Wednesday 27 December 2023

Udder Milk Decay – "Take A Teat" (Self Released Teat-001) 1981

It has been brought to my attention that this LP had the signature of Jim Whelton of The Homosexuals, Amos and Sara etc written all over it..'tis hard to say without hearing Amos's trademark pisstake singing style.,but the artwork,and prankster style use of repurposed northern NWOBHM gods, Saxon, record labels,tended to suggest that maybe this rumour was correct?
Turns out that ,(thanks to the tireless research of know who you are), that this speculation was utter bollox,or bullocks, as one of the culprits has been located.
'Twas one Jim Hunkin, rather than Jim Whelton,, with his brother Tim Hunkin, not Tim Whelton, buggering about at Brighton Art College with various sound generators what done it..
Listening to it with this new enlightenment, it's obviously nothing to do with Amos and Crew at all, despite the aesthetic parallels.
It sounds more like the BBC Radiophonic Workshop with a spoonful of Perrey and Kingsley during their "In sound from way out" days. Could easily be a lost soundtrack to a wiped Dr. Who episode from 1965.
Which therefore makes this a supremely collectible piece of post modern  proto-electronica musique concréte which won'y get you much more than a Donkey's change out of a Monkey.
Although I sincerely hope they aren't taking the Piss out of Saxon? NWOBHM band of preference,the kings of the the one note bassline.
er......happy new fucking year you bunch o'cunts.


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