Sunday 30 June 2019

Marjoe Gortner ‎– "Bad But Not Evil" (Chelsea Records ‎– CHE-1005) 1972

Being a native of the dark industrial wastelands of the Midlands in the worlds first industrial economy of Great Britain, Country Rock and Americana did not sit comfortably in my understanding.Living in the birthplace of Doom Metal,Black Sabbath is our country music,It took me decades to listen to Country Rock stuff such as Bob Dylan,Neil Young,The Byrds and that singer-songwriter awfulness. At the same time I can get lost in the romance of the American Road Movie.
Marjoe Gortner was once the 'worlds Youngest Evangelist Preacher' between the ages of 4 to 8, and earned hundreds of thousands of Dollar for his parents, before he became an actor,and during his career revival in 1972 recorded an album of rather good Americana country tinged balladry.Under the aupices of Tom Scott, the writer of the marvelously funky theme to 'Starsky and Hutch'.....did i tell you I had a pint with Huggy Bear in a pub in mt hometown of Leicester back in the nineties.....he said 'I Like to meet the people'!?
Marjoe was a celebrity,like Huggy Bear, after a documentary following his revived Evangelist career.So, he had to try and cash in.Especially as he came out as an Atheist and revealed he only preached 'God's Word' for the Cash.....and I don't mean Johnny Cash. either.
Looking at the images on the cover,he just seems to be the perfect manifestation of the mid western bigot, but now we know otherwise, I kinda like this album a lot. I've played it three times so far,which is a rarity for me in these dark days. I may play those religious period Bob Dylan albums next....whats happening to me?

A1 Hoe-Bus 5:05
A2 The Ballad Of Spider John 4:30
A3 Lo And Behold! 4:05
A4 Wind Up 5:35
A5 I'm A Man 3:37
B1 Collection Box 4:25
B2 Glory Glory Hallelujah 3:40
B3 I Shall Be Released 3:10
B4 Faith Healing Remedy (Jesus Is Your Friend) 4:17

Marjoe Gortner ‎– "Worlds Youngest Evangelist" (Marjoe Gortner self-released ‎– MG 1001) 1972

Marjoe Gortner ,the worlds youngest preacher, began harming brains and ears at the ripe old age of 4??
He first gained public attention during the late 1940s when his parents arranged for him at age four to be ordained as a preacher, due to his extraordinary speaking ability. He was the youngest known in that position. As a young man, he preached on the revival circuit and brought celebrity to the revival movement.
He became a celebrity again during the 1970s when he starred in Marjoe (1972), a behind-the-scenes documentary about the lucrative business of Pentecostal preaching. This won the 1972 Academy Award for Best Documentary Film. And is now noted as one of the most vehement criticisms of Pentecostal preaching west of the Pecos.

The best thing about Marjoe was that he admitted to being an Atheist, and he only did the preaching for the money.Not that that stopped him getting any bookings however!?A lot of such admissions were revealed in the documentary film.
The fact that a four year old can extol the virtues of christianity to an adoring audience of desperate 'adult' americans shows the intellectual depth that this nonsense requires to quickly build up a following of willing cash donators. Its just another confidence trick that too many humans are only too enthusiastic to be suckered into;but at least they know they're gonna live forever? Until they die that is.
Fuck Me! Will someone tell this kid to SHUT UP!!!!!?


A1 To This End Was I Born (Age 4)
A2 You'd Better Get Ready (Age 4)
A3 Now Is The Hour (Age 4)
A4 The Great Judgement Morning (Age 6)
A5 Jesus Came (Age 4)
B1 I'll Carry The Torch (Age 6)
B2 It's In My Heart (Age 6)
B3 Lovers Lane (Age 6)
B4 Hell With The Lid Off (Age 8)
B5 Gods Blockade (Age 8)
B6 I Love That Man Of Galilee (Age 8)

Saturday 29 June 2019

The Christophers ‎– "Christopher Recordings On Sex Instruction" (Christopher Recordings) 1951

The normal way that Christians provided sex instruction for children, especially by Priests and the like, was usually to shag them.
If i didn't have chemicals that made me behave otherwise, I think this sickly sweet, gender stereotypical, christian vomit-fest would turn me off Sex for life, and the life after that.
The fact that there's absolutly no need for Sex in the here-after would in fact put a lot of christians off obeying the ten commandments to avoid being sent there.Which would lead to an epidemic of adultery,murder,theft,graven image drawing,false god worship, baring false witness,and worst of the lot....working on sunday!? couldn't make this up could you?.....but someone did!!!?
Which, all told, is not too bad, considering that the Bible seems to positvely recommend such behaviours outside of the commandments betrothed to Moses as, Gang Rape,Genocide,Infanticide, Mysogyny,and Extreme Homophobia.
True, the Koran has 72 Virgins set aside for any martyr who dies during the Jihad;which isn't a lot for a randy (arse)soul living for all eternity in 'Paradise'. Aren't Virgins renowned for being crap in bed anyway? And what about contraception,as Sex is strictly for making Babies in the various holy books,and any measures against pregnancy are also a big No No!? So in fact, these martyrs are tortured for eternity, surrounded by 72 Virgins that they can't have sex with,or Heaven would be full of Kids!
As ther seems to be only two kids in the Christopher family,and as they are law abiding Christians, this implies that the ones giving this instruction have only had sex twice in their Marriage Union.
As skin crawling as this record is,it's also very funny.Which is a combination one always enjoys.

A1 How Babies Are Born
A2 Menstruation
B1 Problems Of Growing Boys
B2 The Marriage Union

DOWNLOAD the christian guide to fucking HERE!

Floyd Robinson ‎– "Charlie the Hamster Sings The Ten Commandments" (Singcord ‎– ZLP 3009) 1977

Ignorant of the raging Punk Rock wars of 1977, Charlie the Hamster  carries on regardless hammering christianity into the heads of the god fearin'kids in the states of the mid west and south. Roughly the same places the Sex Pistols visited on their fateful tour of the USA. They broke up, probably due to the power of Charlie The Hamster in alliance with God.
Commandment One, "thou shalt have no other gods before me"!?...says Charlie with a giggle.
He was either admiting that this awful little rodent was in fact 'God', or letting the secret out of the bag that there are, in fact, 'other' Gods? 
So much for Monotheistic religion then?


A1 Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me 2:00
A2 Thou Shalt Not Make Unto Thee Any Graven Image 1:30
A3 Thou Shalt Not Take The Name Of The Lord Thy God In Vain 1:54
A4 Remember The Sabbath Day To Keep It Holy 1:54
A5 Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother 1:57
A6 Thou Shalt Not Kill 1:52
A7 Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery 1:04
B1 Thou Shalt Not Steal 2:18
B2 Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness 1:42
B3 Thou Shalt Not Covet 1:24
B4 The Ten Commandments 1:00
B5 Commandments Of Love 1:48
B6 Praise Strings 1:23
B7 Treasures 1:07

Friday 28 June 2019

Floyd Robinson ‎– "Charlie The Hamster Teaches Bible Stories" ( Singcord ‎– ZLP 938) 1974

"Lets tell the boys and girls what's its like to live in a Christian nation Charlie", says this complete bastard Floyd Robinson. In fact Charlie is the only Hamster I would gladly euthanize.
This greatly irritating attempt to indoctrinate our offspring is one of the best arguments for capital punishment this side of the American Taliban bible belt's enthusiasm for "lynchin' n****rs",and stoning homosexuals to death.
I wonder what Charlie's opinions are on Blacks and Homosexuals?
Triple X-rated I should imagine.
I bet Charlie won't be relaying the Bible Stories about Genocide,Incest,Statutory rape,Rape,Infanticide,murder,misogyny,and how animals,including cute little Charlie aren't allowed in Heaven.


A1 It's Fun To Live For Jesus 2:15
A2 Sunday School 2:45
A3 Stand Up For Jesus 2:45
A4 Twelve Disciples 2:18
A5 Jesus 1:55
B1 A B C's 1:31
B2 Hamster Harmony 2:221
B3 I've Got Jesus 1:20
B4 The B-I-B-L-E 2:06
B5 Say A Prayer 2:14

Thursday 27 June 2019

Lil' Markie ‎– "Volume 1 : Music To Serve The Lord By" (Mark Fox Family Ministries ‎– MF-01) 1979

Christian Ventriloquists is an obscure but fruitful bracket for the downright weirdWe've had Little Marcy,there's a Little Cindy, and now ,the worst of the lot, Little Markie.
The personification of pure naked evil is usually a subjective opinion based on personal beliefs....but, I think we can all agree that Mark Fox, also know as 'Lil' Markie' comes very close to winning the prize. Hitler don't make the top three for me,'cus at least he was honest about what he wanted to do, Stalin probably gets the Bronze, second place could be Jimmy Savile's,narrowly beaten to the punch by Lil' Markie.Mainly for the demonic pro-life anthem "Diary of an Unborn Child",which includes the jolly sing a long chorus of "Why did you kill me mommy?" like a punch and Judy Linda Blair from The Exorcist; "Your Mommy's gonna suck cocks in Hell!" is what Lil' Markie is trying to say. Hopefully i'm wrong, and Hell exists specifically for this Fat Bastard only, so he can suck cocks in Hell for eternity.Looking at him, he would likely enjoy such a punishment,which reather defeats the whole idea of a 'Hell'?
Of course I exaggerate for the purpose of entertainment,but this fat lummox sporting a traditional bible belt mullet was the reason the word 'Cunt' was first used for the description of morbidly obese rednecks with a dual personality disorder.
Fox, puts on an incredibly repulsive harmonized falsetto voice to give voice to his youthful alter-ego, in thee most bizarre example of evangelism in a world of weirder than weird Evangelist preachers.
I'm not a violent person, but I think I could well enjoy kicking seven shades of shite out of this chubby messenger from Hell in Heaven on Earth.
I can only wonder if any of that angry mob of christian anti-abortionist were inspired to murder Doctors after listening to these recordings as a child in their formative years?
Apart from all that,this Sesame Street meets mental illness juvenile propaganda is some of thee most wacked out madness this side of the secure psychiatic facility at Sing Sing prison......or in this case Don't Sing Don't Sing......Pleeeeeze!.....Prison.
Which is where he belongs,without parole.
Sadly Mark Fox is still out there spreading his poison to adoring small audiences in the sewers of Hicksville America.


1.Serving the lord
2.Diary Of An Unborn child
3.Jesus Put the stars In the sky
4.Let The Sun Shine In
5.Story Of An Alcoholic Father..."Somethings Happened To Daddy"
6.I Have Jesus in My Heart Today
8.This Little light Of Mine
9.Markie Goes To Calvary
10.I will Obey the Lord
11.Medley : B-O-R-N A-G-A-I-N/For God so Loved the World
12.I'm Only Me
13.I'm Going On for jesus
14.Do You Believe In God
15.Use Me
16.I'm Rejoicing In The Lord
17.Serving The Lord 2

DOWNLOAD a lot of lil' markie HERE!

Wednesday 26 June 2019

Little Marcy ‎– "Sings Nursery Rhymes" (Word ‎– K-702) 1967

There are people out there who think this strange detour into creepy religious cults doesn't fit the remit of this blog. Wrong, none of this shite would have ever seen the light of day,even though its makers had patently 'Seen the Light', unless these crazed simpletons had put it all out themselves, on their own labels, and making their own genre. Christians were doing it themselves well before us normal people discovered the way out of corporate slavery.
There are also people who seemed desperate to hear Little Marcy's version of old English Nursery Rhyme, "I Love Little Pussy".Renamed in the late 20th century as "I Love Little Kitty".
So, here it is, as part of the only Little Marcy album that doesn't bang on about Jesus for the duration.
Many of these nursery rhyme have decidedly iffy subject matter, and rather Pagan themes as their origin. And yes, the Pussy referred to in Marcy's most seeked out tune, does indeed,possibly, cryptically refer to a ladies naughty bits in the oldest version of the tune from 1830,by some obscure wordsmith called Jane taylor (1783-1824)
Dig that crazy cover photo.....You ,WILL, be Happy!


A1 Mary Had A Little Lamb 1:00
A2 Did You Ever See A Lassie? 1:07
A3 Polly, Put The Kettle On 0:51
A4 Baa, Baa, Black Sheep 1:01
A5 Three Little Kittens 1:49
A6 Little Jack Horner 0:48
A7 Little Robin Redbreast 1:39
A8 Three Blind Mice 1:23
A9 Rock-A-Bye Baby 1:52
B1 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star 1:00
B2 Humpty Dumpty 0:58
B3 Hickory Dickory Dock 0:27
B4 Twenty Froggies Go To School 1:09
B5 Little Bo Peep 0:40
B6 I Love Little Pussy 0:54
B7 Alphabet Song 0:52
B8 Oh, Dear, What Can The Matter Be? 0:53
B9 Pop Goes The Weasel 1:04
B10 Old King Cole 1:40
B11 Cradle Song 1:44

Little Marcy - "The Bible Story Book, Volume Two" (Word ‎– K-735) 1976

More bible stories for people with the intellect of a jellyfish,or even as low as Donald trump.
Yeah, I know its supposed to be for Kids,so I guess you can use it as a frizbee,preferably thrown against a wall so it shattered.
It wouldn't surprise me if all the shards of vinyl pulled themselves together 'Terminator 2" style, to continue the chase for our hearts and minds.


Sick People Get Well
The Good Samaritan
A Man Born Blind

Three Boys In A Furnace
Jesus Grows Up

David And Goliath
Good News

Marcy Tigner ‎– "Trombone" (Christian Faith Recordings ‎– 351) 1961

Big Marcy, you know, the one that provided the voice for Little Marcy the Christian Evangelist puppet, had a musical career Before Little Marcy, or BLM as we say in the record obsessives world.
She was a whizz on the Trombone,and turned this rarely heard solo brass instrument into a magical scepter that changed all Hymns and other Christian tunage into the alternative soundtrack for 'Eraserhead'. David lynch took years, and spent millions of Dollars to try and make surreal movies and music, but Big Marcy could effortlessly create a surreal universe with just a few effortless puffs on the Trombone.
She wouldn't have been out of place as part of the band that played on as the Titanic slipped beneath the waves.Unfortunately she wasn't on that ill fated ocean vessel.She was born a few years afterwards, and lived on to inflict the demonic puppet 'Little Marcy' onto the innocent children of America.
Abandon all hope yee who enter and hear the creepy horn driven muzak of Big Marcy.
Rest in peace Marcellaise “Marcy” Hartwick Tigner, so that we godless masses can live in peace before we are sent to the next Hell where your Trombone and Little Marcy records play for eternity at ear bleeding volume!.


A1 My Jesus, I Love Thee
A2 Close To Thee
A3 Jesus Is All The World To Me
A4 Saviour, Thy Dying Love
A5 Abide With Me
A6 No Longer Lonely
B1 All That Thrills My Soul
B2 Oh, How I Love Jesus
B3 Harbored In Jesus
B4 We Shall See His Lovely Face
B5 Near To The Heart Of God
B6 Day By Day

Tuesday 25 June 2019

Little Marcy ‎– "The Bible Story Book" (Word ‎– K-733) 1975

Aw for Fucks sake,change the record will ya!?
This kid needs treatment for this obsession with the fucking Bible!
What??? Little Marcy isn't a real little girl????...she's a Puppet you say?
But at least her/its message is real .....isn't it?
WHAT!?.....all lies and a very inconsistant work of confused fiction!?
This record is a prime example of what has come to be referred to as "Unintelligent Design".


A1 God Makes A Beautiful World / God's Creation 5:08
A2 The World's Saddest Day / Adam & Eve Just Know 6:09
A3 Saved From Drowning / It's Gonna Rain & There's A Rainbow In The Sky 6:59
B1 A Huge Tower / We Cannot Finish This Tower & My Tower Is Prayer 4:03
B2 The Princess Finds A Baby / Sleep Little Baby & Baby Moses 5:40
B3 The Story Of Jonah / Jonah's Prayer & Jonah Learns A Lesson 5:41

Monday 24 June 2019

Little Marcy ‎– "Marcy Sings Hymns" (CornerStone Records ‎– SLP 472) 1967

Oh Their God!....this is like funeral parlor music for infants.
I notice that they decided that a cartoon version of Little Marcy would be less traumatic for christian kiddies than the harsh reality of the Demonic Puppet herself.
Trouble is, they forgot about making the music as jolly as the cover!
Any child listening to this collection of maudlin traditional Hymns on Helium, would be swinging from their skipping ropes half way through side one.
This makes living in Heaven about as attractive as an eternal bout of dysentry.


A1 Near The Cross
A2 When I Survey The Wonderous Cross
A3 What A Friend
A4 'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus
A5 Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus
A6 Amazing Grace
A7 Holy, Holy, Holy
A8 All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name
B1 My Faith Looks Up To Thee
B2 Blessed Assurance
B3 I Love To Tell The Story
B4 Jesus Saviour, Pilot Me
B5 Rock Of Ages
B6 Abide With Me
B7 Jesus, Lover Of My Soul
B8 My Jesus, I Love Thee

Little Marcy ‎– "Sing With Marcy" (Zondervan Victory Recording ‎– ZLP-657) 1965

As Adolf H. Hitler said, thirty years before this fleshing out of Nazi recruiting methodolgy was released on the weak and vulnerable, "Your Child belongs to us already".
And next, the very quotable Josef Goebbels spreads his wisdom,
"If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself."
If you wanna spread a message, appeal to the emotions rather than the Intellect.It worked very well for the Nazi's,Trump, and Brexit,but organised religions have been doing this for millenia.
If you ever wondered why the education system seems to favour turning out dumb graduates, and specialists in narrow fields rather than open inquiring intellects, then heed Goebbels advice.
The most effective route to turning pre-education children into god fodder is to flood the little darlings minds with childlike messages in the medium of song or film.You're not even safe in your own home with this stuff about.

However, Little Marcy should have been enough to give your child nightmares,and blame Jesus for it.
Why these fuckers need everyone else to believe in their simplistic cult beliefs I dunno?
Keep it to yourselves, and more importantly, LEAVE OUR CHILDREN OUT OF IT!!!!


A1 O Say, But I'm Glad
A2 The Wise Man And The Foolish Man
A3 Do You Know?
A4 I'm Gonna Work
A5 There's A New Song In My Heart
A6 When We See Christ
A7 Do Lord
A8 Little Feet Be Careful
A9 God
B1 Join The Gospel Express
B2 The Lord Is Counting You In
B3 I've A Longing In My Heart
B4 Is It Fair?
B5 The Lighthouse Song
B6 I Don't Have To Wait
B7 He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
B8 Over The Sunset Mountains
B9 Thank You, Lord

Sunday 23 June 2019

Little Marcy ‎– "Sing-Along With Marcy" (Zondervan ‎– ZLP-693) 1966

As the default setting for the human brain when they (I say they!?)....when 'they' are born is Atheist, the Jesus Cult feels its of primary importance to 'get in there' first before children encounter such evils as education and evidence based fact.
How do you do this? Simple! Find the creepiest looking dolly you can possibly imagine, then have a demented evangelist Jesus obsessive provide a voice for said dolly, singin' songs's see....Jesus and an alleged after-life.
The kids who had idiotic enough parents to pay $1.98 for this moronic propaganda must have been bored shitless with this insane puppet banging on constantly about what happens when you die.
Just what you need after you've just started life, that you're gonna die, but it's ok, you'll get eternal life in heaven if you worship some invisible dictator who'll torture you if you don't fall at his feet.
The first in a long series of Lies told to kids to get them to behave,which carries on into adulthood.Control experiment number one that we should ,by now, have outgrew. Up to a century ago the human race hadn't the slightest clue as to what was actually going we don't have that excuse.Most things now have a plausable explanation,backed up with evidence.
Still waiting for the Little Marcy albums on Evolution,Cosmology,and Quantum Physics. I think we'll be waiting a long time as 'Big' Marcy, Marcy Tigner, has by now discovered that her whole career was a complete waste of time,sadly not in Hell,as it doesn't exist kids.Little Marcy has also probably met her ultimate fate, with an eternal death as part of a land-fill site in Alabama. Imagine the horror when archeologists of the distant future dig up Little Marcy?It'd make Quatermass and the Pit look like an episode of the Brady Bunch.Never mind listening to the pure rotating plastic evil of the tunes on this record.


A1 Everybody Ought To Know 1:57
A2 Daniel In The Lion's Den 0:55
A3 Kiddies With The Curl On Top 2:22
A4 Be Careful What You Do 1:16
A5 I've Found A Wonderful Friend 1:01
A6 Heaven Came Down And Glory Filled My Soul 1:45
A7 I Know Who Holds The Future 1:14
A8 Near The Cross 2:44
B1 Am I In Heaven 1:30
B2 Wake Up 1:39
B3 I Tuned In On Heaven 1:50
B4 It's A Wonderful, Wonderful Life 1:41
B5 God Is Love 2:17
B6 I Have The Joy 1:18
B7 Oh, It Is Wonderful 1:06
B8 When You Pray 1:37

Saturday 22 June 2019

Sketch Erickson ‎– "Sketch Sounds Off" (FourMost Productions ‎– FM-6919CS) 1971

Join the "Decency Rebellion" with some clueless bastard called 'Sketch' Erickson, on a holy crusade to not rest until he turns all teenagers away from religion. He uses unintentional reverse psychology to make christians look like thee most idiotic, completly naff, joyless stiffs that they undoubtedly are.
I love that sketch,by Sketch himself, on the back cover of our hero chatting casually with a 'Teenager'.If there was ever a better capture of the word and meaning of 'Patronizing' then I wanna see it.
If any teen actually listened to this absurd album, they would have become an athiest within the first thirty seconds.
The distinctly ungroovy Sketch, lets Pop Culture have it with both barrels pointing at himself.How Pop art is rubbish,pop music is lustful propaganda from Satan,while tactically admiting that there are actually some 'good' movies,art,and music.....i don't believe you Sketch;he hates all of it,and probably teenagers too.
The only way to break through the shallowness of the pop world is to be a follower of Jesus Christ,says Sketch.....there simply is no other way.
This Religious spoken-word LP with hilariously dated skits about how you can't tell the boys from the girls anymore,and more embarassingly rigid thinking, is essential listening for all you Satan worshipping pop fans everywhere.
By now Sketch has probably discovered, as he slipped away from this mortal coil, that nothing happens after the last round-up.Its just a pity he's not around to burn this ridiculous LP before he returns to  the oblivion from whence he,and we all, sprung.


A1 Introduction: It's A New World
A2 Art
A3 Fashions: Dramatic Vignette
A4 Advertising: Diet Cola Commercial
B1 Music: What The World Needs Now Is Love
B2 Music: Back Seat Love
B3 Music: Think A Little More Of Others
B4 Literature: Dramatic Vignette
B5 Movies
B6 Television
B7 Summary: I Asked The Lord

Friday 21 June 2019

Ralph Carmichael - "The Cross And The Switchblade (Original Sound Track Music)" (Light Records ‎– LS-5550-LP) 1971

This is one rockin' mo-fo of a judeo-christian funk soundtrack, with the inevitable biblical message for the target audience. If you wanted to find some breaks to sample for your drum'n'bass project,you could do a lot worse than delving into this daft movie designed to appeal to the American christian demographic, also know as the moral majority.The ones who weren't allowed to watch 'Dirty Harry',which had an equally groovy soundtrack. Naturally they couldn't get Clint Eastwood to sign up for this one, so they had to make do with god fearin' housewives favourite, Mr Pat Boone.Let's just say, he didn't win the oscar that year.
Its a kind of 'Angels With Dirty Faces'remake,via 'West Side Story', with a whitemans Blaxsploitation angle......I guess,because I've never seen it,and don't particularly want to.It looks shit.
However, among the rehashed versions of Ralph Carmichael and the Young People numbers, there's some smokin' skin work by the session musicians. The naff criminal fringe beat talk as lyrics  in "Rumble" is worth the admission price all of itself.
I'm still waiting for that David Koresh musical,which could use adapted versions of some of these tunes? I can just visualize the Koresh character in ballet tights, doing some contemporary dance moves to "Rumble" brandishing an automatic weapon.
I think that could be popular. A new 'Springtime for Hitler'....anyone interested in providing finance? Just five grand for 200% of the profits.All donations accepted with the same terms.


A1 You Gotta Try 2:03
A2 Switchblade Theme 1:15
A3 Where Is It? 3:21
A4 I Just Lost 2:20
A5 Bright New World 3:21
B1 I've Got Confidence 3:00
B2 The Addict's Psalm 1:12
B3 Rumble 3:55
B4 God Loves You 2:27
B5 Love 3:26

Ralph Carmichael And The Young People ‎– "Our Front Porch" (Light Records ‎– LS-5560-LP) 1970

Hot outta Waco, two decades before David Koresh was literally on fire in the same hick town, we had 'The Young People',under the auspices and guidence of christ obsessed composer Ralph Carmichael.
He followed Gods callin' and got a groovy bunch of kids together to play some of that soul inflected Sunshine Pop that was so popular in the late sixties, with the added ingredient of some Bible thumpin' lyrics designed to save our souls.....or rather save arseholes.
Back in the eclectic days of the nineties,I couldn't get enough of anything on Light records,and this was a particular favourite of mine.Full of foot tappin' tunes, great breaks ,wah-wah guitar and uplifting vocal harmonies.This is Jesus gettin' funky,with a hefty dose of traditional Christian naffness. Aw bless 'em,they,Christians,were never the sharpest tools in the box in the first place,never mind being intellectually lazy enough to just accept the first,and easiest answer that came within earshot;then not bothering to actually check out other, more feasible,explanations for how,rather than why, we are here.You know, the ones with evidence and stuff!?
"Er...why are we here?......I know, God did it, now I don't have to hurt my brain understanding evolution."......Duh!
But, if there were no christians we wouldn't have these de-satanised versions of rock and pop music for us Kool kids to laugh at,but secretly like.


A1 Our Front Porch 3:59
A2 Smiling At Rainstorms (Psalm 59) 2:57
A3 Bright New World 2:31
A4 Trust Me Now (Psalm 37) 4:39
A5 Reach Out To Jesus 3:08
B1 Dressing Up Jesus 4:01
B2 Memories 3:45
B3 We're Not Going To Make It Together 3:01
B4 The Flower Shoppe 3:55
B5 I've Got Confidence 3:00

Thursday 20 June 2019

Our Generation ‎– "Dawning Of The Day" (Generation Records ‎– LPM/S 500) 1971

Please Jesus Save Our Children from your Followers!
This is Our Generation's debut album,and it's easily the equal of their follow up,"Praise and Prayer"
These kids must have been locked in a cupboard in 1966,and let out once they'd accepted Jesus Christ as their personal saviour. The last music they heard was some trendy Fuzz laden Garage rock,and they had no idea that things had moved on by 1971.
Failing that, they were probably put together, boy band style, by some letchy preacher to penetrate the kids minds as well as other places on kids bodies that preachers like to penetrate.
Shameless propaganda this may be, but its rather listenable.I hardly ever listen to the lyrics anyhow,so as Acid Garage goes its not too bad. "Love" in particular is a Fuzz soaked classic, albeit one that plagarizes Ray Manzarek's keyboard part for 'Light My Fire'(Why anyone would want to do that I dunno!?).Most of the bible is plagarized from earlier sources anyway, so if its ok by God we can all do it.

nb: I'm sure they're Americans,but I did hear a clear Dutch accent for the intro of 'Can You Make It'.


A1 11th Hour 4:45
A2 Near The End 4:45
A3 Beyond Yourself 3:30
A4 Love 3:25
A5 Jesus In Your Life 3:25
B1 Can You Make It 5:25
B2 Look-Out 5:10
B3 I Can See Forever 4:10
B4 Dawning Of The Day 5:20

Wednesday 19 June 2019

Our Generation ‎– "Praise And Prayer" (Generation Records ‎– OG 1072) 1972

"How do we get their children?" Asked the half-witted Evangelist.
God said, "Set the words of the gospels to the modern sounds of pop music"
"What? Like Acid Rock, or Garage Fuzz Psych?, volunteered the Moron.
"NO!" barked God, "This is 1972, all that stuff was out in 1968, try Jazz Fusion, or Prog Rock,better still Glam Rock! Thats what the kids are listening to in 1972!!"
"Sorry, didn't hear that, you're breaking up! said the Moron, "We'll stick with the Fuzzy Psych then? Thanks God."
"Oh for fucks sake!" sayeth God,"...and I made these idiots in my image!? Jesus H. Christ!"
(Jesus)..."Yes father?"
"Forget that Prog Group you're forming son,its yet another waste of my eternal time!"

Indeed, the God Squad were always a few years too late to latch onto the possibilities spreading their simplistic explanation for existence with edgy music from the eternal 'Now'.
The first track however sounds like The Strawberry Alarm Clock with Wobble and Donut from PiL's first album. Its rather good.
The rest of the album is reasonably decent Acid Psych of the kind that existed between 1965 to '67, which all the hip kids of 1972, when this was released, had long forgotten about. Thats why Lenny Kaye made that Nuggets Collection, because everyone had forgot about those Garage Fuzz bands like The leaves ,Seeds etc.
If you were caught listening to The Seeds in 1972, instead of Emerson Lake and Palmer, you would have been a laughing stock.
So this album,doubles up on the naffness with the Christian message, atop of a musical style that was definitely 'Out'.
There is some beyond great Fuzz guitar on track 5, "Praise" by the way, the rest is filler.
Meanwhile church attendances are getting lower and lower, and the average age Older and Older. Shame.


Hello Friends
Get Together
Only A Man
Jesus Paid It All
Have You Tried This One Called Jesus
In The Presence Of The Lord
A Prayer

Jeremy Spencer And The Children ‎– "Jeremy Spencer And The Children" - ( Columbia ‎– KC 31990) 1972

Fleetwood Mac were undoubtedly rubbish,but they did have enough personel turmoil to fill at least a few episodes of Coronation Street. Not only did group originator Peter Green go nuts and become a down and out vagrant,well before the americanised version of the group started sleeping with each other then marrying and divorcing ABBA style. Also guitarist Jeremy Spencer disappeared during a tour of the USA in the early seventies, only to turn up as a brainwashed zombie in The Children Of God cult!?
A tenure during which,after fathering various children by several different female brainwashees,or brainwashettes, he made this very Beatles-a-like album. Rather too professional sounding for my liking,made by someone who knew what he was doing....musically anyway.If you really knew what you were doing you wouldn't join one of these silly cults would you?Dear-o-dear Jeremy,what were you thinking....or not thinking in this case.I blame the drugs.


Can You Hear The Song 3:00
The World In Her Heart 3:15
Joan Of Arc 3:45
The Prophet 3:25
When I Looked To See The Sunshine 4:39
Let's Get On The Ball 4:30
Someone Told Me 3:45
Beauty For Ashes 2:59
War Horse 6:00
I Believe In Jesus 2:26

Tuesday 18 June 2019

The All Saved Freak Band ‎– "Brainwashed" (Rock The World Enterprises ‎– NR 5974) 1976

They say that the Devil has all the best's evidence that he may well have.
As Christian Rock goes, this ain't half bad,but that ain't sayin' much.
As a kid at primary school,we had a god fearing headmaster, who tried to force christianity on us at all opportunities.So we had to walk into the daily assembly to the sound of Cat Stevens crooning 'Morning Has Broken', or 'KumBya' or the dreadful 'Lord Of The Dance'!? The Hippie teachers didn't need much excuse to whip out the acoustic guitar and inflict some modern hymns on us all. Even worse, Miss Pile had a warble like Joan Baez that hit our young ears like a pneumatic drill.(luckily the rest my education was purely secular)
No wonder we all became Atheists.......except Kerry Ground, who was exempt from this torture because,as it turned out, she was a Jew!!!! I didn't even know what a Jew was,nevermind that Kerry wasn't the 'same' as we knew who to single out as 'Different'.
Yes Christian pop/rock/metal is shite. Classical gets away with it because no-one listens to it.
The All Saved Freak Band were still playing that light weight Grateful dead Psych in 1980 (as were the Dead themselves!?),and this is the main problem with Christian attempts to be 'down with the kids',no matter how hard they try,they are always well behind the curve. Ever heard any Christian Rap? It's even shitter than actual Rap...if thats possible.Too shit for me to take the piss even!
At least this band had a small amount of humour and self-depreciation shown by the title of this album. Lead guitarist Glenn Schwarz had just been released from his Reprogramming therapy after being kidnapped by his birth family.....still spouting christian propaganda.So the ironically titled "Brainwashed", is a reference to the outsiders view that they were all brainwashed.Little did they ever consider that they obviously were.
Silly fuckers.


A1 Peace, Love, And Rock And Roll 3:37
A2 Ode To Glenn Schwartz 4:04
A3 Seek Him 3:02
A4 Don't Look Back 7:05
A5 Lonely 2:50
B1 Frog Alley 4:55
B2 Messed Up 2:27
B3 See The Flesh Fly 3:34
B4 Smilin' Dog 3:27
B5 Our Answer 2:05

Monday 17 June 2019

The All Saved Freak Band ‎– "My Poor Generation" (Rock The World Enterprises 730605) 1973

Glenn Schwartz used to be in the incredibly shit James Gang,apparently(?), before he found Jesus,joined a cult and joined an even shitter band.
Based out of a Christian commune near Orwell, Ohio, The 'All Saved Freak Band',included about 12 members,like an Electric Light Orchestra from a christian purgatory,complete with Cello's, violins and woodwind to back up the tired message.Sadly there is no Jeff Lynne or brummy humour to save us from the wailing and a gnashing of rotten hippie teeth here!Yes, everyone in this band are safe from hell's torment,unlike you and me,and they wanna tell us about it....a lot!
In February 1975,Glenn Schwartz's family had him kidnapped for an intense, three-day "deprogramming" effort by a famed cult deprogrammer called Ted Patrick. The attempt was,predictably, unsuccessful. So we had to endure even more albums for brown-nosing the holy ghost to after this debut,self-released, disc.
The music is some hybrid of boroque hippie folk and standard late sixties acid rock......not my cuppa tea,but as i like 'Cults',there is some much needed mental illness involved,so it interests one somewhat.

Elder White 3:38
Lonely Street 4:08
My Poor Generation 1:55
Tom Miller 2:54
Great Victory 4:08
Ancient Of Days 5:22
The Lord Is My Shepherd 3:09
Daughter Of Zion 5:34
Christmas Song 1:50
There Is Still Hope In Jesus 6:27
Flowers Of Time 3:45

Sunday 16 June 2019

Ya Ho Wha 13 ‎– "The Operetta" (Swordfish Records ‎– YHVHCD3) 1975

Not that all the original Ya Ho Wa 13 albums actually received a proper well distributed release at all,this collection of 'previously unreleased ' material from 1975 has been sourced from the archive of drugged up jams made at the Source Family home.
Contrary to his Yod-like status,this wasn't made after his death, but before Father Yod decided to jump off a cliff having never used a Hang-glider before. At least this ill-advised decision made hundreds of young hippie girls safe from his filthy wandering beatnik fingers. 
Dunno about any Operetta,but it wouldn't surprise me if Yod,Jim Baker, thought very highly of his vocal attributes,but he certainly had some kind of God or Yod complex.
The music, is the same chaotic free acid rock jams, with Father's throaty cries and chants permeating the mess.It shouldn't do, but it works.


1 Untitled 22:52
2 Untitled 14:47
3 Untitled 13:31
4 Untitled 6:02
5 Untitled 10:24
6 Untitled 4:59

Ya Ho Wa 13 ‎– "Savage Sons Of Ya Ho Wa" (Higher Key Records ‎– 3306) 1974

Father Yod in all his generousity and grace, gave his 'sons' the chance to make their own record without his gong skills and throaty seal-like barking.
The result is this totally normal record, of the kind of normal Acid Rock songs you'd hear on the Banana Splits Show.
The cover is a good one however,with the Aquarius Brothers,Sunflower,Octavius,Djin and Rhythm, posing in front of the source cult mansion in Hollywood and Yod's roller, dressed as native American Jesus's. A Rolls Royce is thee must have accessory for any aspiring cult leader.
An interesting juxtapostion between capitalism,insulting indigenous peoples,and hyprocritical hippie bullshit philosophy.
The music definitely misses Yod's madness......just as I'd written him off as a talentless creep!?


A1 Edge Of A Dream
A2 Fire In The Sky
A3 Just Sitting Here
A4 A Thousand Sighs
B1 Red River Valley
B2 Man The Messiah
B3 Making A Dollar
B4 I Thought I Am
B5 Oh Ya Ho Wa

Saturday 15 June 2019

Ya Ho Wa 13 ‎– "Ya Ho Wa 13" (Higher Key Records) 1974

Father Yod,inbetween bouts of 'sex sans orgasm' with teenage women,literally broke his back for the Source Family cause,aka the Father Yod cult.On August 25 1975, YaHoWha “left his body” nine hours after his debut hang-gliding flight straight into some rocks in Hawaii.They kept his body for three and a half days chanting Yod He Vau He,but ,unlike Jesus,he never rose again to walk the Earth.This is nothing unusual as Jesus,contrary to popular belief in some stone-age influenced time warps on this planet, didn't either!  
This eponymously titled self-made album of source family acid rock jams is ,in some ways,the psychedelic equivalent of doing the same thing with music.Except that this still stalks our terrestrial domain looking for disciples to fuck up. If the bible was converted into a musical by a bunch of drugged up hippies fronted by a grey haired svengali and his hareem of teenage girlies,then maybe i would have bothered to have engaged with the story a bit more.As long as I didn't have anything to do with them of course.
This is what rock music should be like,that rare modicum of pure liquid madness mixed with raw incompetence and cluelessness,leading to the accidental treasures that appeared under the auspices of Ya Ho Wa 13.
Way better than the Grateful Dead,who are shite,in fact I'd say,in my opinion, that these nutjobs are best American 2nd wave Psych Band in existence.....probably?


A1 Because 3:45
A2 Angel 1:28
A3 Magical Lady 5:30
A4 Little Doggie 4:45
A5 A Kind Of Depression 6:55
B1 Warden 5:30
B2 Mailman 5:00
B3 Come Come 4:45
B4 Pain 4:15

Friday 14 June 2019

Fire, Water, Air (Ya Ho Wa 13 with Sky Saxon) ‎– "Golden Sunrise" ( Higher Key Records ‎– ELR-84510) 1977

Out of all the 'Cults' who thought they were musical genius's, Ya Ho Wa 13 were probably the most proficient.'Fire,Water,Air' were an offshoot fronted by garage psych legend Sky Saxon.They were so cut off from what was happening outside their world that it remained 1969 forever,even in 1977.Just like in my world it's permanently 1980, so who can blame them? Not fact i actively encourage it,like a version of the Lost World,complete with dinosaurs,of the musical kind.
'Golden' is a much used adjective among the cult community, and the post Yod death Ya Ho Wa 13 weren't gonna be left out.
Their guru, Father Yod, may have died a couple of years earlier in a bizarre hang gliding accident in Hawaii, but his influence was still looming large amongst his devotees.One of whom was Sky Saxon late of The seeds, who was a long term hanger-on at his Yodship's commune.
If you want more info on the Yodster and his young hippie chums, as well as more Ya Ho Wa 13 albums, then CLICK HERE!
There are more posthumous albums to exhume in the following posts also, so don't be afraid.
This stuff is mostly excellent free psychedelia with that essential element of madness that we all love in other people.
I could listen to this stuff all day.


A1 Time Travel
A2 Food For The Hungry
A3 Voyage
A4 Atlantians
A5 Go With The Flow
A6 New Revolution
B1 Wolf Pack
B2 Come To The Ocean
B3 Across The Prairie
B4 Just Moving On
B5 Celebration

Thursday 13 June 2019

L. Ron Hubbard ‎– "Space Jazz" (Applause Records ‎– APLP 9000) 1982

If The Residents got together with Andrew Lloyd Webber and made a musical it would sound exactly like this.
"Space Jazz" the soundtrack to the book,'Battlefield earth'.
The Fairlight makes a major appearance under the auspices of Nicky Hopkins,late of The Jeff Beck Group,and Jazzer legend Chick Corea.
Christ on a stick, Stanley Clarke was a Scientologist?He's on this too!?
It does indeed sound like a Residents after 1984 concept album,its that bad,but a lot weirder.I saw a Residents live show in 2000,and they could have just been miming to this crazy concept musical by L. Ron Hubbard for all I knew.I reckon Hubbard had heard 'The Mark of the Mole',and saw the Mole Show,then, like rich cult leaders do, he wanted to do it himself.There's Ron at the controls on the back cover.I can imagine L.Ron donning an Eyeball head, can't you?
There's a creepy alien voice that interjects and I'm sure it says the five letter word 'Trump' several times, and once it even utters the full name of the destroyer of the western world!?...Did L.Ron know something that we didn't?
Is Scientology gonna save us from the Trumpster and his legal aliens?
Er....nah!...Hopefully they will wipe each other out and leave us all alone.

As it modestly announces on the album sleeve:

"Space Jazz is an original musical form based on the recently developed Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument (Fairlight CMI). It marks the point where computer technology caught up with musicians. Space Jazz is the first real computer music that will appeal to mass public. It antiquates past music like the cathedral organ wiped away blowing on a blade of grass. Listeners are treated to the adventure and unexpected delights of discovering a totally new musical concept in this innovative album."......yeah right!?


A1 Golden Era Of Sci Fi 3:27
A2 Funeral Of A Planet 3:25
A3 March Of The Psychlos 3:14
A4 Terl, The Security Director 3:20
A5 Jonnie 3:38
A6 Windsplitter 3:11
A7 The Mining Song 3:12
B1 The Drone 3:06
B2 Mankind Unites 2:59
B3 Alien Visitors Attack 3:38
B4 The Banker 3:19
B5 Declaration Of Peace 4:24
B6 Earth, My Beautiful Home 3:17

Wednesday 12 June 2019

The Apollo Stars ‎– "Power Of Source" (L. Ron Hubbard ‎– SE 1001) 1974

He may, or may not, have started Scientology for a bet with his sci-fi author buddies back in the fifties,but of all the cult leaders he's probably the only one who was in a Jazz Fusion band.
Yes that's Ron with the cap and headphones....always ahead of his time,as all good,or bad, Science Fiction writers should be.
Scientology has all the hall marks of something that was dreamt up one evening,like a living pulp-science fiction novel.So,it wouldn't surprise me that this club of sinister androids hadn't started as a joke and far too many people took it seriously. Maybe Jesus did the same thing. We know the book of Mormon was a confidence trick,so why not Christianity,or even Scientology.
L.Ron's Jazz Fusion band ain't actually too bad.He just wasn't able to pull The Apollo Stars off as well as he did Scientology;but it didn't stop him from trying......that's the real lesson of Scientology.


A1 The Power Of Source
A2 Summertime (George Gershwin)
B1 We're Moving In
Written-By – Ferreira, Hubbard
B2 Johnny Comes Marching Home
Written-By [Folksong] – Traditional
B3 My Dear Portugal (Meu Querido Portugal)
Written-By – Ferreira, Hubbard

Tuesday 11 June 2019

L. Ron Hubbard ‎– "Ron's Journal 67" (Golden Era Productions ‎– 6709 C20) 1967/1983

40 minutes of Ron on a paranoid rant about how various media organistaions,and governments are out to get him and his Church.
It sounds very similar to a Donald Trump speech on fake news, but far more articulate. Plenty of accusations of lies, and them and us politics,but i'm sure L.Ron would be only too pleased to welcome immigrants into his organistaion,and build a wall to keep the population in, rather than out.
Let us all pray that The Church of Trump will fail to emulate the sucess of Scientology and be consumed by the cheap hate that it peddles.
Like Trump, Hubbard seems to actually believe his own science fiction project,as much as the Donald believes in his own vacuous policies.Thankfully L. Ron isn't around anymore....on this planet anyway(?)...or he would be running for President of the free world,and stealthily removing the word 'free' from his job description.


A Ron's Journal 67 (Side 1)
B Ron's Journal 67 (Side 2)