Monday, 3 February 2014

Het Zweet ‎– "Zweepslag 1+2" (Sound Of Pig – SOP 49) 1986

Het Zweet, four tracks of Industrial modern primitive Tribal loops, not too dissimilar to Zoviet France and Bourbonese Qualk.Not a group but one man: Marien Van Oers, native of Breda in the Netherlands active from 1983 to about 1988. The music consisted of long 10 minute percussion pieces played on self built instruments (shopping trolleys amplified with pickups, blown cardboard tubes etc.) with repetitive shouted vocals by Marien. The music was often placed in the industrial camp and linked with the likes of Test Dept but in fact Het Zweet were more concerned with ‘tribal’ music, physicality and trance effects.
We are ,after all, a Tribal species. So, as music usually reflects the environment in which its made, naturally the modern primitive must use junk and technology to create its repetitive rhythms. Its the music of Alienation akin to a animal locked up in a zoo, denied its natural lifestyle. That ,I’m sorry to say, is and always will be, the sad plight of the Human Animal.

Track Listing:

Vocus 10:56
Tribus 14:13
Slindus 12:27
Indus 13:38

DOWNLOAD a Zweepslag HERE!

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