Wednesday 31 March 2021

Sandy Denny – "Live At The BBC (1966-1973)" (Island Records – 984 992-8)

Staying on the Folk singers at the Beeb kinda thing,here's a personal fav/obsession,the late,great, Sandy Denny.Of course Y'all have all her works i expect,so i'll restrict it to BBC appearances and the odd may be relieved to hear?
To use a maritime expression,something that Sandy often turned to in her lyrics,She sailed too close to the rocks of the Singer/Songwriter category on several occasions; but the lighthouse shone a dark light in her doomed direction, and she went under like most of the crews of the sea-faring vessels she wrote about.
The sheer nerve that Island Records have in releasing Sandy's BBC appearances after dropping her in '76,and after trying to get her to lighten up her material a bit is nothing short of despicable.They deserve all the illegal downloads we can muster.Of course they panicked because of Punk Rock,not only dropping some great acts,but ruining The Slits to boot!
"I'm Not Hearing A Single Here?", was often mentioned by the record executive twats,who were responsible for making her record a limp version of Reg's "Candle In The Wind" to release as a chart flop.Not to mention "Whispering Grass" and several terrible Rockers that spoilt all of her otherwise great albums.She should have kept those Dark and diminished chord structures. She herself thought she was gonna be a big star,and failed to realise that her material was an acquired taste,suitable for cult audiences only.That coupled with a drink problem,falling down stairs for fun, and having a boyfriend/Husband with a wildly roving eye...not that Randy Sandy was innocent of this too? all added up to the inevitable tragic ending that bewitched anyone that had anything to do with Joe Boyd,which reads like a list of Pop Star Do's and Don't's(Syd Barratt, Nick Drake, and the lovely Sandy). Failed fame's a killer kids,be content with anonymity and live a full life.


In Session:
CD1-1 Fhir A' Bhata (BBC - Folk Song Cellar)
CD1-2 Green Grow the Laurels (BBC - Folk Song Cellar 2/12/66)
CD1-3 Hold On To Me Babe (BBC - Cellarful Of Folk 6/3/67)
CD1-4 Blues Run The Game (BBC - Cellarful Of Folk 6/3/67)
CD1-5 Late November (BBC Session - Bob Harris 24/8/71)
CD1-6 The Optimist (BBC Session - Bob Harris 24/8/71)
CD1-7 Crazy Lady Blues (BBC Session - Bob Harris 24/8/71)
CD1-8 The Lowlands Of Holland (BBC Session - Bob Harris 24/8/71)
CD1-9 It Suits Me Well (BBC Session - Bob Harris 25/10/72)
CD1-10 The Music Weaver (BBC Session - Bob Harris 25/10/72)
CD1-11 Bushes And Briars (BBC Session - Bob Harris 25/10/72)
CD1-12 It'll Take A Long Time (BBC Session - Bob Harris 25/10/72)
CD1-13 Solo (BBC Session - John Peel 11/9/73)
CD1-14 Like An Old Fashioned Waltz (BBC Session - John Peel 11/9/73)
CD1-15 Who Knows Where The Time Goes? (BBC Session - John Peel 11/9/73)
CD1-16 Until The Real Thing Comes Along (BBC Session - Bob Harris 14/11/73)
CD1-17 Whispering Grass (BBC Session - Bob Harris 14/11/73)
CD1-18 Dark The Night (BBC Session - Bob Harris 14/11/73)
CD1-19 Solo (BBC Session - Bob Harris 14/11/73)

In Concert:
CD2-1 The North Star Grassman And The Ravens (BBC In Concert - Paris Theatre 16/3/72)
CD2-2 Sweet Rosemary (BBC In Concert - Paris Theatre 16/3/72)
CD2-3 The Lady (BBC In Concert - Paris Theatre 16/3/72)
CD2-4 Bruton Town (BBC In Concert - Paris Theatre 16/3/72)
CD2-5 Next Time Around (BBC In Concert - Paris Theatre 16/3/72)
CD2-6 Blackwaterside (BBC In Concert - Paris Theatre 16/3/72)
CD2-7 John The Gun (BBC In Concert - Paris Theatre 16/3/72)
CD2-8 The Lady (BBC - Sounds On Sunday 14/11/73)
CD2-9 Bushes And Briars (BBC - Sounds On Sunday 14/11/73)
CD2-10 It Suits Me Well (BBC - Sounds On Sunday 14/11/73)
CD2-11 Blackwaterside (BBC - Sounds On Sunday 14/11/73)
CD2-12 The Music Weaver (BBc - Sounds On Sunday 14/11/73)
CD2-13 The Sea Captain (BBC - Sounds On Sunday 14/11/73)
CD2-14 John The Gun (BBC - Sounds On Sunday 14/11/73)
CD2-15 Dialogue - Interview (Tomorrow's People BBC World Service Programme 1972)

"Off-Air" Recordings:
CD4-1 This Train (BBC World Service - June 1967)
CD4-2 Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor (BBC World Service - June 1967)
CD4-3 The Last Thing On My Mind (BBC World Service - June 1967)
CD4-4 You Never Wanted Me (BBC World Service - June 1967)
CD4-5 Been On The Road So Long (BBC - My Kind Of Folk 26/6/68)
CD4-6 The Quiet Land Of Erin (BBC - My Kind Of Folk 26/6/68)
CD4-7 Sweet Nightingale (BBC - Spinners TV Show 22/4/71)
CD4-8 Blackwaterside (BBC - Spinners TV Show 22/4/71)
CD4-9 The North Star Grassman And The Ravens (BBC - Sounds Of The 70s)

Tuesday 30 March 2021

Bridget St. John – "BBC Radio 1968-1976" (Hux Records – HUX114) 2010

Like I said in the "Ask Me No Questions" review,Peel made sure Bridget would get plenty sessions and radio appearances he having a glad eye for the ladies. So here's the small matter of 40 -odd 'odd' tunes as preserved by the venerable British Broadcasting Corporation;and it's not gone beyond my notice that the final track has a reference to Peel and Wife (the Pig).There's also an amusing anecdote spewed forth by the laconic Peel about how they 'slept' together once.
What strikes me most about these tunes, and especially her spoken explanations of her songs, that is uncannily like Sandy Denny.If i didn't know better, her speaking voice is almost exactly that of the late Alexandra Denny,although her earlier excursions have that splash of Nico's lower register about them that would haunt any review in the music press.She was a better guitar player than Denny (That Bert Jansch influence?),and far less depressing than Nico,but her songwriting has that same seldom used diminished 5th chord so favored by Sandy Denny in her more unpopular songs for it's distinctive dark timbre,as well as that vibrato free folkie singing style that was the ex-Fairport chanteuse's trademark;although obviously not copyrighted.
And, yes, Kevin Ayers makes a guest appearance on a few tracks too.Also interesting to note that Ms St.John is the only one of these names to remain alive,and gigging, to this day.


1-1 I Don't Know If I Can Take It
1-2 Some Kind Of Beautiful
1-3 Jumblequeen
1-4 Fly High
1-5 Sparrowpit
1-6 Want To Be With You
1-7 Curious And Woolly
1-8 Head And Heart
1-9 Long Long Time
1-10 Come Up And See Me Sometime
1-11 Catch A Falling Star
1-12 Love Lie Easy
1-13 The River
1-14 Song To Keep You Company
1-15 Night In The City
1-16 Lazarus
1-17 Curl Your Toes
1-18 Thank You For...
2-1 Sparrowpit
2-2 Nancy Alice
2-3 Plain And Pearl
2-4 Make Me Whole
2-5 She Used To Play Harmonium
2-6 Crazy, Have You Eton
2-7 Peel 'sleeping Anecdote'
2-8 Bumper To Bumper
2-9 Leaves Of Lime
2-10 City Crazy
2-11 The Pebble And The Man
2-12 Back To Stay
2-13 Song For The Laird Of Connaught Hall - Part 2
2-14 Jolie Madame
2-15 The Spider And The Fly
2-16 The Oyster And The Flying Fish
2-17 To B Without A Hitch
2-18 Ask Me No Questions
2-19 Many Happy Returns
2-20 Hello Again (of Course)
2-21 Rochefort
2-22 Lizard Long Tongue Boy
2-23 The Present Song/Pig & Peel

CD1 1-9 Radio 1 In Concert 1st August 1974; CD1 10-12 Top Gear Session 6th January 1976 CD1 13-16 John Peel Presents Top Gear 1969; CD1 17 Peter Sarstedt Session 1969; CD1 18 Bob Harris Session 22nd March 1972; CD2 1-8 Radio 1 In Concert 3rd May 1975; CD2 9-16 Radio 1 In Concert 31st January 1971; CD2 17-22 Night Ride Session 21st August 1968; CD2 23 Top Gear Session 12th August 1974

Monday 29 March 2021

Bridget St. John – "Ask Me No Questions" (Dandelion Records – S 63750) 1969

She sounded like an upbeat Nico with an upper middle class British accent,but unlike Dave and Toni Arthur, this posh but dark chanteuse actually got to do a few Peel Sessions;mainly because she wasn't sewn to the hip of a husband,rather attractive, and Peel fancied his chances of getting her in the sack. This sexual bribery continued with Peel actually signing her to his label,Dandelion, and even producing her debut album!? The birdsong and church bells collage towards the end of the title track was all his work apparently.He wasn't just a pretty face after fact he wasn't a pretty face at all,but did well here.Peel was also savvy enough not to employ one of those awful string sections so beloved by Joe Boyd in ruining Nick Drake,leaving just Bridget with a few bongo's and guest guitarist John Martyn to flesh it out a tad.
Obviously Bridget had an eye on the US singer songwriter market,but, like most things British and European,ended up being too dark for those sensitive yanks. The Brits never quite got that thing right....thank christ.....even Elton John was far from those sensitive self-analysing bores,with their earnest tunes and ,yes, string sections. Judee Sill,who wrote her own baroque string arrangements very excepted, and the odd Neil Young solo LP or Leonard Cohen record,who were both Canadian anyway,as are most famous Americans.
The Title track remains to this day a droning classic of depressed melancholia with that Peel provided birdsong section for you to slash your wrists,or reaffirm life to at the end.


A1 To B Without A Hitch
A2 Autumn Lullaby
A3 Curl Your Toes
A4 Like Never Before
A5 The Curious Crystals Of Unusual Purity
A6 Barefeet And Hot Pavements
B1 I Like To Be With You In The Sun
B2 Lizard-Long-Tongue Boy
B3 Hello Again (Of Course)
B4 Many Happy Returns
B5 Broken Faith
B6 Ask Me No Questions

Sunday 28 March 2021

Dave & Toni Arthur – "Morning Stands On Tiptoe" (Transatlantic Records – TRA 154) 1967

The first part of the holy trilogy of Dave and Toni Arthur albums was this classic on the fashionable Transatlantic didn't sell of course, and they got dropped.....which should be the ambition of all serious musicians.
Pictured here,in the obligatory pose donning the proceeds of a record company funded trip to Carnaby Street.We find our hero's near one of the many ancient chalk carving's of Horses dotted about the English countryside.It's likely that they've never been to the countryside before.....Tree? What is Tree?
But as is more likely,and very prevalent with most late sixties Folkies, they had actually seen many trees in the leafy suburbs of London where they grew up. The early days of the Folk revival was mainly influenced, sartorially,by the Beatnik preference for unwashed sweaters with holes in....not attractive to yer average record buying punter. Also,dressed in their kings road finery would have not gone down too well in the Folk Clubs of northern England, where The Watersons, Anne Briggs and A.L.Lloyd ruled the roost.South of London was the same problem,with the puritanical Copper Family,...oooh it was a hard life being a suburban Folk Singer.
"Come taste my apples and pears kind sir" sings Toni.....Gawd Blimey ,will you please excuse me for a minute kind sirs.....!

Ahhh,that's better.I'm back, and relaxed.
There be a rendition of the classic hunting song from which influential posh peado (fully documented in his biography) DJ John Ravenscroft,he from the leafy suburbs of Liverpool, got his show biz name.
I'm not sure Dave and Toni got to do a Peel session,but young John was certainly very into this new wave of folk,as was evident on his radio shows from the era.
All three of Dave and Toni's album are indispensable classics of Neo-sixties Folk,and recognition is due.They got the Thumbs up from A.L.(Bert)Lloyd anyhow,and he was doing this since the 1940's!
This stuff all suggests that romantic idyll of an unattainable "better,'sustainable', Way Of Life" to us of the bourgeois in denial crowd.If these songs are recycled,so must we the plastic in tribute to the old ways.....yep....we're still DOOOMED!


A1 A Maiden Came From London Town
A2 Morning Stands On Tiptoe
A3 Female Rambling Sailor
A4 Padstow Drinking Song
A5 The Guilty Sea Captain
A6 The Eynsham Poaching Song
A7 Green Grass
B1 The Barley Grain For Me
B2 The Jolly Ploughboy
B3 The Blackburn Poachers
B4 John Peel
B5 Bold Robinson
B6 Green Broom
B7 Bendigo Champion Of England
B8 The Football Match

Saturday 27 March 2021

Dave & Toni Arthur – "The Lark In The Morning" (Topic Records – 12T190) 1969

Oh No! Not more of this hippy folk shit!? I hear you exclaim!? We want to hear some Punk Rock!
Well, for one, this has got Toni Arthur from Playschool on it, and two, Punk Rock is one of thee Folk musics of the twentieth century,with lashings of 'Hippie' hidden within its crumbling veneers. Rotten has long come out as a Folkie since the demise of his reputation.The fact that Johnny has also come out as a bit of a twat does nothing to alter this inalienable truth.
You can't get more noncommercial than this,despite the fleeting fashionable edge to it all between the years of 1969 to '71. Unaccompanied singing of yee olde tchoons from the 17th century was about as far away from Led Zeppelin as you could the point that Plant and Page were envious of the Folkies' street cred...or rather, field cred.This is why the lovely Sandy Denny was press ganged into singing....for FREE by the way....on Led Zep 4,duet ting with screeching Bobby Plant for some silly track called "The Battle Of Evermoor"  apparently.I still haven't heard it to this day,and long may it remain so.
This is Dave and Toni's sole release on the Rough Trade of Folk, Topic Records,in glorious Mono. Where else could you hear about Six jolly little dancing Miners,and a horse called Creeping Jane? This stuff is weird,and No-one knows who wrote it!Like illegal Downloads on the internet...ahem!....this stuff was made for royalties,except the Royals mentioned in the songs,and no money exchanging hands.This is how it always was, so stop moaning Pop Stars,the getting rich on a couple of days work era has ended,and we gone back to the traditional ways of enjoying music.....for FREE!


A1 All Frolicking I'll Give Over
A2 The Death Of Queen Jane
A3 Creeping Jane
A4 The Merchant's Daughter Of Bristol
A5 The Bold Dragoon
A6 Cold Blows The Winter's Wind
A7 The Lark In The Morning
B1 Poor Old Horse
B2 Hey John Barleycorn
B3 Bedlam
B4 Admiral Benbow
B5 Father, Father Build Me A Boat
B6 The Press Gang
B7 Six Jolly Miners

Friday 26 March 2021

Dave & Toni Arthur – "Hearken To The Witches Rune" (Trailer – LER 2017) 1971

I'm sick of all this modern musick,ain't you?So my current obsession with ye olde originale DIY music,yep, Folk culture,is gonna infiltrate your psyche for the coming days,if I can escape my depressed stupor for half an hour to wax lyrical about how great this shit is.This can still clear a room of most sophisticated music fans.Its a pity Dave and Toni Arthur couldn't have supported Sleaford Mods in my fantasy fuck you bill at the last concert at the end of the universe competition.I fucking hate musical smart us.....don't you? There's still time to burn those Beatles re-re-re-remastered,re-released,75th anniversary box sets before the balloon goes up.

Beware the fairy Fiddler of County Antrim kids!
'Twas a dangerous place for lone children in the countryside of the 17th and 18th centuries where pedophilia was just something you had to do instead of going to school.
Speaking of Schoolin', Toni Arthur found c-list celebrity fame in the UK as a presenter on groundbreaking kiddie TV show "Playschool".....she was the Hippie one,and one must say the 5 to 8 year old Zchivago experienced a subtle yet inexplicable sensation in his erogenous zone due to her womanly presence on BBC2 of a morning.(Apologies for referring to himself in the third person...purely a deliberate act for it's poetic effect)
Imagine my joy,when, as an adult, I discovered the delightful Toni was also a member of husband and wife cult folk duo, Dave and Toni Arthur?
An integral part of the UK Folk revival, Toni and Dave were ardent students of ye olde English Folk tchoons under the Ewan Macoll Dogma,sung with suitably minimal backing.No lush string sections for these puritans, no Dave Mattacks on the drums and electric guitars to propel them onto the bill of "Glastonbury Fayre",aka the first Glastonbury Festival like Fairport Convention,great though they were;.....lacking Dave Swarbrick's sartorial elegance and chain-smoking abilities,David and Tone could only sell out by making Folk LP's for kiddies to try and cash in on Toni's cult audience. Naturally, the BBC children's department was a treasure trove of Folk classics,and all were subliminally absorbed by my impressionable brain in one's formative years......Bagpuss being a shining example of this phenomena.
Toni went on to star in "Play Away",and can be seen here with a young Jeremy Irons fresh from Drama school,and the king of UK Kids Telly himself, Brain Cant....I said CANT!.....tut...honestly!?
However, this dark folk outing is the best,and rarest of their meager Discography...good gloomy cover too.

She never did warn us impressionable kids about Paddy The Handy man,or, Terrance McShane 'The Fairy Fiddler Of County Antrim' ,or even the evil leprechaun McJiminy Saville the Kiddie Fiddler of BBC television Centre,and one of Toni's colleagues. Toniiiiiii, tut tut tut!
And you're just as bad you Cant Brian (RIP)!


A1 Alison Gross
A2 Tam Lin
A3 A Fairy Tale
A4 The Fairy Child
B1 Broomfield Hill
B2 The Standing Stones
B3 The Cruel Mother
B4 Alice Brand

Saturday 20 March 2021

Loren Mazzacane Connors – "Unaccompanied Acoustic Guitar Improvisations Vol. 1-9 1979-1980" (Ecstatic Yod – E#101/FYCD#11-14) 1999

Whoops, I spy Thurston Moore and Jim O'Rourke being name-checked in the credits, but don't let that put you off? This really does sound like the music one plays on your girlfriends acoustic after a night down the pub before collapsing in an armchair with your knob out,dangling in a cold portion of unfinished curry and chips. I dunno if Loren had his knob out when playing these improvisations,but he sure does sound drunk or stoned.All tracks....tracks?... recorded in the famous Daggett Street period...remember that?....Nah, nor I,and it sounds as if Loren doesn't either?...but trust record collector bore Thurston Moore(avant-garde than you) to feel the need for one-upmanship in the 'I'm Moore Avant Garde Than You' obscure acoustic guitar improv stakes.Okay, Thurst, you win....the medal's in the post.
This compilation features selections from more than fifty album sessions,thats at least fifty less than me, recorded by Loren Mazzacane Connors during those infamous,or rather un-famous Daggett Street sessions. Most of the original self-released LPs were destroyed when the distributor went out of business after,surprisingly, failing to sell any copies(?).That means even Connors' Mum didn't even buy one,not even Connors himself,or,apparently,that harbinger of good taste,Thurston H. Moore? Mazza,had to collect them,not in the record collector sense, but had no way of transporting or storing them, so he ended up leaving them in a dumpster......Hmmmm maybe that would have made a fitting punchline?
Derek Bailey he ain't,but his other,more considered works, are rather wonderful. However, I would rather hear this stuff played at partys than that of the guitar player who ruins everything by whipping out his acoustic and playing 'American Pie',then getting his curly haired mustachioed way with all those fickle young ladies lookin' fer an alpha male with trimmings. 
This release is for that massive mob of Loren Mazzacane Connors completists out there,come on, put your hands up, I know who you are,and where you live...Nutdale Funny Farm awaits thee....singular.


1-1 Vol. 1 32:40
1-2 Vol. 2 35:06
2-1 Vol. 3 (Edited) 33:31
2-2 Vol. 4 37:46
3-1 Vol. 5 32:34
3-2 Vol. 6 35:06
4-1 Vol. 7 (Edited) 13:24
4-2 Vol. 8 34:54
4-3 Vol. 9 (Unissued) 24:51

Sunday 7 March 2021

Zchivago's Disco Dystopia-“A Celestial Communication Special” 05/03/2021 on that LYL radio thang!

One of the few musicians NEVER to sell out....Anne Briggs.

 Yep. I made a fuck up announcing one of the tracks......not like me?.....see if you can spot this fuck up,and win a prize!!!? All entries in the comments section....the adjudicator's decision is final! 

Disco Dystopia March 5th 2021:

“A Celestial Communication Special”

  1. YOUTH FOR CHRIST - “International teen Teams”

  2. ASCENSION - “8”


  4. PASTOR JOHN RYDGREN - “Hip Version Of The 23rd Psalm”

  5. SUNNY MURRAY - “Angels and Devils”

  6. ANNE BRIGGS - “The Old Man From Over The Sea”

  7. SOUNDS OF LIBERATION - “Happy Tuesday”

  8. KURT KEISER - “We're On Our Way”

  9. ORNETTE COLEMAN - “Voice Poetry”

  10. SELWYN LISSACK - “Facets Of The Universe”


Wednesday 3 March 2021

Sunny Murray – "Sunshine" (BYG Records – 529.348) 1969

Ex -Ayler skins technician , Sunny, not Sonny, Murray, gathers some of his highfalutin Jazz chums for an album of madness,while he continuously bashes his Ride cymbol for forty minutes and gets the top billing.
The opener suggests that we're in for another respectful spacey  hommage to Africa, but the "Trane" word is used, so we get a slowly evolving hommage to the "Trane"...instead....again!
It's side B where the action gets serious, with some grade A sax abuse howling in your delicate shellikes  via a triangulation of  automatic sax playing from Arthur Jones, Archie Shepp,and Kenneth Terroade,backed up by Lester Bowie on a rather angry trumpet.Alan Silva's back on Bass and Dave Burrell is drowning on a rather submerged Piano.All done in an afternoon's work on August 15th, in Paris 1969. Now where the fuck did I put that damn Time Machine?


A1 Flower Trane 13:44
B1 Real 8:44
B2 Red Cross 7:50

Monday 1 March 2021

Alan Silva And The Celestrial Communication Orchestra – "Seasons" (BYG Records – 529.342-43-44) 1971

Lieutenant Castillo's Incan ancestor with traditional instrument

This Gargantuan free jazz odyssey over six sides of skronking wax has to be heard to be believed ... played by a massive free jazz orchestra that knows no bounds.Orchestrated by a man who looks like Detective Lieutenant Martin "Marty" Castillo of Miami Vice as he would have been if he had lived in the heyday of Machu Pichu.
Silva provides us with the same filing problems as does Captain Beefheart's Magic Band, as this one features "The" Celestrial Communication Orchestra, whereas the other BYG album, "Luna Surface", is played by "His" Celestrial Communication Orchestra!?...Causing no end of problems for computers' filing systems....another argument for Vinyl with attending Nerd.
Talking of Vinyl, some smart-arse pointed out, when referring to Gong's BYG album, that BYG didn't issue their albums as 12",but they were infact 30 centimetres in diameter!?......some people really do need to find another hobby!....( was Steve Freeman of Ultima Thule mail order on discogs who killed brain cells with that laughable observation!?....they have a track record...geddit...of doing mind numbing nerd-outs like this!Now where's that left-handed screwdriver?).


A Seasons Part 1 25:12
B Seasons Part 2 22:45
C Seasons Part 3 23:15
D Seasons Part 4 20:08
E Seasons Part 5 26:08
F Seasons Part 6 27:00

Alan Silva And His Celestrial Communication Orchestra – "Luna Surface" (BYG Records – 529.312) 1969

Ahhh the joy of rediscovering your musical innocence......on the Moon.
We all crave that epiphanal moment when ,as a child, we first discover something magical.....Alan Silva spent an entire career recreating that moment;but to do that you have to unlearn everything you've been taught and start all over again. These orchestral free improvised work-outs is that process in action,and it can clear a large auditorium of sensible adults in five minutes.
A deeply guarded secret at NASA is that this is the actuel sound of the Lunar Surface.The secret government of the Earth and beyond don't want us to know this could lead to the breakdown of society are we don't want to know it anymore thanks.
As you know my bestest favourite Parlor game is 'Free Jazz Look-a-likey's', and the Shape-shifting Bass player Beb Guérin is usually the main target,although there is a suggestion of poncified French footballing legend David Ginola in his profile here.....however, another Bernard,one Benard Vitet,the wildman of the French Horn, seems to be a doppelganger for Kevin Godley of 10CC and co-inventor of the Gizmotron as featured on Godley and Creme's "Consequences triple album. Would have liked to have heard Benard having a go on the 'Gizmo' as part of his celestial communicating.
Alan Silva, is primarily a Bass player,but,as we know, Bass Players are never satisfied to be just a 'Bass Player'.Usually they are humored and ignored when they have ambitions of getting on the writing credits.This time Silva the orchestra leader, has forced his ideas onto a whole crazed free jazz orchestra....including Archie Shepp as one of his sidekicks...takes some doing that. Also there is another of the handful of appearances by Kenneth Terroade.
This is what musical instruments were invented,or discovered, to do.
Now we know the mind of God?.....yep...he's a nutter!


A From The Luna Surface Part 1 14:00
B From The Luna Surface Part 2 14:09