Sunday, 2 February 2014

Muslimgauze – "Buddhist On Fire" (Recloose Organisation LOOSE 008) 1984

The Idea of a Buddhist on fire, and i have some sympathy with this, is something that would give your average member of the disgusting Taliban an orgasm! These primitives would not think twice about torching an infidel child, like the emotional pornography depicted on the cover of this LP. The wrong end of the Islamic spectrum, upon seeing/hearing this album, would probably see a green light for religious cleansing. These twats disgust me.But who gives a shit what I think?....i certainly don't.
I am hoping Muslim obsessive Bryn Jones didn’t have any misguided sympathies in this direction, who knows what he really thought?
But this album is one of his better ones. A hint of Industrial Disco makes it more than palatable even enjoyable.
Released on Bourbonese Qualk’s Recloose label, as was the earlier Triptych e.p. by E.g. Oblique Graph.


1.Soviet Occupied Territories 5:40
2.Turkish Falaka 8:20
3.Priest 6:58
4.Reuters 6:34 
5.Dissidents In Exile 13:30

DOWNLOAD a buddhist on fire HERE!

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