Sunday 16 February 2014

Merzbow - " Yantra Material Action " (Lowest Music and Artists Records) 1982

the non-music on this C-46,is a more laid back version of Merzbow from the early eighties. Plenty of manipulated tape loops, detuned guitars, DIY drumming, and knob twiddling; all inevitably fed through a bank of circuit bending effects. Some sounds a lot like a badly tuned Shortwave Radio routed through a Marshall stack, and others like a bubbling electronic soup boiling over on gas mark 9.
If you like the sound of a red hot skewer inserted into your temporal lobe then this is for you. A fine sonic interpretation of the Human animal, a kind of ethnic industrial folk for the tribes of the 21st century.

Recorded at various locations, 1981.
Mixed at Junktion Music Works, 1981.

Track Listing:

01 Untitled (11:25)
02 Untitled (2:52)
03 Untitled (1:48)
04 Untitled (4:37)
05 Untitled (1:06)
06 Untitled (8:40)
07 Untitled (7:26)
08 Untitled (4:35)

DOWNLOAD some Yantra Material Action HERE!

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