Wednesday 19 February 2014

Unkommuniti ‎–"Brutality Of Fact" (Black Dwarf Wreckordings bdbg1) 1984

Unkommuniti released a 'proper' record too, on 7inch black vinyl. Just as they were late coming to the Industrial Noise party, they managed to release an Industrial Percussion single at about the time everyone got sick of metal banging. But with the advantage of a 30 year distance between us and the industrial fashionista's of 1984, we can judge this record objectively. The title track, includes said Urban percussion, along with a sea of fuzz accompanying wobbly classical records; producing a rather attractive melange. The B-sides are a more subtle, percussion-less, dark ambient version of this over populated genre. Much more in the Konstruktivits strain of things. Nicely doomy.

Track Listing: 

A Brutality Of Fact
B1 Wall Of Sleep [Soundtrack]
B2 The Price Of Your Entry Is Sin

DOWNLOAD the brutality of fact HERE!

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