Friday 27 February 2015

Leibstandarte SS MB ‎– "Triumph Of The Will" (Come Organisation ‎– WDC 881015) 1981

A fuzzy rumbling noise fest wasn't attention seeking enough for William Bennett,he of Essential Logic, Whitehouse and the Come Organisation. So why not overdub a load of speeches by the higher echelons of the National Socialist and German Workers Party? The logic was essentially to create notoriety, but creatively a pretty uninspiring recipe.
 MB (Maurizio Bianchi) had delivered two of his usual noisy symphonies for  Come Org to release; but Bennett decided to firstly overdub speeches by Goebbels and uncle Adolf,and then add Leibstandarte SS to MB's name. Which I understand was Hitlers personal SS bodyguard unit. This kind of thing could muddy one's reputation!  Largely, it has been seen basically as a bad publicity stunt,and has gone to reside in the bad taste draw. 
Personally, I would have preferred the noise to have been mixed higher and the speeches a lot fact not there at all. I never play this record ,because it just sounds like a record of Nazi Speeches,rather than Industrial noise. A bit of a half-arsed hatchet job if you ask me.


A -Triumph Of The Will (18:32 )

B - To Birkenau (18:44) 

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Thursday 26 February 2015

M.B.(Maurizio Bianchi) - "Endometrio" (Self-Released cassette) 1982

Side one is a microphone without a windshield taped to a tree in a force ten gale.....with echo.
Side two is a pneumatic drill hammering away at the inside of a metal water tank,in a force ten echo.
Basically, two more noise-scapes that wouldn't be out of place in a brain washing facility at the re-education center.There's one near you.


A Endometrio (1980)  (23:10)
B Endemetrio (1981)  (23:36)

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Wednesday 25 February 2015

M.B.(Maurizio Bianchi) ‎– "Regel" (Self Released Cassette) 1982l

Are we listening to a record stuck in the run off groove collecting more and more dust? A close miked divers helmet with its occupant struggling for breath? An automatic weapon rapid firing in a enclosed steel clad box?.....possibly all these things,but essentially it's another masterful noise-scape from Maurizio Bianchi.Have a nice day!


A Untitled 23:33
B Untitled 23:00

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Tuesday 24 February 2015

MB (Maurizio Bianchi) ‎– "Technology2" (self released cassette) 1981

The Godfather of Italian Industrial is ,of course Maurizio Bianchi, better known as MB. A master of the dysfunctional fuzzy glitch on a grand scale. His compositions remind one of a system on the verge of breaking down irreversibly.Never has there been a time since WW2 that this music has been more appropriate.Play this tape while this metaphorical Rome is burning.MB was there at the start of something,but his compositions sound like the end of something else.The final word in Industrial noise-scapes.

Track Listing:

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Monday 23 February 2015

Laxative Souls (LXSS) ‎– "Twist And Decease" (Multiple Configuration ‎– LXSS A) 1982

This is a far superior album to the "Desinfektionraum" album. A lot denser fog of fuzzy noise and ,as far as I can see, no mention of Nazi's.......hang on,"Nacht Und Nebel  7-12-1941" has got to be some atrocity reference.....i could google it,but I'll leave it to you if you want to. I'll deduct a point for that.
Top quality sinister-ish Italian know what to expect!


A Off Komarov 31:45
B1 Introduction Sych 7:49
B2 Xanthous Yahoo 5:38
B3 Niccolai 2:50
B4 << Nacht Und Nebel >> 7-12-1941 6:28
B5 U. I. K. ? 8:34


Sunday 22 February 2015

LXSS (Laxative Souls) ‎– "Desinfektionsraum" (Multiple Configuration ‎– LXSS G) 1984

Oh fucking 'ell, Nazi influenced track titles.....Yawn! Arbeit Macht Frei......Groan!......From the home of Fascism and the only country to declare war on all sides in WW2......yep, its more Italian Industrial,from the awfully monikered 'Laxative Souls'(aka Roberto Marinelli);thankfully contracted to LXSS.If it couldn't get any worse, there's some Porn loops as well!Predictably of a female's sex groans. So no prizes guessing(not gassing) as to the demographic this record is aimed.That's right, the almost exclusively male, Industrial fan.The Loner with a Boner,in between viewings of 'Shoah',and bashing the bishop to some saucy  internet mucky movie.
Tired clichés ,they may have been, by 1984.If you like Industrial music,it will not disappoint.As it says on Wikipaedia:"He(Roberto Marinelli) mainly worked with raw electronics, distorted vocals, concrete sounds, self assembled electronic circuits, and sample sources, such as news broadcasts, documentaries and recordings"(!?);you mean,like every other single fucking Industrial group? However it would have been improved by dropping the Nazi angle,or at least making it a bit more subtle.
Can't fault the cover though,a fine piece of art indeed.


A1 "N. N." 9:46
A2 Arbeit Macht Frei 13:56
A3 Genickschuss 7:11
B Stehzelle 30:34

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Saturday 21 February 2015

Zona Industriale ‎– "Neutro" (ADN TAPES 13) 1985

Italy seemed to be Europe's second power in the bulging Industrial shoebox.One of the lesser known exponents of the genre was one Zona Industriale.Not a very imaginative group name,but they made a quite attractive minimal style of 'Industrial' music.
Mainly concentrating on singular sounds,with refreshing non-existent use of echo,leaving the noises to breath in a closed room with short fuzzy reverberation bouncing off the wallpaper. No Nazi references to the fore,only Industrial subject matter numbers two and three; Pornography and Cannibalism.I could actually play this more than once,its that good.


Pornografia 21:03
Cannibali In Vetrina 21:00

DOWNLOAD some free italian pornografia HERE!

Friday 20 February 2015

Con-Dom ‎– "A Prince Of Our Disorder" (Sounds For Consciousness Rape ‎– SFCR CD004) 1993

"Con-Dom stands for Control-Domination, and is the one-man industrial noise band of Mike Dando. Con-Dom explores any kind of social tensions and control: political, religious, racial, with an acid, violent and uncompromising attitude. He is well-known in the industrial scene for his furious ravaging vocals and the devastating live performances, in which he turns into a real stage animal."
So it says on Discogs.
I suppose this person is the British equivalent of G.G. Allin?Acting out the role of the most disgusting person on the planet.Spouting racism ,and other vile traits of a bigot,he confronts us with all that is ugly about the human animal.
Frequently attacking and groping audience members; often on the receiving end, as his victims defend themselves, -Dando is attempting to explore the depths of his own personality by more than just flirting with extremes,he actually tries to become them.A kind of musical method acting equivalent in a quest for personal freedom
Control-Domination is the theme. Control, domination, manipulation, organisation ... The forces of control  - mass culture, mass media, mass mentalities.Freedom lies from within, and Con-Dom believes to attain that one has to challenge taboo's and the extremities of human behaviour to discover the pure personality within.
Well, its either that or he's an attention seeking racist sex pervert who places shock value over content.
This album,which consists of a 3" Cd and cassette, is dedicated to T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia),with whom he seems obsessed.
" It is a journey into the realm of the intensely personal - one man's outer struggle and inner search for an individual "faith"; one man's very personal response to the human condition. Lawrence was a remarkable man - an enigmatic outsider who lived a tortured odyssey of physical and spiritual extremes in pursuit of a goal; a way. His life, writings and example are an inspiration to all who crave real freedom".
Personally, I don't wanna go through the Live Con-Dom experience,just as I wouldn't wanna have been beaten up by G.G.Allin, but I'm open to the concept,and the Records aren't too far off the standard of a good Whitehouse release. Nice packaging too.

Track Listing: 

Seven Pillars of Wisdom / Confession of Faith: Live Assault 49 - Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles, USA, 12-10-91.
A1 and B5 - Recorded on The Hellfire Club, KFJC, Los Altos - USA.
A2, A5 - Recorded at The Armpit Gallery, San Francisco - USA.
A3, B3, B6 - Recorded at EPE, Paris - France.
A4, B1, B4  - Recorded at Sensory Lab, Los Angeles - USA.
B1 - Recorded at Jimmy's, Bourdeaux - France.
All recordings made between 15-10-91 and 05-11-92.

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Thursday 19 February 2015

Nails Øv Christ ‎– "Dark Night Of The Soul" (Sound Of Pig ‎– SOP 20) 1986

Sinister,dark ambient scrapings recorded in a steel lined ventilation system ,'with something' lurking at the end of one of the shafts;either obscured by a bend or approaching from behind. Could have been a BBC Radiophonic Workshop soundtrack for a 1970's episode of Dr Who? But no! File under Industrial.
(A rare English artist on Sound Of Pig)


A1 Untitled 2:25
A2 Untitled 2:38
A3 Untitled 4:03
A4 Untitled 2:11
A5 Untitled 2:43
B1 Untitled 4:29
B2 Untitled 2:06
B3 Untitled 4:11
B4 Untitled 3:27

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Wednesday 18 February 2015

Nails Ov Christ ‎– "The Beat Of The Blood" (Freedom In A Vacuum ‎– 025) 1985

Nails Ov Christ are the more dark ambient noise sideline from Trevor Ward of The Grey Wolves. Quite a lot more emphasis on atmosphere rather than the Heavy Industrial violence of his other combo. Sounds of approaching subway trains echo along long tunnel networks,mixed in with the underwater screams of people throwing themselves on the tracks. Jolly stuff,perfect for ridding your house of unwanted guests.


A1 The Raped Execute
A2 Pulsehater
A3 Murderous Advice
A4 Nails & Blood
B1 Creeping Back To Power
B2 In This Cold Blooded Way
B3 The Raped Execute II
B4 Smash The Sinners
B5 Vatican Victims

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Tuesday 17 February 2015

Hunting Lodge ‎– "Harrington Ballroom 09/04/82" (S/M Operations) 1982

Operating out of Port Huron Michigan(dunno where that is,but i imagine its a shithole?).Hunting Lodge were pretty quick off the blocks to do the Industrial thing for Americans.Their first live appearance took place in September 1982 at the Harrington Ballroom inside the Harrington Hotel. The event was recorded on a portable cassette player and would become their first release.
An enjoyably noisy and raw affair ,filled with plenty of Industrial trademarks,scraping electronics,submerged screaming,and the odd Nazi reference.All unleashed in front of a very polite and attentive crowd.


A1 Icepick Method
A2 By The Blood Of Others
A3 Ecce Qui Tollis Peccatta Mundi
A4 Sonderkommando
A5 Four Horsemen
B1 Astral Bell
B2 Mrs. Hagar
B3 Simulation / Stimulation
B4 Gone The Way Of All Flesh

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The Problemist ‎– "Pop Religion Is Love" (A.R.P.H. Tapes ‎– AT 002) 1982

If Pop didn't exist we'd have to invent it, so we did, and now it doesn't exist.The only religion is Money and Fear.The Banking mafia provide the money,and those cesspits of child abuse,the churches,mosques, and synagogues, provide the fear. Which nicely introduces us to the barely controlled No Wave-ish free punk of Problemist.The rudimentary drumming,with emphasis on 'Drum' singular,and the blasts of stream of consciousness sax blowing, reminds one of early Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, before James Chance left to get funky. Less visceral than Lydia Lunch's paint stripping intensity,but effectively primitive in its unstructured chaos. William Davenport,Mr Problemist, wanted to make punk music that sounded like what he thought 'Punk' music should sound like.Which ,one must agree, is the correct, and pure approach to 'punk' philosophy........and I think he has succeeded?


A1 A Thousand
A2 Don't Worry About Me
A3 Why Was I Born
A4 Pop Religion Is Love
A5 Release Of Eden
A6 A Prayer
A7 501
A8 Dear Monica
A9 Your Waiting
A10 No No..
A11 Hundreds Of Virgins
A12 Proper Priestly Training
B1 God Kills Fun
B2 Diet Of Worms
B3 Bolero Crash
B4 Human Accident
B5 Bolero Crash Cont.
B6 Rock Me To Sleep
B7 Superstitions
B8 Hector
B9 5 Minute Affair / Shut The Tape Off

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Monday 16 February 2015

Croiners ‎– "The Relentless Rhythm Of Change" (Jim Tapes ‎– 007) 1988

"The Relentless Rhythm of Change" is, in this epoch of music making, an ironic appellation.But, this process still exists,albeit in recorded form, and is manifest in any Croiners tape; where the music/non-music is in a constant state of flux. Normally a staccato barrage of short, sample filled, blasts; Jim Levine stretches out a few tracks up to the 12 minute barrier of  a modern X-Boxer's attention span. All 'Untitled', all pretty wacky,and most of you will be relieved to hear that I have now run out of Croiners tapes to post. I'm almost more editing of hundreds of untitled sound bursts,heading off my repetitive strain injuries at the pass.
This tape showcases a more ambient minimal synth style, mixed in with the usual sample loops,and bizarre spoken word samples.Thank you Croiners, its been good.


Sunday 15 February 2015

Croiners ‎– "A Sample Of Croiners" (Jim Tapes ‎– 004) 1987

Croiners test the listeners attention spans by including compositions of 4 minutes length,and even push the eight minute barrier! Steady on there! Almost prog pretensions rearing their cape wearing heads there(Does one wear a cape on ones head?). Maybe secretly Mr Levine wears a splendid sparkling cloak style garment  for relaxation of an evening,and plays two samplers at the same time for fun? Is this his "Journey to the Centre of the Earth"? because of the lack of the London Symphony Orchestra,and naff storyline.That and the fact that there is no concept other than being as bizarre and non linear as Anti-Concept album if you will? Place this tape in the same room as Jeff Waynes "War of the Worlds" and it could cause total annihilation of all matter and a gravitational collapse of the history of Pop! Such sweet temptation?Maybe it would be a benevolent act  to press the 'Pop History eraser ' button,and start that exciting ride again, which ended around the silly time that Grunge appeared. It had already become very unexciting and desperate after 1984, coming to a grinding halt in the mid-nineties. Yes, Music is dead as a relevant portal for change, philosophy and innovation. In its current splintered form its lost all direction and meaning,to become,sadly, just "entertainment"(with a little 'e').....and pretty dull entertainment at that.
Would you, press the 'Pop History Eraser Button'?
I for one, don't know what I'm gonna do, because Jeff Wayne's classic cheese opera resides proudly on my iPod,and I wanna have this tape on there too (I don't, however, own a copy of Rick Wakeman's 'Journey To The Centre Of the Earth')! Will this result in my media mass storage device ceasing to exist? If there's any theoretical physicists,or theoretical musicians reading this (I doubt it very much), can you reassure me that this won't happen? But,then again........????

(PS, Deep Purple's "Concerto for Group and Orchestra" anyone? (sigh!)If only there was a 'Deep Purple eraser button'! I think we'd all press that one!)


Untitled 1-17

DOWNLOAD a sample of samplerdelia from Croiners HERE!

Saturday 14 February 2015

Croiners ‎– "Midi Ditties" (Jim Tapes) 1987

41 more untitled musical mash-ups for people with short attention spans. Not too sure if this should have been edited,or left as two whole symphonies to channel surfing.Nevertheless,now you can speed up the surfing even more by exercising your skip button finger,and enhancing the whole experience.
I'll have to admit my attention span was tested severely when chopping this up into tracks....needless to say it took a long time,and I don't wanna repeat the experience. Contrary to popular opinion I do have a life....just.
The music is yer standard Croiners looped electronic mayhem,with lashings of disembodied out of context speech madness. The later tracks,however, tend to lean heavily on the horrible tech of the mid-eighties.Those god-awful digital drum machines,with their 'Real', lifeless, drum samples; recorded by Japanese technicians who seem to have never heard a rock/pop record.This approach worked when the drum sounds were analogue,but when they tried to make a drum machine not sound like a drum machine, it was an unmitigated disaster. Also, Jim Levine catches a case of the "N-n-n-n-n-Nineteen" syndrome,messing about with speech samples like we all did when we first took our Ensoniq Mirage out of its box for the first time. This makes the latter part of this tape sound a bit dated and of its time; but hey, why not?

Track Listing;

Tracks 1-41 - Untitled.

DOWNLOAD many mini midi ditties HERE!

Friday 13 February 2015

Croiners ‎– "Introspective Retrospective Vol. 1" (Jim Tapes ‎– 003) 1987

Another 36(!) untitled fractured electronic ditties,that sound variously like;a microphone without a wind shield in a storm, a rusty oil tanker sliding down an enormous blackboard, and Gary Numan after being hit by a speeding train. All this, and ,of course, many bizarre,maybe even random, speech samples,contained in a hand painted rubber bag, with a photograph, and the negative of the photograph . What more could you desire to pass another boring afternoon in your prison cell?

Track Listing:

Tracks 1-36 - Untitled

DOWNLOAD retrospectively but introspectively HERE!

Thursday 12 February 2015

Croiners ‎– "Music To Listen To Other Tapes By" (Jim Tapes ‎– 005) 1987

Another whole hour of untitled ,looping, loopy samplerdelic nonsense from Jim Levine ,aka Croiners. Random speech samples battle it out with unhinged sound loops to recreate what the Earth must sound like to any alien radio telescope monitoring our microwave filled atmosphere. If they listen closely they will know the shear madness it would be for them to invade and steal our women. No doubt, any alien with any taste would thoroughly enjoy this hypnotic, and frequently very funny C60; yet heed a warning of the inherent madness of the most frightening species in the  Galaxy.

Track Listing:

Side A:

Untitled 1-7

Side B:

Untitled 8-16

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Wednesday 11 February 2015

Croiners ‎– "Learning To Live With Croiners" (Sound Of Pig ‎– SOP 80) 1987

James Levine,aka Croiners,with contributions from Al Margolis ,aka  Deaf lions,deliver one hell of a fast paced trip through every TV channel on US cable in the 1980's. Chopped up into a confusing attack that should suit the minuscule attention spans of todays version of humanity. Frequently there's  a different channel playing in each ear;reminding me of my teenage years when I was regularly seen reading a book whilst listening to ear burstingly loud Punk Rock and watching TV at the same time!?Somehow, I'm sure I was taking all three mediums in on a multidimensional level of subconsciousness.
Mixed in with the manic looped channel hopping,are various record snippets,looped noise,and some squelchy synth noodling. One sublime moment is when a section of Dr Stanley Z. Daniels',toe curling cheese classic, "Sex Explained for Children", is played for a small audience.This was back in the days when nobody had heard these unbelievable, so bad they're good, bargain bin records.Pre-empting the Incredibly Strange Music fad of the 1990's, and Plunderphonics.

(I tried editing side one into its eleven tracks, but it was impossible to hear or see where one track started and the other ended! But I think it works fine as one sidelong all means have a go yourself!?)

Track Listing:

A1- Trks 1-11 (30.08)
B1- recorded at Jims Tapes (9.32)
B2- Another Excerpt from the Deaf lions/Croiners Mail Collaboration (20.53)

DOWNLOAD and learn to live with croiners HERE!