Saturday, 8 February 2014

Minóy - "Ejaculations,Paris 1919" (Sound of Pig SOP 213) 1986

The prolific world of Minóy brings us, inevitably, to the Random Classical music with Industrial Noise in a concrete mixer album.We've all got one of these in us somewhere, and this is his take on that endearingly unpopular sub-genre. This is how I like my classical music, chopped up with various vegetables, and lashings of harsh Industrial sauce........mmmmmmm.....spiceeeeeeeeehhhhhh!
The 'Night in Berlin' side, is a tad more on the 3a.m. in the U-Bahn side of things.
One note organ solo's, as heard along one thousand metres of steel tube, accompanied by the scraping of steel wheels on steel rails and the arcing of elctrodes after midnight.
Minóy never did a crap tape; this is why he is totally forgotten in a world that never appreciates true boundary scretching until the protagonist is long dead,or good looking. And lets face it, good looking people don't do shit in this darwinian existence of ours! That's Natural Law!

DOWNLOAD minoy's ejaculations HERE!

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