Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Various Artists‎– "Sudden Departure" (Recloose Organisation ‎– LOOSE 001) 1982

Classic 'Industrial' compilation on Bourbonese Qualk's own Recloose Organisation label.Featuring such classic artists as Colin Potter, Bryn Jones(E.G.Oblique Graph),and Phillip Johnson.Even Lol Coxhill makes an appearance!Rather marvellous.
The first release from Bourbonese Qualk's RecLoose Organisation label was a compilation release intended to be followed up by albums by each of the artists. the album included works by lol coxhill, eg oblique graph (muslimgauze), new 7th music, la fondation, colin potter and Bourbonese Qualk with two early pieces; " i've heard some talk" and "the women and the sun" recorded in 1981.
"One of my favorite early '80s compilation albums was "Sudden Departure" on the RecLoose label. Bladder Flask (one Richard Rupenus a.k.a. Funeral Danceparty) was featured on a few of the very best tracks, as were Bourbonese Qualk and EG Oblique Graph, who would later change names to Muslimgauze. I already love this album to pieces!" [Jeff Gibson]


A1 La Fondation "Cat Sisters"
A2 La Fondation Petit Meurtre
A3 Bladder Flask Did Debussy Wear An Anorak?
A4 New 7th Music Forever
A5 Bourbonese Qualk I've Heard Some Talk (No You Don't!)
A6 Mental Aardvarks Radio Caroline North
A7 Colin Potter Soul Train
A8 Paul Kelday Somewhere Over The Rainbow
A9 Peter Northz (At Home), The Can't See The Trees For The Pope
B1 E.g Oblique Graph Affirm/Deny
B2 Bourbonese Qualk The Woman And The Sun
B3 Lol Coxhill Bim 80
B4 La Fondation Holidays En Espana
B5 Bladder Flask You Can Slap Me Or Sleep With Me But Don't Call Me A Crust (I Insist)
B6 La Fondation Lettre Au Procureur
B7 E.g Oblique Graph Human Rights
B8 Bourbonese Qualk Apart From That Mrs. Lincoln, Did You Enjoy The Play?
B9 Philip Johnson Entertainment



Devyn Smith said...

4 tracks into this and listening to the gorgeous 'Forever' by New 7th Music... oh my I love this record!!!!!! I tend to get a bit frustrated with a lot of industrial because I just desire some more shapes than just the metallic sort of drone paint that so often gets smeared across the soundscape... but this is not like that! At all! This is probably a contender for one of my favorite postings on the always brilliant Die or D.I.Y.? !

Jonny Zchivago said...

I am touched Vero.
I have to agree with you also,about Industrial music and this record.
I have to admit I forgot about it until Philip Johnson (see track 18) reminded me of it.
In fact look out for Philips first release for about twenty years on sister blog year Zero Records, very soon. Its good.

Pisŧöff said...


-Theo Roosevelt

Jonny Zchivago said...

Thats rather harsh Mr Roosevelt!

Franklin D. Rockafella