Saturday 17 February 2024

Darkthrone – "Land Of Frost" (Self-Released) 1988


Whereas someone like,...say...Jandek,has a vision of life as a grim pointless reality; our Norwegian buddies in all those Death/Black metal groups,live in a fantasyworld almost as life unaffirming and silly as a Christian UFO Death Cult....but with better music. Especially when its as lo-fi as this jolly jaunt into the permafrost of the arctic Tundra of  Metal.
They think they're frightening us but their ,frankly, daft, game of thrones world is nowhere near as Horrific as the life as portrayed in any Jandek recording.
That Scot Walker album with Sunn(((o is probably the way to go for these growly long-hairs. A Jandek Death Metal collaboration would go a long way to lessen the silliness somewhat.
Not unlike that Metal collaboration album with Mark.E Smith (Mutation?), who continued to frighten the crap out of a bunch of very muscular Metalheads for the duration of his appearance.
Nevertheless, I do like a bit of Ferric-oxide cassette based Black Metal,with the production values of Danny and the Dressmakers.
I could listen to that all day as long as they don't do that growly barking thing they have a tendency to stoop to from time to time. Keep the vocals deep in the background please boys,and no suicides or murders please....not big, not clever.


A1 Land Of Frost 3:57
A2 Winds Of Triton 1:53
A3 Forest Of Darkness 4:32
A4 Odyssey Of Freedom 3:26
A5 Day Of The Dead 5:23

Friday 16 February 2024

Jandek – "Nashville Friday" (Corwood Industries – CORWOOD 0863) 2023

Another Live Jandek from the homeland of American music recorded in 2009 (again). Enough to make the Grand Ole Opry spontaneously no bad thing.
On this outing we find one of spontaneous music's legends in relation I guess? Ladonna who played on all those batshit crazy Davey Williams records. And still scraps the viola in a complementarily warped in both warped like a record,and warped like a mind.
One would love to see Jandek do a surprise appearance at the Grand Ole Opry one day,eh kids?
Here,we are treated to a singing Jandek avoiding tunes like obstacles in an obstacle race,skimming the jagged surface of every obstacle the sonic backing can conjure up.
Disc one seems to have a Horse theme running ,or should i say, cantering, asunder the rancid chunks of  dueling banjo's that accompany Jandek's dream of becoming a wild Mustang for the 8 long minutes this equine nightmare trots unsteadily along.
And we all like a nice Horse Theme don't we boys'n'girls?
And Yes, Sterling whips out the Fretless bass to further compound those heinous acts of violence against taste that occurred in the 1980's;but, Kajagoogoo this is most certainly NOT!


1-1 Now That I Want You 10:37
1-2 Shadow Of The Horse 11:12
1-3 Tennessee Flower 9:20
1-4 The Mustang 8:04
1-5 Castigated To Be Free 11:02
2-1 Don't Be Seen 10:25
2-2 This Isolated Moment 7:08
2-3 It Don't Matter 9:17
2-4 Linden Row 7:21
2-5 When I Got You 15:30

Monday 12 February 2024

Jandek – "Vision Of Jewels" (Corwood Industries – CORWOOD 0864) 2023

While we is on the subject of Japan, I realised there is someone else who begins with 'J' that's been overlooked recently,and certainly never drives on the correct side of the road musically speaking.
Jandek innit?
He's got a new studio album out which sounds like a lot of his post - 2010 live output.but without the sparse applause. 
Its improvised,no vocals, no credits, no info,so i can't verify if it actually was recorded within the last 15 years. So no proof of the carrot topped bard's continued existence on this planet.
I presume that the cover art is a photograph of the Representative's home planet,whizzing around in one of the outer spiral arms of the Milky Way;.....either that, or Sterling R. Smith has just discovered image editing software?......Nah! That's Planet Jandek.
Its as good as anything The Scratch Orchestra did at least.Would have liked to have been around for that Derek Bailey Jandek collaboration that was never discussed.I suppose i could do a fantasy audio montage of this fictional event one day?
When i first encountered a Jandek record I thought it was Funny,but upon listening to subsequent releases I realised that he wasn't fucking Joking!? I thought it was just shite Self-released by a nutter with too much spare cash? Where he got that from I dunno,as i thought he used to work in a Machine Shop somewhere in Houston?
Nowadays I think its less Shite,and especially this stuff,which could pass for Free Improvisation in any number of pretentious enclaves dotted around the metropolitan Chumbawumba beer kellers of planet Jandek.


1 White Quartz 16:16
2 Color Streaks 15:19
3 Star Specks 12:45
4 Viewing The Realm 23:59

Saturday 10 February 2024

Various Artists– "ADK Omnibus Vol.1" (ADK Records – ADK-03E) 1983

Another.....well,one, of two ADK Jap Punk compilations,...volume One in fact, has landed. And pretty manic stuff it is too. Featuring such household names as Sodom , Sekinintenka, Cain, and Gaddess to further damage your sensitive ear filaments with. Well probably not household names at all actually...not even in Tokyo.
No tattoo's on these proper punk rockers. Sporting one of those silly doodles on a Japanese arm was a virtual death sentence in 1983 Japan; akin to wearing a Nazi Armband in mid seventies London. It was certainly easier to Shock in the land of the rising volume levels,as the unwritten rules were enforced with an icy unspoken frostiness as the shadow of the not yet deceased Emperor loomed large....rather like the shadow of Hitler loomed over Argentina.
No such problem in the UK however,but give or take a few Decades and the British were under the iron boot of the Industrial Revolution while the Japs were farting about with Paper as a secure building component. Both Japan and The British Isles,were blighted with the cruel burden of good manners,and drive on the Left, so inevitably Punk Rock was always gonna happen. Nonetheless, a British Punk Rocker would tell his audience to Fuck Off both inside and outside of the concert hall, whereas the Japanese equivalent would likely bow and  thank the seething mass of bobbing black hair for their time.
Like a Kamikaze human drone slamming into an American aircraft carrier , this stuff takes no prisoners...just like the Japanese Army.

PS. Track 7,"夜姦菌孤" is basically Public Image Ltd's "Socialist" from Metal Box with a different singer,and better guitarist is it not?

A1 ソドム*– ソドミズム

A2 ソドム*– スペルマ爆弾 
A3 ソドム*– L.S.D
A4 ソドム*– 自殺
A5 ソドム*– パブリック
A6 ソドム*– カンゴフK
A7 ソドム*– 夜姦菌孤
B1 責任転嫁*– Fuck
B2 責任転嫁*– 春と修羅
B3 責任転嫁*– Worm
B4 責任転嫁*– 慕情
C1 カイン*– さつき病
C2 カイン*– すてきなビート (Beat Generation)
D1 ガディス*– Bun-Bun-Bun
D2 ガディス*– 新宿 -闇のカーニバル-
D3 ガディス*– 薬 -Yaku-
D4 ガディス*– あたいの.....
D5 ガディス*– ケダモノ
D6 ガディス*– キ・チ・ガ・イ

DOWNLOAD  or miss the omnibus HERE!              

Friday 9 February 2024

Various Artists – "Neo Punk Disordery / ADK Omnibus Vol.2" (ADK Records – ADK-08E) 1984

Punk Rock was made for compilations. One single per band, 15 minute sets per gig,and if there's anything left,of which there shouldn't be if you're a proper Punk Rock band, then that gets stuck on a compilation dunnit?
Using the same criteria for the Japanese, Punk rock was made for da Japanoise Yoof to vomit out the relentless oppression of Japanese Culture......the poor sods.
It's a bit like how da English yoof got liberated by a combination of first wave American Rock'n'Roll and ,ironically, being trapped in the poverty of a bankrupt Britain created by the massive loan...yes I did say 'Loan', that the American Government gave the Churchill Govt to buy armaments from the United States to fight the Third Reich on behalf of of the rapidly diminishing Free World.
Ironically still, no such conditions were foisted upon the axis powers after their inevitable defeat.They all got massive financial reparations to build their economies into the giants they are today.
The 'Brits', they got rationing, powdered egg and Bombed out homelessness. Punishement for giving the Japs the idea of torpedoing the enemy navy in their harbour with light aircraft....exactly what the Brits did to the Italian Navy in the Mediterranean the same year.
However,both Germany, Italy and Japan, didn't have the vibrant youth culture that was produced out of the UK austerity plan post war.
As the last Japanese soldier surrendered in the mid-seventies, things had begun to loosen up a little in Nippon. Disemboweling noise and relentlessly fuming Punk Rock emerged from the polite world of Jap Society. And some of the finest disemboweling shit it is too, as collected on this fine shared jap-core compilation featuring some very pissed off sons of Nippon.


A1 Gabell– 品種改良
A2 Gabell– レイプ (研究所)
A3 Molugu– Bloody
A4 Molugu– ナチズム
A5 Molugu– AB
A6 Molugu– Insert
A7 Molugu– 餓死
B1 Glycerin – Glycerin (血まみれ世紀)
B2 Glycerin – 臭い
B3 Glycerin – Shelter
B4 Glycerin - 中毒
B5 我殺 Crime Fighter*– Pest
B6 我殺 Crime Fighter*– 血ぞめの改革
B7 我殺 Crime Fighter*– OK
B8 我殺 Crime Fighter*– Crime Fighter

DOWNLOAD or i'll start droning on about world war two again HERE!

Thursday 25 January 2024

The Comes – "No Side" (City Rocker Records – DOG 2) 1983

One of the more annoying traits of post-punk hardcore records is when they get their artist mate to hand draw the album art. Usually it's a bunch of cartoon punx in denim and levver, but I dunno whats going on here? 
It could be a terrible tattoo art version of The Comes lead singer, the delightful Chitose.....(pronounced Shit'ouse? maybe?) crossed with Princess Diana....after the accident.
In real life Shit'ouse is a lot easier on the eye, and doesn't hold back in the ferocious vocals department.These are the things that display more than a passing resemblance to Melt Banana's less experimental moments.
The Lovely Shit'Ouse

I Phink I Wanna move to japan.
Talking of Shit Houses, In my charming council estate back in the UK, the really inbred family on my street used to have "Shit'ouse" daubed on the broken door of the toilet in dripping black gloss.These were the local representatives of the Underclass,and frequently decided to threaten me with violence,if only for the fact that i could actually stand up straight,rather than be trapped in a permanent state of scoliosis.That's genetics for ya.
Early Factory Records signing Kevin Hewick also grew up in the same area(Eyres Monsell,Leicester),and has just released a new Album on that very subject, called "Monsell Skyline"'s great.  
Eyres Monsell,A hard, bleak, hopeless place....but I love it,in a stockholm Syndrome kind of way;and whilst drunk last Tuesday, i said i wanted my ashes to be scattered there.We are strange beasts us Humans innit?


1 No Side
2 Case
3 Public Cicle
4 Wa-Ka-Me
5 さらけだせ
6 究極
7 バカコケ
8 人間狩り
9 Panic
10 工場
11 Medium

Monday 15 January 2024

The Stalin – "Trash" (Political Records – MIG2505L) 1981

 Hmmm,Rather exciting is this Japanese Punk Rock stuff.
And a refreshing change is that no Jap Punk ever reckons they invented Punk Rock,ever!!!
It helps that they never had any Bubblepunk proto power pop groups with Brian Jones hairdo's hanging out at the jap version of the Roundhouse.
You wouldn't find any Brian Jones hairdo's in Tokyo(or London) in 1980 ,and beyond....but you will find a stampede of Colin from GBH look-a-likes, and  weedy versions of 'Wattie' from the Exploited .
To a large portion of the planet, this is what 'Punk' is all about, and who can argue against that?...despite the dodgy version of the Bowl-cut punk bubblegum classic 'Blitzkrieg Bop' making up the numbers.
Nobodies Perfect


A1 解剖室
A2 冷蔵庫
A3 Trash
A4 天上ペニス
A5 革命的日常
A6 主義者 (イスト)
A7 インテリゲンチャー
A8 バキューム
A9 Bird
A10 溺愛
B1 メシ喰わせろ
B2 ハエ
B3 ハード・コア
B4 猟奇ハンター
B5 電動コケシ
B6 アーチスト
B7 ブタに真珠
B8 Gass
B9 サル
B10 撲殺

DOWNLOAD  in less than 30 seconds over Tokyo HERE!

Wednesday 3 January 2024

Various Artists– "Springtime In Belsen" - (Sadist Records – SIB 001) 1998

Like some time-warped anti-matter west-end Juke Box musical,this insults on every level.For example The Yodler Killers ,from Switzerland, has the one and only Dr Josef Mengele on drums.....this is a little known fact about the original 'Angel Of Death' himself.
Luckily I like my Punk Rock irreverent,beyond Stupid,and played by a bunch of musically incompetent politically incorrect continental European burks....;don't we all? 
This is the factor that made the Stranglers stand out from the otherwise 'woke' before their time punk throng.Mainly thanks to having a Franglais classical guitarist and karate black belt in their midst,arriving via Guildford.
Frankly, anything with a track by Italian retardo's 'Tampax' on it, has to be worth a quick track skipping listen.
I have reviewed... gulp...."Tampax(in the cunt)" before.......(OMG?)....I paraphrase's an ultimate example of the kind of retarded sexuality last mentioned in Spinal Tap. Giggling in the classroom, unthink rock by repressed catholic boys who've just heard that ladies have a menstrual cycle, and....giggle....they use tampons....giggle,titter.
This tune is very probably the zenith of Stupid as we understand it. Download it and appall your Woke friends, especially if you don't want them to be your friends anymore;........unless they're the kind of lowdown pond-dwelling fuckwits that Tampax are, then they'll want to be with you forever.
The K9's are the cred giving English Punk band here,even giving Tampax a serious challenge in the ignoramus stakes.
There's even a Noo Yawk 'punk' band too,who sound like an English Punk band????
What The Prats, from Scotland, are doing on here is almost insulting,them being one of the greatest groupz wot ever existed...right?
SEHR SCHNELL do a blatantly plagarised version of Wire's "Lowdown",probably lifted from an imported copy of the "Live at Roxy" Album?
The punk thievery stops not there, as Japanese punk by numbers band ,"The Stalin", do Blitzkreig Bop for us, just in case you've never heard it...which i think they secretly hope you haven't...but we have,so...?
I guess this is someone trying to do something like one of those Killed By Death compilations,which sell in their thousands, and the profits go to some hidden Finnish bank account.
However its fantastically stupid stuff, and full of the kind of things that may get you Cancelled.....a nobler cause I can not imagine.
It's Banned from being sold on Discogs...what more glowing a recommendation do ya need?
Altogether now....."Its Springtime for Belsen and Anarchieeeeee" 

Insert with notes included.

A1 taken from 'Rattenloch EP' 7" (Ratt Records, 1979)
A2 taken from '1990's Pop E.P.' 7" (Rough Trade, 1980)
A3 taken from 'Son Of Sam' 7" (Kapitalist Records, 1977)
A4 taken from 'Bunker' 7" (Another Swiss Label, 1979)
A5 taken from 'Life Of Rian' 7" (Sånn'ja Records, 1980)
A6 taken from 'Me Myytiin Itsemme' 7" (Poko Records, 1979)
A7 taken from 'スターリニズム' 7" (Political Records, 1981)
A8 taken from 'Silvias Unge / Hitlers Barn' 7" (Kloaak, 1978)
A9 taken from Hitler SS / Tampax split 7" (Compact Cassette Records, 1979)
B1 and B9 taken from 'Jacot Masturbette' 7" (Zaki Records, 1979)
B2 taken from 'The K9 Hassle' 7" (Dog Breath Records, 1979)
B3 taken from '3-Spor EP' 7" (Krakk, 1979)
B4 taken from 'Only Fools Pretend To Be Happy' 7" (Sweet Harmony, 1979)
B5 taken from '1980' LP (CBS, 1980)
B6 taken from 'Hot Love / Die Wüste Lebt!' 7" (Periphery Perfume, 1977)
B7 taken from 'EP' 7" (Savage Music, 1979)
B8 taken from 'Vaihda Vapaalle' 7" (Love Records, 1979)


A1 Dirt Shit– Discoscheisser

A2 Prats*– Disco Pope

A3 Chain Gang– Gary Gilmore In The Island Of Dr. Moreau

A4 Technicolor*– Bunker

A5 Norgez Bank– Springtime In Belsen

A6 Ypo-Viis– Me Myytiin Semme

A7 Stalin– Buta Ni Shinju

A8 Kriminella Gitarrer– Hitler's Barn

A9 Tampax– Tampax In The Cunt

B1 Yodler Killers– Jacotte Masturbette

B2 K9's– Sweeny Todd

B3 Oslo Bors– Smukke Folks Born

B4 Checkmate – Weekend

B5 Brats– Punk Fashion

B6 Nasal Boys– Die Wuste Lebt

B7 Young Identities– Positive Thinking

B8 Sehr Schnell– Vaihda Vapaalee

B9 Yodler - KillersSoussolrock

DOWNLOAD the four seasons of stupid HERE!

Wednesday 27 December 2023

Udder Milk Decay – "Take A Teat" (Self Released Teat-001) 1981

It has been brought to my attention that this LP had the signature of Jim Whelton of The Homosexuals, Amos and Sara etc written all over it..'tis hard to say without hearing Amos's trademark pisstake singing style.,but the artwork,and prankster style use of repurposed northern NWOBHM gods, Saxon, record labels,tended to suggest that maybe this rumour was correct?
Turns out that ,(thanks to the tireless research of know who you are), that this speculation was utter bollox,or bullocks, as one of the culprits has been located.
'Twas one Jim Hunkin, rather than Jim Whelton,, with his brother Tim Hunkin, not Tim Whelton, buggering about at Brighton Art College with various sound generators what done it..
Listening to it with this new enlightenment, it's obviously nothing to do with Amos and Crew at all, despite the aesthetic parallels.
It sounds more like the BBC Radiophonic Workshop with a spoonful of Perrey and Kingsley during their "In sound from way out" days. Could easily be a lost soundtrack to a wiped Dr. Who episode from 1965.
Which therefore makes this a supremely collectible piece of post modern  proto-electronica musique concréte which won'y get you much more than a Donkey's change out of a Monkey.
Although I sincerely hope they aren't taking the Piss out of Saxon? NWOBHM band of preference,the kings of the the one note bassline.
er......happy new fucking year you bunch o'cunts.


1-4 untitled
5-7 Untitled


Friday 24 November 2023

XX Committee – "Steel Negro Music" (A.R.P.H. Tapes – AT # 001) 1982

When they should have been working hard doing their philosophy majors at the University of Pittsburgh.Chris Scarpino,and Scott Foust decided to put their Kant and Nietzsche tome's aside and follow the confused philosophy of the recently,in 1982, deceased Throbbing Gristle to the test,and see if anyone,even Philosophy students, could give this new fangled Industrial Music a go.
And Would you credit it, the answer was a big YES.No musical ability needed,or even equipment.Melody?...too difficult.So we'll pretend that we know what we're doing,and explain it away as industrial culture.
Sounds good though,especially if you've got fuck all idea what's going on.
Ironically called Steel Negro Music,and i'm guessing here,that the steel part refers to the future 'Rust Belt' steelworks that purveys the alma mater of their university campus.....Pittsburgh,famous for the steel industry,and perfect inspiration to make this TG-alike racket.Hell, I'm a Metal Worker myself,albeit on the lazy-arsed Artistic/Autistic side of reality;one does share the enviable prospect of contracting one of the few perks of the job, like emphysema or pneumoconiosis. 
Then we have the retrospectively controversial Negro Music part ,which i'm sure refers to the male White Negro doing involuntary 'black-face'thanks to the soot festooned atmosphere inhaled by every white and Black Nigger enslaved to the American nightmare in the land of the Free;and destined to die alone in an american super-prison from acute lung disease.
However,beyond this cassette, I am not aware of any major contributions to Philosophy made by Messers Scarpino and Foust to date.You can never prove a Philosopher isn't working 24/7....its the same excuse made by Artists......just another word for Lazy Fuckers basically.


1.NP, Ward 3 12:05
2.Metal Worker 5:07
3.National Re-Doubt 5:40
4.Drone 1 6:42
5.Damarc 4:17
6.Steel Negro 4:33
7.Mass Machina 4:45
8.M de S. 6:06
9.Deep Red 3:30
10.Drone 2 6:00

DOWNLOAD some ferric oxide music HERE!

Friday 27 October 2023

Debt Of Nature – "Robin Diamond's Lungs" (A.R.P.H. Tapes – AT # 003) 1982

Throbbing Gristle played two shows in the USA,and they were both in California;HERE and HERE!
So, kids hear TG,then they play like TG,even securing the dubious skills of Monte Cazazza donated towards the recording of this cassette,which, by the way, features the participation(Again) of one Brad Laner;member of too many groups to remember.
So yeah, it sounds like Throbbing Gristle.There's even a few Charles Manson news reports recorded off the Television,to further flesh out the cliché.....but, i'm a sucker for some Old Skool Industrial.Its the ultimate great leveller in musical terms,like Dub Reggae.Also equally effective as background music for that fondue soirée you've been meaning to throw for the neighbours.
Anyone can do it.Zero Chords required,unlike the one that's recommended for any decent Punk rock tune,or the Mozart-like three that's needed for a Ramones/Status Quo number....Fuck That!
Ironically,as a bonus, any Industrial Artist gets to be taken semi-seriously by the chin stroking bespectacled chumbawumba set from the Artier end of town, whereas Punk Groups or Satus Quo,forward slash,Ramones are looked upon as some sort of tribe of Idiots.


A1 N Counter
A2 Bed Time
A3 Industrial Elitists
A4 Dead Cow Manifesto
A5 All Through The Night
A6 Blood Was Everywhere
A7 In An Orgy Of Murder
A8 DrM/SbC
A9 Intellectual Decompression
A10 The Cross
B1 Inside Out Effect
B2 Graphic Truth
B3 Fascist Insect
B4 Grin
B5 Survival
B6 Fuck Peace
B7 Nothing Matters
B8 To Be Governed

Tuesday 24 October 2023

WCKR SPGT – "The Charles Mansion: A Rock Opera By WCKR SPGT" (Traumatone – TT28) 1986


Another band name that won't get you on the Billboard Hot Ten Million,or even featured in a liberal conversation on the subject of obscure bands,because no-one can remember the name or pronounce it. Prince tried it with his 'symbol' concept,and that went tits-up, as did that eighties band, belatedly called Freur,when previously they only had a prince before Prince symbol as their moniker.Sadly, I am informed, Freur went on to become the profoundly irritating one hit wonder middle-aged ravers,Underworld,or was that Underpants?

The Freur symbol as seen on their smash 1983 number 17 hit in New Zealand, "Doot Doot".
I suppose WCKR SPGT come under the pranksters with lucrative day-jobs category, the UK equivalent  being something like The Ceramic Hobs, or Danny and the Dressmakers.
Apparently they've released a new album called "Hackney Diamonds", which by sheer coincidence happens to be the title of the new Rolling Stones album.Ho! Ho! Those cheeky Monkeys.
Skipping through their long established website, I spotted one Michael Gerald ,late of the group Killdozer contributing vocals on a duet with an Wckr Spgt-er, so they must be ok...yeah?
However, what fooled me into taking notice was the enticing prospect of some complete idiot making a Charles Manson Musical.
Only later did I realise that the title spelled Mansion and not Manson...i felt cheated,but isn't that what this lot are all about?
Merry Pranksters in the tradition of the KLF and Negativland, but with shitter music.
They must all be well in their 60's by now, having formed in 1981,but they're still chucking out the pranks it seems....and why the fuck not?
Oh,.... the music?
Its lo-fi DIY in the style we all know and love.Lots of echo on the Resident-esque hi-pitched vocals,with what hints at Harmoniser ownership in places;further raising my suspicious shell-likes to the well-paid dilettante possibilities, as an eventide Harmonizer cost a kings ransom back in the 80's. These chaps had a well paid job or two in their ranks.
Disappointed at the lack of a Manson Musical on these cassettes,a lead role tailor made for Michael Ball,and Ashley Banjo's Diversity street dancers as the Family....ON ICE!!? I will now have to console myself with a fun moment, thinking only of my fantasy Rock-Opera Musicals.....someone already did "Plan Nine From Outer-space" didn't they...bastards!
I've got lots of Idea's for a musical about the Waco Siege,featuring Wayne Sleep as David Koresh? its just the problem as to who owns the copyright to Koresh's songs?
If its his surviving kids, forget it...they think I'm an Asshole....which isn't entirely inaccurate one must admit!? didn't know I was so Humble did you?
I'll suggest a Lucy Letby musical to my fellow justice seekers, including some dancing Babies and Michael Flatley as an evil jewish senior Doctor disguised as a loveable Irish consultant......P.S. have you selfish fuckers signed the free Lucy Letby Petition yet?...NO? here then!?


No Sign of Danger
Ox Chase
The Girl (Still Running)
The House On The Hillside Strangler
In Retrospect
No Sign Of Danger 2
Goodbye Ox
Should I go in?
The Charles Mansion
Rude Awakening
Uninvited Guest At A Dinner Party
Everything's Scary
The Back yard
Respect For Lawnmowers
Unfair Prospect
Big-Faced Girl
History repents
Because(She'll do anything)
Elegant Dirt
Lost in Texas
Intuition and Stupidity
Elegant Dirt 2
Should I go Inside
Lifting the Tissue
A Thousand Hail Mary's
She Lies
Tarla Walks
I'll See You In Heaven
No Sign Of Danger
Getting to the Root
After The fact
Charles Mansion
The Charles Mountain
Folkal Point
The Cleaning Of the Rock
Getting It Down
God Talks To The Man and The Ox
Tustin Coin-op
The Ox Strikes Back
The Apology(Accepted)
God Starts To Cry
To The Bronx
Memories Of a Recent Journey
The Finding Of The Foot
Back at The Charles Mountain

Monday 23 October 2023

SEP/8363 – ".04" (Party Sound Tapes – P.S.-6) 1984

Not that you give seven shades of shite,but,I have a liking for groups with totally unrecallable names,unpronounceable names that don't work in any filing system,even the Dewey Decimal, and are near google proof.No-one is quite sure if its the title or the catalog number.I also like a good collage,so this scores heavily on the non music front,as well as sporting a rather nifty brand of Non-Music itself. All this, together means the music comes a poor fourth place in my priorities.
Of course this is yet another group that features Severed Head In The Bag's own Brad Laner. Who not only has a natural aptitude for the abstract, and the noncommercial,but seems to have no real need to be a somebody,or even a no-body,or anybody save himself.From such rich pastures does arise thee perfect conditions to make art such as this.Art that clears the room of dumb people....I hesitate to say Trump fans,so i won't, to avoid elongated and pointless tit-for-tat arguments about the post-fact reality in the comments section....but you know what i'm getting at don't you? 
Anyway, there's a top snooker player called Trump also,who does seem to attract a dumb people entourage attracted to his reckless style of attacking populist snooker.
The noble art of Snooker aside, this tape is just one of the many delightfully weird offshoots of the Los Angeles Free Music Society,of whom Brad was but one of the members.
Whether he plays Snooker I dunno, but I reckon he's got an interesting safety game.


A-1 Restaurant 1:58
A-2 EDB 2:30
A-3 Power Structure 3:53
A-4 See You 3:18
A-5 When I Was Young I Prayed With Butt Puppets 7:11
A-6 I Also Saw Frank Bleeding On Angry Mountain 2:31
A-7 Lhasa Club Feb 1984 (excerpt) 2:43
A-8 Majority 1:27
B-1 Doctors With Teeths 4:46
B-2 Something As It Really Is ! 2:34
B-3 Not You Nor I 3:45
B-4 For Damaged Compression 8:08
B-5 Expected Systems 3:46
B-6 Cough Syrups 2:54
B-7 Due To The Mouth Thing 3:18
B-8 Explaining Pork to David 4:29
B-9 Ineinlander Fallende Alte Häuser 1:52

Thursday 19 October 2023

Severed Head In A Bag – "Severed Head In A Bag" (Party Sound Tapes – P.S.-18) 1983

From what I hear on most international propaganda platforms, there are quite a few severed heads rolling around in the holy-land as I type.Most of those, i assume, will inevitably find their way into a body bag,hopefully reuniting them with the correct torso.
A bad taste intro I'll admit, but this direction enables me to,firstly, introduce the only long playing cassette by abstract noise rockers,featuring Brad Laner and various Three Day Stubble geeks,the very great,"Severed Head In A Bag"; and secondly, issue a warning of some noisy bad taste overloaded immoral rubbish to come.....I say rubbish,but that's subjective isn't it?Just as Morality is?
Morality is subjective,but Subjectivity is also objective? Alas ,Not in a rational scheme of perception.Perception is irrational and It does imply immanence.
But judgment of any system or the intuitively obvious relation of phenomena exists in any rational or metaphysical or at least epistemological contradiction to an abstracted empirical concept such as being, or to be, or to occur in the thing itself, or of the thing itself.
As I always say;Moral notions imply attributes to substances which exist only in a relational duality.
And, you'd be well within your rights to counter with...,Ahh,but not as an essential extension of ontological existence......Ahaaaaa!

So enjoy this rather fine abstract rock workout safe in the knowledge that this opinion comes from the power of reasoning based on self-evident truths.One of which is that this Kicks some serious buttlines of reasoning, or arguments that proceed from the general to the particular, or from causes to effects.
Most definitely an essential extension of ontological existence if ever I've seen,or heard, one.


A1 The Man With The Exploding Head
A2 Mr. Dixon
A3 The White Ladies Are Dancing
A4 Kissy Face
A5 Eat Your Own Young
A6 Bad Cube
A7 Brownian Movement
A8 Chunk Of Bleeding Mass
A9 Country Music Award
A10 Killer Clown
A11 Belkins Box
A12 The Hungry Waiter
A13 Tiki God
B1 Underground Trumpet
B2 Closed
B3 Los Genius
B4 Tokyo Today
B5 (Let's Go To The) Mink Farm
B6 Almost Blackout
B7 5 Kinds Of Cancer
B8 41 Drop Gorgeous
B9 Chunk of Bleeding Mass (part 2)
B10 Blank Silence

DOWNLOAD is in the bag HERE!

Sunday 8 October 2023

Jandek – "Brooklyn Sunday" (Corwood Industries – CORWOOD 0859) 2023

Heeeeeeres Jonny!....on a crusade for truth justice and the unamerican way.....and a quest to make unpopularity popular again.
All that, played out to a soundtrack of atonal improvisation by the unpopularly popular JANDEK.....he knows she didn't do it,come and SIGN THE PETITION,before you read the facts,and wallow in the acidic bath of becoming ripe Troll bait.Satisfied in knowing you done good,perched on the right side of History.

There seems to be an actual theme to this recording,again from 2009,but featuring outsider Pedal Steel Guitar, Susan Alcorn.
It seems to be about a miscarriage of justice leading to execution,and eternal punishment.
Jandeks Harmonica and Alcorn's Steel Guitar seems to suggest the regular abuse of justice carried out in the old Wild West.
Of course this doesn't happen today does it?With all that technology ,foolproof scientific tests,and statistics? Nah!
That said I've got a bee in my bonnet about something......

Wasn't there a Nurse from the wild north west of England who was convicted purely on the strength of flawed statistics, and easily contested circumstantial evidence that her state funded defense team hardly bothered to contest? The stats said she was there every-time a very ill premature baby died,statisticians have shown it more to be a case of fitting the statistics to the person rather than,a person to the stats....They died of what, they never really established,despite The Coroner having already ruled the deaths as natural causes. There wasn't even a proven crime committed.But, oh no,like some people still refuse to recognise that Elvis could have died from natural causes, it seems that there are plenty more would don't believe a sick baby could die without being murdered.
Of course I am referring to the Lucy Letby case,who, along with other such cases involving health workers,has been stitched up like a kipper and thrown under the bus to save the NHS's blushes.
I mean,J.H. Christ, where do you want me to start!? The apparent ease in which the Police can change a cause of death from natural causes to Murder is deeply troubling,coupled with a trial that didn't seem to feel the need to present the science that explained why these very ill babies died,the Plumber the joke of a defense team called,tried his best;but he explained that the ward was rife with the permanent presence of pathogens and virus's,leaving the infants exposed to killer conditions like fact Lucy even complained on 17 occasions about the conditions....strange behavior for a murderer me thinks.
Lucy did overtime,so she must have murdered them because she was in love with a handsome Doctor. Such was the blatant misogyny in all areas of this case that this was put forward as the only desperate excuse for a motive ever heard in a British Court!? Yeah, that's right, she murdered babies to gain admiring glances from this dashing blade from the senior Doctors department.

The case against Lucy Letby has often been referred to by those of us who have looked closely at the evidence as a 'witch hunt', a crime that particularly impacted women,
When "Expert for Hire" Dr Dewi Evans was questioned about Lucy's possible motives, he gives Lucy's status as a "single woman"(?) in her late twenties and alleged 'infatuation' with Dr A as a grounds for suspicion, this after he mentions earlier in the interview that he remained single into the beginning of his career as a consultant. He considers himself career focused while she is suspicious.
I'm not sure how useful this comment is in terms of appeal, especially because flagrant sexism seems to be ignored or taken as a normal worldview especially in older members of the population, but in Dr Evans case I can't help wondering if evidence pointed to an unmarried, 'career- focused' doctor, his finding might have been a bit better informed?

But the Public are angry...yes the Fucking Public again,are foaming at the mouth like rabid Baboons,baying for blood,and revenge, like a 17th century Wytch trial.If you drown you're innocent, if you don't we'll hang you.

Jandek would have been burnt as a witch if he was around Salem back then.....maybe today he would just get away with a sound beating from a drunken Mob of Morons, or maybe not.Humans are dangerous.

Lucy Letby was convicted and sentenced to spend the rest of her life in jail for murdering seven babies and attempting to murder six others. She is facing retrial for one further attempted murder charge. On five other counts of attempted murder the jury could not reach a consensus. She has consistently maintained her innocence and some close friends and colleagues have supported her. No motives for the killings were ever put forward,except that she wanted to impress a Doctor she fancied. She was convicted almost entirely on circumstantial evidence from "expert" witnesses, who were often testifying on subjects outside their expertise. In particular, medical doctors were testifying about areas of medicine for which they were not specialists, or presenting their conclusions as "scientific", without applying correct scientific methods. As a result the evidence on which she was convicted was flawed and partial, and other likely explanations for the deaths, such as hospital infections, were not presented to the jury as part of the expert evidence. Flawed evidence was allowed to pass unchallenged in the court, or accepted as "uncontested fact" by the defense, who appear to have been out of their depth with the medical complexity of the case. Incredibly, given the nature of the evidence against her, no expert witnesses were called to testify on Lucy's behalf. This is a summary of some of the worst errors, identified by experts in their fields who able to be part of the proceedings. There are links to more detailed information available on the Science on Trial website. All this evidence was presented to the defense team during the trial, but,inexplicably, none of it was used or put before the jury?!

Lucy Letby was found guilty of killing six babies by injecting them with air. Again this was not from evidence gathered at the time. The post mortems recorded natural causes of death. Instead the prosecution relied on expert evidence from a retired pediatrician Dr Evans) through an investigation carried out several years later. The correct procedure for establishing death through air embolism should be a particular postmortem technique. But this was not done. The next best would have been a CT scan. But again this was never done. Instead the cause of death was inferred from X-rays taken before the babies died along with analysis taken from a study carried out in 1989 during the early days of ventilating preterm babies. The study used is entirely inapplicable as it examined babies with lungs damaged from high pressure oxygen, which is very different from injecting air. The expert witness in the case was not a pathologist or forensic scientist, and did not follow the correct methods for determining the cause of death, which could only have been done to any degree of certainty, through a comprehensive post mortem.

There were two babies Lucy was convicted of attempting to murder by injecting insulin. These cases were presented as "the smoking gun" which showed there was a spate of murders in the unit, rather than the more logical explanation of an uncontrolled series of infections. In the notes of these two babies investigators found (a couple of years after the event) entries of very high levels of insulin and very low levels of C-Peptide. An expert witness from the lab where the tests were done at Liverpool University NHS trust, said this pattern could only come about through injecting insulin. To the jury this was presented as proof of insulin poisoning - while Lucy Letby was the one on duty.  However the lab that did the tests specifically says in its online information that the lab test used was not designed to determine cases of insulin over-dose, and that if exogenous insulin were suspected then a different test at a different lab would be necessary. Lab experts say the type of assay tests carried out by the lab are prone to error and that the extremely high figures in the notes, which was many times the level required to send an adult into a coma, was much more likely a false result. While the result is recorded in the notes, no further tests were ordered, nor was a more accurate test by photo spectrometry carried out. Instead two hours later one of the babies (both of which survived) recorded normal glucose levels, strongly suggesting the insulin test recorded was indeed a false result. Unfortunately Lucy's defence, who seem to have been out of their depth, made an agreement early on with the prosecution where they conceded that insulin poisoning through injection of insulin into fluid bags was "established fact", based testimony of one professional expert witness:Dr Dewi Evans.

These and many other aspects of the case are covered in a more comprehensive critique of the evidence which you can read at your leisure HERE!. It was put together during the trial and sent to the defence lawyers who said they read it, but then failed to follow up or use it?????

Then we have to mention the "I AM EVIL" post-it note.On which the prosecution seemed blind to anything else except the "I AM EVIL I DID THIS" line at the end,taking it totally out of grammatical context.

The "They" she refers to is obviously The Police and her accusers.

"THEY went I DID THIS,I Killed Them on purpose because I'm not good enough to care for them,I am Evil I did This."

She is writing about her finger pointing accusers.A simple case of self-flagellation, Absolutely nowhere near a Confession.

The note is dissected expertly HERE!  

Much was made of the fact that Lucy Letby was the only one present during the deaths or sudden collapses of all 19 babies in the case against her. This was presented as too much to be co-incidence. However it also very misleading. She was not only present at all the deaths and collapses presented in the case. There were many other deaths in the unit where she was not present, and the unit suffered a higher than normal death rate over a five year period. There was no statistical analysis as to whether the proportion of deaths she was present at could have been  the result of chance or not. Neither was there a statistical comparison with other spikes in deaths in other NHS units, known to have other causes than a series of deliberate murders, to see if what happened in Chester was comparable.  It is this omission to investigate other possible causes which is most worrying.  This increase in deaths over the five years followed a similar pattern of sudden collapses, whether Lucy Letby was present or not. The most likely culprit for any spike in unexpected deaths in a hospital is an outbreak of infection. Yet this was not investigated. Nor was there any evidence from an epidemiologist or infectious diseases expert during the trial, to rule out this possibility. Yet all the babies in the case had "suspected sepsis" written in the notes. Some had confirmed viral and bacterial infections. All but one were preterm. They covered a wide range from the smallest three babies who were less than 28 weeks and below a kilo, to others who were more mildly premature. There were several multiple births. As such they were a group who were extremely vulnerable to infection. In addition most of the babies in the case were on ventilation. Everything suggests that these were a very sick cohort of babies. The high mortality in the unit led to outside investigations, one of them by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) which was critical of the senior leadership of the unit. 

Exactly the same thing happened to another Lucy in the Netherlands, Lucia de Berk, at the appeal trial of which Statistical expert Richard Gil, exposed the glaring inaccuracies, leading to a total exoneration of Ms de Berk.......Check the de Berk case out HERE!

And Richard Gil on the  Lucy Letby case HERE!

These and many other aspects of the case are covered in a more comprehensive critique of the evidence which you can read at your leisure HERE!. It was put together during the trial and sent to the defence lawyers who said they read it, but then failed to follow up or use it?????

Oh Yeah....if you've made it this far(?)...The Jandek record is great,and relevant only in the fact that he is an Outsider,as is anyone who supports justice in Lucy Letby's case.Which just might be the greatest miscarriage of justice in British legal history.


1-1 Sacramento 16:39
1-2 The Trial 9:48
1-3 The Sentence 3:47 
1-4 The Chamber 11:01 
2-1 Deep Thought 10:22
2-2 Resurrection 14:06
2-3 Eternity 18:52