Friday 31 January 2014

George Garside - "The Jester" (unreleased cassette) 1985

The original 1985 artwork
Lying casually in a box in Garside sleeve designer Peter Jolly's attic space,was recently found George's abandoned follow up to "Oasis", provisionally entitled "The Jester". Having been asked by George to design a cover for it, he had sent PJ a copy of the work, who then promptly designed the insert above.
Then Garside decided he wasn't happy with the music,and proceeded to dump the project. Leaving this sole copy to gather dust in Peter J's attic.
Peter has kindly digitized it, and reworked/redesigned the artwork, to better represent the theme of the composition.
I'll let Peter explain:

"Inside the folder you'll find the original cover that I made, with a cartoon pinched from Hunt Emerson. All on green card, and a bit boring, but he liked it enough to ask me to design the covers for his subsequent tapes. Bear in mind this was before PCs, so all done on Letraset and photocopier!

When I ripped the tape I thought that I would try to find some titles for the tracks, so I've named them all after famous historical jesters. While I was researching I found a Joker playing card that I though would make a better cover, so I've upgraded.. All ripped in 320, volume corrected and tagged.

The music itself is your usual Garside minimal melodic synthesiser symphonies,with all those georgeous (sic) warm analogue electronics; like a bedroom Edgar Froese.
The best album Integrated Circuit Records NEVER released!

Track Listing:

 Side A:

1 Triboulet
2 Will Somers
3 Touchstone
4 Feste
5 William Kempe

Side B:

1 Puck
2 Thomas Skelton
3 Yorick
4 Herlequin
5 Rigoletto

DOWNLOAD these jokers HERE!

Thursday 30 January 2014

Years On Earth ‎– "Years On Earth" (self-released c-60) 1981

Years on Earth debut release from 1981,and what a sparse,dark ,exercise in DIY electronic minimalism it is. Full of drowned spoken vocals, detuned bass Guitars that sound like elastic bands stretched over an old cornflake packet, Cabaret Voltaire style guitar, and unsequenced electronics. All this buried in a world of fuzzy dolby B otherworldliness!
The sound of the last years on earth and the impending doom that inevitably awaits us all IF WE DON'T STOP CONSUMING ONE and a HALF PLANETS WORTH OF RAW MATERIALS A YEAR!......Duh!
We all get what we deserve under natural law,so we may as well set it to music?
(check out Years on earth's other cassettes Here and Here,
or you can download the unreleased stuff from the Years on Earth box set ,"The Structure of Chance" by clicking HERE!


Eating Ice
Sky Driving
Meat Moves
Dune -1
Yardley Chase
Dune -2
Alone Forever
I Know You
Ugly Man
T.R. & C.
Or Does It Lie?
Metal Disease
What Does It Mean?

DOWNLOAD the first years on earth in our last years on earth HERE!

Years On Earth ‎– "Worlds Apart" - (YOE-3) 1983

Shadowy minimal electronics from Years On earth's third self released cassette.
It really does sound like its beamed from a planet called 1983, with its unsynced arpeggiators and claustrophobic broom cupboard ambiance. Ghostly whispered vocals; done normally so as not to disturb mum and dad watching The Generation Game on TV of a Saturday evening. The only effect on offer seems to be a Tape echo of an unknown brand,regularly producing a slap back echo for the vocals and the cheap guitar stabs.Great hand played synth lines permeating acres of fuzzy space; a warning from the Industrial wastelands of the 1980's,when the UK was transforming into the Bank led credit vacuum we know and hate today.This is a fate that awaits all Industrial nations that followed;so listen and hear your futures beamed from a troubled past.
Check their earlier cassette "Site" HERE.


Dreams Carry
Madness In Motion
Worlds Apart
Dual Spirit
Tunnel Vision
On The Ice
Founders Day
Let The Power Fall

DOWNLOAD from worlds apart HERE!

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Clock DVA ‎– "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (Self-released C-30) 1978

This was apparently the first Tape made by Adi Newton/Clock DVA,although never really released as such.
The music concrete/non-music, behind this rather limp looking breast clock (not at all sexist?), consists of the audio soundtrack of video nasty/schlock Horror classic,"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre",chopped up and fed back to us as an avant garde sound collage.
This is the kind of stuff one made back in the late seventies when you couldn't afford any instruments like proper Punk Rock groups,so you tried to do a W.S.Burrroughs tape experiment. I remember doing something similar with the soundtrack to "This Island Earth" which gave me many a self-indulgent thrill, and thats where it should stay. Maybe why this was a private release only.
Having said that, there is a strange quality about a disembodied audio track removed from its normal environment, and forced to stand on its own; independent of the images that give it some sense.
I've spent many sad hours listening to the audio track of "Plan Nine from Outer Space" and the Star Trek episode with the space hippies in it; "The Way to Eden".
 (ps, if anyone’s interested I have all the Songs from that episode digitally remastered and ready to share? Click HERE to own them,do you reach me Herbert?).

Spock jams with a soapy hippie playing a bicycle wheel!?

Adam whips out his!?

And it really is a kind of cheap avant garde experience that is quite transcendental,almost drug like:
(pps, "Faster Pussycat Kill Kill!" is pretty good too!)

"Pass me the Night Nurse Susan!"

Track Listing:

1. "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (30:51)

DOWNLOAD this audio nasty HERE!

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Clock DVA -"Group Fragments" (Self Release C-30) 1979

Adi Newton, the bloke who was in the proto-Human League, whose pretentiousness forced him to leave to make council house John Cage references,and allude to intellectualism through such sub-neo-classical phrases as "Prepared Piano". Too clever for me is this bloke.
However;.......this includes the ,excellent, avant electro-pop tune "You're Without Sound" (the correctly spelled version), which was one of the many highlights on the legendary "Hicks from the Sticks" compilation from 1980.
As it says on the cover, this was recorded at "western Works" ,the recording facility of his Industrial buddies, Cabaret Voltaire. A bit of name dropping does wonders to your personal legend.
Nevertheless, a very interesting tape,streaks ahead of the Clock's post 1980 works, and trés obscure (thats french y'know).


No 2
You're Without Sound
Le Viol
Prepared Piano

DOWNLOAD these fragments of a better past HERE!

Friday 24 January 2014

Clock DVA - White Souls in Black Suits (Industrial Cassette IRC31) 1980

"Clock DVAs first release came on Throbbing Gristle's Industrial Records in the form of the "White Souls in Black Suits" cassette in 1980.The album itself is a raw pre-amble prior to the Formation of Thirst. Taken from fifteen hours(!) of improvisational sessions, a five member version of DVA recorded the sessions via a mobile recording unit.The album was mixed and produced at Cabaret Voltaire's Western Works studio,and includes a tape montage sequence in collaboration with Chris Watson. Richard H Kirk and Stephen Mallinder engineered and co-produced in collaboration with DVA." (Die or DIY 1 write up from 2009)

What a fucking boring write up!....I must have lazily cut and pasted this from somewhere else? I apologise and normal service will be resumed on the next post.
However, on the deleted version of this blog, This tape was one of the DCMA complaints that got me kicked off the web by the 'Arseholes in black suits
I got all this backed up so go on and delete me again ,it'll all be back on the interweb the next day!
Never liked Clock DVA anyway. Didn't they go sort of disco later on?

ps, Has anyone got a digital copy of communist Czechoslovakia’s official state 'Soul' group ; The Flamingo Group's album from about 1970, called,and this has to be the best album title of all time or what(?)....."This is Our Soul"!
I picked that up for FREE if i bought another album from Ultima Thule in Leicester;can't remember what i bought, but this stole the limelight somewhat.
Fucking lost it didn't I? help.
Oh's Clock DVA....Yawn!

(Update...relax everyone.I have now found another copy of "This is Our Soul").

Track List:

01- Consent 
02- Disconsentment 
03- Disconsentment (2) 
04- Still-silent 
05- Non 
06- Relentless 
07- Contradict 
08- Film Soundtrack (Keyboards Assembly Themselves At Dawn) 
09- Anti-Chance

DOWNLOAD OUR SOULS in black suits here!

Richard H. Kirk - "Disposable Half Truths" -cassette (Industrial Records IRC34) 1980

First solo effort from Richard H. Kirk of Cabaret Voltaire. Good stuff indeed,sounds very much like ......erm....Cabaret Voltaire!
Disposable Half-Truths was released on cassette only, on Industrial Records (IRC 34) in 1980.

Track Listing:

1. Synesthesia
2. Outburst
3. Information Therapy
4. Magic Words Command
5. Thermal Damage
6. Plate Glass Replicas
7. Insect Friends Of Allah
8. Scatalist
9. False Erotic Love
10. L.D. 50
11. L.D. 60
12. Amnesic Disassociation

DOWNLOAD some disposable half truths HERE!

Thursday 23 January 2014

Nocturnal Emissions - "Sterile Records 1980 - 1983"

Nocturnal Emissions, slang for farting in bed is it not(actually its a scientific term for a 'Wet Dream')? Wrong, its a second generation Industrial group from the uk, active from about 1980 to the present day. Formed by Nigel Ayers and Caroline K (RIP), they were part of the cassette culture of the early eighties via their own label, Sterile Records. The early part of which one has posted here. This period was, in my opinion, Nocturnal Emissions finest moments. Lots of lo-fi distorted tape loops and crude electronics, heavily influenced,obviously,by Throbbing Gristle and Industrial Culture; based on the standard themes of Mind Control, information overload,and other Borroughsian concepts.
Industrial Music was and is theee most easy musick to create for those with no musical skill whatsoever. A couple of tape recorders,and a crap synthesizer and you're up and running.Its also pretty difficult not to make it sound good either, which is demonstrated admirably on these five releases on Sterile from 1980 to 1983. After which,Caroline K left,leaving the project as solely a Nigel Ayers solo vehicle,which continues to this very day.
Probably the best of their early works has to be "Drowning in a sea of Bliss", but they are all prime examples of how to play great non-rock music without any chords whatsoever- this is what punk rock should have sounded like from day zero.

1) - " Tissue of Lies " (Sterile Records LP - EMISS 001) 1980

 Track Listing:

When Were You Last In Control Of Your Dreams And Aspirations?

You Tempt Me

Limited Holocaust Engagement

Down The Sink

Shrubbish Factory

Slow Decay

Faith Invaders

Backwards Man - Regressive Music


2) " Deathday " (Sterile Records single-sided Cassette SRC 3 ) 1981

Track Listing:

1/ Untitled (30:16)


3) "Live at the Whisky a go go 23/05/1982" (Sterile Records single sided cassette SRC 5) 1982

Track Listing:

1) Untitled (46:12)


4) "Dyskinesia" (Sterile Records LP SRC07) 1983

Track Listing:

A1 Delgado Monkey Torture
A2 Too Many Wounded
A3 Body Count
A4 Going Under
A5 Suffering Stinks
A6 Bloodbath
B1 Rabbits Don't Cry
B2 We Are Getting Closer
B3 Wee Wee Wee
B4 Human Leeg
B5 Mumbo Jumbo (From The Lie Factory)
B6 Theme Musik


5) - " Drowning in a Sea of Bliss " (Sterile Records LP SR04) 1983

Track Listing:


How Groovy You Were



Tongues Speak

Want To Die

Smoking Rat Machine

Wrongly Wired

Violence Is Love

Shan't Do That

Herpes Virus

Total State

Demon Circuits


Peace Through Strength

Mechanical Induction

Home Video Warhead

Education For Consumption

DOWNLOAD in a sea of bliss HERE!

6) - "Fruiting Body" (Sterile Records ION2) 1981


Phase I
A1Smear Campaign 7"
A5Model Control Organism
Phase II
B2Breeding Ground
B3Routine Surveillance Exercise
B4Animal Byproduct
B6Moss Side
B7The Erasure

DOWNLOAD a fruity body HERE!