Friday 14 July 2023

Electric Wizard – "Live Maryland Deathfest 2012" (Creep Purple – CPR-006) 2018

I used to have a Girlfriend like that, who would walk around bollock naked shouting, unshaven haven, and talked to a skull. Sounds exciting don't it?....well it fucking ain't. 
Ok, so I made the skull bit up, but it was symbollock of my actual skull that was in danger of being severed whenever she was drunk,or worse. Wild women (or just Women) aren't worth it.
You think I'm crazy? You'll understand after you've had a wank.
The previous post referenced the phenomenon that was the Video Nasty, so here are some audio nasties to make you grovel to the fallen Satanic angel of your choice.Therefore here's Electric Wizard in a live setting,whose line-up contained one of the 'Wild Women Of Wongo' that I warned you to steer clear of. A friend of mine committed suicide once upon a time,and the only picture i found on his laptop was one of that Bird from Electric Wizard.It seems that this music could seriously damage your health,direct  from exactly in fact, but straight outta Dorset,nestled  in the quiet lazy rolling hills of the English southern coast countryside.And very nice it is too.
This reminds me of that gangster grime Rap posse, you know ...the Rap've seen 'em,at the shopping arcade,on the Top Of The Pops,doing a little dance........cripes, i'm being drawn into doing that Stuart Lee routine again......y'know?....The Rap Singers?
But the Rap singers I'm alluding to is number one act 'So Solid Crew', that urban city dwelling bunch of gangster boys,who turned out to be from the Hood in the  idyllic Dorset countryside.....via stage school rather than old Skool. Awwwww,makes you larf don't it?
I would never accuse Electric Wizard of going to stage school however,as it seems they are very much in touch with Satan. Full of Wild Women is Hell, an eternity of being annoyed and pissed off is some kind of Hell I would do anything to avoid.....short of joining the Jehovah Witnesses;but if Hell really is like Dorset, I'd happily haunt the country Pubs and hiking trails beyond the limits of infinity, forever...I assume 'beyond Infinity' is the same as forever?
Isn't Maryland where that doddering crumbly President,and professional (non)Irishman, Joe Biden lives?
I'm guessing he wasn't at this gig. But it seems he missed out on its endless crushing riffage,here captured in early Sabbath-esque lo-fidelity. The sonic ambition of this doom laden metal monster is rather too large for the bandwidth of a humble cassette,but that's how I like it with all the crisp edges blunted in the peripheral fog.
As for So Solid Crew, I'd like to flush them down the nearest peripheral BOG!


A1 Supercoven
A2 Satanic Rites Of Drugula
A3 Dopethrone
A4 Witchcult Today
B1 Black Mass
B2 Return Trip
B3 The Chosen Few
B4 Funeralopolis

K.K. Null – "Plasmagma" (Video Nasties – MMXV AD #NINE) 2015

Some highly nuanced experimental noise from our ol' mate K.K.
Allowing plenty good space at the red end of the VU meter spectrum. This allows the inevitable Noise fatigue heavily associated with the purveyors of Harsh Noise to be dissipated until well into side two.Lots of attractive noises lull one into a sense of willing exploration,rather than turning it off to listen to the B-52's first,and far weirder than this, album. This is what Industrial Noise should be.Something that wasn't knocked off inside an hour and passed off as something subversive. Maybe forty years ago yes,but not in 2015.The kids who'd shock mum and dad with their Marilyn Manson fixation, are now more likely to produce a K.K.Null cassette to further confuse their Grungy parents somewhat....or Not? All that shits long dead.I shit yee not!
One chose this tape to end my recent pregnant silence because i spied that this label was called Video Nasties, promising me an opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of the 1980's VHS Video Nasty. "Driller Killer" being my most favouritest Punk Rock Movie in that very sorry sub-genre of Punk Rock movies,not to mention Punk Rock Video Nasties.In fact "Driller Killer" could actually be the only Rock'n'Roll movie that doesn't suck ass completely in fact?
Other great Nasties would have to include female exploitation Nasty, "I Spit On Your Grave"...(as mentioned in the UK Parliament's notorious 'Video Nasty debate'.......they do tend to have great titles one must admit. The plot of "ISOYG" is basically ,Chick gets gang raped,Chick walks around naked in the jungle for half an hour, then chick gets bloody and violent revenge on the perps. there may be some clumsy Feminist angle somewhere in there, but I'm struggling to see it?
Only the Daily Mail's balanced mature arguments on the rise of the Video Nasty can really express  the mind of the true Igoramus

The original found footage film "Cannibal Holocaust" is rather notorious for being a suspected Snuff Flick as the chopping up and torture scenes are somewhat realistic? The Italian director was actually tried in court for murder to determine if it was or wasn't!.
Having attempted to watch this all the way through several times,inevitably falling asleep each time......maybe because I was invariably Drunk,this being, along with "Godzilla vrs Mechagodzilla", one's preferred viewing post-kicking out time at the Pub. One has the hazy recollection of a very realistic castration performed upon one of the white guys hung upside down on some bamboo construction.....a most disturbing image to have a hangover enhance in the morning after the night before?
"Texas Chainsaw massacre" was also mentioned in Parliament, although I would contest that this is not a Nasty,just another in a long line of Hillbilly schlock-horror epics started off by John Boorman's great "Deliverence"........others in the Hill Billy Horror genre are "Southern Comfort" and......this is stretching it a bit....."The Hills Have Eyes"?........has anyone seen that documentary on the USA'a most in-bred family yet?.....The Whittakers?.......oooya here.
Sadly I never got to see that Scandalous spaghetti-Nasty,or comedy(?) "SS Experiment Love Camp".....i may right this wrong very soon...or maybe, wrong that Right is more appropriate?
Sci-Fi Nasties aren't too common, but Sick Brit-Flick Nasty "Xtro",has to be one of the finest examples of the motion picture artform ever made.....forget Citizen Kane.
What effect these films could have on your mental well-being is still up for debate.....personally I err on the side of absolutely fucking nothing....but then again I would say that wouldn't I?....Look at the music I play and write about with such pulchritudinous abandon! 
After-all the Margate Police (Daily Mirror 1984) did explain away a violent youths' savage behaviour,as, and I quote, "Influenced by Video nasties or a New Moon"????.....sometimes, maybe its best just to give up completely on the eradication of stupidity?
Maybe there's some troubled youth out there whose behavior is influenced by a K.K.Null cassette or, the next appearance of a Gibbous moon?.
We may never know....or care?


A1 Plasmagma 01 8:25
A2 Plasmagma 02 9:02
B Plasmagma 03 17:40