Thursday 24 November 2022

Andy Matthews - "Spring (or 'Bog​-​shed in lock​-​down')" (Ah! Records) 2020

Here's a band that the recently 'Late' Anton Fier (Feer)definitely didn't play in, as did NOT Andy Matthews of, I am Informed, 'Ah! Records'.Officially the least successful record label of all time(there's a lot of competition for that accolade); so says Andy anyway,who,these days, posts his labels albums,Ep's,singles, etc on that lovely Bandcamp place thingy.
Do you remember Bog-Shed? Yes?...well you should if you read this blog,'cus everything they ever recorded is available HERE!
Why bring this lot up again I don't hear you ask?...'Tis because Mike Bryson, a bass wielder second only to the great JJ Burnel, has died but a couple of weeks ago.Therefore we are in tribute mode,especially as 75% of Bog-Shed are now ex-ex-members of the mighty Shed,and the human race in general.
Also, do you remember the 'lockdown'?...I, personally, had a great time,and business was booming.I didn't want it to end.
We all coped with it in our own very different ways,and Andy of Ah! made the bizarre but understandable decision to make a Bog-Shed tribute album.
Eclectic is the watchword here,with every viable pop song form utilised to transform 20 of the most un-famous Bog-Shed tunes into a smorgasbord of different styles and non-styles.
Andy explains this inexplicable oddity using words such as this: "to keep from going mad, and in keeping with the times and my role within them, I embarked upon a project of near-pointlessness."
Sounds like normal life to me?!
But more to the point,what a great group was Bog-shed...remember them this way.


1.the amazing Roy North penis band 04:04
2.Champion love shoes 02:48
3.The fastest legs 02:42
4.Hell bent on death 02:59
5.I say no to lemon mash 00:05
6.Into me 05:22
7.Little car 02:39
8.loaf 02:59
9.oily stack 02:41
10.old dog new tricks 02:04
11.packed lunch to school 02:49
12.panties please 03:55
13.people equal greedy 02:40
14.raise the girl 03:59
15.runner on a blunder 03:29
16.sing a little jam 02:33
17.sing a little tune 02:54
18.Summer in my lunchtime 04:48
19.Thunderballs 02:56
20.Tommy Steele record 02:40

Wednesday 23 November 2022

Mark Shreeve – "No Holes Barred" (Church Road Records - MCCR6) 1986


From the less precious end of the recent deaths in music trophy cabinet, comes one of the more 'successful' prime movers in the UK Electronic Underground of the early eighties; as epitomised by such labels as Colin PotterIntegrated Circuit Records.
Mark Shreeve left world stage around the end of August this year,but again no one told me!? He features quite extensively in these pages,mainly for his DIY cred rather than his late period plinky plonky electronic Space rock and Jean MIchel Jarre-isms.
This self-released cassette shows us Marks jauntier side,with some largely inadvisable Prog Rock humour risk of recording Farts and Belches;as Roger Waters and Ron Geesin had an annoying penchant for.
Yes, Mark had just bought an Emulator Mark 1 in 1986, and there were certainly No Holes Barred for the prog novelty title track, where Mr Shreeve's Digestive Tract gets an unwelcome credit. Yeah, we all did it as soon as we got our old skool samplers out of their box? The Burp was utilised intermediately,with that generous 0.8 seconds of sampling time at the lowest Bit-Rate ......oh how we laughed....but at least we didn't sample the Dog,as Simon Cowell did early in his career disguised as "Wonder Dog",and his 1982 hit "Ruff Mix"...geddit? 
Although Cowell had access to £20,000 quids worth of Fairlight Aampling System to totally waste.....unlike Paul Hardcastles N.N.N.N.N.Nineteen,not?
Sad to say that Shreeve's "No Holes Barred" never cracked the top ten,unlike the previously mentioned atrocities did.
Personally I had to make do with my Commodore 64,equipped with a jolly expensive Sampling module attached at the back for my first sampling experience,which was, you guessed it, sampling a Burp!
Who needed a Fairlight in 1984 when you had this?...notice how none of the kids on the cover are sampling Farts or Burps.....obviously Posh Kids.
This was repeated several years later with a purchase of an Ensonique Mirage.You can't beat the old ones can you?
Well, there was one more Hole for Mark to use, unbarred to everyone, and that was his Grave.In which he now rests his plinky plonky fingers,and has given us all some much deserved peace.
I do however notice, that quite a few of these tracks do seem to harbor an unhealthy obsession with,...gulp... Death, 'the proud brother' as Criswell of 'Plan Nine from Outer Space' fame used to call it....a lot.
Shreeves' early work is rather good actually,if you like Tangerine Dream that is.


A1 M.A.D. 4:33
A2 Crash Head (Early Mix) 4:05
A3 High Frontier 4:52
A4 Edge Of Darkness (Early Mix) 5:35
A5 Bandit 3:38
B1 Widowmaker 3:51
B2 One Last Cold Kiss 3:52
B3 Angel Of Death (Live) 11:08
B4 No Holes Barred 1:47

Tuesday 22 November 2022

The Golden Palominos – "A History: Vol. 1 (1982-1985)" (Mau Mau Records – MAUCD 625) 1992

Fuckin' 'ell Anton Fier,of virtually every band that was worthwhile in New York and Cleveland in the 80's bur primarily the mainstay of The Golden Palominos ,has also kicked the bucket;but in this case it was an 'assisted' bucket kicking in one of those dodgy 'non-profit' clinics in Switzerland,Dignitas innit? Of which I saw no mention anywhere.
He wasn't ill apparently. He just decided he'd had enough. He couldn't drum as well as he wanted anymore and said he felt he had achieved everything he wanted and it was time to go. I thought that kind of behavior was illegal if you weren't ill?...or was he? It's been a long time since he had a record out? Did he have some degenerative disease or summut? The drummer with Strobe Talbot has MS,and discovered that by forcing himself to drum,he could regain his cognitive abilities on said instrument......!?...Maybe Anton was a tad hasty with his decision to top himself at the age of 66! What's the point of suicide anyway, we have eternity to be be dead,and we were all dead for an eternity before we were born.Wrong decision Anton. There are plenty of children getting their heads blown off by a bunch of Russian Wankstains who would love to have swapped places.
The list of groups bands and soloists that Anton has added his drumming and artistic skills to is far too long,and boring to list here (Pere Ubu blah blah blah....),but the most Anton-centric of the lot has to be The Golden Palominos,who existed from 1981 to the twenty-teenies. So, as the best days of any band, are the early days, I have decided to post a compilation of the those very ''Early days when he wasn't in 'The Feelies'.
The understated, and under reported, method of his passing,was also a tribute to the man,having never sold out to the commercial opportunities of someone who could boast a Cv as long and comprehensive as Anton Fier' know I still dunno how to pronounce his name!?..insult or tribute, you decide.
Here's the legal Swiss  bumpf on assisted suicide from non-selfish motives.It's legal, if, for example, lethal drugs are prescribed and the intended recipient takes an active role in the drug administration? Sounds a bit dodgy to me, but who am I to stop anyone from deciding for themselves when they can end all this surreal madness at a time of their choosing.
He leaves us with a vast legacy of work,some of which is on this early nineties compilation,that even boasts Michael Stipe and John Lydon as guest vocalists,...i'll cease the name dropping and present to you this rather fancy compilation of some genuinely great downtown Noo yawk fancy-pants music...sophisticated and experimental,so you can bet yer bottom dollar that Bill Laswell is hanging out waiting for the photo know the crowd,Zorn, Lindsey, Laswell etc,the kind of downtown sophisticates that people like us should curtsy to if allowed within their golden auras. 
Quite a bit of the later tracks sound like that terrible PiL album,called 'Album'...mainly because it guessed it Bill Laswell on it...and the drums, played by the late Anton himself,reminds one of the (uncredited) drumming on 'Album',which i had previously presumed was shared by twin legends,Tony Williams and Ginger this evidence it was Anton Fier who did the drumming and skillfully avoided a credit in the process;and also why Lydon makes an appearance on this comp, from just around the time he was making that offending disc to confirm to himself,and those dumb enough to think Levene and Wobble made the music in PiL, his own genius....or lack of therein.


1 Hot Seat
2 Under The Cap
3 Monday Night
4 Cookout
5 I.D.
6 Two Sided Fist
7 Boy (Go)
8 Clustering Train
9 Omaha
10 The Animal Speaks
11 Silver Bullet
12 (Kind Of) True
13 Buenos Aires
14 Only One Party

"Anton Fier is no longer playing drums." (Syd Straw)

Thursday 17 November 2022

Low – "A Lifetime Of Temporary Relief - 10 Years Of B-Sides & Rarities" (Rough Trade – RTRADCDX195) 2004

After Keith Levene,and Nik Turner.Another from this week of Musical Deaths, is the sad loss of Mimi Parker,the lady from Low. The Husband and wife populated trio who gave us the much derided,even by Mimi and Alan, category of this kind of minimal melodic ambient neo folkrock,that has come to be called Slowcore. Which, personally, I reckon fits them to a 'T'. It's slow, and's .Slowcore!?
I am of an age where my last flirtation with 'hip' music was around the time of Jungle and Post Rock in the late nineties, so I look upon Low as a fairly recent entity,and often overlook the fact that they've been going for nigh on thirty years....that is until this week,as Mimi died of Cancer. Robbing the world of her pure voice and minimalist drumming.
This vast compilation of their first ten years,was the last record i bought in England before i migrated to pastures new in jolly old's a bit shit here,but it's fucking cheap.We came as a family, and promptly started the process of disintegrating forthwith;such is the fashionable path we trod ,trés moderne.
Now all that's left is me and a house full of records,synths,and to quote Syd,Dust and Guitars.All of which one can simply turn off when they get on ones proverbials.You can't do that with humans I found out.....they have 'needs'....needs that someone on the spectrum can't give without an effort. Its all mi mi mi innit? I don't ask or expect anything that isn't offered.
A great soundtrack to emotional and mental breakdown and its aftermath has to be the melancholic splendor of Low......which is ironic, because they never broke up as a family,just losing a few Bassists along the way....always difficult creatures is yer Bass player.
They do remind one of such indie leg-ends as Young Marble Giants,and Galaxie 500, with a tad of Joy Division's more downbeat moments,as if fronted by English Folk great Shirley Collins....(Is Shirley Collins a Dame yet?...if not why?).
This compilation features all their rare bits from 1994 to 2004,and the demo versions of "Lullaby" and "Cut" from their flawless debut LP,are worth the price of admission alone;enhanced somewhat by swathes of automatic level cassette hiss,as if summoning the soul of Mimi back from the grave to haunt us a bit more.This IS White Soul music after all?
You may have noticed that i am being uncharacteristically respectful in this synopsis of a trendy american group,and i'm sorry, but Low were quite marvelous indeed. Not everything modern and american are wrong you know,he said,stating the bleeding obvious.
This came with a DVD documentary, which you can probably find on YouTube no doubt.
Although this horrified me! Low are one of those groups who shouldn't ever be seen on camera or in photographs; unless as blurred shadowy black and white images in an abandoned bunker somewhere in Alaska .Not that they're ugly or anything,it just doesn't fit the music.There were always far too many clear photo's of Joy Division for example,where we discovered that Ian Curtis always wore the same shirt and looked like Mr Bean...they should have only been photographed by Anton Corbijn,in dimly lit underpasses in winter.Young Marble Giants had this talent naturally.impossible to photograph without looking like they lived in Siberia.
Anyway,Rest in even more Peace that was portrayed in your beautifully depressing tunes Mimi.Hope to hear you again beyond the void one slow looong day? Thanks for all the temporary relief.
And to finish,... some jokey wordplay to lighten the mood......Its all Mi Mi Mi these days innit?


Lullaby (Demo) 10:06
Cut (Demo) 5:41
Heartbeat 4:08
Peanut Butter Toast And American Bandstand 2:23
Tired 5:11
I Started A Joke 4:28
The Plan (Demo) 2:50
Prisoner (Demo) 6:10
Prisoner 3:48
Tomorrow One 4:28
Turning Over 7:49
Bright 2 1:45
Walk You Out 4:46
Tear Down 4:48
Standby 5:11
David & Jude 1:22
Cheek 3:24
Venus 3:44
Boyfriends & Girlfriends 6:06
Surf 2:31
No Need (Version 1) 5:03
Be There (First Version) 8:28
Lift 5:45
Joan Of Arc 3:21
Long Long Long 3:50
Lion/Lamb (Demo) 3:50
Will The Night (Demo) 2:47
Last Breath 4:47
Joan Of Arc (20 Below Mix) 3:25
Old Man Song 3:48
Try Try Try 0:37
Lord, Can You Hear Me? 6:24
Venus (Time Stereo Dub Mix) 3:51
Those Girls (Song For Nico) 3:06
[silence] 2:50
Words (In Misfits Style) 2:50
Turn (In Misfits Style) 1:03
Over The Ocean (In Misfits Style) 1:36
I Remember 3:22
Kindly Blessed 2:17
Blue-Eyed Devil 5:02
Sleep At The Bottom 4:54
When You Walked 3:55
Back Home Again 5:20
Don't Drop The Baby 4:02
Surfer Girl (Live) 3:35
Blowin' In The Wind 3:49
Open Arms 4:02
...I Love 2:45
Carnival Queen 5:13
Overhead 4:33
Don't Carry It All 4:13
Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me 3:58
Because You Stood Still 5:33
Fearless 6:20
Shots & Ladders 2 6:47
Words 5:46
Shame 4:08
Over The Ocean 3:50
Looking Out For Hope 11:28
Will The Night 3:07
Weight Of Water 4:21
Don't Understand 6:56
Immune 3:31
Home 2:25
Dinosaur Act 4:07
Canada 3:49
Over The Ocean (Oosterschelde Version) 5:03
Canada 15:42
Two Step (Live At Bard College) 6:11
Soon (Live At Coolidge Corner) 7:38
I Remember (Live In Paris) 5:40
Closer Than That 1:06:11
In The Fishtank 16:50
Making Of Trust 17:34

Tuesday 15 November 2022

Public Image Ltd – "Commercial Zone" (PiL Records Inc. – XYZ-007) 1984

Recently Deceased  alleged guitar genius Keith Levene (alleged by himself mainly) who was responsible for stealing the tapes for Public Image Ltd's dodgy follow-up to the classic 'Flowers Of Romance' LP.,and remixing the results to make himself look even more like the feckless junkie he really was. The accepted wisdom is that "Commercial Zone" is far superior to the awful dross that was the official PiL fourth studio album, clumsily entitled, "This is what you want...This is what you get".....which I can now reveal to be incorrect.....we wanted Metal Box 2 but got "This is what you want...This is what you get" and "The Commercial Zone",in other words, the same album twice. (get Metal Box deluxe Edition Here!)
As horrified as I was back in 1984,as to how unapologetically 'Bad' this record by one of the greatest groups to have ever stalked this Earth ,was. I now have changed my mind. They are both quite awful in 1984 terms,but in 2022, they both sound rather otherworldly,and have aged like a budget bottom shelf wine.They just don't make 'em like this anymore! 
What on earth is that singer doing? A horrible throaty hi-pitched whine that seems to be singing the same tune in every song.Wasn't he in Those Sex Pistols once upon a time? How did it get to be like this?
The music IS Disco,but a Disco that no-one wants to dance to....which is,in fact, the best kind of Disco.
Keith Levine stole and released "Commercial Zone" after he was sacked from PiL so as not to endanger the group's lucrative Japanese tour due to his severe drug addiction. Revealing an album with no hits,even though "This Is Not A Love Song" was a massive worldwide smash,it really shouldn't have seen the light of day when comparing it to little Johnny Rotten Band's previous work.
However, having not listened to these two different versions of the same record after a good thirty years abstinence,I now find myself enjoying this confusingly disconnected art school drop-out funk ...with a singer who seems to be taking the piss out himself and the record buying public in general.
Previously, my opinion of John Lydon, and his post-1981 work followed, somewhat, the general direction of this rather malicious review of "This is what you want...This is what you get", by the NME's Biba Kopf, who got his/her claws out ruthlessly back in good ol' 1984:

"Dear John, the big kiss off:

This is what you want? Carry On Picking The Carrion Part Umpteen? Starring Johnny Rotten as Little Miss Understood, the world’s most self-righteous schoolmarm, whose once shrivelling, presently shrivelled, wit has tightened to a contstipated bowel that slowly and painfully emits squeaky sarcasms only capable of raising tears in 11 year olds? Or the frightening faithful class creep Martin Applecheeks back in line?
This is what you’re left with when you make a career of going against nature (only to be defeated by your own): a fixed scowl, a very limited public image indeed, intuition dried up, refinement beyond grasp, reduced by sloth to hiring studio morticians to cosmetise the corpse of a long dead idea, because you no longer care or have energy enough to be invigoratingly careless.
Now bored with testing the world against your whims you blame it, anyone else but yourself-it can never be your fault, can it? - for your loss of interest, loss of words, loss of vision; for your very deafness… But surely even you can feel the cheapness of the horrortronics permeating this record with the stink of the stale and the secondhand. Sudden sax squalls and thunderous drum breaks are hardly the things to blow it away.
For one whose chief pride has always been remaining true to yourself, I’m surprised your conscience so readily accepts your feeble reasoning. Just because you write a love song, there must be something wrong with the form? Obviously. And because your dwindling legion still stand by to watch the waning moon of your rotten talent, believing it will rise again, they must be thoroughly abused, thereby disabused of that sentimental notion? Naturally.
With you on the last point, Johnboy, and will reluctantly admit you a piddling victory. Your idiot finger wagging rhythm ’n’ entropy, exemplified by the bicker banter of the title ‘This Is What You Want This Is What You Get’, is crass and mediocre enough to complete your self-willed, pointless martyrdom. Congratulations. You’ve earned our contempt. Here it comes:
Wot a bloody stupid cackleshit asshole coyote lied-to done-in-good ’n’ rotten put-upon no-hope lumpenlard jackal knucklehead trickletalent pile of jokepuke you turned out to be. There ain’t enough copographers in the world to swallow your PiL in quantity enough to justify the cost any longer.

Piss off.

Biba Kopf, NME, 4th August 1984"

Of course this kinda of intelligent funky stuff was ten a penny back in the eighties,and it got swallowed up in the swell of the tsunami,then dragged out to sea.But,all said, the Bad Life/Mad Max video is,and always was,and always will be, one of the best video's ever made,in my humble opinion.
And as much as I agreed with Bibs in 1984, I now have,predictably, the opposite view nowadays. It's a lump of 'lumpenlard jackal knucklehead' cypto-genius is what it went really downhill from here however.

This blurb was supposed to be a tribute to the recently expired Keith Levene,to whom the much over-used word 'Genius' was often applied largely Lydon a lot, and not by very many others save himself.
As his reputation is intrinsically linked to PiL's first two albums, it is partially true; but he was conspicuous by his smack induced absence on Flowers of Romance,and largely invisible on The "Commercial Zone" bootleg too.However, one must point to his highly unique contributions to "Theme" and "Public Image" (the single),which will echo deep into infinity and beyond with their shimmering perfection, and the inescapable irony of John's lyrics to "Theme"...."I wish I could Diiiiieeee".
Not sure Keef would appreciate the reality of such words wherever he may be in the eternal now,what was, and what should have been.
Rest In Peace Keef.....and hopefully there are no Drugs in paradise to fuck up the after-life too!


Commercial Zone:

1 Mad Max 4:11
2 Love Song 4:27
3 Young Brits 3:40
4 Bad Night 3:29
5 The Slab 3:36
6 Lou Reed Part I 3:58
7 Lou Reed Part II 2:50
8 Blue Water 3:30
9 Miller High Life 2:38

"This Is What You Want...."

1 Bad Life
2 This Is Not A Love Song
3 Solitaire
4 Tie Me To The Length Of That
5 The Pardon
6 Where Are You?
7 1981
8 The Order Of Death

Monday 14 November 2022

Inner City Unit – "Passout" (Self-Released Cassette) 1980

Yes, Nik Turner dies,so a  tribute post is almost obligatory in this day and age when celebrities are treated as friends and family more than yer actual friends and family are......that is,if you have any friends and family,which is doubtful if you're reading this.
I never saw Hawkwind with Turner in the line-up, but i feel as i must make a contribution to the memory of anyone who was in Hawkwind up to about 1980. Although I don't think I did anything for Lemmy, or the electronics one. I figure they were rather important, if the adjective 'Important' can be applied to anything 'Pop'. I didn't even really like any of the albums that Nik Turner was on, other than possibly Space Ritual. I'm strictly a Quark Strangeness and Charm man, flesh and blood.
Hawkwind, in all their era's and offshoots, we go again..."important"? They had obvious DIY qualities, and,more importantly they had a nude dancey lady with pendulous breasts, so obviously somethings gonna stand up to attention within a teenage boys body....that's right, his Ears!
I thought they were hippies until i saw them on Marc Bolan's kids TV show doing "Quark Strangness and Charm"....and Marc liked them, so that's good enough for me......but, again, Nik Turner wasn't in the group by then! Quiet a disagreeable fellow I hear, was Nik, so he had to go.
Therefore, we have Nik Turners Inner City Unit, who made their own cassettes in their early days, and sounded like one of those trendy 'punk' groups!? Although, noticeably,unlike other 'punk' groups with a saxophone in the line-up, Inner-city Unit got away with NOT being labelled Jazz-Punk, along with X-Ray Spex...and er.....Theatre of Hate?......and Neon Hearts...and....oh, in fact all punk groups with a sax except for The Cravats!?
They did some 'punked up' versions of Hawkwind Classics,such as Masters Of The Universe, and Brainstorm,but don't hold that against them.....leave that for the obligatory 'Punky Reggae' number that ends side 2....terrible.

RIP Nik Turner of ICU and Hawkwind,aged 82 !? That's older than Macca and Ringo!?


A1 Space Invaders
A2 Watching The Grass Grow
A3 Polly Ethylene
A4 Solitary Ashtray
A5 O. B. City Muse
A6 Brainstorm
A7 Cybernetic Love
A8 Cars Eat With Auto Face
B1 Fallout
B2 Nuclear Waste
B3 Master Of The Universe
B4 Amyl Nitrate
B5 Help Sharks

Sunday 6 November 2022

Home Secretary - "That Wolf" (Bandcamp/Self-Released) 2022

Yet more Nu-DIY with collage artwork,by a pair of weirdo's from dat London innit?
This is the boys'......they have to be male of course...latest album....yes there's more if you sachet over to their Bandcamp can even buy one!?
The biggest influence on your blog trustee's young impressionable mind was pre-disco Cabaret Voltaire,and their obvious influence on legions of young lonely men in the newly born DIY scene back in 1979 and beyond. We discovered, thanks to the mum's attic loitering Cabs that to make music that was taken seriously,all that was needed was a couple of cassette recorders,one microphone, an echo box,and the cheapest synth you could find.
This all ended when Tascam and Fostex brought out those cassette multi-track machines,and everyone started to sound like Joy Divison or Swell Maps instead of Throbbing Gristle on a bad day.
Home Secretary, do a near perfect facsimile of those ker-azy antediluvian  days between 1979 and 1984, before the flood of competent home recording started to mirror the Sounds Alternative chart.
Cabaret Voltaire themselves succumbed to this over exposure to mid-range budget recording equipment,and started to make their ill-advised  version of Belgian Nu-Beat.....I even had problems with "Red Mecca"!. Home secretary are certainly pre Red Mecca,take that as a further recommendation then graft on some Shadow Ring.


1.were that what it was 04:06
2.the woe betide 02:26're doing that now 10:12 Beefs 01:45
5.disappointed 00:52
6.something in his mouth 08:55
7.and how much 04:12
8.why the British army works 04:48
9.Mr Martian 04:08

Tuesday 1 November 2022

Nick and the Nod - " Den Besten ep" (CHICKEN SHACK RECORDS CSRT010) 2022

Yes it's a modern era vinyl revival Nu DIY release on Bandcamp wot i'm doing here innit?
It certainly looks old skool DIY,with swathes of vintage DIY post Jamie Reid artwork...never bettered in my opinion.I wouldn't complain if every record had a cover like this Mo Fo, 'cus I'm a stick in the mud nostalgia peddler.......nowt wrong with that, 'cus i happen to think that a Francis Bacon painting should always remain a Francis Bacon Painting,and its imitators are just enlightened souls who know it cannot be bettered.
Can anything from the first five or six Fall albums ever be bettered?.....I severely doubt it fucking big time Boss. So, sadly, as we cannot count on any new Fall material being produced anytime soon this side of the great supernatural divide, then we must rely on the living to fill the void, and Nick and the Nod make a very listenable living version of a Fall demo tape,witha cheapo drum box replacing the irreplaceable Karl Burns.
"Solo Griswold", apart from reminding me of my now kaput Mutt, also called Griswold,reminds me very much so of the Track "Two Librans" from latter,early naughties period Fall "Unutterable" LP.....which suggest this guy or Guys have been listening to records while they wrote this very attractive package....always a fatal blow for self identity.
I think i did a review for that Posh southern version of the Fall who reckon they are DIY itself,The Cool Greenhouse.I did encourage them i suppose,and i'm gonna encourage this bunch too.
I mean, the word 'Kulak' is crying out for the M E. Smith treatment.I'm not sure that the man himself ever got there first or not?
Anyway, you scrounging illegal downloading bastards should get over to their bandcamp site and buy the remaining vinyl forthwith ,before its gone,...they were too kind to send me a clear vinyl copy for review it bribery,but i accepted it....and it had no bearing on my impartiality whatsoever .....even in a jury at a Trump trial I would remain maybe not......he could be proven as innocent as the virgin mary and i'd still find the cunt guilty of name it...he did it!
Anyway, you can download it for 'F' all by clicking the link below,or better still get one of the strictly limited vinyl edition of 30,by clicking the very same bastarding link!?
Oh Yeah...this is a deal clincher...i got a free Chicken Shack Beer mat included in my bribe package...these are the kinda folk I like.

1.R. Santos 01:33
2.Kulak Point Bliss 02:00
3.Face 01:39
4.Solo Griswold 03:27
5.KPBF 00:55