Monday, 17 June 2019

The All Saved Freak Band ‎– "My Poor Generation" (Rock The World Enterprises 730605) 1973

Glenn Schwartz used to be in the incredibly shit James Gang,apparently(?), before he found Jesus,joined a cult and joined an even shitter band.
Based out of a Christian commune near Orwell, Ohio, The 'All Saved Freak Band',included about 12 members,like an Electric Light Orchestra from a christian purgatory,complete with Cello's, violins and woodwind to back up the tired message.Sadly there is no Jeff Lynne or brummy humour to save us from the wailing and a gnashing of rotten hippie teeth here!Yes, everyone in this band are safe from hell's torment,unlike you and me,and they wanna tell us about it....a lot!
In February 1975,Glenn Schwartz's family had him kidnapped for an intense, three-day "deprogramming" effort by a famed cult deprogrammer called Ted Patrick. The attempt was,predictably, unsuccessful. So we had to endure even more albums for brown-nosing the holy ghost to after this debut,self-released, disc.
The music is some hybrid of boroque hippie folk and standard late sixties acid rock......not my cuppa tea,but as i like 'Cults',there is some much needed mental illness involved,so it interests one somewhat.

Elder White 3:38
Lonely Street 4:08
My Poor Generation 1:55
Tom Miller 2:54
Great Victory 4:08
Ancient Of Days 5:22
The Lord Is My Shepherd 3:09
Daughter Of Zion 5:34
Christmas Song 1:50
There Is Still Hope In Jesus 6:27
Flowers Of Time 3:45

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Ya Ho Wha 13 ‎– "The Operetta" (Swordfish Records ‎– YHVHCD3) 1975

Not that all the original Ya Ho Wa 13 albums actually received a proper well distributed release at all,this collection of 'previously unreleased ' material from 1975 has been sourced from the archive of drugged up jams made at the Source Family home.
Contrary to his Yod-like status,this wasn't made after his death, but before Father Yod decided to jump off a cliff having never used a Hang-glider before. At least this ill-advised decision made hundreds of young hippie girls safe from his filthy wandering beatnik fingers. 
Dunno about any Operetta,but it wouldn't surprise me if Yod,Jim Baker, thought very highly of his vocal attributes,but he certainly had some kind of God or Yod complex.
The music, is the same chaotic free acid rock jams, with Father's throaty cries and chants permeating the mess.It shouldn't do, but it works.


1 Untitled 22:52
2 Untitled 14:47
3 Untitled 13:31
4 Untitled 6:02
5 Untitled 10:24
6 Untitled 4:59

Ya Ho Wa 13 ‎– "Savage Sons Of Ya Ho Wa" (Higher Key Records ‎– 3306) 1974

Father Yod in all his generousity and grace, gave his 'sons' the chance to make their own record without his gong skills and throaty seal-like barking.
The result is this totally normal record, of the kind of normal Acid Rock songs you'd hear on the Banana Splits Show.
The cover is a good one however,with the Aquarius Brothers,Sunflower,Octavius,Djin and Rhythm, posing in front of the source cult mansion in Hollywood and Yod's roller, dressed as native American Jesus's. A Rolls Royce is thee must have accessory for any aspiring cult leader.
An interesting juxtapostion between capitalism,insulting indigenous peoples,and hyprocritical hippie bullshit philosophy.
The music definitely misses Yod's madness......just as I'd written him off as a talentless creep!?


A1 Edge Of A Dream
A2 Fire In The Sky
A3 Just Sitting Here
A4 A Thousand Sighs
B1 Red River Valley
B2 Man The Messiah
B3 Making A Dollar
B4 I Thought I Am
B5 Oh Ya Ho Wa

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Ya Ho Wa 13 ‎– "Ya Ho Wa 13" (Higher Key Records) 1974

Father Yod,inbetween bouts of 'sex sans orgasm' with teenage women,literally broke his back for the Source Family cause,aka the Father Yod cult.On August 25 1975, YaHoWha “left his body” nine hours after his debut hang-gliding flight straight into some rocks in Hawaii.They kept his body for three and a half days chanting Yod He Vau He,but ,unlike Jesus,he never rose again to walk the Earth.This is nothing unusual as Jesus,contrary to popular belief in some stone-age influenced time warps on this planet, didn't either!  
This eponymously titled self-made album of source family acid rock jams is ,in some ways,the psychedelic equivalent of doing the same thing with music.Except that this still stalks our terrestrial domain looking for disciples to fuck up. If the bible was converted into a musical by a bunch of drugged up hippies fronted by a grey haired svengali and his hareem of teenage girlies,then maybe i would have bothered to have engaged with the story a bit more.As long as I didn't have anything to do with them of course.
This is what rock music should be like,that rare modicum of pure liquid madness mixed with raw incompetence and cluelessness,leading to the accidental treasures that appeared under the auspices of Ya Ho Wa 13.
Way better than the Grateful Dead,who are shite,in fact I'd say,in my opinion, that these nutjobs are best American 2nd wave Psych Band in existence.....probably?


A1 Because 3:45
A2 Angel 1:28
A3 Magical Lady 5:30
A4 Little Doggie 4:45
A5 A Kind Of Depression 6:55
B1 Warden 5:30
B2 Mailman 5:00
B3 Come Come 4:45
B4 Pain 4:15

Friday, 14 June 2019

Fire, Water, Air (Ya Ho Wa 13 with Sky Saxon) ‎– "Golden Sunrise" ( Higher Key Records ‎– ELR-84510) 1977

Out of all the 'Cults' who thought they were musical genius's, Ya Ho Wa 13 were probably the most proficient.'Fire,Water,Air' were an offshoot fronted by garage psych legend Sky Saxon.They were so cut off from what was happening outside their world that it remained 1969 forever,even in 1977.Just like in my world it's permanently 1980, so who can blame them? Not fact i actively encourage it,like a version of the Lost World,complete with dinosaurs,of the musical kind.
'Golden' is a much used adjective among the cult community, and the post Yod death Ya Ho Wa 13 weren't gonna be left out.
Their guru, Father Yod, may have died a couple of years earlier in a bizarre hang gliding accident in Hawaii, but his influence was still looming large amongst his devotees.One of whom was Sky Saxon late of The seeds, who was a long term hanger-on at his Yodship's commune.
If you want more info on the Yodster and his young hippie chums, as well as more Ya Ho Wa 13 albums, then CLICK HERE!
There are more posthumous albums to exhume in the following posts also, so don't be afraid.
This stuff is mostly excellent free psychedelia with that essential element of madness that we all love in other people.
I could listen to this stuff all day.


A1 Time Travel
A2 Food For The Hungry
A3 Voyage
A4 Atlantians
A5 Go With The Flow
A6 New Revolution
B1 Wolf Pack
B2 Come To The Ocean
B3 Across The Prairie
B4 Just Moving On
B5 Celebration

Thursday, 13 June 2019

L. Ron Hubbard ‎– "Space Jazz" (Applause Records ‎– APLP 9000) 1982

If The Residents got together with Andrew Lloyd Webber and made a musical it would sound exactly like this.
"Space Jazz" the soundtrack to the book,'Battlefield earth'.
The Fairlight makes a major appearance under the auspices of Nicky Hopkins,late of The Jeff Beck Group,and Jazzer legend Chick Corea.
Christ on a stick, Stanley Clarke was a Scientologist?He's on this too!?
It does indeed sound like a Residents after 1984 concept album,its that bad,but a lot weirder.I saw a Residents live show in 2000,and they could have just been miming to this crazy concept musical by L. Ron Hubbard for all I knew.I reckon Hubbard had heard 'The Mark of the Mole',and saw the Mole Show,then, like rich cult leaders do, he wanted to do it himself.There's Ron at the controls on the back cover.I can imagine L.Ron donning an Eyeball head, can't you?
There's a creepy alien voice that interjects and I'm sure it says the five letter word 'Trump' several times, and once it even utters the full name of the destroyer of the western world!?...Did L.Ron know something that we didn't?
Is Scientology gonna save us from the Trumpster and his legal aliens?
Er....nah!...Hopefully they will wipe each other out and leave us all alone.

As it modestly announces on the album sleeve:

"Space Jazz is an original musical form based on the recently developed Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument (Fairlight CMI). It marks the point where computer technology caught up with musicians. Space Jazz is the first real computer music that will appeal to mass public. It antiquates past music like the cathedral organ wiped away blowing on a blade of grass. Listeners are treated to the adventure and unexpected delights of discovering a totally new musical concept in this innovative album."......yeah right!?


A1 Golden Era Of Sci Fi 3:27
A2 Funeral Of A Planet 3:25
A3 March Of The Psychlos 3:14
A4 Terl, The Security Director 3:20
A5 Jonnie 3:38
A6 Windsplitter 3:11
A7 The Mining Song 3:12
B1 The Drone 3:06
B2 Mankind Unites 2:59
B3 Alien Visitors Attack 3:38
B4 The Banker 3:19
B5 Declaration Of Peace 4:24
B6 Earth, My Beautiful Home 3:17

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

The Apollo Stars ‎– "Power Of Source" (L. Ron Hubbard ‎– SE 1001) 1974

He may, or may not, have started Scientology for a bet with his sci-fi author buddies back in the fifties,but of all the cult leaders he's probably the only one who was in a Jazz Fusion band.
Yes that's Ron with the cap and headphones....always ahead of his time,as all good,or bad, Science Fiction writers should be.
Scientology has all the hall marks of something that was dreamt up one evening,like a living pulp-science fiction novel.So,it wouldn't surprise me that this club of sinister androids hadn't started as a joke and far too many people took it seriously. Maybe Jesus did the same thing. We know the book of Mormon was a confidence trick,so why not Christianity,or even Scientology.
L.Ron's Jazz Fusion band ain't actually too bad.He just wasn't able to pull The Apollo Stars off as well as he did Scientology;but it didn't stop him from trying......that's the real lesson of Scientology.


A1 The Power Of Source
A2 Summertime (George Gershwin)
B1 We're Moving In
Written-By – Ferreira, Hubbard
B2 Johnny Comes Marching Home
Written-By [Folksong] – Traditional
B3 My Dear Portugal (Meu Querido Portugal)
Written-By – Ferreira, Hubbard

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

L. Ron Hubbard ‎– "Ron's Journal 67" (Golden Era Productions ‎– 6709 C20) 1967/1983

40 minutes of Ron on a paranoid rant about how various media organistaions,and governments are out to get him and his Church.
It sounds very similar to a Donald Trump speech on fake news, but far more articulate. Plenty of accusations of lies, and them and us politics,but i'm sure L.Ron would be only too pleased to welcome immigrants into his organistaion,and build a wall to keep the population in, rather than out.
Let us all pray that The Church of Trump will fail to emulate the sucess of Scientology and be consumed by the cheap hate that it peddles.
Like Trump, Hubbard seems to actually believe his own science fiction project,as much as the Donald believes in his own vacuous policies.Thankfully L. Ron isn't around anymore....on this planet anyway(?)...or he would be running for President of the free world,and stealthily removing the word 'free' from his job description.


A Ron's Journal 67 (Side 1)
B Ron's Journal 67 (Side 2)

L. Ron Hubbard / Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch ‎– "The Golden Dawn & The Aims Of Scientology - A Record About Scientology" (Axioms Records ‎– A8-8008) 1972

It says on the cover that "Scientology is an applied religious philosophy".They and the Buddha boys, like to use the word philosophy to give them some credibility.
At least The Scientologists admit to a religious aspect, but once a philosophy is applied, then it becomes a belief system.
That weird brainwashed sounding aussie bird,aka the Director of the "Celebrity Center for the creation of a higher Civilization(?)" is back to explain to us death fearers what its all about.

Its very meaningful sounding, but essentially meaningless reapeated platitudes from thousands of years of mankind trying to, as L. Ron says, "Salvage the Human Soul",and Hubbard is no exception when he promises eternal life within these crackling grooves.
The closing lines of side A do briefly allow us non-club members our own mind before we take the plunge,and I quote; "If you do not care to be accepted, that is your freedom"....thanks Ron,I'll excercise that freedom you have so kindly granted me....other people aren't so lucky.


A The Golden Dawn 4:35
B The Aims Of Scientology 3:52

Monday, 10 June 2019

L. Ron Hubbard / Yvonne Gillham ‎– "My Philosophy: Selected Works Of L. Ron Hubbard" (Axioms Records ‎– TCTP 8000) 1971

As creepy as Scientologists seem to be,almost without exception, I don't think L. Ron can be accused of the same pervy crimes that most other cultleaders are undoubtedly very guilty of.
This endless psychobabble can sound ,at times, like complete common sence,and one can clearly see why this philosfoohey of the bleeding obvious appeals to one dimensional nothings like John Travolta and Tom Cruise. There is something fundamentally disquieting about enforced 'Happiness'.A wide beaming smile can hide a whole range of personality disorders,hence the use of the phrase 'Happy House' as an alternative reference for a secure mental institution.
This stuff is the new Buddhism,obvious but unattainable solutions to obvious and,sadly, too attainable problems.They pride themselves on not only being a 'godless' belief, but also claim a scientific and psychotherapuetic basis to their beliefs. Again the word 'Love' is used often to deflect from the clear mind controlling methods that are applied.........Nah, it ain't mind control it's Love,you're part of the problem.
Both Buddhism and Scientology also have recognizable Gods.One being Buddha himself,and the other, noneother than Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, pulp science fiction writer,musician,inventor and cult leader.
I don't have to tell you that this is weird as fuck!.....and ,knowing the reputation of Scientolgy's zero tolerence policy for anyone who slags them off in any way, this may be the last thing I write before I get closed down for the third time.


A My Philosophy
B1 What Is Greatness
B2 The Factors

Sunday, 9 June 2019

L. Ron Hubbard And Friends ‎– "The Road To Freedom" (BPI Records ‎– BPILP03) 1986

My E-Meter is going haywire with excitment! Movie Star John Travolta, failed teen idol Leif Garrett, jazz legend Chick Corea and other fucked up failed celebs, get together to flesh out Dianetics guru, L. Ron Hubris's compositions on this toe-curlingly baaaad album. If this convinced anyone to become a Scientologist after absorbing its very eighties production values and creepy joy, then they probably already were in the first place.
Pseudoscience-fiction writer,L. Ron wanted to show off his newly purchased Fairlight to a modern audience,and ended up with a shadow version of the 'Ghostbusters' soundtrack. 
The fact that its so cleanly produced only adds a more spooky stepford wives essence to the usual sinister aire that Scientologists radiate.....I mean, Tom Cruise for fucks sake!?
I'm frightened, I quite like listening to this shit!?
Why is nothing more unsettling than listening to unbridled Joy? No matter how genuine or fake it is......and this is very fake, believe me.


A1 The Road To Freedom
A2 The Worried Being
A3 The Way To Happiness
A4 Make It Go Right
A5 Laugh A Little
B1 The Good Go Free
B2 Why Worship Death?
B3 The Evil Purpose
B4 The ARC Song
B5 Thank You For Listening
Featuring – L. Ron Hubbard

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Jim Jones ‎– "Jonestown Death Tape" (Stalker Records ‎– SR003) 1978

If a god told you to jump off a cliff would you do it? No, but i'll drink some Cyanide.Yeah, that'll show 'em!
Drugged up bible thumping commie, Reverend James W. Jones ,less than subtly suggested everyone kill themselves to 'step over from this world' to achieve peace. The silence at the end of part two of this casssette recording of the suicide event,seems to suggest that peace was indeed found, but only after all the screaming children had succumbed to the crude death potion the leaders had prepared for the, mostly, willing victims.
The most amusing aspect of all this,if you can find an amusing aspect,which I believe can be found in any situation;is that this alternative lifestyle,or alternative to life,was funded by welfare checks.So much so that they managed to leave around seven million dollars to the USSR in their collective wills;including half a million in cash in a suitcase that was supposed to be delivered to the Soviet Embassy in Georgetown.The suitcase courier was one of the lucky ones as he survived to tell the tale,incredibly after dumping the suitcase.....were these people dumb or what?
One assumes that the People's Church Choir were among the screaming victims as they convulsed before death in great pain.So we can see this tape as their farewell recording,or second album.
I've added a bonus track from one of the few survivors Laurie Kahalas,who 'channeled' this painfully weird poem in 1974,predicting,so she reckons, this future event within its cryptic structure. It also demonstrates why these people found it hard to fit in.


1. Rev. Jim Jones Speech
2. Death tape Part 1
3. Death Tape Part 2
4. Allegory (bonus Track- Laurie Efrein Kahalas 1974)

DOWNLOAD love as a weapon HERE!

Friday, 7 June 2019

People's Temple Choir ‎– "He's Able" (Brotherhood Records ‎– NPC-3) 1973

Hey!These guys weren't bad. I wonder why they never did any more records?....nothing to do with the fact that they all drank a tasty drink laced with lashings of Cyanide on holiday in Jonestown, Guyana a few years later?So,do you fancy a bit of Gospel music to ease the shock? No?.....well I don't blame you.
Especially if its sung by the brainwashed members of  the Reverend Jim Jones' People's Temple.
Yes, the very same lot who,proudly, hold the world record for mass suicide.If anyone out there wants to try and beat it,you will need to be ajudicated by a representative from the fabulous Guiness Book Of World Records for it to count.You have been warned.Maybe a mass suicide of Brexiteers when they learn of the second referendum would be a goer?Even better,Trump supporters when they lose the next election? Trump will pay for the cyanide i'm sure.
The not so very Reverend Jim W. Jones preached a curious mixture of Communism and Christianity which resulted in the murder of some U.S. officials in Guyana, and the mass suicide of over 900 men, women and children.
But at least they made a recording of their creepy Gospel meets Sesame Street style of praising the lord before up? this case,it's permanent.There will be no reformation tour,unless its one of those tours with no original members in the line-up.
Reverend Jim also made a far more disturbing recording actually made during the mass suicide of church members in 1978.....but that certainly ain't gospel singing I can guarantee you that.....Fear not,if you prefer the screams of dying children to any Gospel singing (like me) then that particular tape is for you.Whats more, it's up next for all you shameless ghouls out there.


A1 Welcome 1:29
A2 Walking With Your Father 2:15
A3 Set Them Free 2:31
A4 Walk A Mile In My Shoes 3:28
A5 Hold On, Brother 2:33
A6 Down From His Glory 2:53
B1 He’s Able 3:22
B2 Something Got A Hold Of Me 3:25
B3 Because Of Him 3:30
B4 Simple Song Of Freedom 4:17
B5 Black Baby 3:26
B6 Will You? 3:31

Thursday, 6 June 2019

David Koresh - "Home Recordings 1990-93" (Bootleg) 1993

In downtime on the Ranch, in between shooting at FBI agents, and the odd bit of statutory raping, Dave the Messiah would play a bit of divine pop music. 
Some of it was captured in the foggy medium of ferric oxide cassette tape, which gives these already spooky toons a further ghostly quality that sends chills even further up your spine.
Human beings are bloody dangerous, especially Human beings with delusions of grandeur armed with electric guitar and marshall stack!......that could actually describe a lot of rock and metal acts out there today!
If Koresh was allowed to have a local hit maybe he would have forgot that he was actually 'Jesus' mark 2? He just craved the attention he was denied as a child and lots of compliant women to have sex with...that's all!?....the average life of a Rock Star is it not?
Thankfully Motley Crue made it in the world of shite american FM metal, or we could have had four more Waco's on our hands.....but at least those bastards would have killed themselves and not still be walking the Earth today.


1. Side A (31:49)
2. Side B (40.01)

DOWNLOAD from down on the ranch HERE

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

David Koresh - "Voice Of Fire (Expanded) - The Complete David Koresh" (Bootleg) 1993

Vernon Wayne Howell, otherwise known as David Koresh, or Jesus, thought of himself as a minor rock star,and before he burned himself ,his many kids,and followers to death in the Davidian Cult HQ in Waco.Where he recorded lots of terrible adult orientated rock numbers for posterity.
When Dave wasn't exercising his exclusive rights to have sex with all the female members of the sect, be they under-age or married, Koresh, plugged in his axe into his massive PA system and wrote some soft rock ballads in tribute to the glory of himself.
Apparently he had a tough childhood, an estranged paedophile for a father,abandoned by mummy, and learning difficulties.So poor lickle Vernon was ripe pickings for the esteem raising possibilities of cult leadership.
Once enthroned at the Davidian ranch HQ, he even got away with attempting to murder his rival for the throne,who was found guilty of murdering another group member. Koresh, got off the attempted murder trial on a technicality, leaving him free to attain living god status, and sing his tunes to an adoring audience of his own children. He fathered over a bakers dozen worth of children, mainly bore by the wives of his followers, and in some cases the children of the very same people.He was free from prosecution because he had the consent of the parents to have sex with their daughters!?.....yep, this was in Texas.
The famous seige began in 1993 with a raid by the  Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms looking for guns...and they found them.Generally in the hands of demented brainwashed cultists shooting in their general direction, killing four agents!
A stand off ensued with the FBI, while our Dave wrote his massive 12 page theological statement about the Seven Seals (whatever they are?),which took days to write,the slowness of which was excused by the fact that he had difficulty spelling......yes thats right, Jesus can't spell!?
Vernon Howell in action.
No, Not Mick Ronson, Its the messiah!

I must warn you that several of the sect's members said that they were recruited by Koresh's music, so, listen with caution,or you too could have your girlfriend,wife, or daughter knocked up by a varifocaled,mullet sporting messiah.Then burned to death in a hopeless face off with the authorities.


1. War Music
2. Waiting So Long
3. Book Of Daniel
4. Sheshonahim
5. Rivers Of Babylon
6. Adam
7. Time
8. I Met A Man
9. Without Him
10.Don't you be a Laocadean
11.The Lonely Man
12.Jesus Loves Me
13.Bookshelf Religion
14.From the Rising Of the Son
15.Three Angels Message
16.Mad Man In Waco
17.Darkness In The Light
18.Waiting On You
19.Songs For Grandpa

DOWNLOAD the wacko from waco HERE!

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Shoko Asahara - "Lord Death's Counting Song" (Aum Shinrikyo Records) 1990

Theres not many artists featured on this blog that have been executed,but here's one,if 'artist' is the right word for a mentally ill cult leader who thought he was Jesus?
Founder and leader of the Aum Shinrikyo cult, Shoko Asahara was sentenced to die by hanging,for his role in the Tokyo subway sarin gas attacks in 1995 and was finally executed by hanging on July 6, 2018, at the Tokyo Detention House 23 years later.But,not before he treated the surviving members ofthe human race to some of his child-like songwriting skills.
He also wrote a book called "Declaring Myself the Christ",a bit shocking that, as I thought I was the Christ,not some Japanese nutjob! Ah well,I'll have to get used to being mortal again I guess!?
The music is basically as shit as his paranoid ,anti-semitic, conspracy riddled philosophy.
His purported mission was to take others' sins upon himself, and he claimed he could transfer spiritual power to his followers. He saw dark conspiracies everywhere, promulgated by the Jews, the Freemasons, the Dutch, the British Royal Family, and rival Japanese religions.Good to see he chose some different targets for a change,and also added the obvious suspects to the mix.....The Dutch!!!?
Shoko outlined a doomsday prophecy, which included a third World War, and described a final conflict culminating in a nuclear "Armageddon",Asahara often preached the necessity of Armageddon for "human relief". He eventually declared, "Put tantra Vajrayana into practice in accordance with the doctrines of Mahamudra," and he then initiated a series of terrorist attacks,culminating in the nerve gas attack in Tokyo.
Luckily his defence team didn't play his music in court or he would have been executed immediatly.


A Lord Death's Counting Song
B Shonshi's March

Monday, 3 June 2019

Michael Mills - "Turn Me On Deadman: Hidden Satanic Messages In Rock Music" (Christian Radio Show) 1981

If there was one person the word 'Twat' was made for, it's American Christian Radio evangelist, Michael Mills.
He could see the work of Satan in any rock act, be it Adam and the 'Ant'....he couldn't even get the group names right,like the Church Universal and Triumphant invocation against rock music....or the frighteningly evil Electric Light Orchestra!
His imaginative attempts at uncovering back masking are particularly laughable.
The Phrase "Number Nine", from The Beatles "Revolution no.9", when played backwards, allegedly says, "Turn me on Deadman".Aside from it being very debatable as to what words it could possibly sound like,what the fuck is he going on about? What Deadman? Turn me on to what?...I can hazard a guess, but this is just another example of the Christians need to take everything literally, until 2+2 = 36.
Queen's, 'Another one bites the dust', when reversed, proclaims, "Some of Us Smoke Marajuana", that it says that at all.Its just music playing backwards.Play enough music backwards and you could reveal a backwards masked version of the complete works of Shakespeare if you were so motivated,or certifiably Insane.
Over several separate Led Zep tracks, he finds several unconnected phrases that mean Robert,Jimmy,and John Paul had visited Hell.Probably to visit their drummer 'Bonzo', who had died the year previously. They said,in reverse, "Listen, We've Been There".....oh, that'd be Hell obviously!?...."Because I Live"..who?.."Serve Me"..again, who?..."there's No escaping It"..escaping what?.."Satan"...."If We"....."Gotta Live For satan"...."Master Satan".....all damning evidence, from at least a few different albums.Except that the damning evidence is that Michael Mills is undeniably simple and deluded,a veritable 1st class college degree in the world of Evangelism.
In fact to get on Mills's list is a badge of honour for any group,or intelligent person.If you can get death threats from the Klu Klux Klan then you know you're doing something right at least.Although,looking at some of the acts on his blacklist,I would willingly help the Klan in any way they asked me to....and try and direct their hate in the direction of The Eagles first.
You'd have to wonder what Michael would make of 'Whitehouse','Con-Dom' or any of the Power Electronics mob.Trouble is if you play any of those records backwards,they sound exactly the same as they do going in the correct direction.
Unfortunately for Michael Mills, scientific studies have shown “zero evidence to support such a claim and suggest that the apparent presence of backward messages in popular music is more a function of active construction on the part of the perceiver than of the existence of the messages themselves.
Turn him off Deadman!"
A jolly Evangelist cartoon strip to educate our youngsters with?


1.Introduction (2:36)
2.Adam Ant and Bow Wow Wow (7:52)
3.New Lyrical Jargon (3:12)
4.Show ID (0:31)
5.Black Sabbath (1:02)
6.The Beatles (3:53)
AC/DC (6:34)
8.Led Zeppelin (4:47)
9.Dan Folgeberg (0:18)
10.Rush (1:16)
11.Lucifer’s Friend (0:09)
12.Prince (0:09)
13.Grateful Dead (0:25)
14.Meatloaf (0:16)
15.Judas Priest (0:15)
16.Blondie (0:16)
17.The Rhythm Devils (0:11)
18.Ozzy Osbourne (2:09)
19.Spirit (0:16)
20.Electric Light Orchestra (2:16)
21.Sound (0:35)
22.Fleetwood Mac (0:18)
23.Kiss (3:16)
24.The Beatles (1:02)
25.The Eagles (2:10)
26.Santana (0:31)
27.The Rolling Stones (0:50)
28.David Bowie (0:15)
29.Queen (1:23)
30.Black Sabbath (1:03)
31.End (2:18)

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Church Universal And Triumphant, Inc. Featuring Elizabeth Clare Prophet ‎– "Invocations for the destruction of Rock Music) ( Faithways International ) 1984/2001

I mentioned that there were little or no Female cult leaders in the "Lord of Lords" post;well I forgot about Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and the Church Universal and Triumphant.
Expecting a Soviet attack on the Ides of March 1990, the complete loonie toons of the Church Universal and Triumphant sect,sold everything to buy food,guns and ammunition, to retreat into their nuclear bunker to survive and spread the word....mainly about how nasty Rock Music was. The fact that after a nuclear Holocaust its unlikely that any Rock bands would have survived;and even if they did I doubt they'd feel like churning out their hits with the radiation sickness, lack of food an'all.
But, just in case some of these demons survived, they kindly recorded these chants and other moments of deranged madness to educate the mutants who would inherite the wastelands of Earth not to fall into the same trap.
Educate it will, if there's any electricity to play this disc, so the Mutants wouldn't be stupid enough to raise any religious beliefs from the ashes of that former civilisation.

I do, however, 100% agree with Elizabeth Clare Prophet's invocation against Rock Music, so I may have joined them in their underground bunker to avoid that Soviet nuclear attack that never came in 1990. Oh how foolish would I have felt after emerging into police custody and charged with illegal possesion of an automatic weapon.or worse, illegal possession of a wart,dancing with a mailman,and marrying a horse.(I paraphrase of course,from dodgy perv comedy genius Woody Allen's classic "Take The Money and Run"...pretty much a perfect title for most religious sects methinks?)
Unfortunately, doomsday never came, and Cindy looper (sic) still lives to spread her evil, along with:
(there are some exceptions*/** who have now followed Elizabeth to burn in Hell,but a lot are still harming our childrens ears and s0-called let us pray:

"All perversions of the third eye
Through distorted and exaggerated images
Perverted movements of the body and breakdancing
And other forms of dancing
And we especially call for the judgement in this hour
And the destroying of rock music directed
Specifically against children
Through the videos that were portrayed
And working specifically through these individuals
For whom we call for
The judgement of the sacred fire of this hour
Before the throne of almighty god

Michael Jackson*
Bruce Springsteen
Tina Turner
David Bowie*
Van Halen
Huey Lewis & The News
The Cars
Herbie Hancock
Bonnie Tyler
Stevie Nicks
Men at Work
ZZ Top
Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson*
"Weird Al" Yankovic
Cyndi Lauper
Pink Floyd**
The Pretenders**
Billy Joel
Billy Idol
Elton John
Neil Young
Sheena Easton
Patti Smith and Scandal
Big Country**
Morris Day & The Time
John Lennon*
Appolonia 6
REO Speedwagon
David Gilmour
The Rolling Stones**
Pat Benatar
Hall & Oates
Randy Jackson
Adam Ant
Christine McVie
Jack Cougar Mellencamp
Fleetwood Mac
The Alan Parsons Project
Rick Springfield
The Thompson Twins
Missing Persons
Duran Duran
Culture Club including Boy George
Band Aid
Stevie Wonder

(*) means they are now in Hell(**) means some band members are now in Hell

As you may have noticed a lot of these agents of evil are dead, so it must have worked? Hey,wait a minute, since when did Culture Club not include Boy George?
The best one is Band Aid.....oh the pure undiluted evil of feeding starving African children!!!!???


1 Dedication To The Tackling Of The Beast And The Dragon - The Momentum Of Rock 'n' Roll 3:23
2 Call For Protection 3:38
3 Video Shorts With Two Announcements (Excerpt) 1:50
4 Preamble - Great Divine Rector's Call 0:53
5 Invocation For Judgement Against And Destruction Of Rock Music 3:14
6 Decree 12.10 27:57
7 Decree 10.05 3:06

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Sai Baba ‎– "Embodiment Of Love" (Premasound ‎– PS 108) 2000

As previously stated, Alice Coltrane bore a passing resemblance to Cult leader and serial pervert Shri Sathya Sai Baba. He also shared another trait with the lovely Alice, in the fact that he made records of his incredibly creepy devotional music.
This is a common behaviour within the world of the cult leader. David Koresh, Chuck manson and Rev Jim Jones all have records out there, but I think our Sai made the creepiest ones.Just waiting for some Islamic State albums to hit the market,and I'll be happy.
Sai's sexual crimes have been well documented,and looking at the album cover you have to wonder what the fuck is he doing with his hands?.......he looks like he's wanking off to me!?
With a specific taste in deflowering young boys, "The Embodiment Of Love", the album's title, forced a little bit of my stomach contents back into my mouth.In the case of some of his younger followers,I dread to think what their stomach contents were after visting the holy one in his personal tent!?
It's all Alice Coltranes fault,but i feel a detour into the creepy land of Cult music coming on......and I don't mean 'The Cult', i mean religious and hippie Doomsday expect some Amon Duul,Chuck Manson and The Church Universal and Triumphant with Rev Elizabeth Claire.If you thought the music you like was weird,this stuff is a special kind of fresh madness.


1 Khanda Kandânthara 5:27
2 Muralî Gâna Lola 8:52
3 Jânedu 2:54
4 Sarva Velala 9:12
5 Sathya Dharma Prema 6:39
6 Anthuleka 3:22
7 Na Punyam Bhauya Manasu 11:02
8 Viswasânthini 4:13
9 Gayatri Mantra 5:07

Friday, 31 May 2019

Alice Coltrane ‎– "Lord Of Lords" (Impulse! ‎– AS-9224)

The cover photo makes Alice look like a cult leader,which would be rare as there are very few Female cult leaders that I know of, if any at all?
What is it with blokes? All the arseholes down through history are male? Which makes me look in the mirror and ask myself candidly, "Am I an Arsehole?"
The only answer I can give with out sounding, word of the day..."Glib", can only be "Probably".
We all like to think that given certain situations we wouldn't change into one of these idiots.
If, suddenly, I was transported into the seventies and turned into a 'Rock Star', which was one of thee most terrifying human God scenarios of recent history, then I can't confidently say I wouldn't become a Total Fucking Arsehole, or TFA, like all Rock Stars did,and still would if Rock wasn't dead, and the kids weren't all hypnotised by gaming culture.......another sad cult i'm afraid!
Like most Cult leaders, the Rock star indulged in childlike dictatorial behaviour in the name of Rebellion, quaffed drugs like candy, and sexually abused women and underage boys and girls without a second thought......mainly because they were permanently off their tits on illegal substances and ego overdoses.
If these lovely fellows were investigated for historic abuse crimes ,like they are sort of doing in Hollywood, then i doubt any of them would escape jail. All the Beatles would have been found guilty, and the rest from the top down too. By 'Modern' standards these 'hero's' are criminals.....but where do you stop? Exhuming Caligula to stand trail at the supreme court?......why not?
But, I'm sure Alice Coltrane had nothing to do with all this, except maybe turning a blind eye to the dodgy goings on by  Swami Satchidananda. Guilt by inaction,or ignorance.She did have the same hirstyle as Sai baba I suppose, so we can't rule anything out. Lets face it they were all at 'It'......filthy little devils.
This album, by the way, is more of the same excellent swirling ecstatic strings and piano,with plenty of bells and improvised organ that makes you just wanna join a cult to hand over your wife and children and, more importantly, bank account, to the Swami.....well probably not actually......but the human mind is so susceptable to control you can never rule it out. Beware!


A1 Andromeda's Suffering 9:04
A2 Sri Rama Ohnedaruth 6:12
A3 Excerpts From The Firebird 5:43
B1 Lord Of Lords 11:17
B2 Going Home 10:02

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Alice Coltrane ‎– "Universal Consciousness" (Impulse! ‎– AS-9210) 1971

It's 1971, and Turiyasangitananda,otherwise know as Alice Coltrane, has embraced the 'fro' and has read about how everything is connected by a universal consciousness and she wants to tell us about it.

Thanks Alice, but keep it to yourself will ya?
However,if whatever mumbo-jumbo inspires such swirling,tinkling delights as the music on this album,then bring it on.It almost makes one wanna write ones own made up belief system dunnit?
This is great, unique music that, to my knowledge has never been copied.Which is a rare thing on this plagarised planet. Sadly, that is also evidence for a lack of universal consciousness,or is it?
Everyone seems to like the same thing,or things,and stick to like-minded persons in flocks so maybe we are all connected after all?
The very thought that my consciousness is connected to fellow sentient beings like Donald Trump or Tommy Robinson makes me wanna eat this record and wash it down with Nigel Farages Piss.
If you don't know who these people are then you are truly blessed,if you do know these creeps then I'll pray to Paedophile Swami Sai Baba,another owner of a very stlish Afro, for your salvation,or salivation.
In fact there is a stunning resemblance between Alice 'Turiyasangitananda' Coltrane and creepy old Sai....observe....



A1 Universal Consciousness 5:05
A2 Battle At Armageddon 7:22
A3 Oh Allah 4:54
B1 Hare Krishna 8:16
B2 Sita Ram 4:48
B3 The Ankh Of Amen-Ra 6:12

Alice Coltrane ‎– "Huntington Ashram Monastery" (Impulse! ‎– AS-9185)

There's a Buddhist temple near my abode on the plateau du Larzac in southern France.I've even worked there,and of course, they didn't fucking pay me! Now, the cops are investigating the rampant sexual abuse doled out by the head budda-boy lard bucket,who is now in hiding back in Thailand; and no, he didn't fuck me either thank you very much!...except for fucking me over financially,correction, his joyless minions fucked me over financially. The fat cunt used to shag as many young dysfunctional girls as possible,insisting that to do so would enhance their karma levels. These perks of the job were 'generously'shared around various monks and his goons for years,even when everyone outside knew what was going on.Seriously Baaaaaad Karma maaaaaan.
So I assume this kinda shit happened in  most of these cult temples, especially in the sixties.The decade of 'Free Love', which meant in reality that ugly blokes could get laid in the name of freedom.
Dunno where, or what this Huntingdon Ashram Monastery is, but I hope Alice kept her rape alarm handy in between Harp sessions. I just have to hear the word 'monk' and instantly think, Perv, or potential rapist;lurking in their saffron robes in a state of permanent semi-arousal, waiting to insert some instant karma into any unsuspecting passing fuck-up-ess.
As distastful as most of these religions are......yes, Buddism is a religion because they worship large statues of Buddha and make prayers.Its basically the worlds biggest cult,and so attracts rich dysfunctional idiots looking for the meaning of life....I certainly think they found's shit!
I'll start again.....As distastful as most of these religions are, they are capable of producing some of the best devotional ,ecstatic, and basically, Nutty, musics ever made.Alice Coltranes series of early seventies albums are among some of the most original, and indeed, the best.
I chose this early album to start off with because it has Rashied Ali maning the skins,tying it in with previous Coltrane, J,and Frank Lowe albums for continuity's sake.
What I like about these Jazz albums is that they were recorded, invariably, in one day, mostly in one take.This one, for example, was recorded on the 14th of may 1969 in New York city.......not in a Monastery.


A1 Huntington Ashram Monastery 5:30
A2 Turiya 4:16
A3 Paramahansa Lake 4:29
B1 Via Sivanandagar 6:03
B2 IHS 8:44
B3 Jaya Jaya Rama 6:25

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Rashied Ali Quintet ‎– "Rashied Ali Quintet" (Survival Records ‎– SR-102) 1973

All bands dread that moment when the drummer says, "I've been writing some songs"!!!!??? Then you reluctantly volunteer some fake encouragment,and they play their terrible creations,expecting the next album to be theirs.
Upon rejection it ineviably leads to the drummer throwing his toys out of the pram and quitting, only to return two weeks later,humbly returning to the drum stool where he should stay.
Yes, drummers are,mostly, really good at drumming,so stick to that, and leave the creative stuff to people who know better.
Rashied Ali was a great drummer who realised that to have a solo album as a drummer, you have to surround yourself with proper musicians, which he did here, and for the rest of his releases on his own label throughout the 1970's.This is no Cozy Powell's "Dance With The Devil" however,it be far more 'sophisticated'...its Free Jazz innit?
A young James 'Blood' Ulmer is expertly utilised here, and contributes some improvised guitar, and a composition called 'Captain Black';about the traitorous spectrum agent gone bad in Captain Scarlet,who joined forces with the Mysterons.......what?....It could becouldn't it!?


A Address 16:55
B Theme For Captain Black 18:13

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

John Coltrane & Alice Coltrane ‎– "Cosmic Music" (Coltrane Recording Corporation ‎– AU 4950) 1968

Recorded only months before John's death,and released on Coltranes own label, this is the first offering of Alice Coltrane as an artist in her own right,although maybe it took the death of her hubby to achieve solo status.Someone had to carry on the Coltrane legacy, she did bare the name after all?
Her exotic swirling piano work is cruelly low in the mix,although she has an equal score in the writing credits at least. A milestone in the development of spiritual Jazz,and a tombstone for Coltrane J's forays into free improvisation.
Rashied Ali drums on this as well by the way.


A1 Manifestation
Composed By – John Coltrane
A2 Lord Help Me To Be
Composed By – Alice Coltrane
B1 Rev. King
Composed By – John Coltrane
B2 The Sun
Composed By – Alice Coltrane

Monday, 27 May 2019

John Coltrane ‎– "Infinity" (Impulse! ‎– AS-92250 1972

Another post-mortem examination of the out-takes of John Coltrane is this exhumation of a few sessions from 1965 and '66,later enhanced by the cosmic widow herself, wife, Alice.
It's really an Alice Coltrane record,filled with hindu inspired lush string sections,abstract organ work and Harp glissando's, plus samples of John's tenor sax laid over the top.
If you're an Alice fan, this is her great lost work,if you're a John fan it's a cynical cash-in. As a fan of both, this is like playing two albums by either artist together at the same time,which is something I always like to do from time to time......sometimes it works,and it works here, very well.Should really be credited as a John and Alice Coltrane record,but no-one knew who she was, so,its a John Solo effort for commercial purposes.
All the usual suspects are guesting on the personnel list, like Rashied Ali,Elvin Jones, Pharoah Sanders, Charlie haden, McCoy Tynor;they all dug in to lend a hand,for what in all intents and purposes is a tribute album to one of musics most influential his widow and old chums.Ahhhh!


A1 Peace On Earth 9:03
A2 Living Space 10:40
B1 Joy 8:01
B2 Leo 10:08