Wednesday, 26 February 2014

William S. Burroughs + Brion Gysin + P.Orridge - (Cold Spring Tapes CS 006) 1989

A bizarre tape collage, featuring interviews, readings and various sound experiment pieces,with/or by Brion Gysin, Bill Burroughs, and Genesis P. Orridge. The innovators of what became to be known as Industrial culture.
Dunno what the date of some of these interviews are,as it was released three years after Gysin's death!
But, it does contain some interesting insights on the origins of the "Cut-up" technique of writing(born on a Cold Spring morning in Paris 1958; is this the origin of the Cold spring Record label title?), and how it influenced a teenage Genesis.

Build your very own Brion Gysin Dream Machine HERE!

They used to have tonnes of tapes like this at the much missed Compendium Books on Camden High Street, London, which is where this was probably from. A bookstore that lives on in memory. Allen Ginsburg read there. Kathy Acker worked there. Stewart Home lived in the basement (not literally). The greatest collection of counter-culture books on everything from Trotsky to tattooing.Altogether, a fine portal of alternative information that was forced to close by free market pressures and the advent of that bloody Internet thingy.

DOWNLOAD this cold spring HERE!


Pisŧöff said...

Thanks Jonny. More Gysin poetry here:



shivadescending said...

Hey, that's a picture of my copy! ;) Taken off of discogs I guess

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah, i think so.Why fart around with cameras?

Nick said...

Yup, on my rare trips to London, a visit to Compendium was a must. A friend of a friend worked in the Waterstones nearest Compendium and would go in there to 'see what we should be stocking.'

Truly sad to see its demise as there is no better thing than a bookshop which stocks stuff you won't see anywhere else

Anonymous said...

On what cassettes have been recording the records? Interviews + Readings?

Jonny Zchivago said...