Thursday 20 February 2014

Cabaret Voltaire ‎– "The Outer Limits" (self-released demo) 1976

This is the mythical Demo Tape made by the attic dwelling Cabaret Voltaire,probably culled from hours of tapes made between 1974 and 1976. Some of these tracks found themselves on the Industrial compilation from the same epoch,but others haven't appeared anywhere before. Of course, "Is That Me" was the b-side to "Nag Nag Nag",
This is like listening through the wall from Chris Watson's neighbours house, on a traditional miserable wet and smoggy day in Sheffield, with an inverted glass,full of cotton wool. Its rare to hear something genuinely unique and innovative being born,and here we have the evidence that it actually happened,and wasn't done by aliens.


Capsules 7:29
Is That Me (Finding Someone At The Door Again?) 4:48
The Single 3:30
Ooraseal 4:22
Loves In Vein 4:30
Dream Sequence 1 2:56
Dream Sequence 2 3:42
Do The Snake 5:59
A Sunday Night In Biot 3:26
She Loves You 8:44
Stolen From Spectra 4:09
Bedtime Stories 6:33

DOWNLOAD the outer limits of 1976 HERE!


ROOKSBY said...

Most of The Outer Limits' tracks are on the 3xCD Methodology box-set I think? Your "Western Works Demos" post is v. interesting though, I've been listening to C.V. since the early '80s but have never previously across some of the versions thereon. Bravo! :)

Mark said...

Have downloaded this file and extracted contents using The Extractor tool, but resulting folder is empty, same happening with Cabs' demo tape too. Any ideas?

Jonny Zchivago said...

I suspect you are doing something wrong? There are files in this Zip folder,what extractor tool are you using?
I'm downloading it to see if I get the same result.will advise.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi mark, i redownlaoded them and everything is fine!....try Win zip/winrar?

the saucer people said...

Just merrily tip-toeing through your Cabs posts and suddenly a big pile of shit came out of the sky in the form of Big Daddy Google (like the flying head from Zardoz) and boomed:

"We're sorry. You can't access this item because it is in violation of our Terms of Service."

I have the Methodology CD but I would still like to give this a listen - maybe you are going to have to sneak it in another post coupled with some adroit re-labelling.

I wonder when they made it, if they could have imagined that 40 years recording it, a digital copy could be made and transmitted by a global computer network so that everyone sitting in front of a home computer could listen to it for free - but in a twist the Cabs would appreciate - the villain of this world, a dark shadowy global corporation with extensive ties to the intelligence world would censor its transmission!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well, as Frank Spencer would say, "I been 'aving a liddle bit o'trouble"; especially with our Industrial chums, TG (not genesis P i may add,just the other two who are Industrial records),and ,surprise surprise, Cabaret Voltaire. Seems all that slagging down of the man,and the awful way the man controls us,was all a clever ruse. Having read Bendles excellent book (see the link in the side bar), The Cabs could get a bit spiteful, and had a bad case of the 'Rock star Syndrome'.
So its no surprise they are cracking down (like one of their awful Virgin LP's) on us real people getting round paying for the third or fourth for stuff we bought back in the olden days.
I will re-up this to, they seem to be immune to the DCMA shit since the MegaUpload débacle.
Did you spot the other cabs links in "The Gloden half-Hour of The Future" post.
"Beat rail" is a similar beast to "Outer limits"

Jonny Zchivago said...

re-upped to mega as of now.

the saucer people said...

Yeah, thanks very much for the repost (I got the other Cabs bootlegs from over at Wet Spots, then read in the comments that they were from you, though I don't think they posted the Final Academy tape, but yeah, got it via the Future post).

I agree, Mega is probably the safest bet for staying one step ahead of the copyright cops, though the Google Drive you use is pretty damned efficient. Good to have a couple of options (Yandex, the Russian file-share site is good as well).

Not all of the tracks on the Outer Limits are on the Methodology compilation as far as I can tell (though they could have changed some of the song titles I guess) - but anyway, it is great to hear the music in the proper sequence and as a release in itself (the Methodology comp is all over the place chronologically speaking it seems).

Absolutely mind-blowing when you appreciate this was all done in the early-mid seventies and to be honest, as much as I love Three Mantras, Red Mecca, 2X45 etc, it's the early material that really just fascinates me right now (like one of their god-awful Virgin singles).

Yeah, the use of the copyright cops as proxy enforcers by the pioneers of industrial music is an irony beyond belief (just like seeing all the Crass singles on the wall of the local record shop the other day for £20 plus, the price sticker nestling just above the pay no more than 75p original!).

Yeah, GPO was always the one member who walked like he talked, god bless his transgressive snow white cotton panties.

PS> thanks for the heads up on the Bendle book, can't go wrong for two quid!

Jonny Zchivago said...

GPO features quite regularly in Bendles book too.
Tewnty quid price stickers above the pay no more than labels,is as an ironic statement of victory for the enemy as Legs and Co. dancing to 'Bank Robber' on Top of the Pops. They like to gloat at our failed attempts at egalitarianism!?
One must crown Cabaret Voltaire as thee originators of the Industrial music style,with a small nod to Kluster also.
The early stuff is definitely the best.Lost me with the second half of 2x45;the bit without Chris watson.Downhill fast from there.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the upload. Even though Throbbing Gristle pioneered Industrial as an avant-garde art movement, it was Cabaret Voltaire that invented the sound. While Cosey was spreading her pussy lips for groups of art geeks, these three knuckle heads were in their mother's basement birthing a new, innovative breed of music (I use the term "music" very loosely). Listening to this almost restores my respect for Cab. Who in the 1980's became shameless sellouts. I tuned out after The Crackdown.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for posting these things - really interesting to hear this stuff. Just one thing about the zip file - the archive seems be missing the last two tracks (B5 Stolen From Spectra & B6 Bedtime Stories). If you happen to have those as well and if you are so inclined, could you possibly repost this with the two missing tracks? Anyway, even if not, thanks again for your site and all the great posts!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi, i have the missing tracks...dunno whats gone wrong there, probably all that re-upping nonsense I had to do.
I'll re-up it all later today.

Jonny Zchivago said...

re-upped 2nd aug 2017.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for re-upping with the last two tracks! (And for all your other posts!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for this. Really interesting to hear. Like some others have mentioned here, I also always have found their earliest recordings the most interesting. Something started to change after 2x45 (among other things, Chris Watson having left I suppose). Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Amazing that track A3 'The Single' never became a hit!