Monday 31 August 2020

Jonathan Briley ‎– "Darker Profits" (Inner-X-Musick ‎– XXX 26) 1985


Well I like this stuff, even if it is akin to listening to Green Day (or Brown Day as I prefer) and saying you're into Punk Rock. It does also represent the blind alley that making Industrial musick leads one into. One can only listen to Throbbing Gristle, and their a-likes from the old Skool era so many times before you wish there was someone else making similar tones that everyone hated because they were "jonny-cum-lately's", yet if we didn't know what we know we would have a different attitude,would we not? Hearing something you haven't heard before does have its merits.However after saying that, I would never allow a Green day album anywhere near my record player no matter how many times i've heard The Clash.....I could always dig out 'Sandinista' if i wanted something sobering,even though I don't think i got through the first side before filing it away in a dark corner of my attic.Another band that shouldn't have made a second album!Like Sleepchamber,but nobody noticed the forty plus 'second albums' they released from 1983 onwards.


1 Whimpering Wails Of Woe 4:24
2 Sea Of Bones 3:31
3 Arbeit Macht Frei 5:07
4 The Pain Of Sleep- Soundtrack Excerpt 7:08
5 Seranade Grute'sque 5:57
6 Into The Abyss 3:53
7 Metal Erection 5:37
8 Please The Lord (In Praze Ov Hymn) 4:04
9 The Hunter 5:59
10 At The Alter Of Lies 5:29
11 Site Of Pain, Site Of Pleasure 7:17

Jonathan Briley ‎– "The Will To Power" (Inner-X-Musick ‎– XXX 34) 1985

 Hmmm a Nietzchean title, images of torture on the insert,inverted crucifix's, the odd reference to the Marquis de Sade,faux biblical text readings....this must be a mid eighties Industrial tape?
Heavens to Murgatroyd,it IS a mid eighties industrial tape dagnabbit!
The opening track,Requiem To A Small Blind Boy,has the most hilarious amateur dramatic rendering of some silly alternative Bible style parable,probably something to do with Satan or things equally as daft.It seems that our Jonathan is a frustrated actor,and he'd do any Faustian deal to be famous.
He so wants us to think he's evil, the poor lad.
The music is a nicely relaxing style of Industrial Dark Ambient of the Lustmord variety,encrusted with lots if Industrial bling.Especially pleasing are the dialogue sections on the rather controversial subject of Vivisection,which i assume the 'evil' Jonathan is all for?


1 Requiem To A Small Blind Boy 4:32
2 Wheels Of Agony 6:23
3 Vivisection 5:43
4 Scorn Of The Sireens 8:37
5 The Breathing Meathod 4:44
6 For Silling (The 120 Days) 3:58
7 Insanity Loop 3:31
8 Of Purest Blood 4:59
9 13 Steps To The Whipping Pole 3:23
10 Metropolis 4:58
11 Shemham Forash! 7:05

Sunday 30 August 2020

Jonathan Briley ‎– "From Kain To Abel......." (Inner-X-Musick ‎– XXX 45) 1987

Enter another Sleepchamber member who made better music on his own.
He was the one from the eighties incarnation who looked like a naughty school teacher.
It's all well made standard Dark Ambient Industrial style muzak.Real good as background sounds to a board games evening with a group of special friends.Which is probably why I don't have any friends anymore?
This stuff may get dismissed as american late-comers by those Industrial snobs who "There"... when these things were happening,but its jolly good fun to just absorb the silence by.
Right, now where's me Toast?


A1 Vortex-(Instrumental Remix) 7:51
A2 Heaven's Sounding Sweeter All The Time 5:21
A3 Rize Ov The Carrion 3:02
A4 Dead Virtues 6:45
A5 Sermon Sur La Mort 4:00
A6 Kiss Ov The Whip 2:43
B1 (Untitled) 2:13
B2 To Baudelaire 6:41
B3 Hour Ov The Wolf 4:53
B4 Rituals 4:00
B5 The Last Time We Made Love 7:09
B6 Final Vision 3:50

Saturday 29 August 2020

7 From Life ‎– "Tantra Vendetta" (Inner-X-Musick ‎– XXX 40) 1985

"Nostalgia is an act of Cowardice", says Lawrence Van Horn on the insert for this score for a Ballet about the Chinese invasion of Tibet. Whether its pro or anti-Tibet is anyone's guess. I may run a small opinion poll,....For the Occupation; Against the Occupation; Occupation,what Occupation?;or Don't care!,are your choices......I rather think 'Occupation,what Occupation?, would win comfortably, with 'Don't Care!' clear in second place.
Whenever a left field underground artist starts writing music for a Modern Ballet, it's a sign that he's finished as a creative force.
As Nostalgia is now a form of Cowardice,according to the philosopher that is L. Van Horn, then this blog is full of Cowards,and I don't like being called a Coward ,mainly becuse I am a Coward;and let's face it, this Blog overfloweth with Nostalgia......otherwise why the hell would we be listening to a bunch of 35 year old cassettes by Lawrence Van 'me?A Coward, Naaah' Horn? Nostagia for the invasion and occupation of Tibet doesn't seem to bother him one bit.
The music itself is like walking through a fog of tear gas during a slow motion riot....which in itself is a kind of Modern Ballet.Actually its a Ballet i'd probably go and see,as long as it's coreographed by actual rioters.It can start off with a real innocent man being shot in the back by some dumb Cops,then take it from there until the theatre is in flames.


Act One
A1 Tonal Reflection #1 : An Ocean Of Stars 15:00
A2 Spellbondage 6:02
A3 Panic In A State Of Grace 2:43
A4 A Face Full Of Pie-In-The-Sky 5:33

Act Two
B1 Tonal Reflection #2 : Horizans In Flames 21:56
B2 Llaman Lamentation 5:50
B3 Guerrilla Mantra 3:53

Friday 28 August 2020

7 From Life ‎– "Coral Assault" (Inner-X-Musick ‎– XXX-21) 1985

In a time when Coral is under assault from all angles due to the stupidity of the human race, it seems Lawrence Van Horn, of 7 From Life, wanted to draw this idiotic anti-life violence to our notice thirty years before it was even mentioned? Well maybe not,maybe he just wanted to creep us out, and make doomy music? It does have a tune about the bombing of Dresden on it,of which my father was a very rare witness.He was on a forced death march from poland back to the fatherland,when they rested on a hill over looking Dresden on the evening the British were bombing it flat.I could add the relevant section from his memoirs,but it would take over the post, and poor old Lawrence would feel ignored.....just like he must have been by all of woman kind......(you can download the entire memoir HERE if you're so inclined. He described it as being a "lovely display of colour's like a firework display";not a mention of the innocent civilian life being lost in the ensuing firestorm. That's what he was like,stoic and emotionless,which were the talents that got him through the whole of the war.
Oh Yeah, the tape!?
I dunno about you's but by 1985 I'd had enough of all this industrial and Punk shit,and had adopted an ironic Miami Vice look,and was starting to get into easy listening. But in america, they were only just getting into this Industrial fad,and duly claimed ownership,just like they did ten years after Punk Rock had died. Richard Hells' haircut wasn't enough evidence,especially when confronted with a picture of Bowie on the cover of Space Oddity's re-released version in 1972;when RichardMeyers was still in reformed school with Verlaine,who also didn't invent symbolist poetry,and also wasn't in Quicksilver Messenger Service,which was basically Television in bad clothes. The USA did in fact invent Rock'n'Roll,but why aren't they satisfied with that?
We may have all been bored with Industrial by 1985, but 35 years later we can now appreciate the late-comers contribution ,and it seems to have come from so far back that it all sounds as thought they had invented this pop-fad after all; and in the future, with all this revisionism going around, who knows, but maybe "7 After Life" did invent it all after all?...maybe he even invented Rock'n'Roll..I dunno anymore, or, care!?


A1 Tombs Of Maya 5:41
A2 Shroud Of White Darkness 7:21
A3 Fome And Tide 4:13
A4 Hash Of Masks 6:07
A5 Cobra Dance 1:50
A6 Dresden 1945 4:05
A7 Insolation 2:15
B1 Invocation 3:07
B2 Stigma Machine 5:14
B3 Beyond Worms 4:21
B4 Chello Tango 2:18
B5 Nous Sommes Tous Sauvages 2:15
B6 Light Vector 4:31
B7 Mental Anguish Psyhic Reflex 5:31
B8 Withdrawl 3:07
B9 End 0:16

Thursday 27 August 2020

7 From Life ‎– "Sting Of The Honey Spider" (Inner-X-Musick ‎– XXX 27) 1985

 He had the name of a Porn Star, and the looks of a toilet cleaner, but Lawrence Van Horn's recorded output is probably the best stuff on the Inner-X-Musick label.Another from the Nurse With Wound sonic collage school,who had in turn nicked it from former 'Homosexual' Jim Whelton,and his various terminally obscure cassette releases; the most well-known being L.Voag. It turns out that NWW had appropriated virtually everything to make their first album,and i'm sure Larry uses the same time-trusted method with his sound sources.
To blot his copybook a tad, Van Horn was in several line-ups of the not-so-good,and very dated sounding, Sleepchamber,but don't let that put you off.


A1 The Cliffs Of Oblivion 5:52
A2 Lagoon Noir 2:44
A3 Necklace Of Tears 8:09
A4 Phantom Pain 3:30
A5 Anathematical Arousal 2:26
A6 The Gathering Thorns 4:43
A7 Rain Of Ashes 2:23
B1 Resisting The Limit 3:32
B2 Fruits Of Abuse 4:21
B3 A World Of Pure Salt 3:12
B4 Bitter Rapture 5:27
B5 Plate Tectonics 4:29
B6 Ascendancy In Tatters 3:16
B7 Intermezzo 2:13
B8 Lying In Wait 4:33

Wednesday 26 August 2020

7 From Life ‎– "Souls Of Dead Sharks" (Inner-X-Musick ‎– XXX-13) 1984

7 From Life was a gruesome looking charaster called Lawrence Van Horn, and despite the name, he wasn't an alter ego of John Zewizz, even though Zewizz seemed to be on the horn most of the time. There's a refreshing lack of pervy sexual references from van Horn,although he is one of those people who actually look like the music they make.He has that Harvey Wankstain bubblegum rolled in cat hair look that most perverts seem to  enjoy.Imagine him and Zewizz on a night out? They'd empty any bar of women within half an hour.Then they could play one of their tapes and empty the same bar of the remaining males within another five minutes.
Lawrence Van Horn, the Harvey Wankstain of Industrial Musick

You get the eerie feeling that if Larry didn't make music like this he'd be one of those characters with a hidden apartment underneath his house, full of kidnapped women and several of his malnourished offspring chained together.
The music is wonderfully creepy,more along the lines of Musique Concréte rather than classic Old Skool Industrial. This could pass for avant-garde if only Larry had gone to a fancy Conservatoire de Musique in Vienna;but I doubt they'd even let him out of the country never mind into another.Especially if his passport photo looks like the picture above.Ugh Shudder!


A1 Chalk Streetcars Vicious As Insomnia 8:51
A2 Nemesis 8:45
A3 Galloping Lampshades 6:43
A4 Sahara Isolation Tank 5:53
B1 Deutsches Handlung 3:44
B2 Dominion As Heritage 5:02
B3 Ju-Ju Pig Sacrifice For Conjuration Of Robots 4:32
B4 Subdued By Shadows 9:58
B5 Hysteria In The Snow 3:03

Hidious In Strength ‎– "Line Of Souls" (Inner-X-Musick ‎– XXX 08) 1983

 No, he still can't spell!?...isn't there an 'e' in Hidious?
Maybe John Zewizz is dyslexic, dunno,but such bad spelling on a music release hasn't been seen since the heady days of Slade,and probably never will again.
More Synth noodlings from the future man in the Women of the SS. 
Back in the day if you could afford a cheapo synth and a cassette recorder you could easily emulate your synth wielding hero's by just twisting a few knobs and pressing play and record. The result was an international dumpster of sounds exactly like this tape. As for underlying themes, they could be just as easily assimilated from the burgeoning Industrial underground, y'know,torture, human primitives,Nazi Death Camps,systems of control,Blah Blah Blah. All a bit prdictable really,but it looked good,sounded ok no matter what you did,and was eaaaaaaassy.


A1 Enter Forever
A2 Return To Forever
A3 She Feels Her
A4 Life Of Sussain
A5 Death Of Sussain
A6 Line Of Souls
B1 War Soul
B2 Bath Of Yentha
B3 The Storm
B4 The Weeping
B5 Breakthrough
B6 Genocide

Tuesday 25 August 2020

Noizeclot ‎– "Music For Torture, Bondage & Leather Sex" (Inner-X-Musick ‎– XXX-10) 1984


Staying on the theme of pervy sex,here we have a fake band called,rather attractively,Noizeclot;which was a short lived Inner-X-Musick project that utilized distorted tapes/noise instead of traditional instruments. The members of the group were listed as Andrew Barry, Grayem Carrol, and Sue Zan, but in recent years John Zewizz confirmed that this was in reality just another of his solo projects and that the band members were completely made up.Cheeky Sod!
According to Inner-X-Musick, Noizeclot is: "Pure noise, control of distortion and extreme sound. Antisocial music for those who have other interests, other than what the masses are interested in."....I saw that explanation and was mildly amused that Zewizz had just described myself,just like this blog is written for the same archetypal person described above. For the decerning Misanthrope..... with hobbies.
The music for torture part of the title,doesn't really apply, as the US Gestapo at Guantanamo Bay used Barney The Dinosaur and AC/DC played at ear blistering levels for hours on end as their torture weapons of Choice. I'd be admitting to the JFK assaination,9/11,anything, to get it to stop,even to voting Conservative, within the first few notes of the theme tune to Barney the Dinosaur,or even quicker when Barney sings the "I Love You" song! Horrific stuff that John Zewizz wishes he could equal only in his dreams!Pure Liquid Evil!
As for the noise on this tape,by modern standards this is pretty mild.Fuzzy warm background noise for flotation tanks or shopping malls.Most certainly not for room 101 in any interrogation center.


A Torture-(Sound For)- 26:06
B Bondage-(Sound For)- 28:09

Monday 24 August 2020

Hidious In Strength ‎– "Slow & Painful Sex" (Inner-X-Musick ‎) 1984

Ouch,that stings.Stop it,you're hurting me!Ow....OW!
For my eternal shame, I did briefly glance at that Facebook video of those two nordic female backpackers being beheaded by Islamic morons in Morroco,and to my shock as the blade touched her neck she screamed "OW!...OW!"...I stopped the stream to avoid the calling for her mother part,but too late it traumatized me for days after......don't be tempted kids,its not like watching "I Spit On Your Grave".Apparently the motive may have been 'sexual' rather than religious extremism,said the Cops.
Slow and painful Sex? That brings back some other terrible traumatic memories.Although the pain in my case was psychological,usually involving a emotional battering or two.The 'slow' part never entered, so to speak, the equation.As quick as possible wins the race, or as drunk as possible.
Sex is usually responsible for ruining peoples lives,be it an unwanted pregnacy, leading to life crushing parenthood,or getting abused from all angles in the name of love!? Either way celebacy is roundly recommended.Which also provides the added bonus of no AIDS or syphilis problems too.Its a win win

Listening to this John Zewizz side,semi-solo, project,it sounds like he agrees.....but that can't be true,as he seems to be obsessed with all thing carnal in his other projects?This stuff is more from the Chris Carter side of early Industrial, with lots of synthesizer experimentation, tapes, and "found" vocals from TV.
If you want your sex slow and painful, then I recommend listening to this or any 'Women of the SS' tapes,and a wank, rather than open that pandora's box of humiliation and pain for real.Its like football...keep it simple.......or, keep it single?


A1 Torture 6:06
A2 Liquid 0:40
A3 Torture #2 5:10
A4 Injestion 2:38
A5 The Weeping 3:12
A6 Glass 6:29
A7 Nun With A Gun 7:27
A8 Man Without Shadows 3:15
A9 Soviet Airspace 3:35
A10 Swiss Movement 3:23
B1 Underwater Identification 11:55
B2 Human Snail 3:24
B3 The Spell 4:01
B4 Triangel Symphony 3:10
B5 Subhuman Advancement 2:41
B6 In Days To Come 4:40
B7 Slow & Painful Sex 11:27

DOWNLOAD quickly and painlessly HERE!

Sunday 23 August 2020

Women Of The SS ‎– "Ov Pure Blood" (Inner-X-Musick) 1988

Why is it that most of these skew-whiffed Industrial copyists can't spell?
Also,It is said that glam blond nazi battleaxe,Irma Grese,used to prowl around the lice ridden accomodation of Auschwitz with her Tits out looking for sex slaves of all gender types, to pleasure her before she had them killed once they had literally outlived their usefullness.......which was utter crap,and just another small chapter in mythologising The Holocaust, turning it into something to rival the gods of ancient Greece.So much mispreporting, fact distortion, and just pure 'making stuff up' has become accepted as fact. I won't go into the stuff that would leave me open to accusations of Heresy, but both wings of Nazi folklore has gained all the aspects of a new religion,based on nothing more than our own fantasises and political agenda's, so much so that actual facts have been raked over like the myaterious ashe pits of Treblinka.
John Zewizz, head honcho of Women of the SS, is a kind of Hugh Hefner figure who peddles this bizarre need in people to manifest the spirit of Sado-Masochism in the form of a female camp guard with her knockers out,which will have you running into the gas chambers after pleading to be thoroughly whipped.....apparently this was common behaviour by the Jews,commies,Gays,and Gypo's in the legend will soon tell us. The new Nazi religion encapsulates all the essentials for God-fearin' folks, there's a Heaven;The Nazi Party & State, a purgatory, The Gestapo prisons, a Hell, The Extermination Camps, and a benevolent God with a wrathful temperament....Uncle Adolf.In fact there ain't much in the Bible that you won't find also happening in the Third Reich
In fact, if the Nazi's had won,there would have been only this one religion,and consequently the end of war....and we'd all have great sex lives,with free shiny boots.....maybe it will still happen.
The sad thing is that John Zewizz would have been put to death for making such degenerate music as this.
Sorry Adolf,but its better than Wagner.....Blasphemy?....i'll start self-flagellating immediately.


A1 She Said, She Said 8:10
A2 Eucaine 3:19
A3 Eva Braun Waz Here 8:16
B1 Klara 9:04
B2 An Aryan Race 1:03
B3 Ov Pure Blood 12:25

Saturday 22 August 2020

Throbbing Gristle - "At the Kezar Pavillion, San Francisco, U.S.A., 29 May 1981" (Bootleg) 1981

TG's last gig, supported by junkie underground rock stars Flipper I notice?An interesting juxtapose?This was released as "The Mission Of Dead Souls" on mute or something,but was edited and messed about with, so one has provided the full untampered concert instead.Should give all you noise specialists something to discuss,along the lines of 'Who's the Noisiest',and knows the noisier ones.Y'know, grown up discussions like that.

That was IT for TG,and also I think that's IT as far as genuine TG recordings are concerned,although don't count on it.There are some fake recordings from 1975/6 that GP-O put forward as the real deal,to try and earn some cash for him/herself,but don't bother....rather crap...and mostly faked,probably by the man himself.


Side A (45:22)
Side B (23:58)

Throbbing Gristle ‎– "At the Veterans Auditorium L.A. 22.05.1981" (Bootleg) 1981


Yer average American's idea of Industrial Music is the rather shit Nine Inch Nails, Ministry,Skinny Puppy, Front Line other words. Rock music with a prefix...'Industrial Rock' they call it,just a tad of an oxymoron methinks.. They'd turn up at a venue featuring those English faggots Throbbing Gristle expecting Motley Crue and getting something almost intrinsically opposite to rock,except for the fact that it's loud. ........yeah,yeah we know there's more extreme noisey ouitfits out there to fuck yer brane up, and well done for telling us 'cus we know already fanx..The noise loses its effect without the silences,and TG make you wait for the noise.All the best horror films leave out the graphic stuff and leave it up to you what the horror is.TG does this very well indeed,leave the gore to Whitehouse......a group Genesis detested by the way.
Some Americans got it,notably Monte Cazzaza,who was credited with coming up with the genre name.He hales from San Francisco,the scene of TG's final dissolution,and the gig after this penultimate show in Los Angeles.Ah,those poor californians,living in the richest place on the planet had it so hard;but at least they could now slum it and pay to listen to what its like to exist somewhere where suffering is not just waiting for the next shipment of Cocaine from Mexico.I do understand,however, that when one has a long way to fall, it ain't no picnic to climb back up when faced with such wealth flaunted in the starving underclasses face. We all have our own private hell's...what's yours?


1.Dimensia / Scorched Earth 11:33
2.Tangible / Carnality / Marriage Carriage 17:25
3.Still Walking 5:56
4.Slam 9:18
5.Principa Disciplina / Forbidden 13:59

Tuesday 18 August 2020

Throbbing Gristle ‎– "Recorded At The Lyceum London 08-02-81" (Bootleg) ‎– LMT 102 1981


It wasn't just Jimi Hendrix who put some Breasts on record sleeves to sell product you know? That old Rock'n'Roll tactic was frequently used by those who should have known better. Though in the case of this bootleg recording of TG's final gig in the UK, I doubt it made any would have sold-out anyway. It was 1981,and the mission was about to be terminated in that graveyard of great British bands, San Francisco.
Ahhh, the poor luvvies weren't getting on,and it shows in this slightly lacklustre performance musically speaking,which seems to be one long megamix of Gen's greatest 'Hit'....yep, 'Discipline'again.
Off to America they went,which is usually the sign that a band is finished, to split up......but don't worry they reformed twenty years later for a few quid in the pocket,like so many of them do.Only by then Gen had turned into a little old lady!? 


1. Beginning
2. primal Church
3. Look Away
4. Endless Discipline
5. Discipline
6. Consummation
7. Endless Discipline 2
8. Ending
9. End

Throbbing Gristle - "The Psychic Rally , December 4 1980 at Rafters ,Manchester, England." (Italian Records ‎– EX 23) 1982

Throbbing Gristle's penultimate performance in The United kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was in rafters Club in Manchester,at something called 'the Psychic Rally'...wot?
Oh yeah, it opens with a tape of posh nut-job Aliester Crowley blathering on about some shit, sounding for all the world, or underworld, like Winston Fucking Churchill after a few Brandy's. Christ, or should I say 'Anti-Christ', I hate all this Psychic shit....and these people would slag off Christian-Metal when they are doing the exact same thing, but with a different lead actor.
Genesis P. Megson would have loved to have been a cult leader, or better still, would have loved to have been Aliester Crowley. The trappings of being an alternative pop star seemed to trip that switch we all seem to have,when one gains an over inflated view of oneself to the point of self-diefication. Hence the soon to be formed 'Temple Ov Psychick Youth' embarassement, or more accurately, The Psychic TV Fan Club. Bizarrely this is the opposite way that most Cult leaders go about things.Like David Koresh (His surviving children are on record as thinking that your faithful scribe is a complete 'asshole'), who started the Davidian cult first, then tried to be a Pop Star on the back of that.....who's right and who's wrong I dunno...maybe both of them one thinks?
This show is full of all the late-period tension that makes for a good outcome artistically, but disasterous personally.I think they were on to something here....if only they'd have stuck it out, without having an ex-girlfriend ,and her new boyfriend in the group, they could have been as big as Fleetwood Mac.Whoops-a-daisy,I think I just described Psychic TV!?


1 Illuminated 666
2 Betrayed
3 Womb Of Corruption
4 Very Friendly
5 Something Come Over Me
6 Playground
7 Auschwitz
8 Devil's Gateway
9 Hastings
10 Discipline

Monday 17 August 2020

Throbbing Gristle ‎– "At Goldsmiths College, London 13th March 1980" (Industrial Records ‎– IRC 29) 1980


TG return to Goldsmith's College,only a few places allowed them back for a second go,to introduce the kids to an abstract version of their recent hit Heathen Earth LP.Group tensions were brewing,as always in any creative environment,and these tensions were certainly transferred into the music by the sound of this appearence,full of Noise,and awkward silences.

The lesson to all creative persons with an ego out there is, if you want to gift the world your vision, your genius, then don't form a group;a form of behaviour that seems to be restricted only to music.A movie has a director,paintings are generally made by one artist,but music seems to be blighted by having too many chefs in the kitchen....go solo,or pay them so they do what they're told, not what they think....not that this happened in TG however.It was mainly centered around the breakdown in personal relations between GPO and Cosey,who was now in a relationship with Chris Carter, the Tony Banks of Industrial Music.The Fleetwood Mac syndrome...but not quite as bad.I think they all shagged each other at least once in the Mac....very unsavoury behaviour indeed. 

Ok then,which one would you sooner have a go on?Stevie Nicks or Cosey Fanni Tutti? much for in depth artistic analysis kids?...or for heterosexual girlies, Genesis, pre-op Orridge,or Mick Fleetwood...jeez that's a tough one?


A1 Introduction 0:41
A2 Cornets 5:56
A3 An Old Man Smiled 6:53
A4 Russ 3:15
A5 Subhuman 6:48
A6 Heathen Earth 5:43
B1 Untitled 6:37
B2 The World Is A War Film 7:37
B3 Don't Do What You're Told, Do What You Think 14:28
B4 Painless Childbirth 0:47

Saturday 15 August 2020

Throbbing Gristle ‎– "At Sheffield University 10th June 1980" (Industrial Records ‎– IRC 33) 1980


Sheffield is correctly cited not only as the birthplace of Stainless Steel,but also,and  just as accurately as the home of Industrial Music. Throbbing Gristle come from Hull, a place that can rival even Siberian industrial towns for gloom and pointlessnes that few people manage to escape from.But, there is a ferry sevice to Iceland from Hull,so it ain't all bad. Genesis and Cosey managed to penetrate the invisible wall that imprisons its populace to this day, and move to London where they met the other two. So see this gig as a homage to Britains' fourth biggest shithole.

Sheffield is,of course ,where Cabaret Voltaire, Clock DVA, The (early and good) Human League,Vice Versa...the group....and a personal fav of mine "I'm So Hollow", came from.Also where the wonderfully grim nuclear nightmare drama "Threads" was set and filmed.It were Grim! Nowadays,Its full of abandoned Steel mills,now gentrified, and the caked on grime has been stripped back to reveal some rather lovely brickwork. Pittsburgh is the U.S. equivalent i suppose, but what ever worthwhile came out of Pittsburgh?....don't answer that.

This performance ,is TG at their late-period swirling,effect laden best.There's even a joke at the beginning!?


Side A (31:15)- 

1 Introduction 0:47
2 Punished 9:14
3 Heathen Earth 6:24
4 Strangers In The Night 1:45
5 The World Is A War Film 6:29
6 Tortured Smiles

Side B (23:54)

1 We Said No 5:27
2 Flesh Eaters 18:27

Friday 14 August 2020

Throbbing Gristle ‎– "At Oundle Public School 16th March 1980" ( Industrial Records ‎– IRC 30) 1980


TG's infamous appearence at a posh private school as recorded by TG super roadie,Stan Bingo for posterity.The moment when the 'Wreckers of Civilisation' played dutifully for the designated future leaders of civilisation for Thirty Pieces Of Silver, probably thirty-one pieces to out-do Judas.Then these Toffs could listen to the Gospel of P-Orridge for an hour,so they can say in future, "One may be the Governor of the Bank Of England now,but ooooh Yes, I had my naughty years alright"....well if that was the case you weren't fucking listening.It's not their fault,they have reptilian DNA.Isn't Boris de Pfeffel Johnson's favourite band The Clash? He wasn't listening, no matter how much of a pose The Clash was; and Chris and Cosey weren't even listening to their own music,but I don't think they were too posh,certainly not Cosey anyway,with her awful Hull accent......whoops,just googled it,yes, Chris Carter went to a private school...knew it!....hang on there's more,but slightly less surprising...Genesis P-Megson went to one too!)
No info concerning Sleazy's schooling,but his Papa waza master at Magdalene College, Cambridge prior to receiving a....uhum... knighthood!?......The Wreckers of Civilisation were posh.
Having established that TG were 'Posh', Cosey being the Phil Collins of the group,it would be safe to say that TG's Prog credentials were intact.This stuff is the bastard son of Progressive rock,it's all clear to me now.
The gig was arranged by an Oundle boarder who convinced the hierachy of the John Cage similarities in TG's non-music, called Nigel Jacklin, who happens to be the same Nigel Jacklin of The Alien Brains,a UK DIY super-group with Instant Automatons connections.
Normally I'd bang on about how the Toffs came and stole our music, football and culture; but as TG are basically Prog,I can't say that,'cus Prog is certainly Posh-Boy territory.However by 1980 TG were long past being the former Wreckers of Civilisation,they had become,but regained their place in it.
Despite the odd bunch of our future leaders chanting 'Off,Off,Off' and countering 'Subhuman' with a Last Night of the proms style rendition of 'Jerusalem', TG seemed to go down rather well with the audience of 70 or so teenage boarders and a few school masters.
"Oh Mummy, we had a splendid time.One of those awfully charming Punk Wock gwhoops performed some quaint working class rituals for us.I thwink I taw Tarquin spitting,tewibly exthiting.....I thwink I'm wedy for my place in the board woom now......Yes i've moved on from that anal raping the sports master gave me,tell Pater I'm wedy to Rule"...said six-former Rupert in his monthly phone call home.
One should feel sorry for them really, a damn good bumming is an age old  mind control technique,so these poor traumatised Posh Kids should understand the Burroughsian (another rich boy btw) references.
Sexual abuse is step one in creating a Manchurian Candidate....I suspect that the current government is full of them.Ultimately I Pity us, rather than them,it's 'us' who have to be ruled by a bunch of traumatized Fuck-Ups,and even worse....There is NOTHING we can do about it.Just be satisfied in our captivity,that's what drugs were invented for.

"As it’s Mother’s Day we’d like to dedicate this to all the absent mothers of the young boys here tonight. I’m sure if they were here tonight they’d wonder if it was worth all the money they’re paying."

Genesis P. Orridge attempting to protect his industrial cred introducing the TG set at Oundle, March 16, 1980.


A1 Introduction 1:28
A2 Cornets 4:52
A3 An Old Man Smiled 8:00
A4 Subhuman 4:25
A5 Heathen Earth 8:10
A6 Something Came Over Me 6:46
B1 The World Is A War Film 5:30
B2 England Is A Toilet 1:20
B3 Don't Do What You're Told, Do What You Think 6:47
B4 Wall Of Sound 4:04
B5 Show Us Your Legs 6:06

Throbbing Gristle : "Live In SO36 Berlin 08-11-80) (Bootleg LTM 017) 1980

A cheap holiday in other peoples misery, a great chance to pose for photographs at Hitlers Bunker and the Olympic stadium, and get to do a couple of gig's for West Berlin's art poseurs as well. This is what being in a group is all about.
This is the longer and superior second set from the evening after the first set.Again there's a version of greatest hit 'Discipline' tacked on at the end for the kids to dance to,but no encore.....I bet they wanted to really, but it wouldn't fit in with the pose.That's Alternative Pop Stardom for ya.Ja?


1. Side 1 (30:37)
2. Side 2 (44:25)

Thursday 13 August 2020

Throbbing Gristle ‎– "Live In SO36 Berlin 07-11-80" (Bootleg ‎– LMT 017) 1980

If there was a town that was made for Throbbing Gristle it would have to be West Berlin before the wall came down. Can't see 'Throbb.Gristle' using Truro (Cornwall UK), or some lovely cottagey village in the Cotswolds as a backdrop to their sounds.
So our anti-rock heroes got to play two nights in Berlin did they?
I can imagine all the future Berlin Geniale Dilletanten and Industrial arty celebrities, like Die Tödliche Doris, or various members of Malaria to have hung out at both of these TG appearences at the SO36 club.
"Ohhhhh, look over there by the bogs....isn't that Blixa Bargeld?" A gothette student was heard to exclaim excitedly. Blixa signed her copy of 'Kollaps' that she just bought in reception;which would have been difficult because it never came out until a year after this gig....not sure if 'Gig' is an appropriate adjective either, with its 'rock' connotations.....alas, but it is,as 'Gig' comes from prime TG influences, Beatnik culture and above all, The Beat Poets.So, 'Gig' it will be.
Its a sound-desk recording,as by this time TG could certainly afford some decent equipment.So, we have a semi-improvised set that would have made a better "Heathern Earth",plus a version of that perenial family favourite "Discipline",which I think was used as a bonus track on one of the CD reissues was it not?
The second 'gig' follows tomorrow,to enable you to compare and contrast live TG in their twilight years.The so-named "Destroyers of Civilisation" were no longer the potent force they had been,and were to terminate their mission six months later and go onto lesser,but more lucrative, projects,like the awful Psychic TV,and the even more awful Chris and Cosey.....the exceptions being late period Coil of course.


Side 1 (20:30)
Side 2 (27:36)

DOWNLOAD some misery tourism HERE!

Wednesday 12 August 2020

Throbbing Gristle ‎– "Frankfurt Kunsthochschule November 10th 1980" - (Bootleg) 1980

A untitled bootleg,not listed on Discogs, from TG's gig in Frankfurt from when they started spreading the Industrial gospel live beyond the UK's shores. Its from the "Heathern Earth" period,so a lot of the set-list appears on many of their recorded appearences around this time....improvisation being binned off for what one has to say was a more commercially orientated direction for the Throbbers.
Nowadays, of course, everyone has a TG record somewhere in their house,filed next to Elton John,and K-Pop bands can be seen wearing TG t-shirts,the Ramones being now discarded as a Boy-Band cliche...surely not?
The 'interview',if you can call it that, consists of GP-O going off on one of his monologues full of ,what we would now call, 'conspiracy theories, and trite observations on human behaviour, with someone going 'Mmm' at the end of every sentence,seemingly agreeing with everything the master says.
A version of 'Discipline',from the Frankfurt concert one assumes, crops up mid-interview for some reason,probably to illustrate Gen's self-effacing fake-humility in describing himself as someone crawling on the floor shouting Discipline a lot. Don't you just love humble pop-stars?


1. Concert (25:17)
2. Interview (21:38)

DOWNLOAD this bootleg of a bootleg probably of a bootleg,HERE!

Tuesday 11 August 2020

Throbbing Gristle ‎–"Music From The Death Factory (12/06/76 + 18/06/76)"(Reflection Press ) 1976

 As Throbbing Gristle were mentioned in the "Methods Of Execution" post,and It has been pointed out that a gaping hole in my online TG collection existed,so here we have music from the year zero of Nazi-Chic; the Death Factory being a thinly disguised reference to Auschwitz-Birkenau I guess.It being a...woe back off boogaloo!....controversial opinion warning......a gas chamberless,but very brutal, Labour Camp, with an out of control Typus epidemic, that no end of Zyklon B Giftgas,could not control. The 'Gas Chamber that you Nazi-Obsessed tourists look suitably sad in, was built by the Soviets in 1948 as part of their de-nazification program (not pogrom).This has now been conveniently brushed under the novelty cash-in-able atrocity carpet, and is never mentioned on those obscene guided tours that help turn over the cash for the local Polish oligarchs. If there isn't one already, they should be an Auchswitz gift shop...or should I say 'Gift-gas(german for poison gas)' Shop(?) providing stripy T-shirts,Astrays with certified Auschwitz Ash provided, Mugs (that's you), Oven gloves, and other novelties......may I suggest cuddly Josef Mengele and Irma Grese dolls,wow! I'd even buy a pair of those.! I had an idea to make atrocity based Snowstorms, and Auschwitz was gonna be the first subject.....I think they'd go down well; just waiting for the 'Giftgas' Gift Shop to open it's oven doors to the public. Anyway, who could possibly do without a pair of Auschwitz Ovengloves?......Its a pity they don't hook up that fake gas chamber with some real Zyklon B and offer the full experience for the tourists,who act as if they wouldn't have been a campgaurd if Hitler had ordered them to do it......'No not me' they say....'I'd have chosen the Russian Front' you had a choice?.......Awwwwww lighten up for Jehovah's sake!!!.....and don't go to that despicable Nazi-Disneyland, its a scam!.....this kinda talk gets one locked up in various EU member states;just like we never fought a war against totalitarianism at all. Freedom of Thought?..ok,but,whisper it quietly.The Brain Police are still out there.

Throbbing Gristle missed out on many of the the promotional aspects of Holocaust-chic, no 'Death Factory Ovengloves, for example.....BUT, they did plenty of live and in rehearsal cassettes with death camp....and lobour camp, references. To give them their due respect, TG never really flaunted this angle as something worthy of that commercial catalyst, 'Shock Value' , or court controversy was 'Art' man. Never forget this lot came out of the post-hippie morass, and had obviously heard a lot of Kluster and Tangerine Dream. Krautrock copyists,however, they were most certainly not. That British talent for turning anything into subversive entertainment rather than just an art pose is legendary.Like the endless debates of 'who done punk first', who done Industrial first its original form...either TG or Cabaret Voltaire, with a bit of inspiration from William S. Burroughs, and Kluster. Totally unique stuff for 1976.How 'Rock' got involved I dunno.....Industrial Rock is for Arse Lickers.


1. recorded 12 June 1976.
2. recorded 18 June 1976.

DOWNLOAD then go and burn all your books on the third reich HERE!

Monday 10 August 2020

Methods Of Execution - "Electrocution" (Direct Sound Tapes) 1980

Smear Fanzine article on how much the author hates Cassette Culture,especially 'Methods Of Execution' (1981)

Yeah, the bitter hack who wrote the above article,rather than the bitter hack writing this blog,doesn't like inclusivity,which was basically what releasing your own tapes was about. Aparrently you can't make your own music unless you've been given the thumbs up by the Rock establishment; and the fucker even dissed Danny and the Dressmakers, which is an unforgivable sin in these 'ere parts.

BUT....I see what he's getting at about the tiresome predictability of those who would dare to walk in Throbbing Gristles' footsteps in the snow,alas, for me, TG never sounded as good as this tape. TG sounded as if they had been recorded in Pink Floyd's studio, Brittania Row wasn't it, where the kids fav's Joy Division did 'Closer'.Methods of Execution has all the audio qualities of being recorded in a public lavatory,under the uncharted waters of a blocked U-Bend. Whenever any actual instruments appear, the protagonists seem to have never seen one before, nevermind know how to play 'baa-baa-black sheep'. That particular Black Sheep certainly doesn't have any wool,as its all been taken to create the muffled ambiance of these decaying industrial escapades.  Tim G. Owen (where are you now file contender), the fanzine journo, scoffs at the prospect of Industrial Urban Decay in Peterborough,where Methods Of Execution hale from. Admitedly Peterborough is a very 'new' kind of town,and not rife with the sprawling ruins of the UK's Industrial heritage, but is that what it's about? There are plenty of Rappers,and Urban artists who come from places like Cornwall, and Welwyn Garden City,which is indeed laughable,but you don't need factories to have an angle on Industrial Culture.It's about the Human condition,systems of control and the horrors of reality; these are the same for anyone,anywhere, yes,even in Milton Keynes.

The tape itself, in a series named got it...different Methods Of Execution, is classic early -Cabaret Voltaire style muffled DIY electronics,abundant in found dialogue,Tape collages of Nazi speeches and that over-used "Horst Wessel Lied" marching song crops up yet again. There was a moment when a tape of someone like Irma Grese,the Hyena of Auschwitz (don't you just hate those stupid nick-names that war criminals get given?),shouting beyond the top of her voice for some unfortunate camp inmates to "RAUS" shamefully found this disturbingly exciting in the worst possible sense!......or was that a quote from Kenny Everett in character as Cupid Stunt?..we'll probably, never know?


01 Soulhunter - Cancer
02 Bombers
03 Rotting Away
05 God
06 Killmyth
07 Seagull
08 The Gift
09 In The Jungle
10 Bits
11 Alleged
12 Gun Law 3

Saturday 8 August 2020

Last Exit ‎– "First From Last Exit" (Impulse Studios, Newcastle ‎– WUD/C/101) 1975

 Ahaaaaa!....did someone mention Sting's first band? Indeed, Gordon Sumner got to use the 'Last Exit' moniker first with their depressing,geordie, version of the Average White Band. The Pub Rock shadow of the German American Noise Jazz outfit from a decade later,when the Bass Player (in fact both of the Last Exit's bass players!) was/were,and still are,enormous pricks. This says more about the origins of 'Punk' than any forgotten, "we got there first man" punk before punk groop from Boise Idaho that gets discovered every year. This represents what an awfully dull and depressing hole Great Britain used to be in 1975,and its main protagonists wern't necessarily all in search of the re-birth of rock'n'roll. 'Bandwagon' was a word oft-used by 1978, and sting was indeedy accused of this common behavioural pattern;either that or he had his eyes and ears open for something better? The early Police were a great band,full of ex-proggers ,looked good sounded good,and had eff-all to do with the London based clique that became 'punk Rock'. Sting often relayed a story about when the Police were bottom of the bill at the second Mont-de-Marsan Punk Festival in 1977,when he popped his bleached blonde head in the Damned's dressing room,and humbly asked for a Beer,the response to which was,from Rat Scabies I believe, "Fuck Off and come back when you're as famous as us!"....oh how Ironic.This brings to mind tne old showbiz addage to 'be careful who you meet on the way up for you will surely meet them again on the way down'.

I actually enjoy listening to this tape believe it or not? This Jazz rock bland-out transports one instantly back to a time which is often accused of being the worst year ever in Rock Music....which is crap.For a start every year ,virtually since ,i'd like to say 1988,but its probably since about 1999 is the worst year in pop and rock music. Sting's Last Exit is a fine example of the kids doing it for themselves in the height of the 'Pub Rock' phenomenon, which had far more influence on those original spikey tops than Iggy Poop.

Don't worry, i'm not gonna post a load of Police rareties,I feel a duty to amuse as well as bemuse.


A1 We Got Something 4:05
A2 Truth Kills 4:41
A3 Whispering Voices 2:56
A4 Carrion Prince 2:48
A5 Savage Beast 4:49
B1 I Got It Made 3:46
B2 I'm On This Train 3:45
B3 Oh My God 4:43
B4 A Bit Of Peace 3:03

Friday 7 August 2020

Last Exit ‎– "Cassette Recordings 87" (Enemy Records ‎– EMY 105) 1987

Oh Jesus! How shit is this new Blogger thing wot they've paid some 'expert' to re-jig!? Fucking Hell!
Remember MySpace? This is going the same way. I start a new post with a childlike excitement, then quickly give up in a childlike strop after trying to select labels for my new and wait technology......But, I won't let the 'Man' get to me with his power games...oooooh no! So here's a transitional Peter Brotzmann work, recorded on the humble cassetten,yet never released on a humble cassetten. Yup, it's Jazz Metal soopergroop , 'Last Exit' innit?
Do I hear a Groan?....unfortunately,yes, Bill Laswell does makes a traditional appearence with anything to do with downtown jazzy types.He's the Thurston Moore of Jazz,although I think Thruston Moore reckons that his-self is in fact the Thurston Moore of Jazz too? What is it with these serial collaborators? They crop up like a bad smell in a toilet,and usually contribute nothing......the jury's out on Eno however,'cus i'm a bit of a fan of our Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno.....but.....with a name like that he is obviously rather Posh,which gave him full Progressive rock qualifications above and beyond the call of duty. Never trust anyone with more than two christian names. A case in point is the beyond awful posh bloke whose childhood ambition was to become Prime Minister of Britain,and worse still, actually did!?......Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson......which is code for 'Bastard'.
Who the fuck has a realistic childhood fantasy of being a country's leader other than that priviliged line of human aliens with the reptilian DNA? Little undernourished Tommy Atkins from the council estate with the abusive parents' greatest ambition was to learn to read, not study Greek History with a bunch of Oxbridge cronies,and future leaders,and, do it all with a smirk on his face!? Why didn't someone slap those smug jowels at kindergarten and nip this horror in the bud? It might not be too late?
Yes, anyone can become a leader, except the Kings won't let it happen.
So, here we have a group, proudly displaying moustaches and beards when it was patently 'Unhip' to do so, wearing clothes that would impress only Michael Bolton's wardrobe assistant. Their debut sooper pooper groop eponymous debut was rather good in its musical napalm tendancies. This outing is less so,with rather too much of Sonny Sharrocks metally guitar work,and his even worse singing, but it has its moments.Brotzmann's sax is, for once, well mixed,and not stage front.Peter's other main contibution is likely to have been the very Brotzamannesque song titles of "Sore Titties" and the terribly rude, but laughable, "My Balls/Your Chin"!!!?
Recorded at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Copenhagen to cassette,so it has that nice saturated cassette sound that's so hard to reproduce in any other medium.We like cassettes here......sorry about the Laswell though.


1. Line Of Fire
2. Big Boss Man
3. Sore Titties
4. Ulli Bulli Fooli
5. Ma Rainey
6. My Balls / Your Chin

Wednesday 5 August 2020

Fred Van Hove / Wolfgang Dauner ‎– "Requiem For Che Guevara " (MPS Records ‎– 15205 ST) 1969

Where's the tribute to Lee Harvey Oswald for starting the whole conspiracy caper,that's what I wanna know? Although in cool terrorist Ché's case, it was more a conspiracy of T-Shirt manufacturers than the secret rulers of the planet. Some say that T-Shirt manufacturers ARE the secret rulers of the planet, but I have my doubts. However ripe with suspicion is the ironic act of naked evil that would see a Crass t-shirt adorning the crass hologram that is David Beckham, or K-Pop boybands resplendant in Ramones memorabilia, one suspects that the secret rulers of the known world are none other than ourselves.....shocking,but all the evidence points towards that sad conclusion. I'd like nothing more than some shadey oligarchy of plutocrats to be meeting in a secret bunker beneath the Pyramids deciding how to make it seem they're not there when they are.That's a full-time job!
Naturally, the most often used noun for our ghostly leaders is "They",it's never 'Us' is it; the more paranoid section of society would never be able to cope with the post-post-truth fact that we might be doing this to ourselves?
This takes me back to the conclusion of the psychedelic thriller TV series "The Prisoner",when number 6 finally gets to unmask Number 1,only to find that its none other than himself. This caused nationwide outrage in the UK.They wanted it to be some kind of 'Hitler' figure,but it turned out to be our hero,Number Six himself....hero's always turn out this way in the real world,bastards! What made them...."The public" angry was this brief moment of reality staring them....."The public" the face. The only person or persons keeping you all in this permanent state of slavery, in this prison without walls, is, guessed it, or maybe not?......YOURSELVES!
A similar encounter with reality is German Free Jazz, so here's Brotzmann's piano abuser,Fred Van Hove, and Wolfgang Dauner sharing an album in tribute to famous assasinees of the mid twentieth century.This is as close to freedom as you're gonna get this side of a Peter Brotzmann LP.


1. –Wolfgang Dauner - Psalmus Spei For Choir And Jazz Group 13:07
2. –Fred Van Hove - Requiem For Che Guevara, Martin Luther King,John Fitzgerald And Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X

Tuesday 4 August 2020

The Peter Brötzmann Sextet / Quartet ‎– "Nipples" (Calig ‎– CAL 30 604) 1969

See, I told you that Brötzmann did an album called "Nipples",but that's the only thing that's changed. Pete does his usual short but manic bursts of moving his fingers on a Saxophone and blowing hard enough to bust a gusset. There is, I assume, a degree of imteraction between the players in this type of non-music,but as far as I can see they could be in different rooms with no means of monitoring the other members of either 'The Sextet' or the 'Quartet'......but that's not the point is it? Personally I like the idea of four or six seperate entities doing their thing independently but ending up on the same record.....not that this was the concept of course. This is about freedom of self-expression and the rejection of rules, the straight jacket of 'notes' rather than the liberty to roam with the tone. Its subversive in it's rejection of what is normal, the taboo's of abstract art. This is basically a room clearer that divides the human population selectively along the lines of followers and free spirits, trump supporters and hope. The small percentage (2/3%) who understand this music...and it IS music ....already see the futility in voting for the fools who would run for Office, including even the clueless Kanye West, bi-polar or not.So what is the point?..... The point is, this wild ecstatic noise delivers hope that the Human race isn't doomed to be eaten by itself. Maybe the co-vid Virus is a natural cleanser,freeing 'us' from the prison created by the immoral majority, the 98% who are frightened of being handed the key......what key? What career? What life? Freedom comes from within....if you have a 'within' of course. Suck on these 'Nipples' for nourishment, or don't, it really is up to you.


1. Nipples (17:54)
2. Tell A Green Man (15:32)

Monday 3 August 2020

Brötzmann/ Van Hove / Bennnink ‎– "Balls" (FMP ‎– FMP 0020) 1970

Never mind the Balls, here's Brötzmann, Van Hove  and  Bennink.
"Yes Cinders, you will go to the BALLS!",said the gone-bad binary fairy to the poor downtrodden,possibly sex trafficked Kosovan skivvy held in slavery by two ugly pre-op and post-op sisters. Alas, as soon as Cinders found out Peter Brotzmann and Hans Bennink were involved, she declined the opportunity, preferring a fulfilling life of slavery and sexual abuse instead. For one, the sheer sonic ball- kicking that these three musical renegades dish out from inside small art venues would have been enough to shatter Cinderella's glass slippers where she stood,lacerating her dainty bunions and corns,which would normally require hospital attention if she wasn't someone the Police would like to interview.So a dirty handkerchief would have to suffice.As for Prince Charming,he was last seen running with a rope looking for a suitable tree to end his misery.
"BALLS" of the greatest album titles ever to brand its simple profundity onto my failing retina's, features Bill Clinton's favored saxophonist, Peter Brötzmann,on...yes...Saxophone;ably backed up by the human dumpster,Hans Bennink, emptying its cargo of trashed tin cans and various clattering metal objects into your living room. Regular Brötzmann collaborator, Fred Van Hove, plays the Chimps Tea-party piano as if he was blind and deaf from birth;which, incidentally, is the only way to approach such an overused instrument.
This stuff is what Punk Rock wished it had been.The kind of Anti-Music,unmotivated by money or success,uninterested in audience approval;an uncompromising lurch towards the opposite,then turn left.Especially admirable is the blatant fact that Brotzmann plays the same sax parts on every single one of his hundreds of records,its just the silences that are different.
Your average citizen in this modern cesspit would say that this LP was just a load of "BALLS"; almost correct, those brainwashed fools just need to alter the context of their dumb insults slightly,for it really refers to the 'Balls' that are needed to make an anti-music like this. Post-jazz,pre-jizz improvisation with....yup...'BALLS'
Brötzmann did an album called 'Nipples' as well.(Cumming Soon).


1. Balls
2. Garten - Für Angelika / "Fritze" Geges / Schmiddy'
3. Filet Americain
4. De Daag Waarop Sipke Eindelijk Zijn Nagels Knipte, En Verder Alle Andere A Moten Voor Hem Openstonden I.C.P. 17
5. Untitled 1 (bonus)

6. Untitled 2 (bonus)