Friday, 7 February 2014

Violence and the Sacred - "Teddy Died (Sincerity)" - (SSS Productions - SSS26) 1987

This is Violence and the Sacred captured in their natural environment, improvising the hell out of a bunch of tapes, guitars, violins, and various percussive devices, live in Montreal in 1986. The guitars are very Derek Bailey-esque, searching for a lost chord that never existed before, and failing; but finding the right wrong notes. The tape plunderphonia is sometimes a bit obvious, Captain Beefheart from Trout Mask Replica, and the “....Here is a man who would not take it anymore”...... speech from Taxi Driver, as two glaring examples. There are times when they achieve a cacophonic racket that challenges the evil realms of good taste, to send the Henry and Henrietta Normals running for the exits. This was the original intention for the art of guitar abuse, scraping and scratching and squealing to be free of outside controlling influences; and this is Free anti-music that shuns convention. They sort of remind one of the legendary British free improv noise combo AMM; which is a compliment indeed.

Track Listing:

Side A - 27:15
Side B - 26:11

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