Saturday, 8 February 2014

Minóy - "Pretty Young Negro Man" (Sound of Pig Music SOP62) 1986

Mmmmm, Pretty Young Negro Man, great bigot baiting title,and rather uncomfortable for those who are unsure about their questionable sexuality!
Solo Minoy from 1986; which equates to ,obscure loner makes daring DIY avant gardening cassette, just as the state of music slowly recovers from the all time low of 1985. Side A is the tape loops in a rusty bladed blender time,- you know you want this; while side B is the sound of a radio dial being turned randomly by an detuned violin.Though sadly, Minóy does none of his excellent poetry narration, which is greatly missed.
This sounds rather good when one plays both sides simultaneously.
I have done this,and I think it may even be better than as the artist intended!

DOWNLOAD your own pretty young negro man HERE!

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