Saturday, 8 February 2014

Minóy - "In Search of Tarkovsky" (Minoy Cassetteworks 1986)

Ok, yeah, we geddit, Minoy likes Tarkovsky, and why not? Apart from the fact that liking obscure Soviet era sci-fi films is as sad, narcissistic and low self esteem disguising as liking obscure!!!!............;;;;oh christ, thats me!!!!!
 Like all of us ego boosting elitists, who looooove it when some Henry Normal says he hasn't heard of Milk From Cheltenham, I suspect Minoy revelled in discussing the finer points of Tarkovsky's works with anyone who'd express ignorance.
I am, of course, exaggerating ; I never discuss,or even mention, this music with anyone, unless I am asked by a genuinely interested party.Then its reluctantly, because it invariably makes one look like an obscurist arsehole. Which I probably am; and more to the point, Minoy probably wasn't either, but you gotta write about something ain't ya?
The music/non music on this C-60, is more Drone-fest electronica surrounded by a myriad of cassette to cassette overdubbed warblings.
And yes, it sounds like a Tarkovsky movie for the blind.


A In Search Of Tarkovsky
B Memory Undefined (Dream As Truth)

DOWNLOAD and find Tarkovsky HERE!

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