Saturday, 15 February 2014

Minóy ‎– "Nightslaves" (Minóy Cassetteworks) 1986

Another one, from the endless dustbin of cassette culture labelled Minóy with an "ó".
The usual liquidiser full of mangled sound sources all slooshing around together on the pulse setting. Take the lid off and fill your ears with this sumptuous droning racket,and embrace the damage it could do to your inner ear and inner sanctum.
A finer body of work from somebody so ignored I have never encountered elsewhere, so stop ignoring it and encounter it before you go where Minoy went a few years ago; Noise heaven, as opposed to pop hell.

DOWNLOAD and be a nightslave HERE!

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Mr. P said...

New idea for a podcast.

Just read (or have someone read) your notes that are all filled to the brim with intelligence, humor and an actual informative critique on the music being served.