Saturday, 1 February 2014

E.g. Oblique Graph – "Inalt" (Kinematograph Tapes KT003) 1983

Drum machine and EQ knob twiddling through roland space echo overlaid by obscure, but probably political tape recordings= Track one.
Single note synth sequence + more knob twiddling + more tapes + roland space echo = Track two.
Make good background music to a Tarkovski psychological space epic.
It isn’t any wonder Bryn Jones made an album a day, this is probably the simplest music ever invented,simpler than even ‘the drone’? But it is so effective. If only we had the foresight to record everything we doodled about with in the studio, instead of binning it.Then we’d all have a back catalogue of 200 albums.
This kind of single-mindedness is something I admire greatly.
Something I don’t admire greatly is banging on one political message for all eternity, for here we have the first real mention of things Islamic.
One doesn’t have to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut……….. we get it! Some of us even get it the first time!
Just in case there’s some infidel-o-phobe out there who thinks i am anti-muslim….1/ Shut Up!, 2/ I am anti-any religious group, 3/ I am against ethic cleansing in the West Bank,and…. 4/ against any Western interference in Islamic Countries, and vice versa.
Hope that clears up my political stance so we can concentrate on the ensuing career of the late Mr Bryn Jones.

Track Listing:

Islamic Koran In Camera Dome 8:51
Rapid White Flag On Snapshot Blur 9:56


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