Tuesday 31 December 2013

Whitehouse ‎– "Psychopathia Sexualis" (Come Organisation ‎– WDC 883027 1982

Back in 1980, the general population were relatively free from choice and information overload. Horror movies were still frightening, and one had to actively search out music such as this. Consequently music wasn't as devalued as it today, with the advent of the everything now culture of the post-internet world. Murderers were generally seen as horrific figures, but with the torrent of information, and understanding of Human behaviour, we now see these people as pathetic rather than just psychopathic. This lessens the impact of this record for the modern ears somewhat. Having said that, play this record to the most of the population of the iPhone miniverse, and you would still get disturbed looks of classic incomprehension. Yes, musically, it still has the ability to fuck up people's worlds, and make them wanna smash this cassette in fits of ignorant anger. Which is the main aim of Whitehouse's ear piercing noise. Most of the tracks are introduced by some eastern bloc sounding Psycho expert; probably Dr. Richard von Krafft-Ebing*. I dunno if it is he, or Mr Bennett who didn't know the real name of the Boston Strangler(Albert de Salvo). All the other killers get their birth names, except he?! Plenty of Wasp frying synth abuse permeates this tape, accompanying the standard crazed screeching from W. Bennett. There are plenty of uncomfortable moments, and room clearing cacophony;- guaranteed to form the ice at parties, or even better, start a fight amongst the Townies/chavs at the local discothéque. They don't make 'em like this anymore.........no, wait a minute, Whitehouse still make 'em like this. in fact so do, Ramleh, Consumer Electronics, and many many more do; not available in shops. *'Psychopathia Sexualis' is based on the classic medical work by Dr. Richard von Krafft-Ebing, but inspired by the '120 Days of Sodom' by the Marquis de Sade, whose spirit lives on…? Trainspotters corner: Glen Michael Wallis of Konstrukivits is on this recording as a member of the group. A2 and A5 recorded Live Action 5. A6 recorded recorded Live Action 2.

 Track Listing:

A1 Peter Kurten 
A2 Edward Paisnel 
A3 Boston Strangler 
A4 Peter Sutcliffe 
A5 Fritz Haarmann 
A6 Ian Brady & Myra Hindley 
A7 Graham Young

B1 Vulcan Air Attack Mission 
B2 Pleazure Fur Frauen 
B3 Live Action 4 (Complete) 
B4 Genesis Of The New Weapons

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Monday 30 December 2013

M.B. ( Maurizio Bianchi ) - " Symphony For a Genocide " - ( Broken Flag Cassette BF 18A) 1983

(Originally Posted on  Friday, 8 June 2012):

On the day the millionaire intellectual giants of the England And German football teams tour Auschwitz watched by the worlds media. I thought it fitting to post the 1980's Industrial noise classic 'Symphony for a Genocide'.
Knowing the brain power of some of the England team, they probably think 'Snooker loopy' by Chas and Dave is about genocide!?......(in case Wayne Rooney is reading this; genocide is when some naughty men systematically kill lots and lots of people.)
It's even doubtful that these overpaid, self-important dumb-asses have even heard of World War Two,and think that Hitler was a fictional character from them DVD films; a bit like Blofeld from James Bond, who they think are real historical figures!
We could really do with the French team going as well, as France seems to have a real bad case of Holocaust denial, and a shit load of complicity issues to deal with.

 Altogether a sonically accurate portrayal of industrialised mass murder, totally lacking in the sentimentality and emotional pornography that usually accompanies the subject.


A- Treblinka, Auchwitz,Maidanek,Auchwitz (Reprise) (23:25)
B- Belzec, Chelmno, Sobibor. (22:57)

DOWNLOAD the mediafire from a mass cremation HERE!

M.B. (Maurizio Bianchi) - " S.F.A.G. 81 " - (Broken Flag Cassette BF 18B) 1983

If you've ever worked in a Factory, and I never have, this is what it theoretically sounds like. Like that moment when you've just sliced your pinky finger off on the meat packing machine, and you slowly fall to the concrete.Semi-consciously the evil concoction of slavery and consumer greed mixes with the funkless rhythm of the pie machine;as  fed through the works tannoy, to create an horrific symphony of droning torture.
What have we done to ourselves? Slaves of freedom,or freedom to be slaves. Just say NO!...or better still just say FUCK OFF!
We also oppose all dogmatic verbal systems!

This tape - very good.

Track Listing:

A Untitled 31:01
B Untitled 25:21

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M.B. (Maurizio Bianchi) - "Mectpyo" - (Grand Mal edicions 1985) 1980

A Spanish release of an earlier self-released cassette from 1980.
Sounding like an approaching doomsday machine, crushing your nuclear bunker, then wiping your brain with its unstoppable sonic weaponry. Parts sound like a ZX spectrum programme or pogrom, fed through a fucked up distortion pedal. This is the sound of a failing society, which I suspect is exactly the image that M.B. wants to project. The answer to which is inevitably something dodgy and right wing. But who wants answers????...I fucking don't !!...if a society is failing, let it fail. This is natural law is it not?
The answer to life ,the universe and everything is.....There is NO answer.......it just IS!
Put that piece of cod philosophy in yer proverbial pipe and choke on it!
And oh, by the way....this is a great fucking Tape!


A - Maidanek Bakterium & Musique Belze  )44:43)
B - Mutant Brain & Mord Bahnhof  (44:32)

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M.B. (Maurizio Bianchi) - "NH/HN" - (Grafika Airlines Cassette GRA5 ) 1981

Bianchi recreates the demolition of a Nuclear Power plant in Electronic sound. The failing Hum of generators serenaded by the pulse of pneumatic jackhammers echoing through the crumbling chambers of Chernobyl's reactor B.Encase this C-60 in concrete and it'll drill its own way out to freedom to spread its healing radiation in your direction.
Music for technophobes and Luddites alike.
(Released on the Belgian Grafika Airlines Label in 1981.)


Neuro Habitat 30:25
Humus Nucléaire 30:56

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M.B. ( Maurizio Bianchi ) - " I.B.M. " - (Murder Release Cassette MR12) 1982

Probably the MB tape I've played the most. A melange of knob twiddled burbling synthesiers, and oscillators that sound like they've been cross bred with a hand wound 78 player. This is the kind of noise you can listen to, without those awful ear piercing squeals; relying on the softer bubbly electronic noises which sit comfortably in the mid-range.If you have tinnitus , like I do after years of noise abuse, then this will be extremely welcome.
A very listenable electronic soup.
(And of course we all know that I.B.M. supplied the Nazi's with office machines that made the solving of the Final Solution more efficient. America's unpunished I.G.Farben. Close the fuckers down)

Track Listing:




M.B. ( Maurizio Bianchi ) - "Industrial Tape" ( self -released Cassette 01) 1980

Boy this is good.....let me explain.
Track one sounds like several records stuck in a lock-groove edited together under ten feet of dirty water.
Track two sounds like several recordings of wild animals being drowned stuck in a lock-groove.....er....underwater!
Track three sounds like Sweep from the 'Sooty Show'* being slowly liquidised in a blunt blender.
And track four is the sound of the blender dying as Sweep's mangled textile body wraps around the blades.
Those Italians!!!!

This is definitely the muzak they should play to the workforce in sweatshops all across the undeveloped world, to help them rebel and save the Earth from ourselves.......in fact, why bother, we all deserve our inevitable fate.......extinction is natural kids, embrace it.

* For Jonny Foreigner out there,'The Sooty and Sweep Show' was a kiddies TV programme in the UK from 1950's to the present day.....bizarre is not the word! Check it out HERE!


A1 Untitled
A2 Untitled
B1 Untitled
B2 Untitled

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Sunday 29 December 2013

M.B. (Maurizio Bianchi) - " Voyeur Tape " (YHR Tapes YHR005) 1980

Maurizio Bianchi from Milano, Italy, started working in 1979 using pre-recorded filtered sounds and in 1980 bought his own electronic equipment to "produce technological sounds to work for a full awareness of modern decadence"...mmmmmmmm(thinks).......sounds like a  rather right wing musical manifesto; but this tape won't be labelled boring by the heard-it-all before crowd, 'cus Maurizio Bianchi is acceptable Industrial music. Personally, all Industrial music bores the fuck out of me, mainly because its so fucking easy.
This may have something to do with the enormous back catalogue MB has, shitting out so many wobbly tape collages ,that one could fill a European Union crop surplus warehouse, and then some. The Mr Grain Mountain or Wine Lake of Industrial music.....sorry....musick.
Many of the visitors to this site could go on forever about the awful cliché ridden disco and rock hits of today, but even they pale into insignificance at the repeated themes of ALL Industrial artists.......Auschwitz, Nazi's, Mass Murderers,Sadism, Paedophilia, Aliester Crowley-isms....blah,blah, blah!...yawn!
All that aside, this is rather good to listen to while you're doing something else, and the collage of various manipulated tapes sounds even better on this rather muffled C-60 cassette release from 30+ years ago.
If MB didn't have so many of those annoying Holocaust references etc on his future releases, we could probably call this Avant-garde tape composition. This, and many of his earlier tapes, thankfully are holocaust free, and doesn't add to an already growing culture of Holocaust fatigue.
"Who cares about the Holocaust" they say.......well, its because of unimaginative Industrial music and cheap TV channels banging on constantly about Hitler that the young are fed up hearing about it.
If I'd just heard this for the first time, I'd have labelled it as a work of near genius back in 1980, so therefore it gets 8/10, well worth a download in my opinion.

Track Listing:

Untitled 31:09
Untitled 31:57

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M.B. (Maurizio Bianchi) - "Cold Tape" - ( YHR Tapes YHR006) 1980

This is what I love about Cassettes,the shear crapness of them often takes the music into another place. Ferric Oxide, formula (Fe2O3), was my favourite recording medium.It had such a low frequency response, and wore out so quickly, that it changed any sound into something that came from a neighbouring room, rather than from your cassette deck just a few feet away from you.
This is what has happened to M.B.'s 'Cold tape', and it sounds all the better for it.It helps that the composition itself sounds like a tape being chewed up between the pinchers of some cheap cassette player.Plenty of wobbly malfunction, out of phase undulating tape loops, with even more wobbly synthesisers. It seems a shame to label this Industrial Music, but that's the shoe box its been crammed into.
Mainly due to the fascist leaning titles of some of his later releases.
This is like listening to the downfall of technology whilst smothering yourself under a ducky-down pillow.


Side 1 :  Untitled 32:09
Side 2 : Untitled 31:30

DOWNLOAD a compressed cold mp3 file HERE!

M.B. (Maurizio Bianchi) - "Atomique Tape" - (Self-Released Cassette 02) 1980

Very early self-released tape from the prolific Maurizio Bianchi from 1980.
More scraping, buzzing, tape manipulation, looping, circuit bending, musique concrete, in an Industrial stylee.
Recorded with that classic Ferric Oxide underwater effect on a classic BASF LH60......what more could a young lady want?


Untitled (6:47)

Untitled (3:31)

Untitled (3:40)

Untitled (17:04)

Untitled (5:34)

Untitled (6:24)

Untitled (13:32)

Untitled (5:26)

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Mauthausen Orchestra - "2nd Movement" - (Aquilifer Sodality 1AE) 1983

One of Maurizio Bianchi (MB)'s colleagues in the same field of sado-fascism obsessed industrial noise, charmingly named after the Mauthausen forced labour camp. This is far from another gay romp with Adolf and Eva at  Bertesgarten, and is nothing like listening to the sound of the slow death of slavery.What the noise on this C-60 invokes is more like the electronic soundtrack of  some reality TV version of the Vietnam War. We got approaching attack Helicopters, Napalm airstrikes, burning vegetation, the rumble of B-52's. This could be the Industrial 'Apocalypse Now'.

Track Listing: 

Side A : Untitled 1 (30:01)
Side B : Untitled 2 (26:05)

DOWNLOAD 2nd movement HERE!

Mauthausen Orchestra - "Murderfuck" (Aquilifer Sodality – 1AE 14020 ) 1983

Another cassette that sounds like a badly tuned radio fed through a marshall stack from Pierpaolo Zoppo's Mauthausen project.
Side A sounds like various jet aircraft, percussion drills, and closely miked escaping gas from a nuclear cooling system.
Side B sounds like a wobbly recording of the bridge of the USS Enterprise as it is consumed by a black hole; rather like the black hole on the cover of this C-45 cassette insert.....insert!....Geddit? Hahaha.
Ooooh these Italians are mucky buggers.

Track Listing:

Side A : Untitled (22:02)
Side B : Untitled (20:12)


Saturday 28 December 2013

Mauthausen Orchestra - "Dedicated to Josef Goebbels" - ( Aquilifer Sodality 1AE 08008) 1983

One doubts somewhat that Herr Goebbels would have appreciated this formless racket. Straight into the 'Degenerate art' exhibition it would have gone, and Pierpaolo Zoppo (the Italian sub-genius behind M.O.) would have been sent to a concentration camp, or just executed without trial. Goebbels is an interesting choice to dedicate 60 minutes of noise to; him being probably the most unlikeable member of the Nazi elite.....and that's saying something.
We are treated to some prime Goebbels rhetoric amongst the cacophony, and i'm glad I can't speak German, or it could sour the experience a tad listening to his confused hateful platitudes, sandwiched between the odd rogue marching band.
Whatever the underlying themes behind this sonic atrocity are, I hope it has something to do with mirroring the dark side of humanity, a la Whitehouse's various 'dedicated to....' tracks/albums, and not something that glorifies such a hideous little toad such as the 'lovely' Josef G.?


Untitled 1
Untitled 2
Untitled 3
Untitled 4
Untitled 5

DOWNLOAD a 'tribute' to the nazi minister of propaganda HERE!
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Mauthausen Orchestra - "Bloodyminded" - ( Aquilifer Sodality – 1AE 05005 ) 1983

Strategically place a microphone in a steelworks or in the turbine room of a near-by hydro electric project , and you too can make a cassette like this. Use some unpleasant imagery , coupled with themes from the dark side of human behaviour, and call yourself something vaguely  sexual or fascistic. Then you can release as many Industrial albums you so desire. This music is as formulaic as anything made by Stock, Aitkin and Waterman in the dark days of the eighties UK charts.
Although, having said that, I love this kind of formula. Anything that sounds like a malfunctioning Elevator plummeting down a lift-shaft towards certain death is fine by me. Nasty but nice!

Track Listing:

Side A : Untitled 1 (31:37)
Side B : Untitled 2 (25:06)

DOWNLOAD the sound of falling elevators HERE!
Now available for DOWNLOAD on bloody Mediafire!

Mauthausen Orchestra - " Anal Perversions " - ( Aquilifer Sodality 1AE 15022) 1985

You dirty little perverts! What are you doing looking at images like this? Should be ashamed of yourselves!
Using your thirst for listening to 60 minutes of prime Italian industrial noise as an excuse is beyond contempt.
This non-music is notoriously hard to masturbate to anyway, and has been known to cause deafness as well as blindness in sad, lonely Industrial knob jockeys everywhere. You have been warned.
The noise itself is basically the sound of a landfill site for side A, and an exact copy of a Sinclair spectrum ZX or Commodore 64 programme, crossed with a dial up internet connection tone from the 1990's.
If you do intend to masturbate whilst listening to this, and looking at the above image, I have serious worries about your mental well being!

Track Listing:

Side A - Untitled (22:58)
Side B - Untitled (21:36)

DOWNLOAD your anal perversions HERE!

Solid Space - "Space Museum" (In Phaze Records – IP 011 ) 1982

I will soften the sonic ambiance further with a slew of minimal electronica.
First up is this quaintly dated synth and indie guitar classic by Solid Space (including former Exhibit A and Twelve Cubic Feet members), on the infamous In-Phaze Records; home of among others, Portion Control.
Its sort of a hybrid of The Cure, Pet Shop Boys, and the Instant Automatons. A naive sounding electro-pop classic.
In its way this is as disturbing as the Mathausen Orchestra, especially the Neil Tennant impression vocals; frightening.

DOWNLOAD this space museum HERE!

DZ Lectric - "Le Moine" - (Fraction Studio FS28 ) 1984

Minimal Electronics from the land where everyone and his/her granny had a minimal electronic project going in the early eighties;......Belgium.......er.....no!!!....this chap turns out to be French!!!!????....and Good! A very rare combination.
A very dark moody collection of experimental instrumentals that some clever wags out there call `Darkwave`. Plenty sombre throbbing synths, slow motion tapes of choirs, even some `Hookesque` guitar twanging........you get the picture.
Basically this is a great tape for the sulky teen in us all.

Track Listing:

Le Sermon

La Chute

Le Guet-Apens

La Nonne Sanglante

L'Enterrement Prematuré

La Tentation

La Conjuration Magique


Le Revenant

Le Souterrain

Le Viol



DZ Lectric - " Russo-American Songs " - (Ventilo Records - Ventilo 1) 1982

DZ Lectric`s ,aka Christian Dezert`s, second tape release from 1982.
Top quality minimalist electronica on a budget, that even includes a Ramones cover!?,and a rather Gay version of "Fever".
Rather good is this geezer,(still can`t believe he`s French! Must have a Belgian in the family somewhere?)

Track Listing:

Our Mother, Our Girls


Planned Accidents



N.Y. By Night


Le Chemin De Croix

(La Fonction De) L'Orgasme

Chanson Pour Les P4

Le Moine

Remember, When You Ate All Those Trips

Villa Triste

DOWNLOAD some russo-american songs HERE!

DZ Lectric and Athon Shield - "Garçons Oubliés" - (Presence Records - Pre 018) 1985

This is a bona fide C-30 classic of the genre, from its electro-sexual pencil drawing cover, to the influence revealing Suicide cover, to the smooth solid state sequencing. Great Minimal Wave doomy electronica, straight outta Dijon, France; a place only famous previously for mustard manufacture. Although I`m a big fan of Mustard, this boyish duo electronique is definitely hotter, so make sure they`re not forgotten!

Track Listing:


La Place Rouge

I Cut Her Eyes

La Nausée Et L'Angoisse


Forgotten Boys

Liquid Time


L'Eternel Retour

La Presqu'île

DOWNLOAD these forgotten boys HERE!

Mecanique Végétale - " Musique pour Self-Service " - ( Grafika Airlines – GRA 8 ) 1981

Released on the rather marvelous Grafika Airlines cassette label from.....Belgium; this is an outstanding creation of epicly hypnotique, minimally electronique proportions. Reminds one greatly of the equally superb Sea Of Wires, from around the same era. Most likely they used the exact same budget synths, made to sound even lower budget by the splendid medium of ferric oxide cassette tape.
So, get in your home made flotation tank and regress to the analogue beauty of "Musique Pour Self-Service".( whether that alludes to some sort of masturbatory accompaniment I do not know? Its up to you.)

Track Listing:

A1 Intetatia 3:02
A2 Ne Cherchez Plus Le... 3:49
A3 Sorry For The Sound 3:31
A4 Ballade Mystique 4:34
A5 Chasse Gardée 4:18
A6 Choeurs De L'Abbaye 4:42
A7 Vue Sur La Mer 1:59
A8 Qui A Tué L'Eucharistie? 2:55
A9 Sanctuaire Primitiff 1:56
B1 La Sirène De Biarritz 3:00
B2 Il Était Une Fois Dans L'est 3:46
B3 La Décadence Du Chasseur 2:50
B4 Saignements Ordinaires 1:48
B5 Non Retour 3:06
B6 La Danse Du Lièvre 2:27
B7 La Solitude Du Piège 3:40
B8 Brouillard Diabolique 6:18
B9 Résurgence 3:45

DOWNLOAD by self-service HERE!

Friday 27 December 2013

PiL / Public Image Limited - "Live at the Rainbow, 26th December 1978"

Christmas day 1978 was lacking something for my 14 year old self. My brother and cousin were noticeably absent from the family festivities. Then the gutting news filtered out that they had gone to London to see Johnny Rotten's new group!! Left to watch the Morecambe and Wise Christmas show, while they were lording it down at the Rainbow!
One anecdote sticks in my brain, as relayed by my older sibling, was when a lack of appreciation was evident for support band Basement 5, the droning voice of one J. Rotten was heard over the PA suggesting some activity in this department;
"I hear no applause???", said mr Lydon.
The response of the audience was obedience personified, and they applauded as ordered by their leader. Oh those rebellious punk rockers eh?
As the Christmas day show wasn't bootlegged(which apparently It Was I am now told!?), we'll have to make do with the boxing day show instead. In all its warehouse style acoustic glory.
Lydon, the voice that launched a thousand DIY bands.

DOWNLOAD boxing day 1978 HERE!