CBGB's 12/17/83 1:59
2-10 Are You Happy - CBGB's 12/17/83 1:59
2-11 U.S.A. - CBGB's 12/17/83 1:56
2-12 I Hate Hate - CBGB's 5/28/83 1:56
2-13 In Dog We Trust - CBGB's 11/20/83 3:01
2-14 Reagan Youth - Studio Spring 1982 1:21
2-15 U.S.A. - Studio 10/82 1:24
2-16 I Hate Hate - Studio 5/83 1:54
2-17 Degenerated - Studio 5/83 2:18
2-18 Brave New World - Vol 1 Out-Take 1982 4:09
2-19 New Aryans (Alternate Version) 1:23
2-20 Anytown (Alternate Version) 2:01
2-21 Go Nowhere (Alternate Version) 1:24
2-22 Reagan Youth (Alternate Version) 1:22
2-23 In Dog We Trust (Alternate Version) 2:43
2-24 U.S.A. (Alternate Version) 1:00
2-25 I Hate Hate (Instrumental) 1:53
2-26 Ace Of Spades - CBGB's 1984
2-27 Anytown - Rehersal 2:06
2-28 Reagan Youth - CBGB's Ratcage Benefit 11/20/82 1:27
2-29 Postlude - Demo 1988 1:01
Power Anthems For The New Order
A1 New Aryans (Original R-Radical Version)
A2 Reagan Youth (Original R-Radical Version)
B1 (Are You Really) Happy? (Original R-Radical Version)
B2 I Hate Hate! (Original R-Radical Version)
C Degenerated (Original R-Radical Version)
D1 U.S.A (Original R-radical Version)
D2 (You're A) Gonowhere (Original R-Radical Version)

Thursday 4 August 2022

Adrenalin O.D. – "The Wacky Hi-Jinks Of Adrenalin O.D." (Buy Our Records – BOR-12-002-CS)

This is one of those "Hey guess what I'm doing today" posts so beloved of those Facebook,Instagram,and Twitter type twats.
We Bloggers look down our hooked noses at this kind of narcissistic behavior,and also one has to say it's all so terribly "Jejune"??????

  1. 1.
    naive, simplistic, and superficial.
    "their entirely predictable and usually jejune opinions"
    easily taken in
    without airs
    wet behind the ears
  2. 2.
    (of ideas or writings) dry and uninteresting.
    dull as ditchwater

None of the above applies to me of course.....except maybe all of it!
No, i'm not gonna post a photoshopped selfie,but i will tell you what I was doing today,and its jolly interesting,listen to this.....I was painting my roof terrace in 36 degrees C of ruthless greenhouse effected heat, whilst admiring the breathtaking views of the Larzac Plateau in les parcs du l'Haut-Languedoc (Unesco Listed),while listening to Adrenaline O.D.'e debut LP at high volume....such Hi-Jinks. One of the greatest moments in the evolution of US Hardcore,with sublimely chunky guitar sounds like electrified mud shoveled down yer dancing pants. The delicate juxtapositioning of these two extremes did not escape my appreciation......unlike the instructions on the paint tin which said not to use in temperatures above 29 degrees Celsius.....Whoops!>
But, what I like most of all about this rather fine platter,is that its so incredibly motherfuckingly "JEJUNE"! (according to definition number 1 of course.Definition 2 probably applies to this post).

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