Thursday 6 February 2014

If, Bwana - "They Call Me Bwana" (Sound of Pig SOP100) 1987

Ex-Styrenes member and the man behind the Sound of Pig cassette label, Al Margolis, is also ‘If, Bwana’. And this insane c-60 is the work of a man who cares little about making popular tunes. Musique Concrete, modern composition, tape collage, Ambient, Noise,Drones, these are some of the genres that are briefly touched upon as Margolis heads in as many opposite directions as possible. A 60 minute quest for something new, and very often he finds it, only to tire of it and try something else. Relentlessly experimental, and very hard to shoe horn into any pigeon hole at all. Isn’t this what experimental music should be about?

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