Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Various Artists - "Soviet Synth Wave Volume Two " (2019)

Like a wave of electronic tanks sweeping across the Kursk salient,pushing aside the far superior German Synth wave, the Soviet synth forces ejected the inovative manoeuvres of the Neue Deutsche Welle,and ignored the East German equivalent, to produce an unstoppable tsunami of eurovision contest inspired electro-schlager.
They cleared their territory of the invaders,and like the aftermath of actual Battle of the Kursk, the Russian forces stopped at the Elbe,leaving the west to their over-rated qualities of good taste,free speech and fashion sense. Dooming this wave of incredibly naff nonsense to fester in the gulag of iron curtain pop,until now.
These communist electro-protagnoists found it very difficult to avoid the stomping beat of Cossack culture,best demonstrated by the opening track,which sounds like both a kids action TV series about our Cossack chums, and a winning entry at Eurovision in 1994.
Back in the eighties there used to be a male vanity product called 'Cossack', which was basically,hairspray for men.......no it wasn't a popper for fucks sake, I said Hairspray!
Presumably, it didn't work on womens hair?
I did,however, use Cossack to maintain my Sidney Vicious hairstyle,even though it cost more than ladies hairspray, to avoid embarassment.
I'm told that Sid was also a 'Cossack' man?
Check out this advert for this classic male grooming product,which inevitably involves a bloke,dressed as a Cossack of course, on a horse, kidnapping a young blonde lady,for what reason I shudder to imagine!(Click Here)


1-The Cossack Song -Sector Gaza
2-Nautilus - The Nentre
3-I Haven't Noticed - Theatre
4-The Telephone - Primus
5-Давайте созвонимся! (Lets Call Up) - Forum
6-Going Crazy - The Electro Club
7-B2 - Argo
8-Anything You Want - Technology
9-Simple Words - Arrival
10-The Time Calls Me - NRG
11-Surrealism - Goodbye Youth
12-Romantic Express - New Collection
13-The Robot - Interview
14-The Aesthete - Bioconstructor

DOWNLOAD some wave surfing ussr HERE!


northfieldhat said...

But the cossack's hair is blowing in the wind. And why are they caught in a Dr. Who timeloop for the last third of the spot?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes, wind was always a problem with Cossack. In high winds i always looked as if i'd blow-dryed my hair,and started to appeal to the Disco set.

northfieldhat said...

And it's an anagram for "ass cock".

Jonny Zchivago said...

Ohhh la laaa! I never noticed that before!...I'm so innocent.

Fabio D. said...

Fantastic shit, huge thanks.