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Crash Course In Science ‎– "Crash Course In Science" (Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD67) 1979-81/2009

"Kitchen Motors", as played on the John Peel Show back in '79,was one of those epiphanal moments on the peel show, between the crap reggae and anecdotes about shagging schoolgirls in the sixties, when everything stops, and you think, or even say,"What the Fuck was that?"One of those "What the fuck was that?" moments,that ranked up there with hearing such delights as Blah Blah Blah's "In The Army" for the first time; high praise indeed.
This is electronic avant-pop as it should sound.Starkly minimal futurism without the boiler suits.Raw analogue circuit frying electronic bleeps and clangs,played by hand.Augmented by wired up toy instruments and Kitchen appliances, blending a kind of electronic folk music for an imagined modern age of the near future.It still sounds like the future to these ears;a preferable one to the version we are going to get,where the only drones we will get are the surveillance drones circling your suburban hutch,packed to the rafters with information gathering tech........for your own 'security' of course.
This download includes everything this fine trio recorded,plus vinyl rips of their two official ep's from the groups actual lifetime.So think yourself blessed this is available below,accessed by just one click with your mouse finger. Now that IS technology put to a good use; hopefully it comes to you without any porn links or tempting messages from some charming capitalist.
This is the Future.A Future with mobile phones,smart phones, talking tablet computers,automatic doors(all first seen on Star Trek) and the internet; technological marvels, yes? But what do we do with them? Gossip,buy crap,order Russian Brides, and watch Pornography.
The only other thing that came true fifties and sixties scienec fiction is that we are listening to Crash Course in Science, with their buzzy, boingy,electro fuzz anti-music of the 21st century.The only problem being, that it was made in the 1970's; and only now is it being appreciated.

Oh yes, they came from Philadelphia by the way,and I don't know what their favourite colour was,is,or will be.


Signals From Pier Thirteen
A1 Cardboard Lamb
A2 Crashing Song
A3 Flying Turns
A4 Factory Forehead

Bonus Track
A5 Pompeii Spared (Original Demo Version)

Bonus Tracks: 1981 Demos
B1 Near Marineland
B2 Second Glance
B3 It Cost's To Be Austere
B4 No More Hollow Doors
B5 Force The Habit
B6 Jump Over Barrels

  Live Recordings

Opening For Phillip Glass Ensemble, Harrison Auditorium_University Museum, Philadelphia, Pa. November 15, 1980
C1 Crashing Song
C2 Cardboard Lamb
C3 Alarm
C4 Digital Information
C5 Two Panes Of Glass
C6 Pompeii Spared
C7 Pressure Point
C8 Basic Device
C9 Mechanical Breakdown

FOPPEM Electronic Music Festival, Tucc Cinematheque, Philadelphia, Pa. December 19, 1981
D1 Near Marineland
D2 Someone Reads
D3 Jump Over Barrels
D4 No More Hollow Doors
D5 Sputnik In Orbit
D6 Cardboard Lamb
D7 Second Glance

Near Marineland
E1 Near Marineland
E2 Second Glance
E3 It Cost's To Be Austere
E4 No More Hollow Doors
E5 Force The Habit
E6 Someone Reads
E7 Jump Over Barrels
F1 Pompeii Spared
F2 Near Marineland Remix
F3 Second Glance Remix
F4 Jump Over Barrels Remix

Cakes In The Home
G1 Cakes In The Home
G2 Kitchen Motors
G3 Mechanical Breakdown

Rehearsal Tapes
G4 Streetcar 4 A.M.
H1 Bumpster
H2 Beat Filter_Instro
H3 Wait A Minute

DOWNLOAD a crash course in a crash course in science HERE!


Adriano said...

Said it before and i'll repeat it: I am obsessed with your blog. Is there any chance to see any Kosmonatentraum on here? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Absolute brilliance. Have both vinyl releases but I'm hoping the sonic quality of this is better than my poor vinyl. This is the sort of record that would languish in the record shop bins for way too long. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

I often wonder -if I was filthy rich, would I buy all Vinyl-On-Demand releases?

Thanks a million Jonny for this and all your incredible posts.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Its ironic that you have to be filthy rich to buy the stuff on VOD that was mostly available originally either for nothing, or very cheap.Like football its only available for the rich when it was designed for the proletariat! another example of the disenfranchisement of the slave class.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Kosmonautentraum you say? Ok,as you're obsessed with my blog(a good thing i reckon)i got a couple of singles and a live tape.
Just posted it.

Carl said...

Amazing release from the best blog still kicking around. Keep on bringing these obscure gems!

Jonny Zchivago said...

This is top ten stuff compared to what i've got lined up next.....Spanish industrial anyone?

aboynamedstew said...

thank you. i just had a "what the hell was that?" moment on youtube, and this blog delivers an answer once again!

NERI DA ROSA said...