Tuesday 31 October 2017

Legendary Pink Döts ‎– "Basilisk" (Third Mind Records ‎– TMT 08) 1983

Music-wise, I quiet like this Coil-Lite, dark fairground synth-pop; with a Syd Barret  tribute act singing on top, instead of a cherry.The lyrics are reasonably interesting,but the singer gets on my tits, so the old adage, 'its the Singer NOT the Song' comes into the foreground....or the fairground?
As LPD tapes go, this is easily the best one I've heard.Like some kind of sinister casiotone circus music......but who wants to go to a circus?


Stigmata Part One (Freiheit) 4:43
Klazh 1:40
Love Is ... 6:58
No Reason 3:51
834 1:11
Wall Purges Night (Version) 4:15
Basilisk 1 3:42
Methods 2:19
Clean Up 3:34
Basilisk 2 26:32

Monday 30 October 2017

Legendary Pink Dots ‎– "Premonition" (Flowmotion ‎– FMC09) 1982

I would gladly class these Anglo-Dutch neo-psychedelic Syd Barrets on casio's as Dutch; they are based there after-all? 
I never understood why this lot were always on Industrial compilations with their home organ versions of a lost album from a certain acid casualty that was formerly in the Pink Floyd. Their tunes are not unlike a bontempi translation of the songs that knob who takes an acoustic guitar to a party sings,insisting on showing everyone how fucking clever he is while everyone sits in awkward pain,thinking of excuses to leave.
That's how I feel when I listen to a LPD cassette.
They are ,however, legendary indeed, as prolific members of the DIY cassette underground at the turn of the eighties,and therefore earns respect.
They do indeed have a large and loyal fanbase,and can still be seen today touring?!
This ,I have to say, is one of their less painful albums.....gotta go now,I left a chicken in the oven!


1 As If...
2 Splash
3 Submerged
4 Amphitheatre
5 Voices
6 Odd
7 Premonition 1
8 Digital
9 Dying For The Emperor
10 Oceans Of Emotion
11 Intruder 

12 Premonition 2

Sunday 29 October 2017

Rabbit Fun ‎– "Fatter Than Lydia Lunch" (Kaisettes 04) 1983

If Twenty minutes of abstract Dutch lo-fi DIY-garde nonsense from some group called 'Rabbit Fun' is your cup of tea.....and it's certainly mine; then this fuzzy tape is for you. Milk and two sugars please.

DOWNLOAD after lunch HERE!

MU ‎– "MU" (RTV Records ‎– RTV-300) 1971

Yes there were many bands named 'MU', one of which we just discovered in the previous post was a post punk band from Rotterdam, Holland. Another famous musician of Dutch lineage, was none other than Don Van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart himself....(author falls to knees in worship and most probably tears too!). One of the magic band was the legendary 'Antennae Jimmy Semens', aka Jeff Cotton of MU (the American version thereof).
Having been psychologically broken by Van Vliets experiments with sleep deprivation, food deprivation, and physical violence to create a group that sounded as if they had lived in a locked cupboard for twenty years;he left. The final straw came when Drumbo's replacement drummer beat Jimmy to a pulp, breaking several ribs in the process.
He went on to form MU(usa), and made blues flavoured psych with some old chums from the music industry. The resulting album sounds like a very straight 'Trout Mask Replica' if one removed Beefheart, Zoot Horn Rollo, Rockette Morten,Drumbo snd even the Mascara Snake from the mix;leaving only, guess who, Antennae Jimmy Semens on his highly recognizable slide guitar. Except with three band mates who could not possibly approach the creative space that our Jimmy had been bent into.
The album bombed of course, and Jeff left the music biz to become a...gulp!...Christian!?....He must have been really fucked up by the 'Trout Mask replica' experience? You can see it in his face on the cover...ps. he's the fucked up looking one.


A1 Ain't No Blues 4:03
A2 Ballad Of Brother Lew 4:30
A3 Blue Form 4:03
A4 Interlude 1:56
A5 Nobody Wants To Shine 4:08
B1 Eternal Thirst 9:34
B2 Too Naked For Demetrius 2:32
B3 Mumbella Baye Tu La 3:19
B4 The Clouds Went That Way 3:16

Saturday 28 October 2017

M.U. ‎– "Motion In Tune" (Backstreet Backlash Records ‎– BBR 010) 1981

Avant Rock/post-prog improv rock band which included record label and record shop owner Peter Graute on guitar.
There's something about the jam-based music on this album that suggests it was made yesterday, maybe even tomorrow? Bardo Pond spring to mind as a comparison, but unfortunately, like Bardo Pond, the vocals spoil it all a tad. This is a style of forward looking prog that fits comfortably in the bracket formed by fellow travelers like This Heat and Metabolist.
They also fall into the trap of having a band name that's a bit in flux,is it M.U., or Mu, or Moo, or the Marijuana Users, More Of The Unexpected,Mescal Umbra, the Mentally Unstable....there were apparently more!? A tactic that was the commercial graveyard for many a pop group, Spizz Energi etc being a prime example.
Of course(?), MU, was also the name of Antennae Jimmy Semens' post Beefheart band too(along with 22 other groups according to Discogs!);and they were never heard of again.A bit like the Dutch MU, even though I am assured that they continued to play gigs until fairly recently?


A1 Down South 4:10
A2 Some Say 3:08
A3 Honour The Independent 4:06
A4 Time Out 1:58
A5 Metal To Metal 4:44
B1 Roots Of Evil 1:48
B2 Power To The Heartless 6:48
B3 Turn Off Your Radio 4:41
B4 Can't Get Used 5:38

Friday 27 October 2017

The Ex ‎– "Disturbing Domestic Peace" ( Verrecords ‎– EX 005, EX Records ‎– EX 004) 1980

Not had enough preaching punk rockers yet?...No?...
Well,If you thought The Rondo's were bad, their Anarcho-punk rivals are still at it today, although they've dropped the ranting punk thrash for a more experimental approach,involving that great 'no-no' 'world music' at some stage.
The big difference between The Ex and The Rondo's was that the Rondo's were self-righteous uber-socialists, whereas The Ex were self-righteous 'Anarchists'......like our mates Crass.
Another big difference was that The Rondo's quit in 1980, but The Ex carried on playing the same tired generic choppy anarcho-punk until the end of the eighties at least. I was playing this album on my iTunes and hadn't realised it had moved on to their 1987 album on Ron Johnson Records, "Too Many Cowboys",I looked up and noticed it was no longer playing "Disturbing Domestic Peace".It sounded exactly the same...probably with different over wordy ranting atop, but otherwise it could have been the same album.
Far more accomplished musically than either Crass or Rondo's, the Ex took at least a decade to move on.The Rondo's complained about the danger of being 'Accepted', The Ex are now 'accepted' as avant-rock elder statesmen in the pages of such elitist publications as 'Wire' magazine, and the Rondo's forgotten.

"Disturbing Domestic Peace"

The Sky Is Blue Again 2:01
Map 1:14
Outlook-Army 0:39
Sucking Pig 1:58
A Sense Of Tumour 4:00
Meanwhile 3:54
Rules 1:41
Squatsong 1:51
Warning-Shot 2:55
New Wars 2:46

A limited edition came with a 'free' EP, called 'Live Skive', which includes a tune about what and what not is 'Punk'...called 'Punk'.So take note about what The Ex say 'Punk' is...and do the opposite.

Live~Skive ep:

Introduction 2:21
Human Car 1:48
Punk 1:47
Horse 1:12

Thursday 26 October 2017

Rondos ‎– "Destroy The Entertainment" (King Kong Records KKR 008/009) 1978-1980

There were two rival Dutch Crass's, and one of 'em was Rotterdam's very own Rondo's (The other one was obviously The Ex), who liked left wing politics......A LOT!
The music is that standard Anarcho Punk style of endless ranting vocals over a hurried rag-tag backing. This stuff should never have been recorded for anything more than an EP, but they carried on until they decided to split after the "Red Attack" album,with their last single "Which Side Will You Be On?" they declared....... 
....."the rondos quit. this is our last record. we brought the rondos to a conclusion, because in our opinion we became too successful; and being successful means accepted. besides; a great part of the punk-movement is developing in a direction which is not ours; violence, alcohol, confirmation and commerce/business. but the struggle continues! we keep fighting with other means.
rondos september 1980

...very noble words,and beat Crass to it by four years.
This double album collects all their singles, the "Red Attack" album, and a live gig at 'De Quibus 15/10/7978.
If you like your Punk Rock formulaic,urgent,ranty,and preachy, then this is for you, and lots of it. If not, then just stick to an EP's worth.
As John Peel mentioned on the last track on side four; they sound incredibly English, as did The Ex!


A1 King Kong's Penis
A2 Wanna Go Home
A3 Hey Gigolo
A4 Russians Are Coming
A5 System
A6 City Of Fear
A7 We Don't Need No Speed
A8 If I Had A Hammer
A9 A Black & White Statement
A10 Which Side Will You Be On?
A11 Tools
A12 Teeth
B1 Intro (Instrumental)
B2 I Don't Wanna Smile
B3 Throwing Bricks Just For Kicks
B4 Nothing To Lose
B5 Just Another Loser
B6 022
B7 Summer Kings
B8 Gotta Kill A Cop Tonight
B9 Too Blind To See
B10 Orange Orange
B11 Tea And Tea
B12 City Boy
B13 Run For Fun
B14 Berlin
B15 We'll Drive Your Bananas
B16 Fascist Dreams
C1 A Black & White Statement 2:42
C2 Progress 2:37
C3 I Got No Time 1:17
C4 Colour T.V. & Kontrast 1:48
C5 System 1:10
C6 Anarchy 1:33
C7 Countdown & Twist 3:48
C8 Syphillips 1:59
D1 B-52 Pilot 2:47
D2 Soldiers 0:42
D3 We Don't Need No Speed 0:53
D4 A Waltz 2:09
D5 Vivisection 1:16
D6 City Of Fear 1:36
D7 I Don't Like The Rastaman 3:37
D8 Peacedilemma 2:46
D9 Russians Are Coming 3:15

Bonus Track:
12XU (Live 1979) 1:29

Wednesday 25 October 2017

A Rotterdam Collection - Various Bands From Rotterdam" (Backstreet Backlash Records ‎– BBR 001) 1980

Hmmmm, Rotterdam seemed like a rather groovy place in 1980, and here's a robust selection of local punkers and loonies from Hollands' second city. As was the fashion in 79/80,every town and shithole in the UK released a self-financed local band compilation, and Rotterdam was no exception.
It inexplicably starts with the worst track on the record, by The Bodysnatchers, not that terrible Two Tone band from the UK, but another even worse Dutch Bodysnatchers.
That aside, the rest of the album is great...except some flaccid boogie by the Loomis Gang.
Anarcho punk legends (In Holland), The Rondos, and DIY Punk hangers-on, 'Tändstickorshocks' and the excellent 'Revo', who would have fitted quite nicely on some of those DIY Punk releases in the UK, Like the "Mell Square Music" ep.
Plenty more rough and ready, barely competent 2 minute dirges to delight the more dissonant side of your cerebral cortex can be found on here.So get your clogs out,put your finger in a dyke and enjoy the noise.


A1 –Bodysnatchers-Do You Really Wanna Dance The Whole Night Trough 3:00
A2 –Tändstickorshocks- Religion Part 1 0:29
A3 –Tändstickorshocks- To Hell With Shell 2:04
A4 –Tändstickorshocks- Kill For Peace 0:48
A5 –Foreign Bodies- Blackout 3:10
A6 –Revo- Fuck The School 0:40
A7 –Revo- Geloof In God 0:25
A8 –Revo-Blah Blah Blah 0:40
A9 –Bunker-Zombies 3:01
A10 –Loomis Gang-Trouble Maker 2:27
A11 –M Sound-No Lust 2:35
B1 –Stealer-You Dont Say You Love Me 2:06
B2 –Chatterbox- Someone Talks 4:00
B3 –Pierre- I Wanna Be Killed By You 1:20
B4 –Pierre- Kockah 0:58
B5 –Rondos-Vivisection 1:14
B6 –Rondos- Peace Dilemma 2:50
B7 –Alibi Ike-Bedroom Agony 4:32
B8 –Black Slack- Telling Me LIes 4:10
B9 –Steve - Neon Theme 2:15

Tuesday 24 October 2017

Suspect ‎– "Tanz Auf Dem Vulkan" (LeBel Period) 1981

More spacious,and suspiciously funky, Post-Punk from Dutch/German pre-Schlaflose Nächte group, Suspect.This time captured in an unknown live setting, playing a flawless set in an acoustically alive environment.

A1 Brass Or Stone
A2 Same Mistake Twice
A3 Company
A4 All The Past
A5 Favour
B1 No Mention
B2 One Life On Earth
B3 Black Steady Wind
B4 Barracuda

Monday 23 October 2017

Suspect ‎– "Above Suspicion" (Backstreet Backlash Records ‎– BBR 002) 1980

Before  Schlaflose Nächte were  Schlaflose Nächte, they were another Dutch/Kraut hybrid band, playing in a standard British Post-Punk style; which is infinitely preferable to the sterile Industrial Funk they ending up playing as Schlaflose Nächte.
Suspect sound as if they could have come from Bristol or Croydon rather than from Rotterdam and West Berlin.
Rather good.

DOWNLOAD without suspicion HERE!

Sunday 22 October 2017

Schlaflose Nächte ‎– "The Angel Will Not Come" (Kremlin ‎– KR 010) 1983

By 1983, Dutch/Kraut combo Schlaflose Nächte, were well and truly victim of that 1983 Industrial Funk sound  popularised by 23 Skidoo and 400 Blows; but a considerably less funky version. Lots of sterile digital effects bounce around in the dark spaces, including that infamous eighties signature effect, the 'Gated Reverb'(Yuk!). Of course there's a solitary Trumpet and the obligatory cymbal-less electronic drums too. All sounds like a terrible recipe doesn't it? Its all so very dated compared to these far more organic times, where we know how to do digital subtly.
Virtually all of bessie mates, Einsturzende Neubauten guest on this recording by the way.


A1 In A Hurry
A2 Attempt
A3 The Angel Will Not Come
A4 Shiver
A5 Boy/Word
B1 Muscle Contraction
B2 Stimme Frisst Feuer
B3 Zerrissen
B4 Forced Labour

Saturday 21 October 2017

Schlaflose Nächte ‎– "Flüstern / Move" (Armageddon Records ‎– AS 019) 1981

Fittingly, James Last was the last German featured in the short Die Or DIY? trip around post-punk Germany......not that the King of Schlager has anything to do with post-punk in the slightest. He did however do a tune called "Schlaflose Nächte" on one of the myriad of albums that he produced in his lifetime. I get sleepless nights (English for Schlaflose Nächte) thinking of all those empty land-fill sites that James Last products could have filled adequately;and the billions of tonnes of natural resources that could have been saved had he not existed......but then we wouldn't have had the "Silver Machine/Children of the Revolution/Schools' Out" medley would we?
I first heard the words "Schlaflose Nächte" on the John Peel show, and I thought, 'Ah, another of those German groups innit?'.....but no, they were apparently Dutch? Singing in German(maybe because they had German members?), and having an unhealthily large amount to do with everything German.Hanging out with Einsturzende Neubauten, recording in Berlin, but slowly turning to the trendy  British style Industrial Funk of the 400 Blows, and 23 Skidoo variety.
This British released single, is a good example of where they were creatively in '81, its very post punk funk with an industrial smell about it. Pretty good indeed.

DOWNLOAD and cure those sleepless nights HERE!

Friday 20 October 2017

James Last ‎– "Non Stop Dancing 1973" (Polydor ‎– 2371 319) 1972

If there's one thing Germany does better than efficient transport systems, reliable cars, and......sorry, can't help it.....start world wars. It's 'prime cheese' like James Last, the Schlager king of Europe. 
In the midst of all the inspid funk-less naff-ness, there were some moments of accidental musical subversion; a prime example being the opening medley of glam rebel anthems from the likes of Hawkwind,T-Rex, and Alice Cooper. No-one quite had the rare talent to squeeze every drop of Rock'n'Roll out of a tune like James Last.Draining all life from these mildly rebellious ditties with his vapidly anemic arrangements. This medley did far more to destroy the Rock monolith than Punk Rock ever did.The Punks boasted of making those Rock Dinosaurs extinct by, ironically, and falsely, as it turned out; playing 'Rock'?!......James Last did it by sucking out rock'n'roll's blood like a muzak vampire,and spewing it down the toilet of populism.Not that i can ever imagine anyone actually dancing to this, "Non-Stop Dancing 1973",(released in 1972...uh?), was basically a Schlager version of Yes's "Tales From Topographic Oceans", the end of Rock.......the death rattle being 'Punk Rock'.After that fizzled out in 1978, it was all showbiz from then on as intelligence went underground.
Hearing Lemmy's vocals on Silver Machine replaced by a limp brass section is nothing short of hilarious,beaten only by the cabaret club guitar solo,and the canned audience noise. It's up there with The Residents version of "Satisfaction" for anti-rock power. James also manages to murder the shit out of all my glam heroes. Slade, T-rex and Glitter all get the 'last'treatment. Alice Coopers' teenage angst anthem,gets transported, rightly, back into the silly showbiz bracket that Alice /Vince himself has inhabited since,well...since 1973!
This was intended as party music in the seventies(not that I'd want to go any party that played this in 1973) , for different reasons than it is now. Now it should be called "Non-stop Laughter 1973".
Thank you Germany for your continued atrocities against humanity like the musical Zyklon B that is Schlager!Sometimes we all need a reminder about why we had to go and do it ourselves and this is it! Accidentally great stuff.


Silver Machine;Children Of The Revolution;School's Out
Hello-A;Black And White;Standing In The Road
Easy Livin';Coming Closer;Popcorn
Run To Me;The Guitar Man
I'm On My Way;Michaela;Viva España
Mama Weer All Crazee Now;Long Cool Woman; In A Black Dress;Pop That Thang
Sylvia's Mother;Join Together;Bottoms Up
Nothing;Theme From Shaft;Thunder And Lightning
Goodbye To Love;Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me
Wig-Wam-Bam;Let's Dance;Rock And Roll, Part 2.

Thursday 19 October 2017

Campingsex ‎– 1914! (Schmockstajn ‎– SH 1) 1985

Unless it means something relevant in German, "CampingSex" is a fucking awful name for a group.
Not a good start.
They are another German band that gets name-dropped as 'influential' ,for some reason unknown to your scribe,by anglo-american show-offs who like to impress with their (lack of) knowledge of the German music scene(like me);most famously by serial record collector nerd, Thurston Moore. Can't see for the life of me how this group influenced Sonic Youth in the slightest, maybe Sonic Youth influenced CampingSex?....more likely.
The music is that post-post-punk goth rock stuff that was so common in 1985, like The Birthday Party, whom I suspect was a major influence here.
Very dated and of its time, and not likely to be subject of a revival any time soon.....but ,as i said, they are cited as somewhat 'Influential'?


A1 Nichts
A2 Guten Morgen
A3 Schuld
A4 Liebe
B1 Schließ Die Tür
B2 Fall Ich Hinein
B3 Und Sie Alle
B4 Die Welt Geht Unter

Wednesday 18 October 2017

Palais Schaumburg ‎– "Das Single Kabinett" (Zickzack ‎– ZZ 145) 1982

Here's Palais Schaumburg's early singles on Zick Zack, all collected on to one convenient disc. Rarely for Germans, they look as good as they sound, no leather trousers, muscle shirts or spikey mullets to be seen.
These early singles have a more prominent Synth-punk element than their later work.


A1 Rote Lichter 2:34
A2 Glücklich Wie Nie 2:34
A3 Kinder Der Tod (Version) 1:54
B1 Telephon 2:44
B2 Kinder Der Tod 3:09
B3 Aschenbecher 2:37

Palais Schaumburg ‎– "Palais Schaumburg" (1981)

The thing about German groups is that they may have made some interesting experimental pop, but they never looked good. Sartorial individuality never matched the music.....except for Palais Schaumberg, who obviously nabbed their image from the Postcard-type groups of the UK;Orange Juice, Josef K and the like.The music has little in common with Edwin Collins and his chums, and more to do with the funkier side of UK Post-Punk. In the video for "Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt", the group were even witnessed doing some 'German Dancing', which is a sight to behold.
The album sleeve is unerringly glossy and colourful for the times, suggesting major label interference;but interestingly it was produced by Flying Lizard and This Heat collaborator David Cunningham,which may explain it's compatibility with the contemporary UK scene of the time.......didn't help sales though.
Probably the best of the mainstream Neue Deutsche Welle bands. 

A1 Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt
A2 Die Freude
A3 Gute Luft
A4 Ahoi, Nicht Traurig Sein
A5 Grünes Winkelkanu
B1 Morgen Wird Der Wald Gefegt
B2 Deutschland Kommt Gebräunt Zurück
B3 Hat Leben Noch Sinn?
B4 Eine Geschichte
B5 Madonna

Tuesday 17 October 2017

Various Artists ‎– Lieber Zuviel Als Zuwenig (ZickZack Sommerhits 81) (Zickzack ‎– ZZ 45) 1981

The ironically sub-titled "Lieber Zuviel Als Zuwenig (ZickZack Sommerhits 81)" on Hamburg based Zick Zack, has very little to do with summer as we know it. Maybe a lot to do with the summer of the "Neue Deutsche Welle"? Not that a lot of the acts on this record would admit to being part of it of course.....quite rightly.
It starts off with a danceable slab of British style Post-Punk then descends into a melange of  electronics,industrial,avant garde,straight new wave, and proto-goth.
Good to see the inclusion of a rare X-Mal Deutschland track, whose singer,Anja(can't remember her surname), was as close as one got to a teenage celebrity crush (Phwoooar!).I was also a great fan of her two note flat singing style,diametrically opposed to the vomit inducing over-singing of todays dumb 'X-Factor' generation....I prefer the 'X-Mal' Factor myself.
Frankly, anything with "Die Todliche Doris" and the lovely Anja on it, has to be good ...ja?


A1 –Front "Blech Und Liebe" 2:34
A2 –Kosmonautentraum "Nr. 10" 3:02
A3 –Aus Lauter Liebe "Ein Herz In Not" 2:45
A4 –Falsche Fahnen "Mutti, Ich Und Die Sonne" 0:02
A5 –Die Tödliche Doris "Überlieferung Josef Pfeuffer 3.6.76" 2:30
A6 –Abwärts "In The Summertime" 2:38
A7 –Andy Giorbino "Sxmmxr Zx Kxrz" 1:45
A8 –Saal 2 "Strandgefühle" 4:40
A9 –Nachdenkliche Wehrpflichtige "You Say You Don't Love Me (Tribute To Pete Shelley)" 3:25

B1 –Palais Schaumburg "Aschenbecher" 2:38
B2 –Einstürzende Neubauten "Bakterien Für Eure Seele" 3:44
B3 –Andreas Dorau "Sommer Im Dornrosental" 1:35
B4 –Die Zimmermänner "Ich Werde In Der Sonne Immer Dicker" 2:00
B5 –Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle "Eingeschlagene Schaufenster" 2:59
B6 –Vielleichtors "Ohne Titel" 2:05
B7 –Wirtschaftswunder "Eis" (Live) 2:30
B8 –X-Mal Deutschland "Kälbermarsch" 2:39
B9 –Die Radierer "Madagaskar" 1:17

DOWNLOAD the summer hits of 1981 HERE!

Monday 16 October 2017

Various Artists ‎– "Denk Daran!" (Überblick ‎– SM 001) 1980

Well at least we know what Adolf and Eva got up to after faking their deaths and escaping to Argentina in a U-Boat; they recorded the opening track for "Denk Daran!".
Another Dusseldorf-ish self-financed,compilation of German New Wave, both conventional and experimental.Probably the worst track is the Beer Hall Punk of 'ZX',which has one scrambling for the skip button; and the best is a pick from Der Plan's 'Residents' impression,Pyrolator's minimal disco pastiche ,and Don Bartnick, with his recreation of an electronic 'Funny Farm'.


A1 –Adolf & Eva "Det Is Nu Wehf" 2:37
A2 –Croox "24. Dezember" 2:51
A3 –Don Bartnick "Der Neue Messias" 3:15
A4 –Not Mean Themselves "Frozen" 2:58
A5 –Der Plan "Schnee-Christel Unterm Baum" 3:58
A6 –Xao Seffcheque & Die Pest "Sternhagel" 3:30
B1 –Pyrolator "Ein Weihnachtsmann Kommt In Die Disco" 4:07
B2 –Vorsprung "Weisses Trauma" 2:00
B3 –Rigoletto "Neulich, Weihnachtsabend In Der Nähe Von McDonalds" 1:31
B4 –Lemminge "Leise Stirbt Man Im Schnee" 1:26
B5 –S.Y.P.H. "Schneewitter" 5:35
B6 –ZK  "Nieder Mit Dem Weihnachtsmann" 5:00
B7 –3125 / Padeluun "Eisflacker" 1:04

Sunday 15 October 2017

Various Artists ‎– "Das Ist Schönheit......Hamburg Mai '80 " (Art Records ‎– 1073) 1980

 "Das Ist Schönheit" translates as 'That's Beauty', which this hand painted double 12" compilation is indeed.Included within were various inserts and drawings by Walter Thielsch and/or Thomas Fehlmann, to complete a very 'arty' presentation indeed. Apart from being a thing of beauty, it has a lot of experimental electronics on it,all produced by the late great Konrad Schnitzler at the Academy of Arts in Hamburg.

It's mainly very 'Krautrock' era influenced electronica, that would not be out of place on one of Herr Schnitzler's own releases.So don't expect any undiscovered Minimal Wave classics to slap on the turntable in your night club.


A1 –Peter Reitberger "Untitled" 5:07
A2 –Rima Lucia Mardoyan "Synphonie Nr. 1" 5:02
A3 –Walter Thielsch / Thomas Fehlmann "Untitled" 2:24
A4 –Rainer "Oehms Kommilitonen" 1:06
A5 –Holger Hiller / Angela Marcus "Untitled" 4:51
A6 –Karin  "Untitled" 3:21
A7 –Insook Untitled 0:39
B1 –Oliver Hirschbiegel "Billy Sagte..." 3:54
B2 –Saskia Czchoch "Untitled" 4:27
B3 –Insook "Untitled" 3:45
B4 –Insook "Untitled" 4:34
B5 –Jürgen Heimes "Untitled" 5:07
C1 –Karin  "Untitled" 3:57
C2 –Saskia Czchoch "Untitled" 1:57
C3 –Jürgen Heimes "Untitled" 4:57
C4 –Angela Marcus "Untitled" 2:28
C5 –Angela Marcus "Untitled" 3:37
C6 –Jelle Fargo "Untitled" 2:35
C7 –Katharina Baumann "Untitled" 2:08
C8 –Claus Böhmler "Falckenstein" 2:22
D1 –Oliver Hirschbiegel "Mama Ist Schuld" 2:20
D2 -Fehlmann/Thielsch/Rademacher "Untitled" 0:14
D3 –Walter Thielsch "Taken" 3:29
D4 –Holger Hiller "Sentimental" 2:06
D5 –Holger Hiller "Untitled" 1:50
D6 –Fehlmann/Thielsch/Rademacher "Leichtes Heizöl" 2:45
D7 –Fehlmann/Thielsch/Rademacher "Blumentritt" 2:37
D8 –Fehlmann/Thielsch/Rademacher "Wenn Mut Bestraft Wird" 1:43
D9 –Fehlmann/Thielsch/Rademacher "Frisst Mammi Farbstoff" 0:56
D10–Fehlmann/Thielsch/Rademacher "Kinder,Der Tod Ist Gar Nicht So Schlimm" 2:09

Saturday 14 October 2017

Pyrolator ‎– "Inland" ( Ata Tak ‎– WR 002) 1979

Pyrolator appeared on one of those Klar!80 compilations didn't he?So here's his 'cult' debut album from 1979.
This album has been bigged up over the ensuing decades to become the 'Pet Sounds' of Electronica. It does have one thing in common with Brian Wilson's magnum opus however, that it is,'OK', just ok. God only knows (see what I did there?) how these things happen,but this is no more inovative or original or political than Gary Numan's 'Pleasure Principle' or John Foxx's 'Metamatic. This is where being German is an advantage; whereas Numan and Foxx are dismissed as 'pop' acts,mainly because they bothered to actually write songs; Pyrolator is regarded as a cool underground act, and his obscurity adds extra kudos for the hip kids.
Quoted as being the 'Best Political Album without words', I can't for the life of me see any specific political angle at all on these backing tracks.
As a member of the less serious dada synth act, Der Plan,Kurt Dahlke, was seriously moonlighting with his collection of synths.Recording a mountain of these very warm analogue instruments with an almost icy precision that i find pretty boring.
I don't dislike it as much as 'Pet Sounds' however,I quite like it.Its another one of those albums that get hyped up over the years to become more than it actually is....which is a very competent,professionally put together collection of electronic experiments that lacks that certain quality of humanity.....maybe that was the Political statement?


1 Minimal Tape 1/2.3 2:47
2 It Always Rains In Wuppertal 3:19
3 Inland 1 3:04
4 Minimal Tape 1/8 3:33
5 Danger Cruising 3:19
6 Inland 2 1:43
7 Inland 3 2:55
8 Minimal Tape 3/7.2 4:23
9 Bärenstrasse 3:31
10 Have A Good Ride 2:43
11 Inland 4 2:36
12 Nordatlantik 1:54

Bonus Tracks:

13 Der Volksmund Wird Beatmet 4:21
14 Struktur 01 2:27
15 November Mühlheim 2:02
16 Ok Margo 4:21
17 Die Einsamkeit Des Langstreckenläufers 8:24
18 Struktur 22 2:24

Friday 13 October 2017

Various ‎– "Klar! 80/82 Alles Oder Nichts" (Klar! 80 ‎– b/u 17) 1982

There's some 'name' acts on this Klar!80 compilation cassette....they got S.Y.P.H., and Der Plan spin off electronic act, 'Pyrolator'. Apart from that there's the usual mix of obscure Neue Deutsche Welle ,experimental Post Punk and minimal electronic tracks. It's all good stuff indeed.


A1 –Aqua Velva "Mildred" 2:30
A2 –Pyrolator "Vati Es Brennt" 4:20
A3 –Die Zwei "Kleiner Mond-Rap" 5:00
A4 –Ja ! Ja ! Ja ! "Die Wahrheit" 3:30
A5 –Xao Seffcheque & Der Rest "Mir Fehlen Die Worte" 4:00
A6 –Roter Stern Belgrad "Blas Dein Knie Ein" 3:40
A7 –Boss & Beusi "Small Talk" 1:25
A8 –TSE TSE F /RSB "Ohne Titel" 5:20
B1 –Aqua Velva "Schau Dabei Nicht Auf Die Uhr" 3:40
B2 –und Piloten "Umsturz" 4:00
B3 –Strafe Für Rebellion "Blaue Mlg" 4:20
B4 –Europa "Dein Zauber" 3:45
B5 –Shampoo (2) Frühling 0:30
B6 –S.Y.P.H. Wie Ein Filmriß 7:20
B7 –S.Y.P.H. Herrlich Anonym 2:26

Thursday 12 October 2017

Various Artists ‎– Der Klar! 80/81 Sampler (Klar! 80 ‎– buhuu 7) 1981

More incredibly obscure German New Wave/post punk/minimal electronica from impossibly obscure German New Wave/Post Punk/Electronic groups on the unbelievably overlooked cult cassette label Klar!80.
We've heard a few of these natives of the Dusseldorf area before on the "Massa" compilation and the other Klar!80 compilations,but as always there are some new gems unearthed, like 'Klang Da' and cut rate Neubauten clones 'Hans'.


A1 –X-Wo / Der Papst -Untitled
A2 –Hans -Untitled
A3 –Roter Stern Belgrad -Untitled
A4 –Eraserhead -Untitled
A5 –Klang Da -Untitled
A6 –Dilette -Untitled

A7 -P.Projekta / G.Ranzz - M1-12
B8 –Klang Da -Untitled
B9 –Plan X-Untitled
B10 –Eraserhead -Untitled
B11 –Hans-Untitled
B12 –Roter Stern Belgrad-Untitled
B13 -Der Rest -Untitled

Wednesday 11 October 2017

Various ‎– "Klar! 80 Sampler 2 - Sample And Hold" (Klar! 80 ‎– buhuu 11) 1980

The same three bands who were on the "Massa" triple 12" release on Klar!80 can be found on this cassette compilation from the same legendary Dusseldorf based cassette label.
They are inevitably joined by more german post punk greatness from the Neue Deutsche Welle flood around 1980. The Bimbo Band are particularly fine I may add.

DOWNLOAD loud and Klar HERE!

Blässe / EKG / Roter Stern Belgrad ‎– "Massa" (Klar! 80 ‎– Klar! I/1/2/3) 1981

This 3x12"-set in printed dispatch box,like a teutonic cardboard version of "Metal Box",featured three groups from Dusseldorf' with styles varying from Jazzy Punk, to Gang Of Four influenced post-punk,to minimal electronic.
Blässe are the ones to slap the 'Jazz' label on because they have a Saxophone in the line-up;but it has more to do with american No-Wave than anything Jazzy.
EKG are more your conventional minimal Post-Punk outfit,with a tight rhythm section ,choppy guitar and barked vocals.Kinda like DAF meets Delta 5......a fine combination methinks?
Roter Stern Belgrad are the least dated sounding band here. They could be from 2017, with their analogue minimal electronic bleeps and squelches.I could imagine the cool kids dancing to this.....whether that's a recommendation I doubt it,but it is an observation on its timelessness.
Altogether I can't fault this shared cardboard extravaganza.None of these bands were ever heard of again beyond a few compilation appearances and live tapes.......now that,I like. 

A1 –Blässe "Zitteraal" 2:45
A2 –Blässe "Bora" 4:41
A3 –Blässe "No Oberbilk" 2:13
B1 –Blässe "De-Montage" 3:28
B2 –Blässe "Ready Made" 3:08
B3 –Blässe "Blaue Orange" 2:10
C1 –EKG "Liebeslied" 3:56
C2 –EKG "Niemand Ist Sieger" 2:41
C3 –EKG "Muscheln/Schnecken" 2:23
D1 –EKG "Immer" 5:30
D2 –EKG "24 Bilder" 3:19
E1 –Roter Stern Belgrad "Wegwerfliebling" 5:27
E2 –Roter Stern Belgrad "Abend Stern Chant" 5:21
F1 –Roter Stern Belgrad "Afars & Issas" 7:20

Monday 9 October 2017

Einstürzende Neubauten ‎– "2 x 4" [ROIR (Reachout International Records) ‎– A-133] 1984

A bunch of live Neubauten recorded at various places during 1982, approaching the peak period for the group,and released on american cassette only label ROIR. They were in the process of recording their next album ,"Zeichnungen Des Patienten O.T." for 'Some Bizarre', which saw their rising star fall as the music press didn't receive it very magnanimously.After the brutal headkicking of 'Kollaps' it had seemed like a disappointment.It was indeed all downhill from here, as they became more controlled and structured,as they slipped uncomfortably down the slippery slope to avant-garde acceptability,and coffee table favourites for bank managers everywhere.It happens to the best of us I suppose?

A1, A4: Belgium 1982
A2: Berlin 1983
A3: Hamburg 1980
B1 to B3: Berlin 1982
B4: Amsterdam 1982


A1 Fleisch "Blut/Haut" Knochen
A2 Sehnsucht (Nie Mehr)
A3 Womb
A4 Krach Der Schlagenden Herzen
B1 Armenisch Bitter
B2 Zum Tier Machen
B3 Sehnsucht (Still Stehend)
B4 Durstige Tiere

Einstürzende Neubauten ‎– "Stahldubversions" (Eisengrau ‎– Rip Off ‎– Rip 6) 1982

Neubauten in dub, or New Buildings in dub; rather like a German reference to Pere Ubu's observations on housing in the United Kingdom, "Dub Housing". The same kind of dub housing in post war Germany was referred to as 'Neubauten'. So Dubbing up the group that bears the same name as those prefabbed hutches was the next logical step.
Hitting a large steel fuel tank with a sledge hammer just asks to be fed through a Roland Space echo and tweaked,and its done to great effect on this C-20.But unlike reggae based dub, these tracks sit up and beg your ears for attention, and don't outstay their welcome.
A Lot of these recordings formed the basis for later tracks:
"Liebesdub" is a variation of "Jet'm".
"Sado-Masodub" is basically "Tanz Debil" from 'Kollaps'.
"Rivieradub" was used on "Zeichnungen des Patienten O.T."
"Mikrobendub" is an early version of "Mikroben".

Sunday 8 October 2017

Einstürzende Neubauten ‎– "Stahlmusik" (Eisengrau ‎– 1002, Rip Off ‎) 1980

Steel music (Stahlmusik), it says on the label to accurately describe the non-music registered on the cassette tape within. The early version of this album even had a steel case, like Metal Box, but in a cassette version.
Yes they used their environment's raw materials to create this racket.As African tribesmen make drums from hollowed out trees etc, Neubauten used Industrial waste, like suspension springs,steel pipes, industrial plastic containers, shopping carts  and old fuel tanks.The west's traditional folk instrument, the electric guitar, also makes an appearance, more as a percussion instrument than a thing of melody. Its a form of ethnic expression, a post industrial age folk music.
The name translates,as if you didn't know, as 'Collapsing New Buildings'; which is appropriate, as this group were,along with Throbbing Gristle, responsible for collapsing the Rock'n'Roll myth....until they became 'Rock Stars' that is!?

A1 Energie
A2 Eisenmolekül
A3 Alphabet
A4 Tier
B1 Schönheit Der Geschwindigkeit
B2 Arbeit
B3 Kein Bestandteil Sein
B4 Kristallines Eisen
B5 Gut(Mit Dem Kopf An Die Wand)

Saturday 7 October 2017

Einstürzende Neubauten ‎– "Live In Kunstkopfstereo" (Eisengrau ‎C-46) 1980

So, after Die Haut and Nick Cave,we naturally move on to where the Cave man found another future 'Bad Seed'.Namely Blixa Bargeld,guitar scratcher and cat impressionist with Einstürzende Neubauten.This is an early cassette recorded at the first Neubauten show at the "Moon" club in West Berlin on April 'fools' day 1980.
Don't expect any power tools and percussion instruments made from Industrial junk here.They were a far more conventional noise act in those early days;but were soon to do more than any other contemporary pop group,and thats stretching the term somewhat, to deconstruct what a conventional rock/pop group could be.

Friday 6 October 2017

Die Haut ‎– "Burnin' The Ice" (Paradoxx Records ‎– PA 5502) 1983

Oh Dear, it's say "Contains Shocking Lyrics" on the sticker. Whether that means shockingly bad lyrics or otherwise I wouldn't like to say, but they were contributed and sung by none other than the Van Morrison of Gothic Crooners himself, Mr Nicholas Cave.
The Birthday Party had made a fashion statement by moving to West Berlin to fit in with their tiresome 'miserable sod' image. It was there that Mr Cave met The Skin(die Haut)....sounds like a terrible schlock horror film. 
The results of this conflagration are somewhat better than most of the Birthday Party back catalogue.
This is where Cave found his drummer victim, Thomas Wydler, for his endlessly repeating 'Bad Seeds' project.


A1 Stow-A-Way 7:14
A2 Tokyo Express 2:57
A3 Truck Love 3:51
B1 The Victory 3:43
B2 Pleasure Is The Boss 3:50
B3 Dumb Europe 6:30
B4 This Flame Will Never Die 1:18

Thursday 5 October 2017

Die Haut ‎– "Schnelles Leben" (Monogam ‎– 008) 1982

Die Haut, or translated, The Skin, were/are a Berlin group who played some kind of disjointed Post-Punk surf music instrumentals,with more than a nod towards Captain Beefheart's Magic Band. Contained a future 'Bad seed' on drums apparently.
Good stuff.


A1 Wilde Pferde 0:57
A2 Our Captain Speaking 1:51
A3 Spanisches Öl 1:10
A4 A. Karina 4:27
B1 Gefährliche Nächte 3:48
B2 Ticket Brasil-New York 1:57
B3 (Never Going Back To) 5th Avenue 3:38

Abwärts ‎– "Der Westen Ist Einsam" (Mercury ‎– 6435 155) 1982

As Abwärts seem to be unexpectedly popular, it seems logical to post the second ,and major label released, studio album. Which is an altogether more polished product than their debut;but still an entertaining example of the West German post-punk world.I'm always suspicious of a garish/glossy album sleeve.Stinks of over-investment, albeit an investment i'm sure Mercury/polygram never got back....I hope.


A1 Beim Erstenmal Tut's Immer Weh 3:08
A2 Papier 1:43
A3 Stein 3:39
A4 Das Wort Zum Sonntag 4:45
A5 Aus Einem Gartenhaus 3:24
B1 Agent 2:27
B2 Deprimiert 2:27
B3 Sei Froh 3:38
B4 Tierlieb 3:22
B5 Affentanz 3:00

Wednesday 4 October 2017

Abwärts ‎– "Amok Koma" (Zickzack ‎– ZZ 10) 1980

From the city that gave us the Beatles, Hamburg, came Abwärts in about 1980. Their greatest contribution to pop music was that they provided a couple of members of Einsturzende Neubauten.
Abwärts themselves were a standard German Post-Punk band who sang in that slightly annoying German raspy timbre that was well suited for barking orders, but not for singing pop, or Punk; rather grates on the ears.
Nonetheless, cheese grater voices aside, the music is reasonably inventive and reminds one of Wire, with bits of Pink Flag and the more punky parts of "Chairs Missing".
I've added single "Computerstaat" to the end of the vinyl rip by the way.
Ps..a small largely irrelevant item of interest is,I remember that photo that they nicked for the cover. There was also a small child falling with the girl.I'm pleased to say the child survived the fall by, unfortunately, landing on the young lady featured here, who alas died!


Maschinenland 2:57
Karo 1/4 08/15 Hoch 2 0:34
Monday On My Mind 2:38
Shanghai Stinker 2:45
Bel Ami 2:01
Verzählt 2:58
Softly Softly 1:58
Unfall 4:00
Mehr 4:27
Türkenblues 3:52
Neon Kind 3:20
Ich Bin Stumm 2:16
Japan - Live 3:52

Computerstaat 3:11

Tuesday 3 October 2017

S.Y.P.H. ‎– "S.Y.P.H." (Pure Freude ‎– PF 15) 1981

No it's not cif's debut album repackaged, it's their third(?) LP with the same title as the first....such imagination.I do however like the idea of naming all your albums after yourself, like Peter Gabriel did on at least for three occasions in his back catalogue. S.Y.P.H did it only twice. The first eponymous album from the year before was more forward looking than this one strangely enough. This 1981 self-titled outing sounds like Can's "Soon Over Babaluma"(not one of their best I may add), especially the side long 'Little Nemo'.It even has Holgar Czukay on Bass and in the producers chair.So S.Y.P.H. managed to become their favourite group's younger and dumber brother within a couple of years of trying.Some going that.

A1 Die Deep 1:18
A2 Hänschen Horror 1:11
A3 Lämmerschwanz 1:57
A4 Nachbar 12:39
A5 Satarasch 2:52
B Little Nemo 18:03

Monday 2 October 2017

S.Y.P.H. ‎– "Pst" (Pure Freude ‎– PF06CK3) 1980

Cif get pissed?
Whether it's pissed in the British sense of the word, in other words, Drunk; or, in the American sense ,Angry?.....more likely it's the onomatopoeic version, 'psst',as a whispered noise to gain someone's attention. Maybe they should have made a louder noise, because hardly anyone knew Syph existed.
Holger Czukay(RIP), he of CAN, knew they existed, because he produced/mixed and played on this record. And the group reciprocated by playing on his 1981 miesterwerk,"On The Way To The Peak Of Normal"(which you can find by clicking here).
This is SYPH's best record I reckon, so H.C. must have sprinkled his magic CANned fairy dust over the group and the music alike.In fact there are a few tunes that have a certain late period CAN feel about them, among the decidedly post-punk tuneage that dominates the first half of the album.


A1 Euroton 0:52
A2 Einsam In Wien (Lustlos) 5:32
A3 Moderne Romantik 3:01
A4 Lametta 3:50
A5 Modell 1:47
A6 Alpha & Vieta 1:35
A7 Nachbar 3:15
B1 Regentanz 8:43
B2 Stress 6:45
B3 Do The Fleischwurst 4:26

Sunday 1 October 2017

S.Y.P.H. ‎– "S.Y.P.H." (Pure Freude ‎– PF 04 CK 2,) 1980

S.Y.P.H. obviously had pretensions to move beyond their musical ability and quickly marched on from incompetent Punk Rock to incompetent Post Punk, with a splash of Disco? The B-side of this album betrays an obvious flirtation with their Krautrock forebears; something that had been echoed in British post punk at around the same time.So does that make this a fashionable statement for 1980 or a healthy display of inspired development? Probably both.


A1 Zurueck Zum Beton 1:58
A2 Industrie-Maedchen 1:24
A3 Lachleute & Nettmenschen 2:15
A4 Unreif Für Die Zukunft 1:54
A5 Mercedes 1:22
A6 Chess Challenger 3:09
A7 What Happens? 2:44
A8 Heute Norm - Morgen Tod 1:45
A9 Untitled 1:28
B1 Partir 3:50
B2 Kein Ziel 12:32
B3 Kisuaheli 7:17

S.Y.P.H. ‎– "Viel Feind, Viel Ehr" (Pure Freude ‎– PF 001) 1979

If there was ever a good reason for the UK to leave the EU(and there isn't by the way!),it would have to be the homogenizing of product names so they can be pronounced in all languages. So, all those classic British products of the seventies got their names changed. For example, Marathon became the awful "Snickers", "Opal Fruits" became the even more terrible "Starburst", "Oil of Ulay", became "Oil Of Olay"(!?), and 'Jif' ,the lemon scented mild abrasive surface cleaner, became fucking "Cif"!....which just so happens to be the way to pronounce S.Y.P.H. .....yes, 'Cif' not 'Jif'.
S.Y.P.H.themselves,not 'Cif',were an early German 'punk' group rather than a lemon scented bog cleaner, and they produced this very D.I.Y. sounding EP in 1979.It's largely a very rudimentary attempt to emulate a 'punk' sound, but with a hefty nod backwards toward the better 'Krautrock' combos, in what appears to be someone's living room.Track 1 has the classic white kids try to do reggae but end up with some completely abstract version of that lilting Jamaican riddim;like The Stranglers "Peaches" or The Clash's hatchet job of "Police and Thieves".Nearly every 'Punk' band made an attempt,but only maybe "The Ruts" could actually achieve it;maybe because they were secretly excellent musicians (Boo!).
I'm sure S.Y.P.H. is an acronym for something,and there were even tongue-in-cheek explanations put forward by the group;but the real version will probably remain a mystery......and so it should.


A1 Industrie-Maedchen
A2 Europa
B1 Moderne Romantik
B2 Klammheimlich