Thursday 25 June 2015

THE BLIND MAN WHO WALKED PAST THE SUPERMARKET - "Jolly Green Giant Corn (The First Can Off The Shelf)" (Year Zero Records YEAR031) (1978/80) 2015

From the catacombs beneath the underground,and maybe even below that, we bring you the long lost sessions of Leicester DIY improv collective, The Blind man Who walked Past the Supermarket,who were active in the golden years of 1978 to 1980.
Digitally remastered from the original high quality Dixons ferric oxide master cassette,here is a rare chance to experience the madness from the bubbling cauldron of thee most creative period in British music.
Imagine The Alien Brains and The Door and the Window,merging with Sun Ra,Airway and The Residents, but drunk; then you'd be getting half way towards understanding the off kilter lunacy of this long buried sub-genius.
Just the stuff to encourage that person you hate to shout..."TURN THAT FUCKING SHIT OFF!"
The Blind Men in action
The Blind Man Who Walked Past The Supermarket
Personnel and instrumentation 1978-1980:

Phillip Allison - saxophone shouting, contents of the kitchen and shed, keyboards, prepared bass

Mark Warner - submerged trombone, more competent keyboards, tapes, electronics, contents of the etc, vocals and sneaky stage moves, prepared bass, mutilated keyboards

Gordon Nichols - airborne trombone, percussion, laughter, contents of the etc

Hoover Washing Machine - lead guitar, backing rhythms

Old Valve Radio - Radio Mars

Moot, Tony Pye(Lead Vocals*), Walid Marzouk - excessive drinking and occasional rude vocals

Track listing:

01 - Blind Man 01
02 - Blind Man 02
03 - Blind Man 03
04 - Blind Man 04
05 - Blind Man 05
06 - Blind Man 06
07 - Blind Man 07
08 - Blind Man 08
09 - Blind Man 09
10 - Blind Man 10
11 - Blind Man 11(Maria!)*
12 - Blind Man 12
13 - Blind Man 13

Ho Ho Hooooo!DOWNLOAD the first can of jolly green giant corn HERE!
in glorious 320k mp3 quality.

Wednesday 17 June 2015

Prutsers - "Volume 2" (Year Zero records YEAR033) 2015

The long awaited second volume (On Year Zero records) from Rotterdam nutters, Prutsers. Jan, Henk and chums, making Oompah computer game musik filtered through the crustier ends of the Ralph Records repertoire.
For a more in-depth info, check out the text for Prutsers "Volume 1".(Year zero records YEAR016)

Track Listing:

1- No Title
2- Kinderhaat
3- Sperziebonen
4- Love in the old fashioned way
5- Buck Rogers
6- It's a small world
7- Tuh tuh tuh
8- Lay back in the arms of someone
9- Hakkie hakkie hakkie
10- Dat ik hieraan moet den
11- Down by the riverside
12- Een goed ontwikkelde
13- De chinese thee
14- Rabibok
15- Ppo Rap Song
16- Erschrecklich kalt
17- Heel mijn haar zit door mekaar
18- De Straatmuzikant
19- Hoi Hoi
20- Omtrent mijn nieuwe kapsel

DOWNLOAD something rotten but not forgotten from rotterdam HERE!

Monday 15 June 2015

Leslie Singer ‎– "Confessions Of A Shit Addict" (Self-released ‎– GOF004) 1983

Its about time I started to lower the tone a few notches, and describe this harsh, scraping,feminist noise fest with a picture to replace my confused ramblings:

This isn't my advertisement by the way,and i'm not sure Leslie Singer would approve?
I also do not require any lady to shit on my chest!
Is this person saying anyone who has string attached to her 'poop' should remove these strings,or he ain't interested?

By the way, side B was left blank,and labelled,quite cleverly, 'Audience Participation Side'.

PS: Side A is exceedingly noisy


Sadistic Gossip
A1Dead Poets Don't Shave Their Heads
A2Camus' Car Crash
A3My Calvins
A4Fassbinder Had A Good Designer
Mary Davis Kills Mary Davis Kills
A5Live At Ollie's In Oakland, CA On 7/22/83

DOWNLOAD into your audio toilet at your convenience HERE! 

Saturday 13 June 2015

Cybe ‎– "Cybonesië - Tropische Klankbeelden" (Self Released cassette cass. 003) 1985

You know what? I forgot to post the third and final Cybe cassette from one of the more dodgier periods of Rock'n'pop's golden era , 1985. One to rival 1974 for clueless awfulness,but still better than any year from 1989 to 2015.
You could be forgiven in thinking that Cybe had lost his mojo with his third cassette release. Its more or less an electronic version of Martin Denny's Exotica.  He's obviously been saving up his Gilders to buy one of those new fangled digital synths,and a sampler,to make this ethnically coloured trip into the space-age batchelor pad of the mid-eighties.
It falls into the trap of synths trying to be real instruments syndrome, or syn-drum(?); which is never recommended.
Still has a few hooky melodies floating around the Gamelan simulations and factory standard sitar samples(was this an Ensoniq Mirage by any chance?),but the drum machine seems to still be analogue;so it ain't all bad.
On the evidence of this, Cybe didn't do anymore tapes because he fucked off to Bali to hang with the natives?!


A1De Oriënt-Swing
A3Krung Thep
A6Elektro Gamelan
A8Little Arabië
B1Kupu Kupu, Kupu Kupu (Vlinders)

DOWNLOAD this klankbleelden exotica electronica HERE!

Thursday 11 June 2015

Tom Ellard -"80's cheesecake" (Terse Tapes - Terse 17) 1982

Before any anoraks jump in, yeah this is the re-released CD-r version,which was an expanded version (beefed up with tracks from "Snappy Carrion" also from 1982) of the original tape,which I don't have.So there you have it.
Tom Ellard, from Severed Heads, did a solo minimal electronic tape shocker!? A jolly clever escapade,with a plethora of speech samples,on tape,backed up by lo-fi beats and minimal synths.Could have been made today instead of 33 years ago.


01Anthem 824:24
09Our Work For Love At Home5:21
10Power Circles In Paris3:09
11These Are The Words5:58
15The Louis Armstrong Story

DOWNLOAD some tasty cheesecake that isn't past its sell by date HERE!

Tuesday 9 June 2015

Courtiszan - "Meretrix" (ZH27 - 606) 1999

Two more prolific collaborators a-collaborating.
That's right, its Reynols guitar nutter, Anla Courtis,and Zan Hoffman, that grinning loony and one man cassette and Cd-r production line.
This single track is not unlike the noise emitted by a concrete mixer full of fire alarms,ringing telephones,various bells and steel bars,mixed in with some hardcore and coarse gravel.All accompanied by the random crunching of crisp bags (potato chips for our north american friends).
But then that's what one would expect from this unhinged duo,is it not?

DOWNLOAD some abstract hardcore collage HERE!

Sunday 7 June 2015

Adam Bohman & David Prescott ‎– "Whispering Wendy" (Sound Of Pig ‎– SOP 180) 1987

Prolific collaborator, David Prescott,produced this abstract electronic noise collage,with prolific collaborator, Brit, Adam Bohman;whom you probably know from such groups as 'Apricot My lady', 'Diastollic Murmurs' and,my favourite, 'Secluded Bronte'?
Well, probably not,but he is obviously suitably 'out there' enough to get on Sound Of Pig,and work with 'If,Bwana' a couple of times.
Who,or what, Whispering Wendy is/was,is a side issue,as the tape that bears her/it's name is a mash-up of twisting, gurgling, sonic exploration that wriggles like an Eel in yer brain; finding an entrance where it can.

Track Listing:

Side A - Bohman Mix (26:35)
Side B - Prescott Mix (30:08)

DOWNLOAD a wriggling eel into your mind HERE!

Saturday 6 June 2015

Dave Prescott ‎– "Red Shift 5" (Sound Of Pig ‎– SOP 246) 1987

No relation to John "Two Jags" Prescott, ex-deputy prime minister of the UK who punched a member of the public after throwing an egg at him,and his ratings went up?No, this is a Prescott from the other end of the intellectual ladder,as in the higher end.
If we are still referring to Tangerine Dream albums as an analogous comparison, this tape is definitely "Electronic Meditation",but without the drums and jazzy flute.Its been a while since the last cassette that has been featured one could apply a comparison with the soundtrack of "The Forbidden Planet",but, this reminds me of the "Soundtrack to "The Forbidden Planet", parts.
Boston,USA, based Prescott,was a prolific collaborator on the cassette culture scene in America,producing tapes with such luminaries as Minoy(and here), Zan Hoffman,and Al Margolis's If Bwana(whose label this appears on).
His vast arsenal of first generation synths are urged through constantly changing electronic hoops,buzzing and bleeping amongst an array of sound effects and captured dialogue. Not an electronic journey for those who like a nice bit of melody.......there isn't any of that populist nonsense here.

Track Listing:

1-Side 1 (43:11)
2-Side 2 (41:48)

DOWNLOAD dave "two sides" prescott HERE!

Friday 5 June 2015

Paul Nagle ‎– "Chimera" (Soft Room ‎– SR015) 1983

A more Kosmiche outing for Nagle,on his own Soft Room imprint.If we're using the Tangerine Dream analogy again, this starts off like 'Alpha Centuri',then bits of 'Tangram'(again) and 'Richochet' elevate this out of the ambient myre into the realms of accessibility.
Needless to say, it's jam packed with great analogue warmth and a theraputic bubble bath full of stretched out symphonic melodies.

DOWNLOAD some chrom-dioxide bath salts HERE!

Wednesday 3 June 2015

Paul Nagle ‎– "Tree And Leaf" (YHR Tapes ‎– YHR 021) 1981

Paul Nagle was far less proggy (even though it says "Inspired by Tolkien" on the insert!?) than Ian Boddy,leaning towards the library music that played between those programmes for schools back in the 70's and 80's. Too jaunty for use on the Testcard and often strays into minimal synth territory with some tasty analogue sounds.
Music for intermissions rather than the main show,but nevertheless pleasant enough post-prog electronica,like Tangerine Dream around the time of "Tangram", rather than "Phaedra".
Er...that's it.

DOWNLOAD the lord of the ring modulators HERE!

Tuesday 2 June 2015

Ian Boddy ‎– "Images" (Mirage) 1980

Another slab of post-prog prog, testcard music for the uninitiated.This is actually quite punk rock in its carbuncular anti-trend stance. If I had heard this in 1980 I would have thought Mr Boddy was having a laugh,but now I know better.He was deadly serious,he really wanted to be Vangelis,and probably still does. 

Monday 1 June 2015

Ian Boddy - "Elements Of Chance" (Mirage ‎– M602) 1981

Back in '81,while you and your mates were all listening to "cool" music, like Josef K,The Fall,and Cabaret Voltaire. There was always some introspective loner,with a ponytail , and a quietly expressed preference for Tangerine Dream, lurking in the corner of the Sixth-form common room. Just behind the middle class kids in denim jackets with Blue Oyster Cult patches and Genesis written in Biro on their copies of the collected poems of Philip Larkin.
This lot were 'Weird', sucked into the prog vacuum left by Punk Rock,totally oblivious to that rowdy phenomenon,due to their complete and utter mis-comprehension  of anything vaguely proletarian in origin. But the weirdest of the lot was the Tangerine Dream worshipping teenager.
Of course this kind of geek could also find himself a home in Industrial Music, like Chris Carter of Throbbing Gristle,or they could end up like Ian Boddy.
The DIY era gave these misfits a chance to get their electronic symphonies out to bother the public,and so they did.
This stuff can sound like anything from a pale shadow of Steve Reich, to a radio shack Klaus Schulz,to mid-eighties Testcard music. 
This album manages to fit in all of these category's into 45 minutes; but at least he uses a Boss Dr. Rhythm drum box,which was my first drum machine, and I wish i still had it.


A1 Iaja 4:50
A2 Natural Motion 3:40
A3 Four Views 18:00
B1  Surface Touches 9:05
B2  Elements Of Chance

DOWNLOAD some extremely unfashionable progressive electronics from 1981 HERE!