Saturday 31 January 2015

Illusion Of Safety ‎– "More Altitude Than Attitude: IOS At 14,000 Feet" (We Never Sleep ‎– WNS 007) 1988

The live sound of IOS,complete with sparse applause,and alternate versions of all their non-hits to date. I assume that the Altitude in the title refers to the height above sea level that these concerts took place at ,rather than the 'lofty' attitude of the performers.
There is a rare Throbbing Gristle cover (Discipline) aired here also. Revealing influences is usually the only consequence of covering other groups material. Although it is a fine version one might add.


A1 Power-Accident
A2 Dark Current
A3 Fleshbinge
A4 Live Temple Set
A5 The Architects Office
B1 Untitled
B2 Devices
B3 Fade N Cry
B4 Deadgirl And The Man (Version)
B5 Toneline 5
B6 Discipline

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Friday 30 January 2015

Illusion Of Safety ‎– "Violence And Geography" (Complacency Productions ‎– CPC-13) 1987

In the 1980's we had an Illusion of Safety,with each of us having several nuclear warheads aimed at us 24/7. In the 21st century it's the Illusion of Fear,with each of us having several false flag attacks aimed at us,24/7, from an out of control, controlled media.Controlled by an out of control shadow government,run by the usual suspects.
This Illusion of Safety (the US Industrial act,not the nuclear deterrent), makes music that sounds like a deep fried Cable TV remote control, skipping through the hundreds of propaganda channels that we absorb voluntarily(in fact we positively desire this),every day;to sustain this illusion of fear that keeps the world ticking over. Its just as relevant today as it was thirty years ago.Its about Violence and Geography;that and the 'noble lie' advocated by Straussian political theory.

Track Listing:

A1 Katalavox 4:06
A2 Haydn And The Jets 1:50
A3 Deadgirl And The Man (Trunk Of The Car Over The Weekend) 9:22
A4 Fade-N-Die 2:38
A5 Untitled 3:52
B1 Idealism After Six 0:53
B2 Diseased Mind 4:38
B3 Flesh Binge 3:39
B4 Get In That Room Eliam 2:47
B5 Technical 2:08
B6 The Headache 2:32
B7 Eyelids 4:42
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Thursday 29 January 2015

Illusion Of Safety ‎– "Ecstatic Crisis" (Complacency Productions ‎– CPC-3) 1986

American Industrial became fully flowered by the mid to late eighties, and stuck pretty firmly to the 'Old school' Throbbing Gristle template from over half a decade earlier. While the UK/European version was far nastier and unbearably Noise orientated. Personally I prefer the spacier,and more varied American template,if lacking the anger and attitude of the European Power Electronics genre.
Illusion of Safety are ,along with Women of the SS, my personal favourite of this paticular pigeon hole.
Cut'n'paste time for the boring factual bit:

"Since 1983 Illusion Of Safety has been the ongoing project of Daniel Burke, working alone and with various collaborators. IOS' work has been called dark ambient, post-industrial, electro-acoustic, noise, sound collage, improvisation, and power electronics, but they are unwilling to limit their work to any given style or method. The sonic character and affective substance of the music will often shift abruptly within each recording and live performance."

Ok? the cut'n'paste pretentious bit:

"The work activates modes of perception to facilitate direct access to the psyche, emotions, and the infinite in order to address the necessity of balance and the nature of dichotomy." 

'The nature of Dichotomy'..... must remember that and slip it into my conversations with the French peasants I have for neighbours,about the relative prices of carrots.

Nonetheless, a surprisingly excellent collection of always interesting and constantly changing experimental late 20th century composition.


A1 Directed Action 5:20
A2 Ceraunoscopy 4:10
A3 You Figure It Out 1:30
A4 Anger And Hatred Are Very Powerful Emotions 3:10
A5 Music W/Out A Film II 2:20
A6 Confusion 2:40
A7 Flowering Blossom To The Full Moon 7:20
A8 Make Everybody Think You're; (Of One Thought ???) 4:37
B1 The Patient Tolerated The Procedure Well 5:05
B2 Religious Sexual Spasm 1:30
B3 Castrated Anxiety 6:00
B4 Toneline 3 3:20
B5 Dedicated To... Well, That Seems Rather Obvious 1:08
B6 Mors Justi 3:02
B7 Mother 6:00
B8 Tenet 4:20

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Wednesday 28 January 2015

Roberta Eklund ‎– "Go Tell It On The Mountain" (Eklund cassettes) 1984

Right....get a loada these notes from the insert of this tape:

"The cover illustration is a graphic representation of the anal stage. Notice the two hills representing the buttocks, respectively. Also, the placement of the mountain, a double meaning, either the feces or a penis. This could be interpreted as "loss of self" or the "completion of self"."  (!)

Is this this high quality Irony or turgidly pompous Bollocks?

Now we know what the cover means, because we're obviously too dumb to work it out for ourselves. I don't know about it being interpreted as "Loss of self"? i would interpret it as "patronisingly pretentious" myself. It makes Patti Smith  seem in touch with the street.
Doubtlessly, Ms. Eklund would have loved to have been a part of the NYC SoHo art glitterati, but more likely came from the Boise Idaho art set.Which is in some way, kinda preferable?
Toe curling pretentiousness aside,(Never explain your 'art',rule number one), the spoken word collages are great,but lofty, Philip Glass inspired minimalism. Love it...a lot.


A1 Consumer
A2 Mate
A3 Some Days
B1 Manifesto
B2 Ha-Ha

Also included in the download is Eklund's other,not so good, tape from the following year,where she tries to actually be Philip Glass. Still pleasant enough repetitive,and largely wordless, minimal keyboard compositions.It could have been written by a student of modern composition in some east coast university around 1985.....mmmm the same year as this cassette!?
Roberta Eklund ‎– "The Process Of Recognition"

A1 Running 13:00
A2 Bedtime 10:16
B1 Fear Of Intimacy 7:03
B2 Murmurs 7:18
B3 That Sound Can Be Easily Explained 2:22
B4 Scarlet Park 7:03
DOWNLOAD a representation of the anal stage,click HERE and the file will appear like a binary turd from between two digital buttocks!

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Youth Hostel - "Tract House Leper Colony" (Master Bedroom Music) 1984

I know nothing about this obscure American experimental rock combo,but they're the kind of  experimental rock combo that America produces with relative ease.They'd have been well at home on one of those mid-western labels like Touch and Go, and doing short tours supporting The Jesus Lizard.So here we are, a DIY home recorded C-30 of an American experimental rock combo for y'all;entertainment,John Q.Public,for the use of.

Track Listing:

14 Leper colony reprise                   3:11

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Monday 26 January 2015

Andi Arroganti ‎– "Benzin In Berlin" (Wartungsfrei ‎– wf009) 1982

One of those pale young men from Duotronic Synterror was Andi (with an 'I') Arroganti (with another 'I'); the one who made the music in the aforementioned Minimal Synth Duo from former West Germany. On this solo tape he has discarded with the unnecessary services of Herr R. Sex and does the barking himself . Never thought I'd say this, but I definitely don't miss sex, as Andi does it solo......don't we all? Its every bit as good as it was with Petra Schürmann. Pumping rhythms, hand played organs (Yes I know they're Synth's....just bare with me will you?!) and heavy breathing........quick, efficient,minimal satisfaction,without post coital awkwardness.


A1 Asphalt Im Kaffee
A2 Warten Auf Die Stasis
A3 Hom-O-Hetero
A4 Alle Leute Fallen Um
A5 Benzin In Berlin
A6 Evolution Kann Lustig Sein
A7 Detonation 82
A8 Tarzan In New York
A9 Schöne Neue Liebe
B Kaffeehausmusik

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Sunday 25 January 2015

Duotronic Synterror ‎– "Das Vermächtnis Der Petra Schürmann" (Wartungsfrei ‎– wf006) 1982

This minimal electronic duo could only come from Germany. They sound like a ecomony brand DAF,sing in German,and have been seen with their shirts off on an album cover. Two pale sickly youths called Andi Arroganti and someone was called R Sex(is he alluding to arse sex?!).Dunno whats going on there,but they must have been rare examples of Germans with a sense of humour? They didn't have DAF's oiled up muscular torso's, but they could churn out some pumping proto-EBM after they got home from stacking supermarket(probably ALDI's) shelves of an evening.
As featured on the excellent German cassette underground compilations;"Kassettentäter - Deutscher-Kassetten-Untergrund" (1979-1983) Vol 1 and Vol 2.


A1 190 Stunden
A2 Wohnungsnot
A3 Zerstör Die Welt
A4 Wer Ist Petra Schürmann?
A5 Phantasie
B1 Wo Ist Geld?
B2 Wir Tun Den Rock
B3 Trümmertanz
B4 Liebe Geht Durch Den Magen
B5 Schmerz
B6 Senil
B7 F

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Saturday 24 January 2015

Kosmonautentraum ‎– "Ungehörtes Unerhörtes" (Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD 20) 2005

A collection of odds and sods and greatest hits from Hannover's finest Motorik Electronic Punk combo. More of the same heavy basslines, discordant guitar, hard repetitive rhythms,and harsh synth textures, to complete any sane person's Kosmonautentraum collection.


A1 Kosmonautentraum Nr. 3 Der Deutsche
A2 Kosmonautentraum Nr. 6 Nur Zum Spass - Nur Zum Spiel
A3 Süsser Mond
A4 Juri Gagarin
A5 Wir Tanzen Tango
A6 Tanz Den Kosmonaut
A7 Waffenbrüder Für Den Frieden
A8 Goldene Nacht
B1 Bärte Entstellen Wärter
B2 Geduld
B3 Lösch Das Feuer
B4 Hyperthrommatatronic
B5 Husarengebrechen
B6 Kosmonautentraum Nr. 1
B7 Kosmonautentraum Nr. 2 Alltag

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Friday 23 January 2015

Kosmonautentraum ‎– "Juri Gagarin" (Zickzack ‎– ZZ 100) 1982

Allegedly,according to renowned liars the Soviet Union, Juri Gagarin was the 'First Human in Space". This claim is as reliable as their best mates,and rivals in deception,The USA's claim to have landed on the moon;despite the proven, lethal, Chernobyl levels of radiation  that exist beyond the van Allen belt.
This side of our protective magnetosphere,"Juri Gagarin" is a rather splendid synth augmented German New wave(Neue Deutsche welle) album that actually existed,and still exists. No political point scoring propaganda involved here; just some fine angular electronic post-punk,with hints of Gary Glitter Drums from the former NATO puppet state of West Germany.


A1 Kosmonaut 3:40
A2 Stolze Menschen 3:51
A3 Schattenboxen 3:14
A4 Gierig 1:19
A5 Juri Gagarin 2:32
A6 Epilog 0:05
A7 Hoffnung 3:22
B1 Du Bist Nicht Gut 3:19
B2 1971-1976-1981 3:34
B3 Deutsche Nacht 2:38
B4 Süßes Leben 2:16
B5 Neugier 7:51

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Thursday 22 January 2015

Kosmonautentraum ‎– "In Der BRD 81-84" (Hanno Hoffmann Self-released) ‎ 1985

As someone was's a Neue Deutsche Welle band from Hannover called Kosmonautentraum(what a catchy name for a group?) , very much in the early DAF category, with disciplined motorik inspired drums, discordant guitars, and plenty of analogue synthesisers. Definitely second tier German new wave, but that ain't no put down,great stuff indeed.
This official bootleg C-60 gathers  some raw  live performances from between 1981 and 1984,in grisly lo-fi(but less so on seite Y/B),plus a handy booklet listing all the bands releases and other handy info.....if you're a German speaker.
Also added to the download file are two vinyl singles released on Zick Zack, "Rache!" and  "Liebesmühn".
Was this really made in the CCCP?

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Crash Course In Science ‎– "Crash Course In Science" (Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD67) 1979-81/2009

"Kitchen Motors", as played on the John Peel Show back in '79,was one of those epiphanal moments on the peel show, between the crap reggae and anecdotes about shagging schoolgirls in the sixties, when everything stops, and you think, or even say,"What the Fuck was that?"One of those "What the fuck was that?" moments,that ranked up there with hearing such delights as Blah Blah Blah's "In The Army" for the first time; high praise indeed.
This is electronic avant-pop as it should sound.Starkly minimal futurism without the boiler suits.Raw analogue circuit frying electronic bleeps and clangs,played by hand.Augmented by wired up toy instruments and Kitchen appliances, blending a kind of electronic folk music for an imagined modern age of the near future.It still sounds like the future to these ears;a preferable one to the version we are going to get,where the only drones we will get are the surveillance drones circling your suburban hutch,packed to the rafters with information gathering tech........for your own 'security' of course.
This download includes everything this fine trio recorded,plus vinyl rips of their two official ep's from the groups actual lifetime.So think yourself blessed this is available below,accessed by just one click with your mouse finger. Now that IS technology put to a good use; hopefully it comes to you without any porn links or tempting messages from some charming capitalist.
This is the Future.A Future with mobile phones,smart phones, talking tablet computers,automatic doors(all first seen on Star Trek) and the internet; technological marvels, yes? But what do we do with them? Gossip,buy crap,order Russian Brides, and watch Pornography.
The only other thing that came true fifties and sixties scienec fiction is that we are listening to Crash Course in Science, with their buzzy, boingy,electro fuzz anti-music of the 21st century.The only problem being, that it was made in the 1970's; and only now is it being appreciated.

Oh yes, they came from Philadelphia by the way,and I don't know what their favourite colour was,is,or will be.


Signals From Pier Thirteen
A1 Cardboard Lamb
A2 Crashing Song
A3 Flying Turns
A4 Factory Forehead

Bonus Track
A5 Pompeii Spared (Original Demo Version)

Bonus Tracks: 1981 Demos
B1 Near Marineland
B2 Second Glance
B3 It Cost's To Be Austere
B4 No More Hollow Doors
B5 Force The Habit
B6 Jump Over Barrels

  Live Recordings

Opening For Phillip Glass Ensemble, Harrison Auditorium_University Museum, Philadelphia, Pa. November 15, 1980
C1 Crashing Song
C2 Cardboard Lamb
C3 Alarm
C4 Digital Information
C5 Two Panes Of Glass
C6 Pompeii Spared
C7 Pressure Point
C8 Basic Device
C9 Mechanical Breakdown

FOPPEM Electronic Music Festival, Tucc Cinematheque, Philadelphia, Pa. December 19, 1981
D1 Near Marineland
D2 Someone Reads
D3 Jump Over Barrels
D4 No More Hollow Doors
D5 Sputnik In Orbit
D6 Cardboard Lamb
D7 Second Glance

Near Marineland
E1 Near Marineland
E2 Second Glance
E3 It Cost's To Be Austere
E4 No More Hollow Doors
E5 Force The Habit
E6 Someone Reads
E7 Jump Over Barrels
F1 Pompeii Spared
F2 Near Marineland Remix
F3 Second Glance Remix
F4 Jump Over Barrels Remix

Cakes In The Home
G1 Cakes In The Home
G2 Kitchen Motors
G3 Mechanical Breakdown

Rehearsal Tapes
G4 Streetcar 4 A.M.
H1 Bumpster
H2 Beat Filter_Instro
H3 Wait A Minute

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