Friday, 14 February 2014

Minóy - "Doctor In A Dark Room" - (Minóy Cassetteworks) 1985

I can see it now, a silhouette appears from the darkness. Teeth the colour of nicotine, grasping a smoking dog end , are exposed within a half grin half sneer. The yellowing white hair of the mail order college doctor peers over the rusty chrome of the surgical lance. Primed to free you of the undisciplined growth on your brain.
“No anaesthetic needed Nurse”,said the doc, between deep sniffs of his chloroform impregnated handkerchief,”I doubt he’ll feel a thing”.
Then, swilling the appliance around a dirty toilet bowl for sterilisation, he made the incision through the eye and entered the infected organ.
Now we wake up screaming; it was all a classic Doctor Anxiety dream, and the soundtrack was provided by Minoy’s 1985 C-60 “Doctor in a Dark Room”. The logical conclusion of this dream is you end up locked in a permanent vegetative state and are sexually abused by the ward orderly every night.” In hospital no-one hears you scream”! Side one is the noise of a meat factory, with skull drilling trepanning sounds, and mechanical bone saws splintering femurs for unnecessary amputations.
Side 2, “Babel”, is the sound of a mind after an incompetent brain procedure gone wrong. Like a cheap radio tuned into every station at once. Maybe because it is the sound of multi-layered recordings of short wave radio transmissions, mixed together into a thick steamy electronic broth that’s very bad for your health.



Devyn Smith said...

YAY! After a week of silence, more... oh no Minoy! ah well...

Jonny Zchivago said...

Theres a lot more where this came from Veronika!