Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Monte Cazazza - "To Mom on Mother's Day" (Industrial Records IR0005) 1979

A San Franciscan gave Industrial Music it's name, and his name was Monte Cazazza("Industrial music ,for Industrial People"). San Francisco seemed to be the UK's errant sibling at the birth of Industrial music,even though the place gives little impression of an industrial hell hole, unlike Great Britain. It definitely contributed greatly to the artistic side to the emerging scene, and Cazazza was one of the chief protagonists.
Here is his debut single, released naturally enough on Industrial records, backed musically by Throbbing Gristle. Its about as 'rocky' as TG ever got, it's got drums in it that sound like they are played by one of the Shaggs! Swirling 'gristlized' electronics, overlaid by Cazazza's dysfunctional rapping.
The B-side is a genre defining collage of found dialogue, including a list of murders read out by some American official type,and other equally attractive recordings on the same subject matter.

A limited edition of 2000, they came with the usual extra media, in the form of the above inserts.

Track Listing:

A- To Mom On Mother's Day
B- Candyman


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