Saturday, 8 February 2014

Joseph Nechvatal - "True and False" - (XOX Tapes XOX001) 1985

Nechvatal goes for the reorganization angle again, sifting through the dirt of the old world and making a new one. Some crap inevitably gets through, but it becomes crap as seen with a new perspective. Not even his old work escapes the treatment, as it gets blended with New Order, Eno,Miles Davis,and Ghostbusters, to create a mass culture cocktail, guaranteed both to repulse and attract. A perfect example of having to destroy to create, like a city rising from the ashes of a damn good carpet bombing.......unless that city happens to be Coventry in the UK; which needed to be bombed again after it was rebuilt. But there's no end to the deconstruction and reconstruction process.Everything is a work in progress in life's unfinished symphony. Rip it up and start again, said some half famous scottish wit (or famous scottish half-wit?),some time ago; it's time we ripped it up, liquidised it, mashed it, flushed it, swallowed it,shat it out,spread it on toast,fed it to the dog, and started again!

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