Friday 8 April 2016

Robert Lawrence ‎– "Soundstorms" (Quick Stab ‎– Prod 14) 1982

Got a bit bored of blogging leading to a notable lack of posts.....i'm only human allegedly.Tell that to my ex-birds, who think I am an emotional Android......sshhhhh....I am an emotional android and proud of it.One of 'em used to call me Spock; who wasn't an Android by the way, but a highly efficient Vulcan/Human hybrid, often let down by his human side.....I'd like to think that's me, but I'm fucking shit at da maffs innit?!
So here's a popular one to break the silence; the prolific bedroom synthesist Rob Lawrence from the west country south wales area of that sceptered isle which once owned the world,lost the world, then owned the world of modern music and popular culture in general. At least we've got something to be proud of in this cesspit of shame.
On a topical note,Cameron/Putin shouldn't have wasted their money on offshore investments in the Virgin Isles; they should have bought a pile of UK DIY tapes, because these Objects D'Art have risen in value incrementally by nigh on one thousand percentage points since they were virtually given away back in the day. An onshore investment worthy of any working class tax avoider worth his or her salt.
Those familiar with the veritable wine-lake of work by Rob Lawrence will know what to expect. Beaucoup de musique electronique of a Lo-fidelity flavour;lo-budget, but Hi-quality. "Soundstorms" is erring on the experimental Krautrock influenced edge of the sonic pizza, crispy but with under cooked toppings,light on cheese with extra Anchovy's. 


A1 Soundstorm One
A2 Telephonemuzak
B1 Beach Head
B2 House Work
B3 Demagnetised
B4 Soundstorm Two

DOWNLOAD a storm of sound HERE!