Sunday, 16 February 2014

Merzbow - "Solonoise 1" (Lowest Music & Arts Records) 1982

What an unrelenting god-awful racket this is.......superb!
Like a cavernous Cement mixer full of scrap steel, gravel, oil drums,and barely functioning TV sets. Frequently heard are the death rattles of oil tankers as they break their backs and sink into the deepest trench of the Atlantic Ocean. Imagine Merzbow as the band playing on the Titanic, as the stearage class passengers and the Rats scramble to keep clear of the approaching sea water on a rapidly elevating you're getting somewhere near the impact of this timeless music. I am full of admiration for any artist like Masami Akita, who plough the same furrow for thirty years, oblivious to the neigh sayers and the also-rans, to try and push humanity forward. Carrying on in what he believes in when others have fallen.
Slowly this is becoming the Pop music of the 23rd century, the hits of post-extinction Earth, when the Human Animal has become a distant memory.

Track Listing:

Side A Untitled 23.00
Side B Untitled 23.00

plus bonus Track from Merzbox "Untitled 3" (22.21)

DOWNLOAD one this Solonoise HERE!


Mr. P said...

I have dropped by your site from time to time to pick up assorted items like Jandek or SBB etc, but I now have some time to dig through the archives and am blown away by the depth and crazy rarity/obscurity of your collection.


Jonny Zchivago said...

Pleased you're digging it and digging deeper.Yeah there's a lot on here,...the hardest part is keeping it all active....100% active to my knowledge.