Tuesday 30 September 2014

The Dead C ‎– "Eusa Kills" (Flying Nun Records ‎– FN130) 1989

Well, I won't go through a description of the Dead C sound again! I'm sure everyone knows what they sound like anyway, as they are probably one of the most famous groups featured in these revered pages. This is a collection of 'out-takes' from earlier times,but is easily the equal of their best work.
What's interesting ,in these dangerous times, is the title. EUSA, for me means the European U.S. cabal that at this moment is plunging us into another conflict that has nothing to do with us. Yes, this 'Islamic' army has, allegedly, beheaded our citizens; but they behead far less people than one of our new allies, the lovely Saudi Arabia.A place where Adultery, Sodomy,Sorcery(?),"apostasy", "blasphemy" and Robbery, can result in you losing your head, literally!
Islamic State,if the media can decide on what they are called, if they exist at all, are labelled "Terrorists". Whereas, the Zionists, who,after WW2, enthusiastically hung British Soldiers, (who,incidentally, came from a place that was a haven for Jews and fought against Nazi Germany),in the name of a Jewish Homeland and are called "Freedom Fighters"? Creating a Nazi style mirror state that builds ghettos for Muslims,freely bombs, and invades its neighbours at will,searching for Lebensraum! Bizarrely they are another "Ally" of Saudia Arabia. Now, a year after all "Free" democracies voted against military action in Syria, Eusa are attacking the very people that the Obama administration were supplying,illegally, with weapons!?
The title of this fine record sums it all up....."EUSA KILLS". Its the war of the acronyms......EUSA vrs ISIS.......even though one suspects that ISIS is a creation of the west to keep this endless war against terror going; they certainly supplied them. And they almost certainly pay them. More Fear, more business for Halliburton etc, and more control, both economic and Orwellian.

ed's note from 2022 - Mr Zchivago now distances himself from most of what he wrote above, and describes it as conspiracy nut bullshit.


A1 Scary Nest 2:43
A2 Call Back Your Dogs 0:38
A3 Alien To Be 2:50
A4 Phantom Power 6:09
A5 Now I Fall 3:37
A6 I Was Here 1:49
B1 Children 3:33
B2 Bumtoe 3:32
B3 Glasshole Pit 1:05
B4 Maggot 7:01
B5 Envelopment 2:17

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Monday 29 September 2014

The Dead C - "DR503" (Flying Nun FN092) 1987

Don't ask me what DR503 stands for, could be a Roland Drum Machine,but can't be arsed to google it;not relevant.

This is Dead C in half-baked song mode, caught in the no man’s land of composition and improvisation. These tracks seem to be songs, but they don't really qualify as such. A half thought of a constructed song, ripped apart by the need to explore the sonic extremities of unpopular sound. The sounds that record company producers and engineers have told us are awful and worthless!? What do those insiders know about anything?......fuck all, is the answer. The number of great groups they have ruined throughout the decades amounts to a cultural atrocity of jail-able proportions. When I think about how great Pink Floyd were before EMI got hold of them, turned them into some rinky dink mickey mouse psychedelic group,and forced Syd towards insanity ;I start to spontaneously implode! (although I do actually like “Piper at the gates of Dawn”,but that ain't the point!)

The Dead C explore all these areas that were hitherto thought of as unlistenable. Like they are recorded by a set of tin cans and string instead of microphones, direct to a wax cylinder. Decades of Hi-fidelity technology is laid redundant in just a few short crackling, fizzy detuned notes.

This is the Dead C's debut album, and the fact that it has very little of that “please like me” attitude of many a debut recording, is something to cherish. This is the sound of a dying society, and the funeral dirge for the rock'n'roll myth.


1 Max Harris 5:33
2 Speed Kills 4:28
3 The Wheel 4:46
4 Three Years 4:49
5 Mutterline 5:14
6 Country 1:19
7 I Love This 3:09
8 Polio 9:09
9 Max Harris 2 13:36

Sunday 28 September 2014

The Dead C ‎– "Runway" (Precious Metal ‎– PM1) 1989

Now we're back on a guitar noise improv kick, I can put up some Dead C. The perfect example of minimalist maximalism in the long drawn out death throes of rock. This is rocks Battle of Berlin,one last prolonged scream before it finally died and finally became just entertainment.

The Dead C are, of course, not dead; in fact they are still churning out barrel loads of the same weedy transistor frying no-fi tuneless racket that they always did.

For me, the 'Runway' cassette is their most perfect manifestation of their carelessly crafted sound. A Dead C member was once asked how is it that their tunes are recorded so badly; he replied that “those recordings are in fact very good recordings of what the group actually sound like”. It takes a real effort to sound so bad,and its getting harder by the day, with all this easily available technology, ironing out every glitch. It used to be difficult to get a perfectly recorded sound, now its almost impossible to get a crap sound. The Dead C is a reaction against the homogenisation of this planet. When they started, inspired by a few seconds from the Outro of 'Expressway to yr Skull” by Sonic Youth, New Zealand was considered an isolated outpost where nothing of interest could possibly lurk. This was an obvious advantage,as there was no possibility of a career in pop music in such a place, so why not do whatever you wanted, no matter how unappealing to the general public.

The ten untitled tracks on this cassette are formless, non-fi, sizzling and fizzing non musical atrocities based in the classic rock group format of Guitar, Bass and Drums. We even have a pop single for track 2, admittedly a single fed through a lawnmower with a failing motor, nevertheless a submerged,red zone,overloaded two chord classic. There's even some plunderphonia hidden amongst the hiss,and the drones,and the slack buzzing strings; when we get some clear sounding US metal record being sampled by placing the needle randomly upon its atrocious grooves.Another comment on the death of the R'N'R dream?

If you like the smell of low budget electronics smoking under the strain of a detuned Jandekian guitar being fed through 'em like a catheter along a urethra, recorded in a vast empty sports hall, then this is the group for you. Like the Fall, they are always different, always the same.

Track Listing:

Side A 5 Untitled tracks
Side B 5 more Untitled tracks.

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Saturday 27 September 2014

Courtis / Moore ‎– "Brokebox Juke" (No-Fi ‎– NEU014) 2009

The guitar hero from Reynols, is the prolific Anla Courtis, who has appeared as a guest on what seems to be hundreds of recordings after the year 2000. He has an undeniable talent to churn out an endless skip full of tuneless melodies,repetitive phrases,and droning guitar noise; which of course is pretty easy to churn out,its just having the motivation to 'do it'.
On 'Brokebox Juke' ,(hopefully not an improv tribute to Brokeback Mountain!?) Anla,or it is Alan(?), is joined by Volcano The Bears' drumming trumpet player Aaron Moore; who contributes some more colour to the noise with his eclectic talents for funny noises,funny instruments, and very fine improv drumming. This brings some much needed craft to the session,(track 3,Lunoion = A Nu Lion,shows the unbeliever that they can actually play their instruments) making this an improv super-duo that works.
Of course there's the obligatory drone epic that's been done a thousand times, but that is just one of the many shades on this collaboration that rarely repeats itself throughout the course of the 7 tracks. From the opening track, which sounds like the theme from the Deer Hunter and a Martin Denny album playing at the same time; to the drone rock freak out of the closing number, this is a continuously inventive trek into the ever mysterious world of 'make it up as you go along'.


A1 Prorgreso = Ropes Gro
A2 Lopsla Nes = Opals Lens
A3 Lunoion = A Nu Lion
A4 Bluifedls = I Feed Bulls
B1 Conpcion = P-Cone Conic
B2 El Sincio = Silence Oil
B3 Gigngante = Anti Egg


Friday 26 September 2014

Reynols ‎– "Live In Chicago 8/25/2000" (Carbon Records ‎– CR040) 2001

They could do it Live too! This performance is a fully improvised, noise, drone onslaught, with none of those charmingly deranged non-songs to entertain the crowd. The audience kept respectfully quiet for 36 minutes,and seemed to fully appreciate it with sparse applause,cheering, and the odd whistle! Tomasin bangs away behind the feedback,effects,and guitar noise, like a toddler with a new drum;contributing some drowned out vocalisation in his inspired 'speaking in tongues' style. Rather marvellous, i'm sure you'll (dis) agree?

1 Live In Chicago 8/25/2000

Thursday 25 September 2014

Reynols ‎– "Pacalirte Sorban Cumanos" (Beta-lactam Ring Records ‎– mt051b) 2002

WARNING! I haven't gone off on an anti-NWO rant for a long time,so I feel the time is right,so be prepared.

This is Reynols 'pop' record.
If I was to recommend a Reynols album to the uninitiated,it would be this one. I do not suggest for one moment that anyone who regards themselves as 'normal' wouldn't run screaming from this experience; and would describe this non-music as 'Shit'! This common reaction is due to the decades of mind control forced upon these lost individuals by an essentially 'Evil',power drunk, 'wealth' grasping, morally bankrupt, ruling elite. If you are part of the future mass civil disobedience based peaceful revolution, otherwise known as the impending mass consciousness shift; then you will understand this music, if not , then fuck off and hug your possessions, pay your mortgage, taxes, and feed all this information onto Facebook; aka NSA/Mossad/CIA/ SIS/ ISIS. Support the stealth war in Syria, and feel angry at fake beheadings to justify the creeping Orwellian state.....which,of course, is for your own 'safety'!?(Who did the 7/7 bombings?.....check this!)
A little over a year after several 'free' parliaments,assembly’s, had voted against military action in Syria; now we suddenly have a new threat from the vaguely acronymed ISIS or IS or ISL,and its ok to bomb Syria without a free vote from your local elected assembly? How fake and manufactured is this bullshit; and we all accept it! We are being manipulated,and it ain't subtle either; yet another Gorilla on a basketball court mass fraud.
People who understand the Reynols experience, are not fooled by the superficial nonsense that is drip fed to a distracted,dumbed down, majority. This is the sound of Truth. Reject the status quo (not the excellent group!),and accept the true power of Love,as recorded by Argentinian beat combo, Reynols?


A1 Agranado Disa 1:30
A2 Pero Un Crito Catula 3:37
A3 7 Apoloca Baluba 8:15
A4 Whons Disito 4 Y 4 2:44
A5 Trilo Pampeho 3:54
A6 Fincoll (Que Norar) 6:32
B1 Mentalimo Chorlin 7:01
B2 Nolan Sitere 0:38
B3 Galu Samorin 2:21
B4 Camio Flatdas 2:25
B5 Samsamrejes Supe Alba 3:41
B6 Mante Vedeosmas 7:20

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Reynols ‎– "Blank Tapes" (Trente Oiseaux ‎– TOC 002) 2000

Firstlyly, here's my review of this CD:


don't expect this to sound like 'norma'l Reynols,if that word applies to this great group.

as Google Drive decided to suspend my files for 24 hours(should be ok now?) without warning or prior notice yesterday for being too popular, this "Blank collection of Tape Hiss is a very appropriate statement. A blank download for you to fill in the space for yourselves.

Third and a halflyly,
If you like Tape Hiss check out The New Blockaders classic "Epater Les Bourgeois"  .

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by GOOGLE(_____________________________)DRIVE, HERE?

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Reynols ‎– "Polos Mosco" (Freedom From ‎– FF0101) 1999

How do you describe the Band,Group,Lifeform, called Reynols? They come from Argentina,yes, but there is nothing about them that you could describe as Argentinian,or South American, or even from Planet earth. There is something primordial about this music, squeezed out from between the elemental membranes that make up reality. Channelled from the invisible endless reservoirs of ,what those scientist chaps call, Dark Energy.This untraceable force that is repulsing all matter away from itself towards an inescapable oblivion, but at the same time is feeding its profound message through a 47 chromosome-d enlightening conductor, Miguel Tomosin, into the digital medium and consequently into our subconscious.

This is the zenith of Outsider-Garde, free music guided gently only with the gentlest of editorial control,moulding the echo from the ever expanding brain in the centre of reality; this is what that extra chromosome was intended for. The true reality made visible through the invisibility of Noise,anti-matter drumming, and the singing in tongues style of Tomosin. Universal consciousness doesn't discriminate,you're only disabled if you can't understand this cleansing racket.The next time you are unfortunate enough to encounter an accidental viewing of MTV or, god forbid, the X-Factor! Play this record to wipe your mind clean of the filth, press the reset button,and start again, free from corrupting influences. Evil walks this earth,so protect yourself from its effects with this cathartic primal band/group/lifeform, and breath again.

Well, its either that or we are listening to a bunch of complete nutjobs!? You decide,you're either with us or against us?


1 Intro-Zarzafrán
2 Lohr Pocheros Misulini
3 Masiamo Tupido
4 Nanes Fermo Tenoro
5 No Caras Repuliom
6 Rasoyo Jisos
7 Alclorse
8 Banso Elecrica
9 Vijitano Pelse Un
10 Pero Un Croto Catula
11 Lo Carrera
12 Ditudo Bonto Tus
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Sunday 21 September 2014

Reynols ‎– "Barbatrulos" (Freedom From ‎– FF069) 2000

Lets get Downs with the kids!?

There's no greater marketing strategy in music than to make a virtue of a disability, ask Stevie Wonder, Beethoven,Suebo and Ray Charles. Then there's Kilburn and the High Roads; a band that was jam-packed full of physical disability! However, it is pretty rare to have any band member to have a genetic learning disability such as Down's Syndrome. Devo did write a song about it once, with the non-pc title of 'Mongoloid'; the hero of which 'brought home the bacon so that no-one knew'!

But,everybody knows by now that Reynols is a trio of Argentinian nutters led by Down's Syndrome-afflicted drummer/vocalist Miguel Tomasin (their name was chosen randomly by a chihuahua walking on a TV remote control unit: Burt Reynolds appeared on the screen – losing the "d" after threats of legal action...allegedly?), whose releases include a "Dematerialized CD" (i.e. an empty box), a recording of 10,000 chickens in a battery farm, and an album of treated tape hiss for Bernhard Günter's trente oiseaux label (“Blank Tapes), not totally original,(check out The New Blockaders' “Epater les Bourgeois” cassette) but very 'Wacky' indeed?

Once nearly arrested in Buenos Aires (on the grounds that they might reflect a negative image of

Argentina) for plugging their axes into pumpkins, the trio caught the attention of the new music media with "Pauline Oliveros in the Arms of Reynols", which brought them an invitation to play a seven-hour Lincoln Center concert with Pauline herself. All of this is well-known, but what about the music?

The "Barbatrulos" album, recorded in 1997 and 1998, sounds like an outsider Glenn Branca on downers, playing free form improvised droning guitar noise,backed by the Prats rhythm section;with a person who grew up, abandoned as a baby,locked in a cupboard on a desert island, singing in a language only he speaks. There are no track titles,because "they went to buy osobuco [sic] to feed (their) chihuahua."..?

I'm half-tempted to learn Spanish, or Gibberish,just to be able to figure out what Tomasin is on about (though I'm not sure it would help much).

There are,hopefully, hundreds, maybe thousands, of people hidden away in garages and bedrooms all over the world making this kind of noise, or something like it.

Whether Reynols' undoubted knack for self-publicity makes their musical output more worthy of attention is debatable, but in today's superficial 'Beauty' 'Sex' and celebrity obsessed world, it's rather comforting to know that these 'wrong' people are out there. And out there they certainly are. Way Out There!


Alclorse Mogal
A1 Untitled
A2 Untitled
A3 Untitled
A4 Untitled
A5 Untitled
A6 Untitled

B1 Untitled
B2 Untitled
B3 Untitled
B4 Untitled
B5 Untitled
B6 Untitled

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Saturday 20 September 2014

The Black Sheep ‎– "Alive In Beograd" (Nikad Robom ‎– 007) 1987

To end this long list of Recommended Records related acts, we have The Black sheep, featuring (surprise,surprise) Chris Cutler on the drum kit.Their chaotic act is caught in action Live in Beograd,Belgrade, in very acoustically raw lo-fi. Sounding a lot like a hybrid of a drunk Derek Bailey fronting The Shaggs and an even drunker Henry Cow, they churn out a set of songs that get demolished before our very ears. If this is Prog rock, its very deprogrammed Prog, almost No Wave in its disregard for conventional musical forms. DNA and Mars are closer comparisons than Barclay James Harvest . Tunes are either totally absent,or submerged beneath a cacophony of detuned strumming,and fractured rhythms. Not represented very much on record, I presume they concentrated on live work , hence this bootlegged concert from the Former Yugoslavian republic of Serbia, when it was still Yugoslavia, and Tito was either recently dead, or still alive. Either way, an interesting choice of venue, a couple of years before members of this audience,probably, started shooting each other in the civil war ; and “ethnic cleansing” was yet to enter the dictionary. Somehow this ensuing chaos is represented ,channelled, in the Black sheep sound, alive in Belgrade, 1987.

This reminds me of a funny story featuring Arkan, the murdering Serbian warlord and Football fan/Hooligan. My inherited Football team allegiance, is one Leicester City FC; and in 1998 we drew Red Star Belgrade in the UEFA cup. We sent our firm of Hooligans (The baby Squad) over there to meet notorious Red Star supporters and hardened paramilitary genocidal maniacs, Arkan's'Tigers'.When faced with various heavy military ordinance, like automatic weaponry and grenade launchers, the Squad turned and tactically retreated rather quickly.
"Come and 'ave a go if you think you're 'ard enuff!"

A charming quote from Marco,one of the 'Tigers' as reported in the Guardian will demonstrate what loveable chaps these pricks are:
"We organise the best choreography in the world. We're not just hooligans; we are ready for anything. For example, we showed those English homosexuals from Leicester how to fight a few years ago. We met them in the UEFA Cup and ran them in Leicester and again when we met up with them later in the year in Germany. We think that in England you don't realise how tough the Serbs are. We respect the English as the founders of hooliganism, but where are you now? Other nations have overtaken you.'.....(uh?)
Arkan, when interviewed by the BBC, was asked who his favourite English Premier League Team was? He broke into stifled laughter and answered, in his thick Serbian accent, “Lei-cester City!....their fans ran away like girls!”
Well, the cunt was murdered a year or so later just before his war crimes trial(not by a member of the 'Baby Squad' I may add)......who's laughing now, Huh?

(ps...after posting, I received the wonderful experience of Leicester humbling Manchester United by 5 goals to 3,oh rapture!)

Favourite Shopping
Ministry Of Truth

Friday 19 September 2014

Art Bears ‎– "Winter Songs" (Rē Records ‎– Re 0618) 1979

On a sad day when Scotland voted NO for independence,and YES to the New World Order; I couldn't think of a Scottish band to post;but you can recheck The Prats and He's Dead Jim, 'cus they're good.
So here's another Chris Cutler group on Recommended Records instead( with Fred Frith, and Dagmar Krause). 
I was first drawn to them because they were on Ralph Records. Don't really have anything to say about this, except that it is the ambient reflection of the minds of the chin stroking types in 'Art' galleries; elitist, soul-less, cold, humourless, and intellectually intimidating. Pop this on when you want to appear 'Intellectual' to stupid people. Yes, a tad pretentious, but a cracking piece of work that wouldn't be out of place given an airing in some damp fusty crypt, or as a soundtrack to a funeral full of people the departed participant didn't like.


A1 The Bath Of Stars
A2 First Things First
A3 Gold
A4 The Summer Wheel
A5 The Slave
A6 The Hermit
A7 Rats And Monkeys
B1 The Skeleton
B2 The Winter Wheel
B3 Man And Boy
B4 Winter / War
B5 Force
B6 3 Figures
B7 3 Wheels