Wednesday 30 September 2015

Various Artists ‎– "A Very Large Array" (Sound Of Pig ‎– SOP 152) 1987

Well, I have seen larger array's than this,but its a jolly good array of the usual abstract electronica and left field avant-industria that lurks in the shadowy world of pig (sound of...).
Again it features my favourite minimal composition student and word collage-ist ,Roberta Eklund,she good,she very good. The excellent,and prolific Big City Orchestra contribute the ironic 'making a Living as a Musician', and Europe is represented by the fine Dutch industrial act Zombies Under Stress.
Its hard to understand why a band called The Swimming Behaviour Of The Human Infant were never snapped up by CBS or any of these other awful, clueless ,culturally bankrupt record companies,who are the very definition of Zombies Under Stress. Thankfully there are a diminishing Array of these hideous capitalist leeches due to the power of the internet; its usually people like me who get the blame for 'Musicians' not making a living,when its the corporate nazi's  who have been stealing from musicians and music fans for decades.Internet sites are nothing more than digitized versions of the John Peel Show, magnified.Providing the biggest shop window that has ever existed for underground music of the past and future. DIY/underground/alternative musicians have never made a living as a musician,but there exists an opportunity by playing Work. 
Another way is repackaging the 'free' music of the past as limited editions and selling them to the middle classes at an exorbitant rate. As a certain  German based re-issue label does,and seems to feel free to slag me off,and others,  using my pseudonym in certain public communication forums,setting himself up as some kind of Tape collecting Jesus. We're doing the same thing except we don't do it for money,and put ourselves on a pedestal for doing it.
How talking about a band called 'the Swimming Behaviour Of the Human Infant' led to this rant I have no idea, so apologies to all.....except Herr Maier who seems to share the same traits as thee most famous German/ Austrian ever......altogether now, "FEGELEIN!" (if you've seen Downfall that is.)Or in this case......ZCHIVAGOOOOOO!

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Monday 28 September 2015

Various Artists ‎– "The World Does Not Fit On A 21" Screen" (Sound Of Pig ‎– SOP 42) 1986

The modern version of this would be "The World does not fit on a 110inch screen",as Televisions start to take over at least one room in the home of today.
From the home's of the late 20th century,when the cathode ray still ruled, transmits this beyond fine compilation from the impeccable Sound Of Pig label,with a superb collection of the weird and wacky.Worth the entrance fee alone for one of Roberta Eklund's excellent word collages, among the abstract industrial,minimal synth and post hardcore avant rock tunes.
It's Sound Of Pig, you know what to expect by now, so I'll shut up.

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Saturday 26 September 2015

Various Artists - "Ruido Extraño " (Aztec Recordings AZCASS004) 1981

A very northern England sounding compilation C-60 from a Scottish cassette label,based in Coatbridge; which is one of those hideous satellite towns that float around Glasgow like the ring of scum around an empty bath; a breeding ground for the more creative types of bacteria.
We have some fine funky post punk from The Undercovermen. Some terrible poetry from Andrew Darlington who obviously thinks he IS John Cooper Clark,which would be charming if it didn't make me  wanna press the fast forward button.
Black Pink Purple are quite quirky,utilising  some cool vibes, as in vibrophone, to drive the melody line along,before ruining their PC vibe (as in vibrations) with a tune about someone with,or appearing to have, Anorexia.
The best act on here, is some fine purveyors of the minimal synth art, Final Program; even if all their tunes here sound like an aural anagram of Kraftwerk's hit, 'The Model'....and whats wrong with that?
More minimal synth experimentation from High Bias (as heard previously on 'Camouflage Nebula' and 'A Classic Slice of Teenage Angst,vol 2').
De Tian provide the essential DIY avant garde experimental tracks,and Que Bono provide the obligatory Hippie nonsense.


1- Intro
2- In Upstairs rooms - The Undercovermen
3- Dark Clouds - The Undercovermen
4- Unfolding - The Undercovermen
5- News Bulletins In colour - Andrew Darlington
6- Alabaster White Visions Of Ocean- Andrew Darlington
7- Disco in the Show - Black Pink Purple
8- Anorexic - Black Pink Purple
9- Cure For Cancer - Final Program
10-Zero G - Final Program
11-Phase One- Final program
12-Life Goes On - High Bias
13-The killing Of The Cats - High Bias
14- Bo Diddley Rides The wild Surf
15- Back - De Tian
16- We Learn To Play The Harpsichord - De Tian
17- After The Cabaret - Congress Of Paris
18- Electric Light - Que Bono
19- Do It - Que Bono
20- Siren's Song - Que Bono

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Wednesday 23 September 2015

Various ‎Artists –" A Tribute To Bert Weedon" (Weird Tales) 1982

Fuck Off Records offshoot, Weird Tales, released their only tape in 1982,Featuring Three bands from the Poison Girls end of the Anarcho-punk black rainbow;but this is no pot of shit,thats at the Crass/Flux of Pink Indians end. 
Labeling the Androids of Mu 'anarcho punk' is a slight miscarriage of justice, but there are similarities; the primary one being their hippie connections,and their links to the travelling community;y'know bus's, dogs with neckerchiefs, dreadlocks,you get the picture.
I haven't checked if these recordings of Android classics appear anywhere else in their back catalogue,but they are classics of the genre in any case.  
The Mob contribute some early demo recordings of their unpretentious squat-punk,and Zounds do too......what else could an aging crusty possibly want for  Anarchristmas?

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Monday 21 September 2015

Various Artists ‎– "Slightly Weirdsville" (Fuck Off Records - FO5) 1981

Fuck Off Records go 'Anarcho Punk' compilation.
With The Astronauts, Zounds, and The Mob taking up the majority of the tape space, with only Danny and The Dressmakers giving us a welcome break from either crusty old anarcho-hippies or their preachy relatives from 1981.
I admit, this is from the more listenable end of the genre,with no crass-a-like shouty nonsense,and well crafted songs with lyrics one can hear. The uniformed masses of the Anarcho-punk hordes are a depressing mirror image of the Hive Minded masses,and i've always found it utterly repulsive with its silly banners and washed out blacks.Alas, I do have a soft spot for The Mob, who's musical incompetence is an attractive feature in their sparsely arranged and simple tunes. The Astronauts are a bit too close to, the even worse, Punky Folk style,that later gave birth to the abysmal Levellers, a group that makes me wanna smash up my record collection. The Astronauts are at least outsiders, so that scores many brownie points.
The Androids of Mu are, of course, Great; although they do represent the transient anarcho-hippie community turned punk; but I can overlook that faux-pas as the music is charmingly lightweight in that now rare anti-masculine ,girlie style.
Sticking out like a very sore thumb,both musically and in sound quality,is Cardiac Arrest; the precursor to Cardiacs, with their classic single which, along with their album, you can get here!
There's the Hippie Punk of Blank Space too.....not bad that.
On the more negative side is one of thee worst tracks i have ever heard on Fuck Off Wreckords;namely Bob Green's terrible post hippie awfulness about some rolling stones lick in the sky.....yuk! Also there is a totally unlistenable track from Daevid Allen and friends!
But don't worry, anything with Danny and the Dressmakers on it can't be anything other than Brilliant!


A1The Astronauts -That's Where I'll Be
A2The Astronauts -The Night (Baby Sings Folk Songs Part 3)
A3The Astronauts -Midsummer Lullaby
A4Danny + The Dressmakers-Song Chocolate
A5Zounds -I Made It Happen
A6Zounds -Holland Park
A7Bob Green -The Last Great Rolling Stones Lick In The Sky
A8Daevid Allen & Friends-Zero

B1The Mob-Crying Again
B2The Mob -Frustration
B3The Mob -Never Really Cared
B4The Mob-Youth
B5Cardiac Arrest-A Bus For A Bus On The Bus
B6Horrible Nerds-Pope Paul Is Dead
B7Androids Of Mu-Every Time I Hear The Spirit
B8Androids Of Mu-Pretty Nun
B9Androids Of Mu-Ride Me, Easy Rider
B10Blank Space-You Can Try
B11Blank Space-Rest On Still Water
B12Danny + The Dressmakers-Edward Exposes Her Mammary Glands
B13Danny + The Dressmakers-TV Overdose On The Dole

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Friday 18 September 2015

Various Artists - "A Classic Slice Of Teenage Angst (Volume 2)" (A classic Slice Of teenage Angst Fanzine Cassette) 1979

There was a second issue of Preston based Fanzine Teenage Angst, a shit-fi multi-media extravaganza which included volume 2 of a cassette of more bands from Preston.
First up is the obscurely named 4NT, a rough as old arseholes proto-indie band, recorded in the lowest possible fidelity like some phantom band haunting a pub, who died in 1979.
In between the tracks we have that droning john cooper clark on mogadon,introducing the bands after a classic slice of his bad teenage poetry.
I did have a cassette of the next band, the PR5 (a Preston post code no doubt), but tragically this rarity disappeared long ago.They sound quite interesting here, with a kind of disjointed Dub Punk which makes me regret somewhat, that I mislaid that tape(probably taped over it with some Simple Minds or something equally horrendous that we thought was musical advancement in 1981?).
"What in the Sam Hill was that?", was a phrase one would hear in american movies in the seventies to replace the 'F' word. Who the Sam Hill was Sam Hill I have no idea,but, here we have the Preston version.
Sam Hill sounds like the kind of irritating prat who brings his acoustic guitar to parties and starts to sing some songs later in the evening.And we all have to listen!......invariably he always got laid no matter what awful, well played shit he came out with. That's what he comes out with on this cassette; awful, technically good, tuneful adult orientated soft rock(Jesus does get a mention,which could explain a lot). Like he must have lived in a cupboard for the previous two years.
The Ribblebeats get fashionably berated by our announcer for(probably) referring to Girls in their merseybeat tinged indie pop,which is charming but unremarkable.
Side two opens with another Earcom band, The Blank Students, who sound very different to their two tracks on "Earcom 1".A bit like a funky Josef K,they obviously had trendy ambitions;even managing a Peel Session in '81.
Urban Renewal are another band on the slippery slope as pop evolved from punk to Indie.You get the sense that they'd like to have been Discharge but couldn't afford the amplifiers.
High Bias, as featured on the "Camouflage Nebula" tape, make a welcome reappearance, with their/his raw minimal analogue electronica. Very second decade of the twenty first century stuff.
Persian Drumstix ,terrible name, are another proto-indie thrash unit,that sound like they were recorded from outside the rehearsal room without their knowledge. Its like the listener(that's us!) is spying on this forgotten group, rehearsing for a gig that never happened, from inside our ferric-oxide time machine.

(If anyone out there know's the Titles of any of these unknow tracks,please feel free to let us know...cheers.)

Track Listing:

1- Theme - the Mysterons
2- 4NT Intro
3- 4NT - Unknown
4- 4NT - Unknown
5- 4NT - unknown
6- 4NT - Unknown
7- Tony Whitaker Intro
8- Tony Whitaker - Evening Post
9- Tony Whitaker - An Accurate representation of my voice?
10- PR5 Intro
11- PR5 - Going Back
12- PR5 - Unknown
13- Sam hill Intro
14- Sam Hill - Unknown
15- Sam Hill - Unknown
16- Ribblebeats Intro
17- Ribblebeats - I'm Gonna Be Your Friend
18- Ribblebeats - Hey Little Girl
19- Ribblebeats - I Won't See You Anymore
20- Side A Outro
21- Blank Students Intro
22- Blank Students - Unknown
23- Blank Students - Unknown
24- Blank students - Unknown
25- Urban Renewal Intro
26- Urban Renewal - Girls On the Street
27- Urban Renewal - What Can I Do?
28- Urban renewal - Sitting In My Room
29- High Bias Intro
30- High Bias - Unknown
31- High Bias - Unknown
32- High Bias - unknown
33- Persian Drumstix Intro
34- Persian Drumstix - Unknown
35- Persian Drumstix - Unknown
36- Persian Drumstix - Unknown
37- Tape outro - The Mysterons

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Thursday 17 September 2015

Various Artists - "A Classic Slice Of Teenage Angst (Volume 1)" (A Classic slice of teenage angst fanzine) 1979

I never thought I'd ever hear anything else from the 'From Chorley demo taaape',as made famous on fast Product's "Earcom 3", with the DIY classic "Tablecloth".Behold!There's another track on this fanzine compilation tape,and they stick faithfully to the kitchen theme with the very similar sounding, "Hate the Kitchen"; sung in that familiar Chorley accent,like a post punk Billy Casper (Kes). DIY gold!
From Chorley's appearance is worth the entrance fee alone, but we have others; the abstract musique concrete of Coventry ZZZ, the radio four play for today indie of Paul Cookson and Lerraine Hickey (absolutely love 'isn't it Strange', kinda like that Sudden Sway peel session,but without the humour); There's White Steel, who sound like a meatier From Chorley; The Manchester Mekon needs no introduction to followers of this blog; Restless Day were on the Camouflage Nebula tape,think northern krautrock tradition;Anthrax for the People and a couple of other half competent beat combo's make up the numbers nicely.
All this interspersed by sixth form poetry delivered in an monotonous apathetic Kevin the Teenager style,all designed to introduce the bands to the punters. A muffled splash of interviews complete the picture, making this a fascinating insight into the foggy world of DIY land in 1979.The monotone compare/sixth form poet,even alludes to Earcom 4 style ambitions,which isn't far off the mark.

NB :For those retro tech fans, there's even a computer programme for your C64 or ZX,so prime your play and record fingers,and get this onto a cassette and tell us all what the fuck it is!

Track Listing:

1- The Mysterons - Intro theme
2- Unknown - Intro
3- Mr Domestes & The Bok-Mystery Band
4- Mr Domestes & The Bok - Uri Geller Song
5- Mr Domestes & The Bok - Happy Birthday
6- Unknown - Manchester Mekon Intro
7- The Manchester Mekon - Ignorance of the Crunds
8- About the Manchester Mekon
9- The Manchester Mekon - Filmusic
10- More about the Manchester Mekon
11- The Manchester Mekon - The Idle Gnome Exhibition
12- Unknown - Blond Hair and Acne
13- The Manchester Mekon - Cadiz
14- Talking
15- The Manchester Mekon - the Impossible Air-Sea rescue
16- Restless Day Intro
17- Restless Day - Autopilot One
18- Restless Day - Zone
19- Anthrax for the People intro
20- Anthrax for the People - OK man ,its your world
21- Coventry ZZZ  intro
22- Coventry ZZZ - Sub Lead
23- Coventry ZZZ - Rediscovered Idealism no.3
24- Les Weebs Intro
25- Les weebs - Hooray For Hollywood
26- Les weebs - Pratfall
27- The Mysterons Intro
28- The Mysterons - On The Beach
29- Bryan Talbot Intro
30- Bryan Talbot - Alternative comix
31- From Chorley Intro
32- From Chorley - Hate the Kitchen
33- Computer Programme
34- Paul Cookson and Lerraine Hickey intro
35- Paul Cookson and Lerraine Hickey - To Ashes
36- Paul Cookson and Lerraine Hickey - Isn't It strange?
37 - Paul Cookson and Lerraine Hickey -the Monk
38 - White Steel intro
39- White Steel - The little Green men have Landed
40- White steel - God's gift To mankind
41- Outro

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Monday 14 September 2015

Various Artists - "Camouflage Nebula (Music From Preston)" (Camouflage Nebula Fanzine) 1981

As previously we've had a couple of compilation cassette's included with LAFMS's Lightbulb magazine; I figured we can keep that theme going with few UK equivalents, which in typical low budget UK style, are roughly XEROXED, sub-fi versions of our esteemed American cousins efforts.
Music from Preston it says; a cassette included with Camouflage Nebula Fanzine, and its brimming with classic lo-fidelity UK DIY.
Starts with the Distorted; an exercise in unrelenting tuneless repetition that would be called avant-garde  if it wasn't made in Preston, and the worst kind of lowest common denominator third wave Punk Rock.Its for these reasons that "Anti-Yank"(check out the lyrics on the insert!) is a classic slice of Moronic council estate punk with a capital 'M'.
In complete contrast, Distorted are followed,if they could possibly be followed(?), by the minimal electronica of High Bias;the master of the WASP Deluxe.That's the WASP synth with the actual keyboard and knobs,a step up from the touch sensitive version so beloved of Whitehouse.Producing some superbly sparse minimal synth that is screaming to be taken up by that uber-trendy Minimal Wave label; or that arsey prat who runs Vinyl-on-demand.
Furniture Music represents those third wave punk groups who had the intelligence,but not the ability to try and move on from the Ramones template.Their political statement was "Better Dead than Red!".....fitting in well with the new era of Thatcherism.A brave stance in such troubled times.
Restless Day seems to have by-passed punk rock altogether.Probably one,there only seems to be one of them,of those lads still with long hair in 1980,but wasn't into NWOBHM. Three tracks that delve deeply into that northern English Krautrock tradition,centered mainly in Restless Day's bedroom in his Mum and Dad's council house. Styles ranging from a 15 minute Tangerine Dream workout, to a Manuel Gottsching tape echo guitar solo.
I dunno if Pete Dean,who provides the last four tracks, is ,in fact, Restless Day? But, he sounds exactly like them/him. More bedroom Ash Ra Temple out-takes which have a charming intensity.

Track Listing:(kindly typed out for me by anonymous,see comments)

Distorted - Anti Yank
Distorted - 5 Minutes More
Distorted - Mail Order Fashion
High Bias - Into Battle
High Bias - Killing Of The Cats
High Bias - Life Goes On
Furniture Music - Insanity Complex
Furniture Music - I Don't Like
Furniture Music - Reapers Call
Restless Day - If The Waves Stopped
Restless Day - In Crazy Balance
Restless Day - Forest Of Thoughts
Pete Dean - Excerpts From 'Ripping Jaws'
Pete Dean - Undanceable
Pete Dean - Calling Song
Pete Dean - Band-Aids For Bishops

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Saturday 12 September 2015

Various Artists ‎– "The Emergency Cassette- Lightbulb Magazine" (Los Angeles Free Music Society, 2x C-60) 1981

A huge and insanely diverse compilation of Abstract lunacy which came with the fourth edition of LAFMS magazine 'lightbulb'.
We've even got the Meat Puppets on here,and thankfully they don't sound like the Meat Puppets from later in the eighties 'cus they were shit; they aren't here.
We got 45 Grave, future LA Goth rockers who later sounded like a Beverly hills version of X-Mal Deutschland, but contained a member with one of the best stage names ever....Dinah Cancer.Their track here is in fact a rather marvellous sonic splatter painting,disguising the goth leanings like a Dazzle Ship.They could have been great!
The Berlin School of electronic musik makes an appearance too,in the form of Herr Asmus Tietchens,which is strange for a Los Angeles comp?
Of course there's plenty of unhinged experimentation from Rick and Joe Potts,Tom Recchion, Dennis Duck and the famous Doo-Dooettes to satisfy your craving for truly unique abstract madness.

Track listing:
Volume One:
01 Tomm Recchion And The Friends Of Leslie-I Walk Through Walls
02 Monique-Bathroom
03 Jad Fair-Kristy
04 Doug Snyder-Imaginary Descenders
05 Creatures Lives-Freedom Like A Burning Wall
06 Smegma-#2
07 Peepland-Mark Stuber
08 The Lunchmen-Rock With Three Eyes
09 John Duncan-LBMA
10 International Language-Angels
11 Duba/Sansome-Limbo Sock
12 30 Windswept Dimes-Nestor Carbuncles
13 Decayes-Dancehall
14 45 Grave-Bobby
15 Half Bodied Baby-The Bullfrogs
16 Human Hands-She Eats Bugs
17 Neef-Gondwanland
18 Glo-Bin Treeflip-No Title
19 Bachelors Even-Tes Lolos Tremolos
20 Rick Potts-Draw Spunky
21 Bridge-Countdown
22 Fragile Hats-Suddenly...
23 Fredrik Nilsen-Our First Date

Volume Two:
01 Jes Grew-Another Chance To Lose
02 B people-Give Up
03 Phranc-I Like Life
04 Asmus Titchens-Club Of Rome
05 Them Rhythm Ants-50 Opinions
06 Tiny Holes-Billy
07 Random Samples-Random Sample
08 Flap-Pablo Kwell
09 Tela Conversion-Take Possess
10 Meat Puppets-Meat Puppets
11 Doodooettes-That Moment
12 Pep Lester-It's No Fair
13 Bridge-Untitled
14 Cameron Hands Penis Envy-Room With A View
15 Dennis Duck-Dogs Don't Drive
16 Brent Wilcox-Santa Fe Dub
17 Planet Z-Jungle Rot
18 Arrow Book Club-Morris Time
19 Bruce Licher-Compositions For Computer#1
20 Slimy Adenoid & The Fab Pabs-Twist & Squirm
21 Rick Potts & His Riddle Orchestra-I'm Dickens, He's Fenster
22 The Tribal Fops-Blue Pork Chops
23 Bill Noland-Helen Does A Waltz
24 Foundation Boo-X-Land

Emergency DOWNLOAD volume one HERE!

Emergency DOWNLOAD volume two HERE!

Thursday 10 September 2015

Various Artists ‎– "Blub Krad" (Los Angeles Free Music Society ‎– LAFMS 7) 1978

Blub Krad  sounded like a great name for a compilation,until I realised it was Dark Bulb backwards!
A shadier cousin to the LAFMS Lightbulb  magazine , it begins with the classic outsider punk of Half Japanese,or maybe 'Free Punk' would be a more accurate pigeon hole for this joyous noise.("The only chord I know is the one that goes from the guitar to the amp!"-Jad Fair).
It gets weirder from there with a succession of lawless musical rioting,punctuated by bizarre islands of  parody.
My personal favourite track is "I Walked With A Zombie" by The Yvonnes, a bizarre chimps tea party of competent incompetence where the chimps are given instruments instead of teapots and bananas. A kind of American "Weird Noise EP".


1/2 Japanese
Someone I Care About

1st Of Five

The Pablums
Under My Gums

Fredrik Nilsen
Elbow And Marcella

Tom Recchion
Brak R People

The Yvonnes
I Walked With A Zombie

Paul Is Dead

The Square Haircutts
Affirmed By A Nose

The Fine Arts Dumpsters
Mr. Peanut Butter

Rick Potts
Ode To Archaeopteryx

Yoel At The Fab Mab

El Trio Primero
The Sleepwalking


Monday 7 September 2015

Various Artists ‎– "I.D. Art #2" (Los Angeles Free Music Society ‎– LAFMS #002) 1976

That Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS) certainly know/knew how to put together a good abstract compilation record. This one dates from even before "Blorp essette" in 1976.
Back then the LAFMS had already deconstructed rock even before the 'Punks' had decided to destroy 'Rock' by Very little on here would even have been perceived as music in those ELP ruled days,even today this still has a very large capacity to annoy and frighten Mr and Mrs Henry Normal; and may even make John Q. Public angry(?). When confronted with Conceptual Art, the Hive mind can be easily confused and sent in to the defensive 'fight or flight' mode of a cornered animal.Frequently dismissing such  challenges to accepted norms as 'Rubbish'  or 'Not Art',backed up with violent urges. Its the difference between Constables' 'Haywain' and Picasso's "Weepin Woman",the difference between Craft and Art; the difference between ELP and  Smegma.


Mac McCloud
A, Mac McCloud;B, Mac McCloud

Harold Schroeder
Silent Rituals

Greg Neutra / J.D. Elliot
Grieg Fatigue

Rrose Selavy Will Wait For My Washing Machine, Even
The Andalusian Dog Often Digs Into The Furniture With Onyx Fingers

Potatoe War

Fredrik Nilsen
You Can't Hide From Aldehyde

Miles Forst
Art, Art, Art

One Moment

Pigface Blues

Doug Henry
View This Command As A Verbal Enactment Of A Command

Josie Roth
Heal, And Another Little Time

Joe Potts
I Don't Want To Go To The Farm

Otto Fick

Excerpt From: I'll Have Julie Nixon-Eisenhower For My Appetizer (Sour Lungs To My Surprise)

Karen Kato
Xmas 1952

J.J. Allen Vargas
Victim Of Racism

Busta Nosa

Vulnerability: Rape, Male Vs. Female

Mike Green
Martin Heiddeger Revisited

Introduction By Buckminster Fuller
I Stumble/You Laugh
Jules Lemelle

Maureen Abbott

Take One

Dan Weiss / P. Hamilton Ross
A Bicentennial Tribue To America's Freight Trains

Timeless #1

Bertil Petersson
Monologue To Henry VIII


Ace & Duce
Dogs Are Barking

Irene Dogmatic / Rose Tatoo

Gordon Shields
Cotton Duck, Up And Back

Gary Beydler
Record Stick

Tom Kemp
Pasadena Subway Station Poetry Stills

Donald Spaulding
I Don't Want This To Happen

Janice Felger / Joan Hugo
One Minute Of Art News Update In 30 Seconds

Sue Farthing

Waynna Kato

Jim Abuan / Peter Muzzey
Why Does Love Have To Be So Sad?

Juan Gomez
This Is My Country

P.J. Campbell

Kathe Schreyer
Don't Make Me Laugh

Patty Smith By Mary Dana Chodzko

Gary Laskin
Have Sex With Rex

Jean Koller

Le Forte Four
Discarded Portion Of The Soundtrack For Rick's Film "Burger Madness"
Le Forte Four
From "The Origin Of Large Schrapnel"
Le Forte Four
I Haven't Heard You For A Long Time…
Le Forte Four
Fat Ape

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Saturday 5 September 2015

Various Artists ‎– " Blorp Essette " Volume Two (Los Angeles Free Music Society ‎– LAFMS#10/11) 1980

More Van Vliet art in 'True Mono' for guitar players! can't go far wrong with those three cosy niches overlapping each like a Venn diagram of  'wot is gud'. The central sector,where all three converge, forming the all encompassing brilliance of "Blorp essette"......volume two. Not forgetting that Volume One was fantastic also.
All the usual LAFMS contributors(the Potts, Recchion,Duck,Chapman,Smegma etc.) are, one assumes, present; plus some very un-PC lo-fi Punk from The Child Molesters, with their peon to the Hillside Strangler.....not the first peon to this mythical monster, but a fine noise indeed nonetheless!
Side 2 of LP1,is dedicated to those who would want to stretch the possibilities of the guitar to this versatile instruments uncharted limits.The picks being Mr.Foon 'untrendy' piece from 1977, and Henry Kaiser's abstract vision of Gary Moore's solo from "Parisienne Walkways"......not really, but a fine example for a compare and contrast moment; that is one is brilliant and innovative, the other pure shite......I'll leave it up to you which one is which.

Track Listing:

A1 Unknown Artist Intro...

A2 Bix Flent Happy Birthday Behavior

A3 The Child Molesters (I'm The) Hillside Strangler

A4 ace=1,aos c/s Examining Upstart Art

A5 Amy DeWolfe Frogsies And Fisheggs Zuking Mushroom Headtops In The Swamp. The Mushroom Headtops Walk Into The Unknown. The End (Beware Of The Zookies)

A6 Rick Potts Don't Think

A7 Doo-Dooettes From The Desk Of….The Doo-Dooettes

For Guitar Players

B1 Larry Fischer Smegma Introduction

B2 Patrick Dutchboy Lubotamy Delayedelusions 1-5

B3 Henry Kaiser Mal Qué Arroz

B4 Reet / Craig ACNoDE Ape

B5 Mr. Foon Non-Trendy Guitar Piece 1977

B6 Electric Willy Trio Truck-Drivin' Song

B7 Larry Fischer Smegma Outro (Outake)

Blorp Esettes Greatest Hits

C1 Unknown Artist Intro…

C2 Dennis Duck Evolution Song

C3 Joe Potts Heartphase Hotel

C4 Smegma / Harry Halibut & His Band Renoun Medley: Bubs Enter A Cold, Hard World / The Bub Walk

C5 Electric Willy Trio Cow Town Blues

C6 Reverend Toad-Eater Alden Street

D1 The New Los Grifos Band / Dr. Id / Ju Suk Reet Meate Medley: Joe Hall's Dead / Idpiece Codpiece / Hot's Bee's Head Hit The Wax

D2 Patients (Rodan)

D3 Chip Chapman Red Light, Auto Flight

D4 Sucmeof The Spud Betty Moons It

D5 The Child Molesters Muscle Beach Party (Live)

D6 Charles Wasserburg My Skateboard High

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