Friday, 28 February 2014

Various Artists ‎– "The Elephant Table Album" (X Tract ‎– XX 001) 1983

Companion album to "Three Minute Symphony" compiled, again, by Dave Henderson ,late of the now defunct Sounds newspaper.Full of great tracks, even the 400 Blows track is fantastic, i think they went downhill fast after this single.
Its not perfect, (which is perfection?), as The Legendary Pink Dots do only a mildly irritating version of their Syd Barrett fans play with casiotone keyboards and pots'n'pans stuff.....still made me wanna punch somebody though!
We also got a minimal Coil track which is virtually a slow TR808 solo; dare to be minimal!
SPK on the cusp of becoming total Shite,the excellent Lustmord, Portion Control transmuting into their nasty vocals phase(which i'm not too enamoured about).
To sum it all up, it has its faults, but  a classic old school Industrial compilation, and a great starting point for the Industrial virgin to catch the 80's underground In flagrante delicto! (I don't really speak Latin by the way!)

Tracklist :

A1 Portion Control Chew You To Bits
A2 Chris And Cosey Tears Of Blood
A3 Metamorphosis Muzak From Hawthorne Court
A4 Coil S Is For Sleep
A5 Nurse With Wound Nana Or A Thing Of Uncertain Nonsense
B1 400 Blows Beat The Devil
B2 Konstruktivits Andropov '84
B3 Lustmørd Boning Of Men
B4 Muslimgauze Melena Jesenska (Extract)
B5 David Jackman Edge Of Nothing
C1 SPK Despair
C2 MFH Vox Humana
C3 Nocturnal Emissions Suffering Stinks
C4 Attrition Dream Sleep
C5 Legendary Pink Dots Suprise, Suprise
C6 Paul Kelday Birth Of Planetesimals (Extract)
D1 Bourbonese Qualk Under The City
D2 Sirius B Build Your Children
D3 New 7th Music New Humanity Switchboard (Extract)
D4 We Be Echo Alleycat
D5 Bushido Modelwerk 

DOWNLOAD an elephant into your room part one HERE!

DOWNLOAD another elephant into your room part two HERE!


Pisŧöff said...

Just a note of thanks for giving folks the opportunity to hear this one at long last. (It IS as good as I always imagined)


fünz bo bo

Mike said...
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All I Want. said...

Blimey. I'd forgotten about this one. I was good friends with Metamorphosis for a while. I've got some live/demo stuff and their Conception 1982 if you need a copy for the blog.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes, Mr All I Want, friend of the stars.
I would be very interested in more Metamorphosis,if you would be so kind.
It can take pride of place in the next slew of industrial posts on DOD.
Thanking you.

All I Want. said...

Good. Is there an e-mail address I can use?

Jonny Zchivago said...

I thank you.

Anonymous said...

Your attention, please:
This is a rare compilation

Paul said...

So great to hear this again. It all holds up. I loved that the album makers were thoughtful enough to include addresses for all the groups. I wrote to many, and always heard back. Jackman sent me a couple free tapes, as I recall. I remember Metamorphosis saying they had no other recordings and weren't really a standing group. Looks like things ended up being different, based on the comment above.

Thanks for posting this!

You're dumb said...

Legendary pink dots and the Syd Barret comparison is silly. They sound nothing alike. Maybe the 81 stuff but surprise is from their first really mature work in chemical playschool 3&4 (1983) You sound like you need some help if it makes you want to hurt someone though. Get a grip old timer😉

Jonny Zchivago said...

LPD's and Cardiacs fans are notoriously blinkered when it comes to their favourite best pop combo being insulted slightly, so I'll let it pass as 'Expected'.