Thursday, 20 February 2014

William S. Burroughs - "Nothing Here Now But The Recordings" (Industrial Records IR016) 1981

A huge primary influence for the diy/industrial scene was the literature and (more importantly) the audio experiments of William Burroughs. When listening to this album the comparisons with Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire are obvious. The cut-up sound experiments were made in the early 1960's, consisting of chopped up recordings of TV commercials and news broadcasts,mixed up with reassembled passages of Burroughs' narrative.
The Last Words Of Hassan Sabbah is unrivalled in its vitriol against the system of control that evolved in the 20th century, spewing venom equally over politicians and big business.Probably my favourite poem of all time.

It is no accident that these tapes were saved from oblivion by Genesis and Sleazy of Throbbing Gristle, and thankfully released on their Industrial Records Imprint in 1981.
A Real Genius.

(Due to the evil supression of Megaupload,Google,DCMA, i have re-upped this file to Ubuntu.....but i'm not sure my file is the same as the running order of this record,in fact there are now more tracks than before,and its in M4a format,-which i'll convert when i can be its a bonus edition i suppose....enjoy)

Side One (21:44)
A1 "Captain Clark Welcomes You Aboard"
A2 "The Saints Go Marching Through All The Popular Tunes"
A3 "Summer Will"
A4 "Outside The Pier Prowed Like Electric Turtles"
A5 "The Total Taste Is Here" - News Cut-Up
A6 Choral Section, Backwards
A7 "We See The Future Through The Binoculars Of The People"
A8 "Just Checking Your Summer Recordings"

Side Two (22:21)
B1 Creepy Letter - Cut-Up At The Beat Hotel In Paris
B2 Inching - "Is This Machine Recording?"
B3 "Handkerchief Masks" - News Cut-Up
B4 "Word Falling - Photo Falling"
B5 Throat Microphone Experiment
B6 "It's About Time To Identify Oven Area"
B7 Last Words Of Hassan Sabbah

Nothing HERE! now but the digital files for DOWNLOAD!
HERE's the original vinyl version,without the extra's, for DOWNLOAD


Anonymous said...

Track 1 is missing from the DL

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yep, its missing alright,but there's an awful lot more in there that shoudn't be.
I'm not adding one short file for completisms sake,it takes far too much time to upload these things!
I may,upload the missing track to the box for download....may.

Anonymous said...

thanks, you i am so grateful

Jenn Zed said...

Thanks for this. This record was the sound track to much of the late 80's and the 90's for me.
Appreciate the extra material too :)

This is Mongrol, btw, using my google account Jen Zed.

Nick said...

Thanks for this - and thanks especially for the extras. Lexington has long been a favourite but it is years since I heard it

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah, good shit. I have located the missing tracks from the original release...i'll upload them asap.

Carlos said...

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Our link seems to have gone gimpy. Thanks for re-upping Jonny!

Andy Tithesis said...

Me too. On a whim needed this. Who has it? Who knew. Always. Thanks boss.

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good shit. muchas gracias!

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2020 and still downloading this. Thank you!